[Discuss Away!] Revenge of Others: Episodes 5-6

I waited all week for the two newest episodes to this drama and it made me pause to think: I am down bad for this drama. Like really bad.

I’m not sure if it’s due to lead actor, Lomon, who has severely grown on me the past 3 weeks because of this drama (so much to the point where I’m even watching his other drama ‘All of Us Are Dead’ because of him!) or if it’s how interesting and intriguing this drama is orrrrr if it’s a combination of the two. Regardless, I’m really enjoying ‘Revenge of Others’ and I’m glad that it’s turning out to be such a solid watch so far.

I mentioned in my review for episodes 3 and 4 that I wanted to see more ‘hero’ Soo-heon enacting a revenge plan on different bullies and it’s as if the drama heard me for we got more of that in episode 5. However, what I didn’t see coming was the aftermath of the revenge plan in that Soo-heon is now viewed as the number one suspect in the death of the bully in his most recent fight. I wasn’t expecting the drama to go this route with the ‘hero’ Soo-heon sub-plot so soon and I would have been fine if the drama gave Soo-heon a few more opportunities to be a ‘hero.’ I would have liked if the drama gave us just a bit more time to see him get some additional revenge before investigating him. It was so interesting and fascinating watching Soo-heon as the ‘hero’, I honestly would have liked to see him fight for justice for just a little bit longer.

And I think the reason as to why I could get behind the whole revenge scheme theme is because Soo-heon and his friend/partner-in-crime, Tae So-yeon, have their own reasons for seeking revenge. So-yeon does it because she knows what it feels like to be bullied and she seeks justice for those who suffered in a similar position to her. As for Soo-heon, he needs the financial compensation to support his sick mother. The drama introduces the different intentions and purpose behind ‘hero’ Soo-heon early on so I can understand and get behind why the two are pulling such a thing off. As we saw in episode 6, the plan backfired on them and it turned out that their second target ended up dead after being confronted by Soo-heon. Of course, Soo-heon is listed as the number one suspect, but he claims he wasn’t the one who killed the guy. The detectives are slowly starting to catch onto him and it’s only going to get more difficult to escape.

It also doesn’t help that Soo-heon is also accused to be the suspect behind Won-seok’s death which Chan-mi learned from her brother’s friend. Though he didn’t witness the actual incident himself, he saw someone with shoes similar to the ones that Soo-heon wore walking away shortly after Won-seok’s fall to death. This isn’t easy for Chan-mi who, up until this point, trusted Soo-heon and even leaned on him in times of difficulty. The two were building this positive rapport with each other and their relationship was developing at a slow, mutual pace. With this accusation, Chan-mi isn’t so sure who she can trust anymore. She thought Soo-heon was on her side all along, but now it seems like it might not be that way. Did Soo-heon really kill her brother? Should she have trusted the words of her brother’s former classmate/friend? Will Chan-mi and Soo-heon’s relationship recover or is this it for the both of them?

Jae-bum’s storyline also starts to pick up in the latest two episodes which adds onto the momentum and intensity that the drama has wonderfully built. Because of his coma, Jae-bum doesn’t have many recollections of what his life was like prior to the incident, but as we found out in episode 6, some moments are slowly starting to creep up again in his memory. I have trust issues with Oh-sung so I wished Jae-bum wouldn’t be so honest with him either, but I understand that Oh-sung is Jae-bum’s best friend so it shouldn’t come as a surprise. There’s a bit of naivety to Jae-bum’s character which can be a bit frustrating sometimes, but I like that Jae-bum is starting to question his actions and decisions prior to falling into a coma. Did he have something to do with Won-seok’s death? Was he the one who pushed Won-seok from the building? It seems as if he and Won-seok were friends since they took a photo together while horseback riding. It also doesn’t help that Jae-bum unconsciously found himself at the stables on his family’s farm which was where he attempted suicide prior to falling into a coma. If Jae-bum was the one who pushed Won-seok to his death, could he have attempted suicide due to all the guilt and fear that consumed him afterwards?

There are so many questions surrounding so many things and the drama doesn’t plan on giving away many answers anytime soon. However, I appreciate the drama’s magic in keeping the intensity and suspense alive and for treading along at such a good pace. You never feel bored or distracted; you’re on the edge of your seat most times. There are also times where you smile because of how adorable Soo-heon and Chan-mi are or how Jae-bum and Soo-heon have become besties (the older Seo Ji-hoon fangirl and newer Lomon fangirl in me is celebrating), but then there are also times where you cry inside because of how drastic and sudden things change. We saw Chan-mi handing some juice over to Soo-heon in the beginning of episode 5 and then before you know it, she was pointing a gun at him by the end of episode 6. And then, in between all of this chaos, there were still other characters that the drama honed in on such as Jae-bum, Oh-sung, and Detective Jin.

‘Revenge of Others’ isn’t a perfect drama or a masterpiece by any means, but it remains a solid watch with solid pacing and solid momentum. The drama never slows down for a bit and you feel as if you can never really stay still to catch your breath. Just when you think the drama will slow down, there’s always something new that pops up. Everything in this drama is somehow connected in one way or another and it all comes down to one common denominator: Soo-heon.

Bonus: I enjoyed the first four episodes of this drama so much I decided to create a video edit of Chan-mi and Soo-heon (which can be found on my Youtube channel). Video edits aren’t easy to create by any means, but this one actually felt so seamless and effortless and I really enjoyed piecing this edit together in a shorter amount of time than I’m used to. I hope you enjoy this one and if you’d like to see future video edits, feel free to follow and subscribe to my Youtube channel :]

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