[Discuss Away!] Hospital Playlist 2: Episode 2

Thursdays are dedicated to the second season of ‘Hospital Playlist’ so we got the second episode to the drama this past week. Unlike episode one, episode two was a bit more procedural, but the episode was still magical and emotional during some moments. The episode might not have been entertaining during the entire hour and twenty-minute run, but there’s always a few standout moments that grab at your heart and make you feel some things.

If episode one was Min-ha’s episode, episode two definitely belonged to Seok-hyeong respectively. In all honesty, I wasn’t completely sold on the second episode as I was watching it, but I eventually grew to love it thanks to the focus on Seok-hyeong’s storyline. We were given insight on his struggle as a doctor and the way that he dealt with a very complicated and heartbreaking patient. While we would like to be optimistic and we want to believe that everything will work out just fine in a hospital setting, that isn’t always the case. As seen with Seok-hyeong in this episode, he doesn’t always meet success even if that’s what he wants for himself and his patients. Some circumstances cannot be saved and Seok-hyeong had to confront, address, and accept that reality in this second episode. He might be a mighty doctor who’s incredibly intelligent, talented, and successful, but there are just some things that are out of his control. There are just certain situations where it doesn’t always amount to good results despite his biggest efforts.

It was interesting and touching to watch Seok-hyeong process this harsh reality and sort of accept it. It wasn’t easy for him and I loved watching him think it through. From having a simple but raw and honest conversation with Ik-jun about it to reading the card that the patient wrote him towards the end of the episode, it was touching to watch Seok-hyeong grow from this situation. I also loved the progress we were provided on Seok-hyeong’s personal life and his relationship with his ex-wife. He knows what he wants, he’s aware of the hurt he’s caused, and he knows himself well enough to understand that some things are just going to take time. Seok-hyeong’s story was what primarily made me enjoy this episode and I loved getting to see this side of Seok-hyeong as both a doctor and an individual.

The other aspect in the second episode that I also found interesting was Song-hwa’s story and her predicament with her patient. In the drama, we’re so accustomed to watching the residents, interns, and patients look up to our five doctors and go for them for everything so it was so interesting to watch Song-hwa sort of be challenged in this episode by a patient’s parent. It’s the complete opposite of what we’re used to, but it’s also nice to see how our main characters advocate for themselves. When doubted, Song-hwa wasn’t angry or offensive. She handled the situation professionally, she stayed grounded, and she continued to show respect to the patient’s parent despite not being shown that respect herself at first. What I loved even more about her situation in the second episode was not only how she reacted to the negativity and doubts, but also just how team-oriented she is. She declined an exclusive interview with a German TV station because none of her team members was going to be available do the interview along with her. Song-hwa is well aware that she can’t do these surgeries without the help of her amazing team and she doesn’t want to take any of the credit. Both situations just goes to prove how kind and caring Song-hwa is not only towards her own staff but also to her patients and their families. She indeed is a shining star.

Episode two was a bit more procedural with our five doctors handling their own cases and patients. I’m the most excited for Jun-wan’s story because we haven’t really been shown much of him just yet. The most we’ve gotten to see of him are glimpses of him and his relationship with his girlfriend, Ik-soon, so I’m hoping for a bit more. That’s not to say that the little tidbits we get of them both aren’t cute as I enjoy watching the two video call each other (and the story from Ik-soon about the racism she faced in episode 2 made for quite an interesting and realistic watch), but I’m also hoping we get more about Doctor Jun-wan. We are only two episodes into the drama so there’s plenty of more time to continue diving into each of our characters and their lives. Seok-hyeong was the star and main character in episode two, who will be the star in the next episode?

With that being said, I do have to admit that I enjoyed episode one more than I enjoyed episode two. I get what the drama is trying to do by showing each of our five doctors with their patients, but I’m unfortunately not a big fan of the procedural storytelling and routines which this second episode unfortunately fell victim to. Although Seok-hyeong’s story saved the episode for me, it does make me ponder and wonder what the next few episodes are going to be like. Will it be more emotional and character based like how it was in episode one or will it be more procedural and routine like episode two was? With two episodes down and ten more to go, there are lots more to see and lots more to prepare for. Whatever the case is, I’m expecting at least one story or character to grab at me in each episode which I think should be enough for me to keep watching season two of ‘Hospital Playlist.’

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