Our Beloved Summer: Episode 12 Recap

Second chances don’t come by often and Yeon-soo and Choi Woong know that all too well. They’ve been fighting for a second start, a brand new chapter, a new beginning. What happened in the past stays in the past, but can they learn from their history to move forward and hopefully forge a better future?

Our Beloved Summer Episode 12: Begin Again

We revisit clips of the high school documentary with Yeon-soo and Choi Woong as part of the preview for the new documentary. From complaints about each other to some teasing in the library to Choi Woong handing Yeon-soo some packed breakfast on the way to school together, the two were always together for the documentary. In a special appearance, Sol-yi notes how she always felt like the two were immature, but Eun-ho could tell that there was something going on between Yeon-soo and Choi Woong. Regardless, Yeon-soo and Choi Woong were complete opposites. Mr. Park, the PD of the high school documentary during that time, never imagined that there would even be a follow-up documentary on the two. They despised each other at that time.

Fast forward a decade later and the two are in love. Yeon-soo gives Choi Woong a peck on the lips after wiping his tears and she helps him sit back up. Choi Woong leans in for another kiss with Yeon-soo. They cherish the moment and enjoy the peaceful silence. Things are much different ten years later.

Yeon-soo and Choi Woong spend some time at his house and he opens up about his adoption story. The earliest memory he recalled was when he woke up to noises of crying by Mom and Dad. They were in their room crying with a photo of their kid on their lap. Ever since then, Choi Woong began to have the reoccurring nightmares and he could never figure out what the face of the person he was looking for looked like, but he knew it wasn’t the faces of his current parents. Regardless, Choi Woong is grateful to be adopted by such great parents. Mom and Dad are unaware that Choi Woong knows the truth, but he doesn’t feel the need to inform them.

Yeon-soo sympathizes for Choi Woong. He must have been lonely growing up. She’s also not so sure how to comfort Choi Woong and what words to say to him. But just being with Yeon-soo is enough. Her presence is all he needs. She’s there to listen to him and she’s there with him. That’s comforting enough. Yeon-soo pats Choi Woong to sleep and stays by his side as he lays on his couch. Oddly enough, he’s only ever able to get some sleep at night when he’s with Yeon-soo. The plate of jujubes on the coffee table stays untouched; there’s no need for a cup of jujube to treat the insomnia when Yeon-soo is there.

Ji-woong stops by Dad’s restaurant and strikes up a chat with Dad and Chang-sik. Chang-sik inquires about any upcoming documentary opportunities from Ji-woong, but Dad attempts to stop Chang-sik from being so nosy. Ji-woong goes on with his day and returns home to grab some new clothes to change in. Before leaving, he takes another look at his house and reacts indifferently to his place. It doesn’t seem like he enjoys being there as seldom as it is that he’s at home and not at work.

Yeon-soo easily gets distracted as she pays extra attention to her phone… for you know, just in case Choi Woong decides to contact her. Grandma easily notices Yeon-soo’s strange behavior and once again has a hard time figuring out what’s going on with her granddaughter. Yeon-soo eventually leaves for work and debates as to whether she should be the first to call Choi Woong. But there’s no need for her to worry or do anything. When she exits her house, she discovers Choi Woong already waiting outside for her (EEEEEK!). Although excited, Yeon-soo’s also concerned. Did Choi Woong manage to get any sleep?

Yeon-soo nags at Choi Woong just like all the other times. She worries that he didn’t get enough sleep, but Choi Woong argues that he’s not a kid. Plus, he rather be with Yeon-soo (EEEEK!). Just when exactly will Choi Woong grow up if he’s not a kid? But to that, Choi Woong pulls Yeon-soo to the side and slightly pushes her to the wall. The distance between them closes and he poses the same question to her (get a hotel, you little ones!). Choi Woong proposes that Yeon-soo skip work for the day, but she panics and rejects his idea. In fact, he no longer has to drive her to work. She’ll get to the office on her own.

Before leaving, Yeon-soo confirms with Choi Woong that they are indeed dating again.. just to be safe. Choi Woong is confused by Yeon-soo’s question; what exactly have they been doing then if they weren’t dating? Yeon-soo is relieved with his response. She quietly gushes over how straightforward he is while Choi Woong smiles at how adorable his girlfriend is. And I’m over here smiling like a fool because of these two.

