Kim Jung-hyun to leave drama ‘Time’ due to health issues

I had to take a break from recapping episode 10 of 'My ID is Gangnam Beauty' to report about this. Kim Jung-hyun who's currently starring as the male lead in MBC melodrama 'Time' will reportedly be leaving the drama due to emotional and physical exhaustion. Additionally, the actor had been suffering from an eating and [...]

Kim Jung-hyun caught in attitude controversy after press conference for upcoming drama ‘Time’

Ohhh noooo. Kim Jung-Hyun, what is you doing? Not too long ago, I posted teasers to Kim Jung-Hyun and Seohyun's upcoming drama "Time" and basically expressed my excitement for the new MBC show. The cast recently held a press conference for the drama and things didn't seem to go too well for male lead Kim [...]

Kim Jung-hyun wants to turn back ‘Time’ in upcoming MBC drama

OMGGGG THIS LOOKS SOOOO GOOD. Kim Jung-hyun (School 2017, Welcome to Waikiki) is finally playing another lead role in his new upcoming melodrama 'Time' alongside Seohyun (Bad Thief, Good Thief). After having made Seohyun's life difficult, he wants to turn back time to when she was the cheerful and happy and upbeat girl that she used [...]