[Discuss Away] Taxi Driver 2: Episodes 3-4

This drama continues to remain so much fun and I’m loving every second of it! I spoke in my first review how I had no idea what to expect with this drama. I knew it was extremely popular and successful with the first season, but given that I had never seen it, I went into the second season blind and not knowing much. After giving the second season a try, I heavily enjoyed the first two episodes and fast forward to a week later, I also really enjoyed episodes 3 and 4.

While episodes 1 and 2 was a lot more action-packed and fast-paced, episodes 3 and 4 slowed down the pace. Despite this, I still liked the two episodes just as much. It was still fun to watch, the comedy and humor and wittiness was there, our teamwork was teamworkin’, and in the end, the team was able to provide their service of seeking revenge for their client. ‘Taxi Driver 2’ isn’t a drama with the most unique or refreshing premise so it’s not like it presents anything new that hasn’t been seen before in K-dramaland, but man oh man, I do love myself the revenge concept. It’s nice watching the teamwork that allows that revenge to unfold. I just love me some feel-good revenge plans.

Episodes 3 and 4 focused on a new client: an elderly grandma who finds herself the victim of a scam conducted by a trio of 3 men that visit her village. After falling for the scam, she becomes afraid of seeking help from her son given that she doesn’t want to become a burden to him and his family. Things get dangerous and depressing and devastating for the grandma who then seeks the help of our Taxi team. That’s when our Taxi team comes in to help the grandma. Similar to the first 2 episodes, ‘Taxi Driver 2’ does a really nice job of laying out the foundation and setting up the stories of the victims/clients. It’s needed in order for you to invest in the story and become engaged and so I appreciate that the drama takes its in time in introducing to the client’s story to you. It just makes the whole revenge plot and plan so much sweeter when our Taxi team gets back at the villains.

While the first case involved some grueling fights and arguments and computer programming, this case was (thankfully) less intense. It included some trot performances as well as farmer Do-ki (I loved loved loved our country bum running around in his tractor hahaha) and elderly Sung-chul pretending to be this wealthy rich grandpa hiding a whole plot of wealth hidden somewhere near his house or in the mountains. It’s hilarious that the 3 scammers took the bait and ended up falling for a scam themselves that our genius Taxi team developed and plotted just for them. I was also just as surprised that the drama was so focused on the 3 scammers to the point where it felt like they were the main characters of the drama (and not the grandma who was the client). I also found the little additional twist that the drama implemented with the trio refreshing. There was a point during the plan where it seemed like our Taxi team underestimated the guys and they became aware that solving the case wasn’t going to be as easy as they originally thought. Just that little detail and push for more information was a nice added touch to the drama and made things so much more interesting. In the end, our Taxi team did what they were hired to do and sure enough, the 3 scammers were punished for their wrongdoings and the villages that were attacked by the trio received proper compensation.

Perhaps what I enjoy the most though about ‘Taxi Driver’ so far are the ending scenes when Do-ki is seated in his taxi cab and he watches as the wishes of the clients are fulfilled (the grandma happily receiving a visit from her son and his family or the dad in the first episode reuniting with his son who he thought had gone missing). It’s so satisfying, touching, and heartwarming because these scenes signify the accomplishments of our team in doing what they were sought out to do and also the clients being able to go about their lives without any worries. The clients don’t have to worry any longer because they had the help of our Taxi team who was there for them.

It’s amazing how different episodes 1 and 2 were from episodes 3 and 4 and yet how satisfying and fun it was to watch both cases. I’m excited to see what else the drama has up its sleeves and the range of cases that our team is going to take on. How different can the drama make each case and how fun can the drama still be even with the contrast in tone and intensity? ‘Taxi Driver 2’ is doing an awesome job so far with its storytelling, execution, writing, as well as maximizing the most out of the cast members. I hope it’ll keep this momentum the rest of the way.

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