• KARD returns with 3rd Mini-Album ‘Ride on the Wind’ + MV

    Co-ed group KARD finally made their comeback with new title track and 3rd mini-album titled ‘Ride on the Wind.’ Similar to debut track ‘Hola Hola’, ‘Ride on the Wind’ is a fun and loving and exciting summer track that makes you want to dance and maybe even visit a beach (or least that’s how I…

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  • KARD returns with ‘You in Me’

    2017 has been an interesting year for co-ed group KARD. They made their first appearance last year in November with ‘Oh Nana’ and blew up internationally. They then returned with two other pre-debut tracks ‘Don’t Recall’ and ‘Rumor’ before finally officially debuting in Korea with ‘Hola Hola.’ The co-ed group recently made another comeback titled…

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  • KARD makes their official debut with ‘Hola Hola’!

    “KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD.” – says every KARD fan ever. Co-ed group KARD consisting of female members Somin and Jiwoo and male members BM (aka Matthew) and J. Seph has finally made their official debut! There are many reasons as to why KARD has become so successful and they continue to maintain that streak of success and good…

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