What Mary Thinks: Kris leaving EXO and Bangtan Boys’s ‘Miss Right’

So great news everyone! Although I still have school and might not be updating as often as I would like to, I just got a new laptop today (alllllll to myself) so I might have more time to update on the weekends now that I don’t have to share this laptop with anyone. Hehe. I’m so selfish aren’t I?

I haven’t been able to catch up on any Korean Dramas, but I have been still updating myself on K-Pop and the biggest issue that arose the past few weeks was obviously the departure of Kris from EXO.

First off, I just want to mention that I am a fan of EXO and I love them; they’re like my babies so I was hurt by this news because I love them all and I’ve grown used to seeing them as a group with twelve members. But upon hearing that Kris was filing a lawsuit against SM, I wasn’t so surprised. I was hurt, but I wasn’t surprised that he wanted to leave. And you know, I don’t blame Kris either. I don’t blame the rest of the EXO members. I’m not on anyone’s side because I don’t want to have to choose. I want both Kris and EXO to be happy and if leaving EXO means Kris gets his happiness and peace, then be it.

We all know by now that SM is one of those entertainment companies that tend to overwork their artists and groups more than others. All companies overwork their artists and groups, but they have a certain limit and boundary whereas SM just doesn’t know when to stop. Maybe Kris had enough of all of the idol stuff and wished to live a regular life or maybe his heart problems played a big role in his choices and decisions. Maybe all of those things contributed towards him filing a lawsuit and leaving EXO. But none of this would have happened if he had just not been overworked by SM. You would have thought that with JYJ and Hangeng that SM would have learned their lesson, but a few years later and they have another Chinese member leaving another group – one of their most successful groups by far. Will SM ever learn their lesson? I don’t know, but I hope they do something about the way they’re treating their artists and groups. Because if they don’t, pretty soon, everyone’s just gonna leave and I won’t be surprised by that. Lol.

Personally for me, I kind of already figured that Kris wasn’t as passionate anymore about his idol life as the other members. I remember when he suddenly left to go back home to Canada (I don’t remember whether it was last year or this year that it happened) and there were rumors circulating that there was an EXO member who wanted to leave or whatever and when that rumor was going around, Kris had gone to return back home. Fans explained that he just wanted to visit his family because there was someone sick, but from that visit which was really random, I kind of knew something was fishy and suspicious. That’s why when I learned that he was planning to leave EXO, I wasn’t surprised. I was just rather hurt and died a little bit inside.

I’m just hurt because I didn’t think Kris was going to leave so early into EXO’s career. They were able to reach milestones and successes within such a short amount of time that no other group accomplished or would have been able to accomplish. And it hurts because it’s only been two years since their debut and they have to suffer something like this. But maybe there probably wouldn’t have been a “right” time to leave the group. During promotions or when there aren’t promotions, Kris’s departure will still remain hurtful and confusing to some, but I think we all have to put ourselves in Kris’s shoes and realize that it’s his life, therefore he makes his decisions. I’m sure he loves his fans and wants the best for them, but he also has to put himself and his health and safety first which is why he ultimately chose to leave EXO. I know EXO will continue to go on after this as eleven members and will go on to do much more successful and amazing things, but it is sad to not see Kris there because he was an essential member who served as many people’s reasons to laugh, smile, cry, and even live. Although he didn’t play an important position in EXO as he wasn’t the best rapper, he was the leader of EXO-M and that itself alone is a big responsibility. I’m not mad at Kris for leaving, I’m not mad at the other EXO members for expressing their emotions and confusion. I’m pretty sure something like this came as a big surprise for them because they didn’t see it coming like many of the other fans.

