Record of Youth: Episode 9 Recap

Hye-jun’s rise and success is well-deserved and earned. However, it’s also what will differentiate and separate between those who are genuinely happy for the aspiring actor and those who are jealous of his success. And while it’s more obvious and clear on a select few as to which side they’re on, there are also a few others who will make for a surprise. There are some enemies in the making.

Record of Youth: Episode 9 Recap

Jeong-ha reflects on her perception of rain as a young child. To little kids, an umbrella in the rain meant the protection from an adult — something Jeong-ha never experienced growing up. She never expected anyone to cover an umbrella over her head. She was forced to grow up quickly as a young child and learned things about love at the young age of nine. Fast forward to the present and Jeong-ha and Hye-jun rush into his brand new car after dancing and playing outside in the rain. As Jeong-ha would point out, they turned a page of their youth that night. The next day, Hye-jun jogs around the neighborhood and has a phone call conversation with Min-jae about his next project. Min-jae still wants Hye-jun to do the romantic drama, but Hye-jun is inclined on taking the offer of the historical drama. Min-jae informs the aspiring actor on his schedule for that day which includes a stop at Jeong-ha’s salon in which Hye-jun expresses interest in signing an exclusive contract with Jeong-ha. After the phone call with his manager, Hye-jun encounters Grandpa also exercising outside. Grandpa has to prepare for his career as a model too.

Dad steps outside the house and finds Hye-jun’s brand new car parked outside. Now that Hye-jun’s making some money, he’s treating himself to some stuff. Jin-woo’s Mom stops by the house to request for Hye-jun’s autograph. She jumps up when Hye-jun and Grandpa arrive home not too long afterwards and she even calls their encounter a fanmeeting. LOL. Although Dad acts as if it’s not a big deal and he can care less about Hye-jun’s rising career, he secretly watches Hye-jun’s drama on his cell phone in the bedroom. He pretends like he’s not a fan, but deep down, Dad is proud of his son.

Jeong-ha speaks on the phone with her dad shortly and the father-daughter pair catch up with each other. Jeong-ha plans on selling her house which Dad isn’t the happiest about. However, he trusts in his daughter and her decisions. Jeong-ha then receives a text from Hae-hyo who’s decided on his outfit for the press conference for his movie that he will be attending the next day. A huge set-up is put together for the press conference for the movie. CEO Lee can’t seem to quite comprehend why Hae-hyo is so involved in the press conference considering he’s not even the lead actor for the movie, but he tries to push it aside. He’s reminded of the meeting he had with Mama Hae-hyo about Hae-hyo’s involvement in his current drama. He was only willing to let Hae-hyo have the role if Mama Hae-hyo apologized to him. Mama Hae-hyo turned it back on CEO Lee and agreed to apologize to CEO Lee only if Hae-hyo was secured the role first.

Mama Hae-hyo watches the set-up to the press conference on her cell phone. Jin-ju congratulates Mama Hae-hyo on the ratings to Hae-hyo’s new drama. Though there’s only two episodes out so far, the double digit ratings says a lot. Jin-ju even goes as far as to claim that Hae-hyo is much better than Do-ha. Speaking of Do-ha, he expresses interest in befriending Hae-hyo. That’s why he pitched Hae-hyo’s name to the director of their drama. Hae-hyo’s rich and Do-ha is as well so they would make great friends. Do-ha has no interest in being friends with someone like Hye-jun who was also born poor like him. Hae-hyo disproves of the criticism and warns Do-ha to watch his words. Hye-jun is his friend.

Hye-jun arrives at the salon for his appointment. On the drive there, he talks to Min-jae on the phone and reminds his manager not to mention his name when she brings up talks about the exclusive contract to Jeong-ha. Jeong-ha informs Su-bin of her plans to sell her house in order to save up enough money to open up her own beauty salon. It’s something that she’s been pondering about for a while now, but she’s sure of the decision. Jeong-ha also doesn’t plan on telling Hye-jun about her situation. She doesn’t want to be a burden on him. Mama Hae-hyo reads an article that includes both Hae-hyo and Hye-jun and she’s not so happy with the correlation. She doesn’t believe Hye-jun is on the same level as her son. Jeong-ha greets Mama Hae-hyo at the salon and are joined by Hye-jun shortly afterwards. Hye-jun too will be attending the same press conference as Hae-hyo and Do-ha. While he only made a short appearance in the movie, he’s going more for moral support than anything.