Choi Woong stops by Mom and Dad’s restaurant for some food. Mom shows him photos that they took on their trip to the countryside and Choi Woong suggests that they all go together next time. Mr. Park once again inquires for any juicy details from Imtern Tae-hoon. Did anything interesting happen on the last day of filming? In particular, did anything interesting happen between Ji-woong and Chae-ran? Imtern Tae-hoon scolds Mr. Park for asking such ridiculous questions. It’s none of their business what Ji-woong and Chae-ran’s relationship with each other is and whether something is going on between them or not. Of course, Chae-ran enters the office right as Tae-hoon is rambling and she hears the conversation. Seems like she wasn’t harsh enough on Tae-hoon. No more going home on time for the intern. He has to learn his lesson. Nooo, not the intern.

Ji-woong watches footages from the last day of filming in the editing room. One of the questions asked to both Yeon-soo and Choi Woong were what their plans were another 10 years. Instead of answering right away, the two lovebirds look at each other and shyly smile. Ji-woong is interrupted by a sudden visit from Chae-ran in the editing room. She worries that he’s sick and she sends him home for the day. She’ll pick up the rest of the work in the editing room. Mr. Park overhears the two in the hallway and he goes to check up on them. Before bidding farewell with Ji-woong, Mr. Park questions how slow-witted Ji-woong is. Does he not understand why Chae-ran is concerned for him?

Choi Woong meets with Eun-ho to go over some work. In addition to having received a call from a gallery, they want to use Choi Woong’s drawings for the documentary. Maybe Choi Woong can contact Ji-woong and inform him which drawings they can use. But it’s been a while since Eun-ho or Choi Woong has spoken or seen Ji-woong. His name compels Choi Woong to visit him. After a team meeting, Yeon-soo checks in with Choi Woong. Maybe they can grab dinner later on that evening. But Choi Woong declines the idea; he has something urgent that came up.

That something urgent is none other than visiting Ji-woong at his house who doesn’t answer any of Choi Woong’s call since he’s fallen asleep. When Ji-woong wakes up, he discovers Choi Woong inside of his house. He takes some medicine before chatting with Choi Woong. Things quickly get uncomfortable, largely in part due to an announcement that Choi Woong has to share. Ji-woong knows what’s coming and he already knows what Choi Woong’s going to tell him, but he doesn’t want to hear it. However, he doesn’t have that much of a choice. Choi Woong shares that he and Yeon-soo are dating again. It’s not delightful news for Ji-woong, but he isn’t entirely shocked either. Just like how Ji-woong was the first to know back in high school, Choi Woong wanted him to be the first to know in the present. But Ji-woong can care less. Ji-woong prepares to get some more sleep while Choi Woong prepares to leave.

The next morning, Yeon-soo and Choi Woong quickly chat on the phone right before she’s about to leave for work. Although they make plans to meet up that weekend, Yeon-soo can’t help but feel as if things are awkward between the two. Grandma once again notices Yeon-soo’s strange behavior and even questions if Yeon-soo caught the bug. Yes, Grandma, she did. We call it the love bug.

Yeon-soo shares the story with Sol-yi. She feels a bit discouraged since it seems like Choi Woong wasn’t all that excited in making plans with her for the weekend. But Sol-yi reassures her to not worry. It’s not like they’re teenagers where he’s supposed to be jumping up with joy. Plus, he didn’t reject seeing her so they should be fine. Yeon-soo should just do what she wants and follow her heart. Sol-yi is the first to hang up on Yeon-soo for once and is in disbelief at how talkative Yeon-soo was. Grandma is there with Sol-yi at her restaurant and overheard the conversation. Upon confirming that Yeon-soo and Choi Woong are dating again, Grandma’s unsure as to how to feel. A part of her is happy for Yeon-soo but she’s doubtful about Choi Woong.

Yeon-soo stops by a gallery for a tour with a staff member for work. It’s business as usual until the staff member recommends Yeon-soo stay behind to catch the sunset. She can enjoy it with her colleague. Yeon-soo is confused at first upon the mention of a colleague; she’s the only one from her team at the gallery. But then, a special someone hiding nearby makes a grand appearance and it’s none other than Choi Woong. He unveils himself to Yeon-soo as the staff member leaves. Seeing Choi Woong again reminds Yeon-soo of her feelings for him. She had forgotten who she was in love with. It doesn’t matter whether he changed or not. She loves him for who he is now.

Waiting until the weekend would be too long for Choi Woong so he wanted to see her even earlier. After giving her boyfriend a sweet back hug, Yeon-soo resumes with work. Choi Woong tags along, but he keeps a distance so as to let Yeon-soo focus on work (SOOOO CUTE). Speaking of work, Chae-ran and Ji-woong work together in the editing room. She’s still worried about his illness, but Ji-woong reassures her that he’s feeling better. Ji-woong still seems a bit out of it, but they proceed to work.

