Our Beloved Summer: Episode 4 Recap

Yeon-soo and Choi Woong continue to drop subtle hints of their affection and feelings for each other. Although they refuse to outright admit it, they still hold a soft spot for the other in their own ways. Will the two ever own up to their feelings and admit the truth? Or will they continue to engage in this push-and-pull cycle that doesn’t go anywhere?

Our Beloved Summer Episode 4: The Boy, or the Girl, We Liked Then

For the new documentary, Yeon-soo and Choi Woong are asked about their relationship with each other and its connection to the high school documentary. The two claim that the other harbored feelings first and Yeon-soo even brushed off Choi Woong’s confession. She claims that he would follow her around and she actually doesn’t remember all that much about his confession. Lol. So we travel back to the past on the final day of the shooting for the high school documentary.

Choi Woong and Yeon-soo are left alone to hide inside a small shed from the rain after PD Park heads out to grab some new batteries for his camera. According to Choi Woong’s recollection of that final moment, things were awkward between them, but he was also worried about her. He was so worried about her that he took off his uniform shirt and wrapped it around her to keep her as warm as possible. Yeon-soo was taken aback by the kind act and thanked Choi Woong and it was this small interaction between them that sparked what Choi Woong felt was some kind of romantic attraction.

But not so fast! Yeon-soo rejects Choi Woong’s perspective of the moment and tells her side of the story. It actually wasn’t all that big of a deal. He did take off his shirt to wrap around her only after some hesitation from her because he seemed like he was so cold from the rainy weather. There were some minor differences in the details, but Choi Woong still believed that Yeon-soo was the one who was setting the romantic mood between them.

Choi Woong and Yeon-soo get so embarrassed talking about their past for the new documentary that they purposely blurt out curse words (Yeon-soo) and brand names (Choi Woong) so that their interviews aren’t thrown into the documentary. Lol. Continuing from where we left off in the last episode, Ji-woong meet up with Yeon-soo and Choi Woong to go over the documentary and they get into yet another small round of bickering. Ji-woong explains the guidelines and protocols to filming the documentary and mentions that there will be some times where the two former lovers will have to spend time together. Both aren’t so thrilled at the idea and Choi Woong makes sure to point out how he thinks the documentary will be unsuccessful.

Ji-woong is determined though and he begins to film the documentary starting at Dad’s restaurant. Chae-ran is assigned to film Yeon-soo and she captures footage of Yeon-soo exercising. Sol-yi is also there for that first shooting to accompany Yeon-soo and she feels as if something is off with her best friend. From the restaurant to the office to Choi Woong’s studio to Sol-yi’s restaurant, Ji-woong and his team continue to capture footage for the new documentary. However, none of the footage is salvageable and they must start over. Uh-oh.

Choi Woong lays down on his sofa to rest for a bit. He assumes filming for the new documentary will finish earlier than expected and he seems pretty satisfied with the results. So he dozes off on his sofa, but doesn’t fall into a deep sleep. Choi Woong actually can’t. He’s always half-awake which makes it difficult for him to differentiate reality from his dreams most times. With that, he notices a blurry figure sitting near him in the living room who looks similar to Yeon-soo. He assumes it’s just a dream and he extends his arm to place his hand on Yeon-soo’s face for a few seconds.

But Yeon-soo’s slap to his hand wakes him up completely and he’s startled to find Yeon-soo there at his house. Yeon-soo explains the situation to Choi Woong and the two sit awkwardly in his living room together while they wait for Ji-woong to return to the house. To lighten up the situation, Choi Woong invites Yeon-soo down to his studio to take a tour and look at his drawings. Things go well at first and she’s quite interested in his drawings. A drawing of their high school building specifically brings us back to the past on the day that Yeon-soo accidentally bumped into Choi Woong and caused him to mess up on the drawing. To make up for the incident, she quietly and secretly used wite-out to cover up the mistake on the drawing.