While walking out of the salon, Mama Hae-hyo expresses her disappointment in Jin-ju for not telling her that Hye-jun was also a client at the salon. Now she’s even more upset knowing that both Hae-hyo and Hye-jun share the same make-up artist (aka Jeong-ha). Jin-ju attempts to reassure Mama Hae-hyo. There’s not much to worry about as Hye-jun and Jeong-ha seem to be in a romantic relationship with each other. And yes, indeed, they are. Jeong-ha does Hye-jun’s make-up for his appointment and the two catch up with each other. Min-jae wishes to book an appointment with Jeong-ha at 8AM the next morning, but there’s a scheduling conflict as Jeong-ha already has an appointment with Hae-hyo at that time. Just when nothing seems to be working out, Min-jae catches Mama Hae-hyo walking out of the salon and into the elevator. Mama Hae-hyo catches the manager’s eye.

Mama Hae-hyo heads to a meeting with some reporters. All her life, she’s always believed that parents are supposed to rule their children’s lives. Her parents did it to her when she was young and she’s doing the same to her kids. Hae-na and Ji-Ah have some lunch together at school. Hae-na has something on her chest she wants to let out and she shares the story with Ji-Ah. On the night that they all gathered for dinner, she followed Jin-woo after they left the restaurant and cried when he pretended that he didn’t like her anymore. They eventually made up and ended up sleeping with each other that night. Now that Hae-na thinks back upon the moment, she’s so not sure how she feels about it. Ji-Ah is honest and truthful with Hae-na about her relationship with Jin-woo. It’s not going to work out simply because of her mom. Her mom has a huge and tight grip on her life and there’s no way she’s going to allow Hae-na to date Jin-woo.

Hye-jun, Min-jae, and Jeong-ha go out for some jjajangmyun and jjampong. While Hye-jun and Jeong-ha munch on jjajangmyun, Min-jae stays loyal to her entertainment company and stuffs herself with jjampong. At one point, Hye-jun wipes Jeong-ha’s mouth with a napkin which Min-jae grows envious of. She also pitches the idea of Jeong-ha being Hye-jun’s personal make-up artist. It’ll help her with her position at the salon. As much as Jeong-ha likes the idea, it’s not a decision she can make on her own. She is also Hae-hyo’s make-up artist so she would need to discuss things with him first and gain his permission as well. Jeong-ha then leaves early to go to a meeting. She hasn’t yet decided if she wants to go full time with her Youtube career.

To continue with her research, Jeong-ha heads over to the studio where she would be filming her Youtube videos if she decides to go through with it. She’s awfully quiet when she’s shown the studio and the staff is taken aback by how quiet she is about everything. Jeong-ha makes her way back to the salon for another appointment and comes across Jin-ju in the changing room. She’s willing to leave the salon like how Jin-ju wanted under one condition: she wants Jin-ju to apologize to her in front of everyone. She wants people to know that their perception of her is wrong and thta things aren’t like what they assume it is. Jin-ju remains evil and she backtracks on her words. She rather Jeong-ha stay at the salon now that she’s aware of how she wants to leave. She will never apologize to Jeong-ha. Upon Jin-ju leaving, Jeong-ha receives a text from Su-bin who sends her an attachment. Jeong-ha downloads it.

Grandpa continues with his lessons at the modeling academy. For some reason, he keeps losing his balance as he walks down the runway which is unusual as it was never a thing before. After the session ends, Grandpa meets with the modeling coach who flips through Grandpa’s portfolio. She’s impressed by the photos and shares great news with Grandpa. He’s been selected and hired to be in a print ad for a nursing home. Hye-jun participates in an interview with the same reporter who previously met up with CEO Lee, Reporter Kim. She asks Hye-jun about the romantic drama he was offered which he avoids (he decided to go with the historical drama instead) and she slyly comments how he pretends to act like someone he’s not. The interview concludes with Hye-jun receiving a phone call from Grandpa so Min-jae wraps things up with Reporter Kim. They speak a bit about CEO Lee and Min-jae doesn’t have too great of a reaction. However, she remains cautious and keeps her mouth shut.

While at work, Gyeong-jun’s manager requests him for a favor: she wants an autograph from Hye-jun. Whereas before, she would scold Gyeong-jun at work for pretty much anything and everything, she lets things with him slide simply because of Hye-jun. Talk about those connections! Hye-jun communicates with the family in the family group chat to be home that night. Grandpa has some exciting news to share. Hye-jun also has news of his own to share. Although he doesn’t reveal much, the family learns that Hye-jun is shooting a commercial. While at work, Mom and Mama Hae-hyo have a conversation about Hye-jun and Jeong-ha. Mom isn’t so worried about their relationship. Mama Hae-hyo warns Mom that it’s not the best time for Hye-jun to be in a relationship especially since he’s getting popular. Mom should be more involved in Hye-jun’s life, but Mom begs to differ. She isn’t interested in doing such a thing and this is why she and Mama Hae-hyo will never understand each other.

