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  • K-Pop Round Up: EXO, BAMBAM, Highlight

    K-Pop Round Up: EXO, BAMBAM, Highlight

    Life is goooood (and I am baaaack with a K-Pop review which I haven’t done in forever!)! We’ve gotten quite a few interesting releases the past few months so I wanted to highlight some of my favorites in this post. First off, we can’t talk about Summer 2021 without mentioning EXO who returned with a…

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  • EXO makes long-awaited comeback with ‘Tempo’ + releases full-length album ‘Don’t Mess Up My Tempo’

    EXO makes long-awaited comeback with ‘Tempo’ + releases full-length album ‘Don’t Mess Up My Tempo’

    Don’t mess up EXO’s tempo. That’s basically what SM’s boy group was telling you in their latest comeback ‘Tempo.’ The MV and album was recently released on November 2, 2018 and the showcase for the comeback was also held on the same day. This is EXO’s comeback after a year since their last project together.…

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  • D.O. tap dances his way to freedom in upcoming movie ‘Swing Kids’

    D.O. tap dances his way to freedom in upcoming movie ‘Swing Kids’

    Okay, you cannot watch this teaser and NOT be excited for it. D.O. (of boy group EXO) is on a roll with his latest project ‘100 Days My Prince’ which recently hit 12% ratings on tvN, proving to be a HUGE success. It seems like we’ll be seeing more of the talented actor as his…

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  • Former EXO member Kris Wu reveals that he no longer keeps in contact with EXO

    I usually don’t post about small interviews like this, but I just wanted to talk about this topic specifically today because I thought it was interesting. On a radio show, former EXO member Kris was asked by the radio DJ if he still keeps in contact with the members of EXO despite having left the…

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  • EXO returns with ‘Ko Ko Bop’ MV and new album ‘The War’

    Popular popular popular boy group EXO returned with their latest comeback ‘Ko Ko Bop’ and released the MV as well as their album ‘The War’ just yesterday. While fans are loving it, there are some others who did not enjoy this comeback as much as they did with EXO’s other comebacks. As for me? I’m…

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  • Choco Bank: Episode 2 Recap

    While episode one focused more on our male lead Eun-haeng, episode 2 shifts its focus on our female lead Cho Co. Through this heart-warming episode, we learn more about her, her passion, and who she is. The second episode turns its attention and focus on Cho Co, our Choco Bank owner who has loved chocolate…

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  • Choco Bank: Episode 1 Recap

    How come I did not know about this drama until now?! A very important question I asked myself as I finished the first 10-minute episode of short Korean drama ‘Choco Bank’ starring EXO’s Kai and one of my favorite actresses Park Eun Bin. I don’t recall learning any information about this drama prior to its…

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  • What Mary Thinks: Kris leaving EXO and Bangtan Boys’s ‘Miss Right’

    So great news everyone! Although I still have school and might not be updating as often as I would like to, I just got a new laptop today (alllllll to myself) so I might have more time to update on the weekends now that I don’t have to share this laptop with anyone. Hehe. I’m…

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    So my Aunty attended CN Blue’s concert in L.A. (I believe it was in L.A.) and while she was there went to Korea Town. At Korea Town, she bought me these gifts which consists of BEAST socks (I love socks, I’m not even lying. Like my feet gets cold very very easily so I always…

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