EXO returns with ‘Ko Ko Bop’ MV and new album ‘The War’

Popular popular popular boy group EXO returned with their latest comeback ‘Ko Ko Bop’ and released the MV as well as their album ‘The War’ just yesterday. While fans are loving it, there are some others who did not enjoy this comeback as much as they did with EXO’s other comebacks. As for me? I’m somewhere in the middle.

Upon first listen to ‘Ko Ko Bop’, I enjoyed the reggae sound that the song was going for and thought this could be something that I could find myself listening to.. UNTIL the beat dropped and I had a hard time enjoying the song as much from there. I like the song much more without the beat drop as well as Chanyeol’s raps that I felt was just randomly added into the song for the purpose of giving him lines. The reggae instrumental and the beat drop didn’t mash too well in my opinion, but I notice that sudden beat drops have been the general trend within K-Pop nowadays that it also doesn’t come as a surprise to me anymore. With that being said, ‘Ko Ko Bop’ is a much better listen had it just been the reggae beat that it started off with and without the awkward sudden beat drop. I enjoy Chen’s lines the most and then the chorus, but I find everything else okay. I don’t have much to say about the music video because I for the most part do not understand and comprehend what’s going on (is it what I think it’s about…?), but I do have to say that the boys do look good (but let’s not talk about Baekhyun and Kai.. yeah, let’s not go there) and the MV is aesthetically pleasing even though there is a lot going on. The MV is pretty, there are many bright colors and scenery, and it just looks nice overall.

In terms of the album ‘The War’ itself, I had given the whole album a listen and upon the first listen none of the songs stood out to me. But after listening to a few tracks again, I found myself enjoying ‘What U Do’ and ‘The Eve.’ I might even go back and listen to the album now that I’m reminded of what ‘Ko Ko Bop’ sounds like. I do think any of the B tracks could have made a good title track (and maybe even better title track than KKB), but I’m not surprised that SM chose KKP as the title track even if it’s not the most well liked track among the album. For some reason, entertainment companies have this habit of choosing the least exciting and interesting and most boring song out of the album as the title track for their groups and then wonder why their groups are failing. It’s the most ironic thing in the world. But of course, EXO is not gonna fail and for many fans, this is what they have been waiting a whole year for.

With this comeback, I think SM is trying to slowly move EXO past their old ‘bad boy/ tough’ concepts that they have shown through comebacks like ‘Monster’ and ‘Lotto’ and onto something more mature, better, different, and colorful. I think EXO will eventually move on from the images and concepts that they have been associated with so far, but it’ll take a while as ‘KKB’ is the first title track that they’re experimenting with that fans are not familiar with.

I used to be a big EXO fan back when they were still OT12. The last comeback of theirs that I followed was ‘Growl’ (that comeback and album was so good. Still my favorite of theirs to this day) I believe and then since then I stopped keeping up with them and what they were doing. But EXO is probably Korea’s leading boy group in terms of this generation right now and they have built up a huge fanbase for themselves despite all the hate that they’ve gotten starting from their debut up until even now. They have become so successful and it’s nice to know that they’ve become a group who can afford to make one comeback a year and still hit it big every single time.

Although without member Lay, EXO has returned with another album and comeback this time. While not my personal favorite comeback from them, it’s nice to see them back again and shake up the K-pop music industry that’s been quiet the past few months.

Source: SMTOWN @ youtube, Kpop Music_ @ youtube

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