After work, Yeon-soo reunites with Choi Woong who’s bought some corndogs for them to eat. Lol. Yeon-soo can’t help but feel as if they’re on a date. It’s been a long time coming, but it was well worth it. The two lovers kiss each other twice before munching on the corndog. Jujubes and corndogs, our true heroes. While returning to the editing room, Ji-woong comes across NJ in the lobby of the building. She’s excited for the upcoming documentary and hopes her clips will be included. Speaking of the documentary, she’s been having trouble contacting Choi Woong since filming ended. Ji-woong’s face expression to her comment gives it away and she decides to get dinner with him afterwards.

So dinner with NJ it is even as busy as Ji-woong is. He makes time to chat with her about Choi Woong and sure enough, NJ knows that Choi Woong still has feelings for Yeon-soo. He didn’t even have to say anything to her. She orders some beer and soju because a conversation like this can’t be said sober. Oh ho ho, NJ is going all out. Choi Woong and Yeon-soo also talk about NJ on their way home after their mini-date. Sure, the dating rumors and articles might have been false, but it doesn’t make Yeon-soo feel any better knowing that the photos take of them were real. Plus, things don’t help when Choi Woong spills that he declined NJ’s invitation to visit her place. I love the transparency.. I think.

Yeon-soo’s pettiness is activated and she expresses her distaste with the dating rumors and articles. They quickly get over it though when Choi Woong reminds them that they’re no longer students. They can stay out for much longer and Yeon-soo doesn’t have to return home so early. So with that, Yeon-soo steps back outside her house and the two quickly hide by the side of the house upon hearing Grandma’s voice from inside. The two lovebirds are a little giddy and Choi Woong invites Yeon-soo over some jujube tea (it’s their version of “do you want to come over for some ramyeon?” lol). But Choi Woong receives a call right at that moment and he switches things up. He invites Yeon-soo to go with her somewhere else.

Back at dinner, NJ rants to Ji-woong about crushes and having crushes and how it’s impacted her. She’s not so shocked by the news of Choi Woong and Yeon-soo reconciling, but she admits that it hurts. It sucks. She feels miserable. Listening to NJ ramble about her crush on Choi Woong reminds him of himself. He knows what it feels like. He’s been there. Ji-woong reassures NJ that things will get better eventually. It’s hard at first, but overtime, you get used to it. You get used to the pain and heartache. The only problem is? He doesn’t have an answer for when the pain stops. He hasn’t gotten there just quite yet.

Choi Woong brings Yeon-soo to the art gallery where he plans to hold an exhibition of his drawings. She’s fascinated and intrigued by the drawings, but she’s even more intrigued by his plans of holding a night exhibition. It’ll be too late and people might not come. But why at that hour of the night? It’s simple for Choi Woong. There’s two reasons. One: it was usually that time of the night when he drew them. And two, he’s always awake during the night. He closes his eyes for a second and upon reopening them, he imagines himself in a world that is black and white. It’s still only him and Yeon-soo in the building.

Yeon-soo can’t seem to fathom just how lonely Choi Woong must have felt during all those nights that he drew. What was he thinking about when he was drawing? Choi Woong isn’t too sure himself either to be exact. Because this exact moment between him and Yeon-soo was something that he never imagined would have ever happened. It’s too good to be true, but the thing is, it’s true and he walks up to Yeon-soo to give her a hug. It’s Yeon-soo. It’s always been Yeon-soo. No matter what happens, Choi Woong will spend the rest of his time loving her.

Just like how Yeon-soo’s lightened up his life, the lighting in the gallery turns back on and Choi Woong voices that they can finally head back home. With that, the two lovers do and they show each other plenty of love that night (hehe).


Choi Woong returns home from dinner and reflects on his feelings for Yeon-soo. He wonders if the pain will ever go away. When it will ever end. He’s tired of always being the bad guy. He recalls the night that Choi Woong came over to his house to inform him about his relationship with Yeon-soo. When he woke up, he had expected Choi Woong to be gone, but Choi Woong never left. His childhood friend ended up napping on the floor at his house before also waking up at the same time. Before really leaving, Choi Woong suggested that Ji-woong move in with him. Even though Ji-woong brushes off the idea, Choi Woong lets him know that he’s always welcomed. Ji-woong should always sleep at home and not at work — whether that’s at his house or Choi Woong’s.

