[Discuss Away!] Jinxed at First Episodes 5-6

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve last watched 3 dramas airing at the same time so my time management is in need of some desperate improvement! With ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ and ‘Jinxed at First’ both airing on Wednesdays and Thursdays, I’m definitely going to have to learn to balance out my schedule. Though my focus is primarily on ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo‘, I haven’t forgotten about ‘Jinxed at First’ and I was able to catch up on the latest two episodes, episodes 5 and 6.

I’ll be honest (and this might come off a bit too brutally honest), but I’m still pleasantly surprised and shocked at how strong ‘Jinxed at First’ is going. It’s still such a charming watch six episodes in and I enjoy the more light-hearted components of the drama. I like watching our leads, Seul-bi and Soo-kwang, hang out and spend time together and also work to get over the little speed bumps in their relationship. I like their relationship with Mr. Wang (and the neighbor vendors to an extent) and heck, I like that the second male lead, Min-joon, isn’t the villain. It makes for a much more refreshing and interesting watch and also makes him a far more multidimensional and complex character. I like that our second male lead isn’t your typical villain or antagonist and is conflicted on what his next steps are or how he should proceed with Seul-bi and Soo-kwang. ‘Jinxed at First’ continues to impress.

It was fun watching Seul-bi and Soo-kwang go on a brief but meaningful field trip to Busan. One of my most favorite scenes so far in the entire drama definitely has to be when the two sat down and talked with the Grandma (who also happens to be the owner of a franchise lol. Get that money, Soo-kwang and Seul-bi!). We witnessed just how mature the two characters are when they chatted with the Grandma about her family problems, but we also saw how compatible they are with each other as well. Soo-kwang foreshadowed Grandma’s future by suggesting that she apologize and then Seul-bi followed it up by holding Grandma’s hand and following through with the advice. And through that conversation and interaction, Grandma made amends with her family by apologizing 100 times (thanks to Seul-bi, haha).

The scene was just so heart-warming and sweet and definitely showed us a much more mature version of our two leads. So far, we’ve seen them bicker, conduct their business, make money, and more, but in that scene, we saw them sit down and be real and be themselves. They were so down-to-earth and so wise. I love that we’re seeing these different sides to Soo-kwang and Seul-bi as characters but also to their relationship.

Not everything in their relationship is perfect though and there’s little bumps that our lead couple has faced which just adds another layer of realism to their relationship. They’re worried about each other, but Soo-kwang is also aware that things won’t stay good like this forever. He knows that Seul-bi will eventually have to return to her family or that people are chasing after her which poses both of their lives at risk. I like that we’re getting to witness these little bumps in Soo-kwang and Seul-bi’s road; so far, we’ve mainly witnessed adorable and hilarious moments in their relationship, but we now get to see what happens when things get tough and times are challenging. As viewers, we get to witness now the bad and ugly sides to their relationship and how they overcome these issues. It makes you root for them even more because you want them to come out of these challenges and struggles even stronger and better. In the end, you hope everything will work out, but it’s not going to be easy getting there.

To keep the momentum going, Soo-kwang and Seul-bi’s lives are in constant danger and there was a point where they were kidnapped and they almost died. Of course, with us not even having reached the middle of the drama, there was no way our two leads were going to die, but it was interesting to see the two work together to fight for their lives (and I couldn’t help but also laugh because Soo-kwang is so funny even in the most chaotic moments). It’s also nice to see that they have allies on their side who in this case is Mr. Wang and Min-joon. Although Min-joon’s relationship with Soo-kwang (and Seul-bi) is a lot more complicated due to his father’s treatment of them, it seems as if he wants to make up for the past. He wants to prove that he’s different from his dad; that he genuinely cares for Seul-bi’s well-being as well as Soo-kwang as a friend. It’s going to take much more effort and time from Min-joon to get to where he wants to be, but maybe Soo-kwang might come around when he feels ready and the truth comes out and the timing feels right.

It’s amazing just how entertaining ‘Jinxed at First’ still is. I wasn’t completely sure just how much content it’d be able to work with, but after watching six episodes, it’s clear that the drama knows how to keep you engaged and intrigued. Although it’s not perfect and some components to the drama can be sort of dreadful to watch, I like that the drama has remained positive for the most part. Soo-kwang’s business is booming thanks to rich franchise owner Grandma, Seul-bi and Soo-kwang have romantically confessed to each other so they’re enjoying things as much as possible now before they can’t, and the two have a few allies and acquaintances on their side.

It seems as if the next thing the drama is setting up is the return of Seul-bi’s biological father and his involvement in his daughter’s life. Just what will come out of this and how will Seul-bi react upon finding out the truth? What will eventually happen to Seul-bi’s dad? Will Seul-bi and her dad be able to form a father-daughter bond with each other? All in all, it’s nice to see that ‘Jinxed at First’ is still thriving and going on strong. Hopefully, it keeps this momentum going for a little while longer.

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