Jin-woo’s Mom is a great cook, but she also sometimes gets on Mama Hae-hyo’s nerves with how picky and clueless she can be at times. Mom only has great things to say about Jin-woo’s Mom as her close friend. Mama Hae-hyo gets a bit jealous for a second and also wants to be labelled as close to Mom which Mom reluctantly acknowledges. Lol. When Jin-woo arrives home that night, he learns that his mom is now working for Hae-hyo as their cook. He’s not so happy with the news and voices his disproval with Mom’s job. He doesn’t want her to work there. When Hye-jun arrives home from filming his commercial, Mom, Dad, and Gyeong-jun are fascinated and amazed at his outfit. They all want his attention, but the aspiring actor wants to take a shower and wash up first. Lol. Dad and Gyeong-jun are speechless.

Inside the bedroom, Grandpa gifts Hye-jun with some money as a way to thank him for his mentoring as well as the lessons at the modeling academy. Hye-jun ends up taking the money and the family gather for some pizza. It’s then that Grandpa makes his grand announcement: he’s been hired for an advertisement. Of course, Dad isn’t so happy at the news and he puts Grandpa down for it. It might just be another scam and things could go downhill for Grandpa like how it did in the past for Hye-jun. Instead of Hye-jun encouraging Grandpa and supporting him, it should be the other way around. Grandpa should be the one who’s encouraging and supporting Hye-jun. Dad can never be happy for Grandpa which Hye-jun isn’t so happy about. What kind of support or encouragement exactly has Dad provided him? When was Dad ever there for him? Dad attempts to defend himself and Gyeong-jun chimes in as well, but Grandpa and Hye-jun cut the family gathering short. Encouragement is only meaningful when it’s shown and genuine and they march off to the bedroom. Mom’s over all of the bickering and fighting. They’re a family, there’s no losing or winning in the house.

Jeong-ha enjoys a can of beer that night before sleeping. She’s quite stressed out so she texts Hye-jun to ask if he can talk on the phone. Although Hye-jun isn’t available to talk, he texts her that night to cheer her up. They support each other and give each other some encouragement. Hye-jun likes how Jeong-ha is focused on her work and he feels as if she’s happy. Although she might not have been happy just a few minutes prior, she’s happy now. All thanks to Hye-jun. Hehe. Min-jae picks Hye-jun up the next day at his house with his brand new black van (OOOOH). The van has a name (aka No. 1) and the two make their way to the press conference for the movie. Dad and Gyeong-jun watches as Hye-jun leave with Min-jae in the luxurious black van and they’re both speechless.. again. Haha.

And so the press conference eventually takes place. Although Hye-jun only played a small supporting role in the movie, he’s the center of the attention during the press conference thanks to his huge hit with former drama Gateway. CEO Lee sits in the audience and watches as the emcee and everyone else gush over Hye-jun. When the press conference concludes, Do-ha isn’t so happy. He’s even unhappier when he discovers that the cosmetics company who he was a model for has been replaced by Hye-jun. Hye-jun receives some gifts from the companies he’s endorsing – including the cosmetics company – and Do-ha confronts the revelation with CEO Lee. He nags at CEO Lee once again for not doing much for him so CEO Lee fights back at Do-ha. He needs Do-ha to trust him and to just keep doing what he’s been doing. CEO Lee will make sure that Hye-jun doesn’t beat Do-ha, but Do-ha must remain patient with CEO Lee. Do-ha calms down a bit after CEO Lee argues back at him, but he still wants to know what CEO Lee can do for him.

Hye-jun’s filming for his new historical drama takes way (can we get another sageuk with Park Bo-gum once he returns from his military service?! He’s SOOO good). After filming concludes, Min-jae and Hye-jun make plans to sleep over at the filming location over night since the call time is 5AM the next morning. After changing and settling down for the night, Hye-jun gives Jeong-ha a call. Jeong-ha doesn’t have any schedules the next day, but she’s sad that there’s no one interested in checking out her house. She also refuses for any help from Hye-jun or her dad; she doesn’t want them to get involved in her current situation. With that, the phone call ends and Hye-jun wraps up his night by taking a photo of the beautiful night skies.