It’s going to be hard to forget all the memories that Kris has given us fans while he was in and with EXO. I especially loved him on the Chinese variety shows with EXO-M like ‘Happy Camp’ because it was there that I came into learning and appreciating Kris’s personality and how funny he actually is. He looks cold on the outside, but on the inside, he’s just this warm and fuzzy guy who’s so responsible and caring of his members. I’m going to miss him, but I don’t think there’s anything we fans can do to bring him back. Leaving EXO and SM is a decision he made and the most we fans can do is just accept it, respect his decision, and let it go. If you want to support Kris, support him. If you want to support EXO, support EXO. If you want to support both Kris and EXO, then do it. It’s ultimately up to you as to how you perceive the situation and controversy, but just be reminded that Kris most likely is gone and he won’t be coming back, as sad as that is.

This post isn’t going to get any happier, because I’m going to go on a ranting spree about Bangtan Boys. I love Bangtan Boys a lot. They’re my babies. Really. I have so much admiration, love, respect, and support for these boys. They’re my second bias group after BEAST and that says a lot because it hasn’t even been a year yet since they’ve debuted but they’ve managed to secure a pretty high spot on my bias list. But there’s just something about the group that annoys me to no end – the line distribution. I’ve come into realizing after a decade of being into K-Pop that my absolute pet peeve in K-Pop are unequal line distributions. I cannot tolerate that! Bangtan Boys released their newest song ‘Miss Right’ not too long ago and don’t misunderstand, I love the song! I’m actually listening to it right now as I’m writing this post, but the line distribution in this song just makes me so mad! If you don’t know yet, I am Jimin-biased and only the Lord knows how much I love this guy. He makes me go crazy and insane like I have never ever done before. He’s like up there with Yoseob on my bias list and you guys know how much I love Yoseob. Lol. But with BTS’s new song ‘Miss Right’, the line distribution is a typical BTS line distribution in that Rap Mon starts out with his rap, followed by the chorus usually sung by our vocalists Jungkook, V, Jimin, and Jin, then raps by Suga then J-Hope. The thing that makes me mad about this song though is that my Jimin only gets one line! ONE LINE THAT IS LIKE 7 SECONDS. Out of a 4 minute song, he only gets 7 seconds to sing. WE ONLY GET TO HEAR HIS VOICE FOR 7 SECONDS. DO YOU KNOW HOW HURTFUL THAT IS AS A JIMIN STAN?! NO. NO. he has a beautiful voice and he should be able to utilize it in all the ways possible. I understand that Jungkook is the main vocalist and he is the best singer in BTS and I love his voice, but I don’t want to hear it every other minute in a song. I noticed that V got more lines and that’s good, but by hearing more V than Jimin, it kind of makes me wonder what Jimin’s position in BTS is then. He’s the main dancer, but then he often times does a lot of high notes and ad-libs as well (From the very beginning actually) which makes me think of him as a main vocalist (and I LOVE main vocalists!). But then in their latest songs, Jimin hasn’t been getting more lines while V seems to be getting more lines after Jungkook. I’m confused. And I’m not trying to pose any hate on V for getting more lines than Jimin. No, that’s not my point. I’m just confused as to what Jimin’s role is because he does alot of high notes which one would think then that he would be the main vocalist because main vocalists usually do the high notes (ex: yoseob, luna, daehyun, etc.), but then he doesn’t get many lines to sing. That makes me very sad. The same thing with Jin. He also only got one line to sing in ‘Miss Right.’ Something’s gotta be done about the line distribution, because I’m going crazy. In ‘Just One Day’, my Jimin barely got any lines either and that made me sad. I know Jimin is the main dancer in BTS, but sometimes I even feel like Big Hit is trying to make it seem like Jungkook’s the main dancer when really it’s Jimin. Urgh, this is annoying me. I need to stop. I love the song a lot, but I just wished BTS’s line distributions would be more equally distributed. Please.

Anyways, that’s all I’ve got for you guys this month. If I have anymore time to update, I will update you guys. Don’t expect anything on Korean dramas or movies, but do expect posts on K-Pop when I do update.

Thank you guys for reading my rant and this probably confusing and very irritating post. You guys are awesome 😀

Source: KpopMarTube Hot @ youtube

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