[Discuss Away!] Crash Course in Romance: Episodes 7-8

It amazes me how dramas are able to make the most common and mundane things that people do in daily life so magical, charming, and wholesome. It’s fascinating how dramas are able to make the most out of something small and how they make something out of nothing. ‘Crash Course in Romance’ continues to impress with the special ability to create magic in almost every single scene and with almost every single character. Things amp up this week in particular with a few updates on storylines and characters, including the romance between our beloved Haeng-seon and Chi-yeol. This is, finally, what I’ve been waiting for.

I had expected a bit more romance between Haeng-seon and Chi-yeol so I was quite pleasantly surprised and happy that the drama finally dedicated some more time on their relationship with episodes 7 and 8. I didn’t necessarily mind all the other characters and storylines that the drama also focused on. I can sit through an entire episode watching Hae-yi and her friends in school, all the obsessive and determined parents do their thing, the whole mystery-thriller show with the metal balls, and more. There’s quite a lot going on in the show, but I definitely enjoy Haeng-seon and Chi-yeol’s relationship the most (though Haeng-seon’s character arc and her daily life ranks a close second). That’s why I was a bit surprised that their relationship and budding romance was the forefront and focus of this week’s episodes. It only took six episodes, but hey, it’s better late than never.

The drama had been slowly building up to this exact moment so it’s not like we were romance-deprived between the two for the first six episodes. But, I also felt like there wasn’t enough Chi-yeol and Haeng-seon to satisfy my cravings so the drama probably heard my prayers and, therefore, decided to give us much more between the two with the latest episodes. It started off with just a simple foot volleyball match that proved to be too much for Chi-yeol (quite literally since he also injured his wrist while playing the game haha) in which he began to view Haeng-seon in a different light starting from that moment. Sometimes, it’s the little things that get you and sometimes things happen when you least expect it. Chi-yeol definitely did not expect to feel things for Haeng-seon, but like his therapist mentioned to him, it came about as a lack of social interactions and being closed off and sticking to his routine. He had been interacting with Haeng-seon on the regular and he also went out of his comfort zone in spending time with her family and best friend. One can see how he developed feelings for Haeng-seon.

Haeng-seon hasn’t been as shy about her thoughts of Chi-yeol whether she was sober or intoxicated, haha. She’s been quite straightforward and expressive on how she appreciated him for his help in tutoring Hae-yi and it’s obvious she’s happy to be his personal chef. As we saw in episode 7, Haeng-seon also worries about Chi-yeol quite often. Though half of the times might be due to her daughter and just showing him appreciation, a part of it could also be due to her feelings and how she cares about him. There’s two exciting parts about their relationship with the first being that Chi-yeol will eventually realize that it’s Haeng-seon who he likes (if he hasn’t already realized it hehe). Sure, he met with the wealthy piano lady and it seemed like they might have had some chemistry for a few minutes, but it’s Haeng-seon’s kindness, care, cooking, and comfort that he yearns for. For Chi-yeol, it will always and only be Haeng-seon.

For Haeng-seon, dating and relationships isn’t a priority of hers at the moment given how busy she is with her restaurant and with being the best mom for Hae-yi, but I also love how natural her interactions with Chi-yeol came about. What was even more amazing and exciting was how Chi-yeol discovered who Haeng-seon was. She’s the daughter of the restaurant owner whose food he ate and gained strength from when he was a student.

I love, love, love the childhood connection between Haeng-seon and Chi-yeol as it only adds another layer of excitement and warmth to their relationship. I also love that the two didn’t know each other directly and instead are connected through Haeng-seon’s mom who cared for a lonely younger Chi-yeol and cooked him food that cultivated many heartwarming memories for him. Similar to when Chi-yeol’s identity was revealed to Haeng-seon, Chi-yeol reacted similarly once he was aware of who Haeng-seon was: he began to act differently around Haeng-seon and expressed acts of kindness towards her and her family. Cutting their rent in half, gifting them with a new AC unit, purchasing a group order from Haeng-seon’s restaurant to feed his employees, treating the family to an expensive and yummy restaurant — this is Chi-yeol’s way of thanking Haeng-seon and showing that he cares about her and her family.

I also love how these kind actions extends beyond just Haeng-seon and Chi-yeol finds himself more and more involved in Haeng-seon’s family dynamic. It’s great to see the two interact with each other, but I sure do love me some Chi-yeol with Haeng-seon and her family. From the foot volleyball match to the celebration party for Hae-yi to the expensive restaurant dining experience to the chicken day family nights, Chi-yeol is slowly and surely becoming a part of the family now. He’s transforming into that older brother who Jae-woo yearned for but never had and he’s also comfortable in his role as Hae-yi’s tutor. As seen with Haeng-seon, she’s suspecting that something is up with Chi-yeol, and yes Haeng-seon, Chi-yeol is doing these things because he likes you. Eeeeek.

There’s going to be plentyyy of drama and chaos that is going to arise as Chi-yeol and Haeng-seon’s relationship with each other is discovered. There are people dedicated to bringing Chi-yeol down and then there are also the moms of the All Care club who are also going to be up in flames over Chi-yeol’s private tutoring with Hae-yi. There are people who will want to keep Chi-yeol and Haeng-seon as far away from each other as possible. It’s not something that I’m excited for as I want the good and sweet moments between Chi-yeol and Haeng-seon to last just a little bit longer, but I’m also okay with getting it over now and out of the way. Regardless, I love that in the end, Chi-yeol found himself back at Haeng-seon’s house despite having made plans to attend the piano recital (seriously, I loved all the jealousy and back-and-forth between the two and then when Chi-yeol popped up in front of Haeng-seon’s restaurant after leaving the recital early, I went crazy!). His heart lead him back to the place and the people who he called home. Chi-yeol realizes the reasons as to why he’s drawn to Haeng-seon and he wouldn’t want it any other way.

Earlier in this post, I mentioned how dramas manage to make simple, daily activities seem exciting or amazing or dynamic. ‘Crash Course in Romance’ is an expert at that. Whether it’s a foot volleyball match, an acupuncture appointment, or just simply spending time with family and friends, the drama pulls you in every single time. There’s nothing big or explosive happening; you’re simply watching a group of characters go about their own lives and doing their own things. And yet, you can’t turn away. You just can’t stop watching. You’re invested into watching how things will unfold for these characters and what will come about with their relationships. I love Haeng-seon’s family dynamic (adding Yeong-ju in here since she’s practically family) and I love watching Chi-yeol be a part of that family too. Chi-yeol’s therapist had mentioned that he needed to try new things and to break out of his routine. It’s been fun to witness him already doing that with Haeng-seon and her family, but it’s also exciting to know that he’ll get many more opportunities with them to do that in the future as well. The fun will never stop and, in fact, it’s only getting started.


Another drama means another video edit (I know I know, I couldn’t help myself). Of course, it’s an edit dedicated to our couple Haeng-seon and Chi-yeol! I’m thinking of creating more videos of them so feel free to check out my Youtube channel for future updates. Enjoy! :]

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