Yeon-soo is surprised to discover that Choi Woong still kept the drawing even though he claimed he had thrown it out. But hey, his drawings weren’t the only things that Yeon-soo ruined. She ruined his life as well. She wreaked havoc. Choi Woong blurts out the harsh comments a little too loudly and Yeon-soo confronts Choi Woong about it. He seems to be doing well in the present, what exactly did she ruin? Yeon-soo pleads that they get along so that they can finish the documentary on a good note, but Choi Woong isn’t as nonchalant as Yeon-soo. As pathetic as he feels internally, he can get so upset about these things at times. The two go back and forth at it, but Yeon-soo wraps up the conversation with one final question: did he really think that their break-up five years ago was entirely her fault? Choi Woong is rendered speechless at the question and Ji-woong’s presence (thankfully) interrupts the intense moment.

In a meeting with Ji-woong and Chae-ran, Choi Woong and Yeon-soo can’t seem to quite get on the same page regarding the new documentary. The meeting ends early without a solution and Ji-woong is left with no choice but to drive Chae-ran back home. During the ride home, Ji-woong explains his relationship and ties with both Yeon-soo and Choi Woong. He met Choi Woong back when they were little kids while he felt like he was not necessarily a friend but just an observer when it came to Yeon-soo. Eventually, Chae-ran is dropped off at home, but a friend hiding in the back of the car joins her. It’s the new intern, Im Tae-hoon, that Mr. Park sent to Ji-woong’s team to assist with the new documentary. Ji-woong’s a bit irritated and rejects the help. Nothing is going right with this documentary, lol.

Choi Woong and Yeon-soo can’t stop thinking about their conversation in the studio from earlier that day. They beat themselves up over it and question why they said the things that they did and why they did the things that they did. They become a little regretful with their actions and words during that conversation.

Mr. Jang is introduced to the documentary filming crew during a meeting with Yeon-soo and her team. After they conclude the brief meeting, Mr. Jang invites the team to an opening party that he’s hosting later on that Friday. Yeon-soo is pressured to attending the party and she leaves with Mr. Jang to have a private conversation with him.

Meanwhile, Choi Woong and Eun-ho watch an interview of Nu-Ah (Kwak Dong-yeon) on TV and panic when he speaks up about the plagiarism controversy involving him and Go-oh. Eun-ho assumes they should schedule an interview so Choi Woong can clear up his name and reputation, but Choi Woong thinks otherwise. He’s a bit irritated and reminds Eun-ho to settle down if he wants to keep his job as manager. Of course, all of this was caught on camera for the documentary and witnessed by Ji-woong.

Even Yeon-soo isn’t so concerned about the plagiarism accusations and issues. She knows firsthand that Go-oh isn’t the person at fault. She reassures the rest of her staff that everything will work out just fine. Eun-ho and Ji-woong worry for Choi Woong who’s a bit out of it and remains quiet about the situation. In an interview with Dad at his restaurant, Dad notes that he and Mom never really knew what their son was thinking about since they were busy when he was a young child. But what they did notice was how different he was when he was with Yeon-soo. She always brightened up his day and his life.

Choi Woong waits for some news about the plagiarism accusations. Did anyone ask Eun-ho about it? Was there anyone concerned about him? When Eun-ho notes that he didn’t hear from anyone about the controversy, Choi Woong lets it go and gives up. He hasn’t received a single phone call or text message from the person he was hoping to hear from: Yeon-soo. She must have no interest in him at all.

Except Yeon-soo does. She hasn’t been in communication with Choi Woong because she’s been busy putting out the fire late into the night at the office through a report. Even though she’s exhausted, she stays determined to defend Go-oh from the plagiarism issues. And once again, there’s another side of Yeon-soo that she hasn’t showed to anyone including Choi Woong himself.

Choi Woong arrives at Yeon-soo’s company for a meeting on the upcoming Soen Shop collaboration alone. Eun-ho’s running a bit late so Choi Woong has no choice but to attend the meeting by himself for a bit. Upon arriving at the office, he bumps into Yeon-soo and the two exchange an awkward glance with each other. She leads him to the conference room and the two sit across from each other with Mr. Jang seated next to Yeon-soo. Choi Woong can’t help but grow suspicious of Mr. Jang who he overheard from Ye-in harbors a crush on Yeon-soo.