My Thoughts:

No commentary section for now! I’m feeling a bit tired tonight so I might come back to edit this part if I’m feeling up for it later. Nonetheless, enjoy the recap 🙂

EDIT! I am feeling a bit better so I’m back to give my thoughts on this episode :]

Isn’t it crazy just how much changes when you have a civil and mature face to face conversation with the person you love and want more than anything else? Yeon-soo and Choi Woong went from secretly loving each other but trying to play it off to finally communicating and expressing and being honest with each other. Then because of that face to face conversation, they were able to start anew and begin again. They were able to get what they wanted in the end which was a second chance at love and a relationship with each other, but it was no easy feat. They had to fight. They had to earn it. There were plenty of bumps and struggles on that path and the battlefield was not pretty, but they were able to survive and get out of there alive. The next part is to hopefully be able to thrive.

And thrive I think Yeon-soo and Choi Woong will be able to do. I know there’s going to be many talks about the ending scene at the gallery when Choi Woong outlines the significance and impact that Yeon-soo has made on his drawing career, but the scene that stood out to me the most in this episode was definitely the scene where he shared his adoption story with Yeon-soo. It wasn’t just the act of Choi Woong opening up to her and sharing with her a story that was so meaningful to him. But it was also the way he felt comfortable enough to be so vulnerable around her, both at the plaza after their restaurant talk and also in his living room during that scene. Choi Woong didn’t shy away from expressing his feelings and crying in front of Yeon-soo. Choi Woong knows that he can be who he is when he’s with Yeon-soo. She allows him to be himself without any concerns or worries of judgment. Yeon-soo might have influenced Choi Woong to transform into Go-oh, but he can also happily and peacefully be Choi Woong when he’s with her.

Adding onto that scene, I think it was so telling just how much both Yeon-soo and Choi Woong have grown since their break-up five years ago. Yeon-soo was concerned as to how to comfort a painful, hurt, and traumatized Choi Woong and she couldn’t fathom how lonely he must have been. For her, she wasn’t so sure what words to say or what the right words were to comfort Choi Woong. But for Choi Woong, there isn’t a right or wrong way to love him. Yeon-soo doesn’t need to go above and beyond or do anything extraordinary to show him her love. To show that she loves him. Because just being there, listening to him, and sympathizing for him is already enough. That alone comforts him and her presence itself is how he wants to be loved.

I think this was one of the biggest contributing factors about their relationship that originally lead to their break-up which was Yeon-soo and Choi Woong wanting to be loved the way that they wanted to be loved. It was less about the other and more about themselves at that time. Yeon-soo kept on asking Choi Woong questions to try to fish a certain answer or response from him. Choi Woong had a hard time reading Yeon-soo and could never really understand what she was thinking or why she acted the way that she did sometimes. The trip that we watched in episode 8 was indicative of that. They could never just be on the same page and plenty of misunderstandings started because the two didn’t believe the other.

Fast forward a decade later and Choi Woong and Yeon-soo hopefully have a better understanding of not only each other but also their love styles. There is no right or wrong way to comfort or to show their love for each other. There’s nothing wrong with having a love language and having preferences when it comes to being loved, but at the same time, I think you can also appreciate the way that your significant other shows their love for you in their own special ways. The same concept applies to Yeon-soo and Choi Woong. Instead of worrying about how Choi Woong hasn’t said certain phrases or worrying about how Yeon-soo is acting sort of fishy and confusing, I think they can both grow from their former experiences to foster a relationship full of understanding and flexibility. I’ll love you the way that you want to be loved, but I’ll also love you the way that I want to love you.

Yeon-soo will continue to be Yeon-soo and nag at Choi Woong because that’s her way of showing that she cares for Choi Woong. Choi Woong will continue to be Choi Woong and love Yeon-soo with his entire heart because when he loves, he loves hard and he can’t do anything about that. There might be some adjustments that may need to be made and the two are going to have to be flexible to get accustomed to it. But eventually, they will learn that there is no right or wrong way in being lovers and soulmates. They will just love each other for who they are.

Now that they have this second chance to begin again, they won’t let it go. They won’t lose it. They know just how painful and challenging it was to be apart and they don’t want to have to go through that loss again. It’s an exciting new chapter for Yeon-soo and Choi Woong and it’ll be interesting to see how the two reconcile and move forward with this second chance. I expect that the two will still sort of remain similar to like how they were years ago, but hopefully they have learned enough to not have as many fights and have grown enough to adapt to each other’s love and relationship styles. Communication and trust is going to be key. It’s been ten years since they met and filmed for the documentary. So many things have happened in between that much amount of time. Can Yeon-soo and Choi Woong grow from their past and stay together for the next ten years?

Extra photos from the episode~

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