Jeong-ha visits the real estate office only to find out that Dad has removed her house listing off the market. She makes sure to give Dad a phone call afterwards to voice her disappointment. Jeong-ha also checks out a studio as a possible location for her salon. Although it’s not the greatest and prettiest studio, the price isn’t too high. It seems as if she’s interested in signing the lease for the studio. When Jeong-ha finishes with scouting possible studios, she catches her dad inside of the convenience store near her house. The two eat some ramen noodles at the store before heading over to Jeong-ha’s house to talk. Dad’s worried for Jeong-ha and is concerned about how she’s selling her house. He’ll help her so that she won’t have to resort to such decisions, but Jeong-ha doesn’t want to burden Dad with her problems.

To Dad, nothing Jeong-ha does will ever be a burden for him. In fact, he feels guilty for burdening Jeong-ha’s life when she was younger. All the fights between him and Mom and all the situations when Jeong-ha felt like she had to choose between her parents — Dad has a lot he feels guilty and apologetic about. Because of her childhood, Jeong-ha’s learned to not rely on others so much. She’s had to grow up fast as a young kid and she’s afraid that people will leave her just as she begins to rely on them. Dad is heartbroken and all he can do is get down on his knees. He’s aware that Jeong-ha still hasn’t forgiven him despite all her compliments and fondness towards him and he wants to be of some help towards his daughter. The father-daughter pair give each other a warm hug and Jeong-ha comforts her heartbroken and crying father.

Hye-jun once again hits it in the ball park with his historical drama. All the ahjummas at the sauna that Min-jae frequents cheers Hye-jun on as they watch his drama and they even come up with a fanclub name for him. LOL. Tons of articles about Hye-jun as well as his hosting for the OVN drama awards are released and there’s no one happier than Min-jae. Hye-jun isn’t holding out much hope for the Best Actor award that he’s been nominated for alongside Do-ha. That must be the reason as to why he’s hosting the awards ceremony, right? Do-ha expresses his concern to CEO Lee about the award nomination, but CEO Lee reassures him that Hye-jun won’t be winning the award. Hye-jun is the host, there’s no way he’ll get the award. Mama Hae-hyo’s stressed out that Hae-hyo isn’t included anywhere in the conversations involving Hye-jun and Do-ha. He’s no where to be found and she’s not so happy about it. Jin-woo’s Mom boasts about Hye-jun’s success to Mama Hae-hyo and even shares how she’ll be attending the awards ceremony with Hye-jun’s Mom. She’s also not afraid to be honest with Mama Hae-hyo. For someone who’s so involved in Hae-hyo’s life, shouldn’t he be more successful? It seems as if things aren’t panning out well for either him or Mama Hae-hyo.

Mama Hae-hyo visits Hae-hyo to talk things out with him. Hae-hyo’s content over having 1 million SNS followers, but Mama Hae-hyo isn’t. She’s not happy with how things are going for her son’s career. She can’t understand how he can be happy over having 1 million SNS followers when Hye-jun will be applauded on stage at an awards ceremony. And so the ceremony awards takes place. Hye-jun and his co-emcee (played by Kang Han-na) host the awards ceremony and the grand moment that everyone has been waiting for eventually arrives. Actor Song Min-su (played by Park Seo-joon) presents the award for the Best Actor in a mini-series category and he announces the winner after all the nominees for the category are shown. Unlike what everyone expected, it’s not Do-ha who wins the award. It’s Hye-jun who comes out the winner.

It takes a quick second for Hye-jun to process the win, but he quickly accepts his well-deserved award and he gives his speech. He thanks Grandpa for being his pillar and source of support and for encouraging him during his toughest moments in life. He also makes sure to mention his mother as well as his fanclub in his speech. Dad watches as Hye-jun shines on stage and he’s proud of his son, but he also grows a bit disappointed when Hye-jun doesn’t thank him or mention him in his speech. Meanwhile, Hae-hyo is proud of Hye-jun, but he also feels a bit conflicted about everything. It seems as if his mom’s words are getting to him and while he’s happy for Hye-jun, he also yearns for the same level of success and popularity as Hye-jun. There’s pain behind the smile on his face and the shine in his eyes.

My Thoughts:

Loved the short cameo and appearance by Kang Han-na and Park Seo-joon! I think my favorite parts in this drama have to be the Ahjumma gatherings at the sauna because they’re so funny. It’s even funnier that Min-jae hangs out with the group and sort of just watches on proudly as everyone raves over Hye-jun. Also, I appreciated the drama spoiling us with all those sageuk Park Bo-geum scenes. The drama didn’t have to give us that many scenes of him in his drama nor did the scenes have to be that long, but I love that the drama still did it anyways. Those sageuk scenes are giving me ‘Love in the Moonlight’ vibes and I really hope we get Park Bo-gum in another sageuk drama. Pretty pleaseeee?

Extra screenshots from the episode~

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