While waiting for Eun-ho, Mr. Jang brings up the plagiarism controversy to clarify things once and for all. Everyone in the room, including Ji-woong and his cameraman, is a bit taken aback by the curveball, but Choi Woong remains professional about it. Choi Woong remains firm in his stance that he didn’t plagiarize anything and no one will find any evidence of him doing so. With that, Mr. Jang invites Choi Woong to Soen Shop’s opening party happening later on that Friday. At first, Choi Woong is hesitant to go, but he changes his mind once Mr. Jang notes that Yeon-soo will be attending. Before she can give a clear answer, Choi Woong gladly accepts the invitation. If Yeon-soo’s going, he will too.

Since Choi Woong has never attended a more formal party before, he’s unsure as to what to wear. However, his concerns disappear thanks to the assistance and help of NJ who frees up some time to take Choi Woong shopping, lol. She helps him decide on his outfit and shoes and the two grab some tteokbokki afterwards to celebrate. She knows he didn’t plagiarize Nu-Ah and she believes in him. Rumors and controversy comes with the fame and that’s a price that you have to pay. Choi Woong feels relieved to know that someone believes in him at least.

Yeon-soo is close to showing her confidence in Choi Woong by texting him that night to cheer him up about the plagiarism issues. However, she hesitates and eventually ends up never sending him any messages. She can’t seem to quite find the right words to say to him.

It’s finally the day of the opening party. Choi Woong tightens up in the outfit and shoes that NJ helped select for him. He looks sleek, professional, and very (very) handsome, but since it’s his first time ever attending a party, he feels a bit awkward. Thankfully, he bumps into Yeon-soo at the party and pleads for her not to leave him alone. But this is an opening party for Soen Shop after all and Yeon-soo is taken away by Mr. Jang. Choi Woong is accompanied by Ji-woong and the cameraman at the party, but that’s not the only company he receives. Shortly afterwards, Choi Woong comes across the one and only, Nu-Ah, at the same party. Wait, what? What is he doing here?

Choi Woong wastes no time in making it obvious that he’s not interested in talking to Nu-Ah. Just when Choi Woong thinks his interaction with Nu-Ah is done, Nu-Ah breaks the news to him. He looks forward to working with Go-Oh. Choi Woong isn’t so certain what Nu-Ah’s comment means. Nu-Ah is going to work with him? With that, Nu-Ah clarifies that they’ll both be doing the live show together for Soen Shop. Choi Woong wasn’t in it alone like how he originally thought he was.

Choi Woong is furious and he’s quick to confront Yeon-soo at the party. Was she also aware of Nu-Ah’s participation in the project? But Yeon-soo isn’t so sure what Choi Woong is referring to. She had no idea. Before storming out of the party, Choi Woong points out that once again, the only person to have ruined his life was Yeon-soo. Ji-woong watches the intense confrontation unfold right in front of his eyes. He has nothing to say and neither does Yeon-soo. He glances at a worried and flustered Yeon-soo and, once again, remains an observer when it comes to his connection with Yeon-soo.


On the final day of the shooting for the high school documentary, we watch what really went down that day. Unlike what Choi Woong thought, Yeon-soo actually enjoyed filming the documentary and she didn’t feel as if it was a waste of her time. Choi Woong feels similarly to Yeon-soo. Unlike what she thought, he doesn’t dislike her. Yeon-soo grows nervous when Choi Woong continues to stare at her and the two sit awkwardly in silence once again. However, Yeon-soo’s touch on Choi Woong’s face makes him nervous – so nervous to the point where his head heats up and he has a fever. Omg, they’re too cute. Eventually, Yeon-soo nags at Choi Woong for getting sick which irritates him, but deep down, Choi Woong can’t resist Yeon-soo. He likes her too much. He likes her so much, he says it then and there to her face. He likes her.

