[Discuss Away!] Jinxed at First Episodes 3-4

A new week means two new episodes of ‘Jinxed at First’! You bet that I made sure to watch the two new episodes the moment they were released and I sure did not regret it. Things are slowly starting to ramp up and I can already smell the small little fires that are going to eventually spread everywhere! Eeeek! Trouble is ensuing, but the drama ensures that it still gives us additional time to settle in first. And settle in I did.

Though we’ve already been pretty much introduced to our side and supporting characters and have watched Seul-bi interact and slowly bond with these characters, I think it would have also been fun to watch episodal cases of Seul-bi and Soo-kwang saving the lives of strangers. I like watching Seul-bi and Soo-kwang spend time with the rest of the vendors and neighbors, but there’s also a part of me that wonders what this drama would have been like if it was more case-by-case. Each episode or every other episode focuses on a certain character or family whose live is impacted and changed for the better thanks to Seul-bi’s magical powers to read futures. Either way, I think the drama still works in the way that it’s been set up, but I think this other option would have also made for a fun watch.

I know that the drama, angst, politics, and pain will eventually build up and overpower all the cuteness and funny interactions between Seul-bi and Soo-kwang so I feel compelled to enjoy them as much as I can now. We anticipate that Seul-bi will eventually be caught and brought back to the hotel to reunite with her mother. As we saw at the end of episode 4, a gang is hired to search for her. To add onto that, Soo-kwang will eventually also be discovered when he was supposed to have been dead this entire time and it won’t make for a fun time for anyone. I can already sense all the danger and heartbreak and pain that the drama is going to deliver once these secrets are out of the bag and it dreads me to think about it.

I feel like I can watch all the antics and adventures that Seul-bi and Soo-kwang embark on over and over again because it just feels so refreshing and funny. They’re such complete opposites, but match so well together. For given reasons, he’s a little bit more reserved and cynical while she’s more bright, outgoing, and upbeat. Seul-bi enjoys her time outside in the world and she loves it even more because she gets to spend it with her “Prince”, Soo-kwang (AKA Go Myeong-sung). He teaches her little things along the way and little survival tactics skills and has to remind her every time he’s about to go away to remain put and not go anywhere. That’s his way of showing that he cares about her.

Of course, Seul-bi is an adorable curious person and she loves interactions. The most rewarding part about the drama so far is watching her clarify any misunderstandings she has with the neighbors or watching her make amends with these neighbors. What went from caution and paranoia and fights and arguments eventually transforms into shared laughter, drinks, and smiles. Seul-bi is slowly adjusting into this new world she was thrown into and introduced to, but she’s doing so well in the mix of it all. With the assistance and support of Soo-kwang along with her adventurous personality and she grows with each episode. I love that Seul-bi’s forming bonds and connections with the neighbors by just being her quirky, silly, and happy self. She’s genuinely happy in this phase of her life.

Of course, not all good things last forever and we can’t be happy viewers forever. Risks are already accumulating as seen in episodes 3 and 4. News of Soo-kwang’s identity is slowly spreading through his former friends group which will only cause trouble. The same can be said about Seul-bi whose identity is also slowly being revealed. I honestly can care less about the evil Uncle and Nephew in the drama because it seems like there’s already enough going on as it is, but someone has to be the bad guy in the drama, eh?

I’m really enjoying Seul-bi and Soo-kwang’s relationship with each other and I especially love seeing Soo-kwang slowly fall in love with Seul-bi. It’s in the way he refuses that she call him “Oppa” because it gives him butterflies in his stomach or or the way they go on bike rides or the way he carries her on his back after a night of too much drinking or the way they share meals together. Seul-bi drives Soo-kwang crazy sometimes, but he just can’t help himself. He can’t help but go to her every time.

Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to reach a verdict on whether or not to recap this drama by the end of episode 4, I can’t say with full certainty that I want to just yet. I obviously enjoy the drama and I don’t think it’d be too challenging of a drama to recap, but there’s still a few minor things about this drama that I’m just waiting on (primarily all the more serious and political stuff that has to do with the Uncle and Nephew and company). I honestly just want to watch more Seul-bi and Soo-kwang adventures and I don’t even mind all the neighbor-vendor shenanigans because there’s some kind of underlying purpose or intention behind it. Hopefully, the drama will go more towards in the direction of less drama and more fluff and butterflies! We would all like more of that!

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