[PODCAST] Year-End Review: My Favorite and Least Favorite Dramas of 2021

Thank you 2021, hello 2022! Happy New Years to all you fine folks out there reading this post. I still have 3 hours of 2021 left so it’s not quite the new year for me just yet. I guess that gives me the green light to sneak in what will probably be my last post on here in 2021 and this time, not in the form of another blog post. I wanted to switch things up and do things a little differently this time. I wanted to leave 2021 with a bang.

Listen to my special Year-End Review podcast episode below to hear the following:

  • My top K-dramas of 2021 (pssst, one of them I recapped on my blog earlier this year)
  • My least favorite and most disappointing K-dramas of 2021 (that I couldn’t finish)
  • A small ramble about my favorite actress, Park Bo-young, and why I love her but not her dramas
  • A lot of ‘so’s and ‘umm’s’ and ‘ands’
  • Me completely doing this podcast episode on a whim without any prior planning and, therefore, saying a lot of ‘umms’ and ‘so’s

As always, I appreciate everyone who visits my blog and reads my posts. It really does mean a lot to me and I’m truly grateful to still have this blog as a platform for me to just write, cry, let all my feels out, and everything in between. I’ve been reflecting on my time with this blog more than usual recently and I think there’s a few new things I want to try. If you enjoyed this special podcast episode and would possibly like more, let me know! I’m opened to new ideas and feedback; I want to make this blog as much of a home for you as it is for me.

With that, Happy New Years again everyone and I wish you all great health and success in 2022. May it be a fruitful and wonderful time for us all.

One response to “[PODCAST] Year-End Review: My Favorite and Least Favorite Dramas of 2021”

  1. Hello! I’m subscribed to your blog but I have to admit I haven’t had time to really visit very often.

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your podcast episode, even though I typically don’t listen to a lot of podcasts! If you’re planning to do more of these, one small suggestion I have, is to include timestamps, so that listeners can skip certain sections if they are leery of spoilers, that kind of thing. Other than that, I thought this was great. 😃 I also recently dropped Melancholia, and agree, the romance angle and handling was weird.

    Also, I just explored your About Me page, and realized that we started our blogs at around the same time! 😱

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