My Thoughts:

Another really great episode! I loved it so much. I just love the parallels between the past and the present and all the possibilities that could transpire between Yeon-soo and Choi Woong. Filming the high school documentary for a month allowed the two to become acquainted, get to know each other better, develop feelings, and eventually fall in love. What they originally thought the other person felt wasn’t true. There were sides to Yeon-soo that Choi Woong didn’t know about and vice versa. Choi Woong actually didn’t dislike Yeon-soo and she actually had fun taking part in the documentary.

If we continue with this logic and format with the present documentary, is it safe to assume that that Yeon-soo and Choi Woong will rediscover new sides of each other that will allow them to repair their damaged relationship and fall back in love? Is there a second chance at love? Is there hope that the two can work things out like how they both really want it to? Just like how they did at the end of the high school documentary, maybe they’ll fall back in love with each other at the end of the shooting with the new documentary. Maybe not all hope is lost.

The other parallel that I really enjoyed watching in this episode is Yeon-soo’s personality and the new sides of herself that she doesn’t show to anyone. It was even more so apparent and evident when she stayed up late in the office to write the report rejecting the plagiarism issues. A part of it stems from the fact that she knows herself firsthand that Choi Woong’s drawings belong to him, are his original ideas, and has personal connections and ties to his life. That became clear when she saw the drawing of the high school building where it had her personal touch to it. There’s history and intent behind Go-oh’s drawings so there’s no way that he’s the one copying Nu-Ah’s style of drawing and work.

Then there’s also the aspect where Choi Woong assumes Yeon-soo isn’t interested in him since he hasn’t heard anything from her. She must not be worried about him since she hasn’t checked in on him. But she is. She is worried about him and she is interested in him. She just has her own way of showing it. It’s a bit more indirect. It’s a bit more practical and hands-on. Yeon-soo cleared up the rumors by writing it out. Or what about the way she made up for her accident with Choi Woong’s drawing by using the wite-out to clear up the mistake and did so secretly without his knowing. These are the sides to Yeon-soo that Choi Woong was referring to in the last episode. These are the sides to her that no one knows about, that only he has access to and is aware of. And that’s why she was so endearing to him and why he was in love with her.

Once again, Yeon-soo acts the opposite of what Choi Woong originally thought. Once again, there’s another side to Yeon-soo that she doesn’t show to anyone including Choi Woong. A side that no one knows exist. I enjoy seeing these new layers to Yeon-soo; I think that’s what makes her easy to root for and fun to watch. Just when you think you know her, you really don’t. She has her own way of showing her love and support for Choi Woong which is similar to how things were when they were a couple five years ago. She had her own way of showing her love for him and he did the same too. But that’s also what drove them apart and caused misunderstandings to form. Things are still the same in the present, the only difference is that they’re no longer lovers. But the love is still there and they still show it in their own ways, respectively.

It’s so fascinating to watch Choi Woong step out of his comfort zone and do things he’s never done before because of Yeon-soo. He’s trying to prove to her that he’s serious about her and their relationship while also still trying to preserve some of his pride. The hardest part is that some of his actions prove that he’s serious about her and that he wants to change, but it’s his words that come back to bite. From doing the Soen Shop collaboration to going to the party, Choi Woong decided to take part in all of it for Yeon-soo. There’s no reason for him to reveal his identity and go all out if it wasn’t for her.

At the same time, he’s impulsive and he can’t seem to let go of the past. He has a hard time moving from the past and forgiving Yeon-soo for what she did to him. For the pain that she caused him. Choi Woong seems to be in this constant battle of taking one step forward and then two steps back. Just when he thinks he’s doing better and things might be getting better, something he says ruins all of that and he’s back to pretty much where he started.

A part of the journey for Choi Woong is going to be healing from the past – however that looks like. Whether it’s receiving some kind of explanation or reason from Yeon-soo or maybe choosing to move on so that he can focus on creating a better future with her, he’s going to have to find some type of way to let it go. That’s going to be the hard part. I think the good side of all of this is that Yeon-soo is going to be willing to work with Choi Woong in creating that future. She wants things to work out just as much as he does; she just has a different way of expressing it. There’s going to be some common ground that the two will have to meet on. They have to start somewhere and maybe it’s the documentary that will do the trick.

Extra photos from the episode~

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