[Discuss Away!] Revenge of Others: Episodes 9-10

It’s hard to believe that we’re already approaching the finale to this drama. Just a few weeks ago, I went into this drama blind and had absolutely no idea what to expect or even who our male lead actor, Lomon, was. Fast forward to the present and I’m glad that I gave ‘Revenge of Others’ a try (and that I have discovered who Lomon is). As expected, the drama bumps up the intensity levels this week in regards to Won-seok’s mystery death as well as Soo-heon’s story as the school’s “hero.” What will happen to Chan-mi and Soo-heon heading into the finale? How will it all go down?

As much as this drama has been about Chan-mi and Soo-heon equally (with, I would say, a little bit more focus on Soo-heon than Chan-mi), the main character the past few episodes has definitely felt like it’s been Oh-sung who has completely taken over the storyline. He’s viewed as the main suspect for two murders (Won-seok and his middle school classmate who died in the auto center) so I understand why the drama has focused on him exponentially the past few episodes. To add onto that, he’s now everyone’s enemy including his own friend, Jae-bum, who has sided with Chan-mi and Soo-heon (thankfully). The detectives are onto him as well as Chan-mi, Soo-heon, and Jae-bum so Oh-sung has a lot of explaining to do and he has to continue to come up with strategies to escape all the allegations.

So I get why he has a much bigger role this far into the drama, but I really hope there’s a reason for it and that it’s just not all for nothing. If there’s this much Oh-sung this far into the drama, he better have played a significant role in either of the deaths or was involved somehow. I would hate to see the drama go in the direction of Oh-sung doing all that he did out of “protection” for someone or because he cared for whoever the actual murderer behind both deaths was. I really hope that the set-up that the drama has devoted itself to of narrowing Oh-sung as the main suspect pays off in the end. It has to. He has to have been involved someway somehow in all of this.

I don’t want to say that I’m losing hope in the drama, but a part of me is afraid as to what will happen in the finale given that it’s been feeling a little drag-gy the past few episodes. I want to feel confident going into the finale that Oh-sung is the primary suspect and that he was behind all of this, but I’m afraid that the drama is going to pull something out of thin air and initiate a whole “plot twist” that isn’t really all that of a plot twist just to seem smart. I would hate to see the drama overdo it or see the whole drama try to outplay everyone only for things to not make sense or for the ending to disappoint. I have enjoyed ‘Revenge of Others’ up until this point so it’s common that I want the ending to deliver. I’m not asking for a happy ending either by any means; I mean, the drama never fails to remind us of Soo-heon’s limited days or the fact that Oh-sung is such an overpowering antagonist who can’t seem to be taken down for whatever reason. So in that sense, I’m not expecting a happy ending for anyone at all.

But what I do hope happens is that the drama remains realistic and true to its colors and doesn’t overdo things. I hope it doesn’t try to be too smart for its own good. I hope the ending makes sense. Show us what happened to Won-seok, to the classmate who died in the auto center, and how it all went down. Maybe show us Chan-mi and Soo-heon linking up again to put an end to this whole mystery and investigation. Maybe have Jae-bum, Ah-jung, and So-yeon join in on the action too. And of course, I’d love to see more Chan-mi and Soo-heon interactions, but I’ll also be okay if the two remain only friends or if they were to separate after they accomplish the mission of solving Won-seok’s death and taking Oh-sung down.

Would I want the two to remain close and keep in touch after all of it is over? Absolutely. But is it also okay if the two wanted to end things on a good note and with a newfound sense of fulfillment? Yes. I have no clue as to what the drama plans to do with Soo-heon’s character given that he’s suffering from a brain tumor with a limited amount of time left. There could be a miracle that he survives and stays with Chan-mi so I’m not going to rule anything out, but at the same time, one also has to be realistic. Anything can happen.

So while the drama has amped up the intensity and suspense with all the mystery and investigation sub-plots, my favorite scenes are still the ones between Chan-mi and Soo-heon. Chan-mi was there for Soo-heon every single step of the way in regards to his mom. She was there when his mom was hospitalized and she was there when his mom unfortunately passed away. With Mom’s passing, that wrapped up our little sub-plot of Soo-heon as the “hero” since he doesn’t need the money anymore (you will be missed “hero” Soo-heon).

But with Mom’s passing, you also got more intimate scenes between Chan-mi and Soo-heon such as the beach scene where the two sat down and watched the sunset together. Chan-mi shared a story of her and her brother to Soo-heon so that he could distract himself and keep his mind from thinking about his mom. Life has moved fast for the two classmates since they’ve met and they’ve never really been able to take a breather since becoming a unit so it’s in the slower moments like these where they can take a well-deserved break and process all that they’ve been through. It hasn’t been easy for neither as they’ve both experienced tragic losses, but they’ve been able to keep going because they have each other. The drama shows us how Chan-mi and Soo-heon work together to solve Won-seok’s death, but it also shows us moments outside of that where they just casually spend time together and support each other in their own ways. It’s these quieter and slower moments that remains as one of the drama’s greatest strengths. I love and appreciate the natural development between Soo-heon and Chan-mi.

While I didn’t necessarily agree with Chan-mi’s latest decision to halt her investigation behind her brother’s death, I also hope that it’s not the end and that she’ll resume things just as quickly as she paused it. She transferred schools and went through so much in the quest for answers. She entered her journey with tons of questions and came out of it with just as many, but she’s done way too much to just hang it all up and quit now. I want her to keep going, to keep moving, and to eventually reach an answer to this mystery. And sometimes learning the truth will be hard; there’s going to be things that she will see or hear that she wasn’t expecting or didn’t want to. That’s just a part of the process and it’s going to hurt. With the help and support of Soo-heon, Chan-mi will shed light on what happened to her brother and reveal the truth to end it all. With the help and support of Soo-heon, she will gain revenge to whoever hurt her brother.

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