[Discuss Away!] Age of Youth 2 ep 3-6

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Oof. The heartbreak and pain was real in episodes 3-6 of ‘Age of Youth 2.’ If there’s anything about the show that I appreciate and enjoy the most, it would definitely be its ability to portray such raw characters who breathe so much life in whatever they do. There’s a realistic portrayal in our characters and the decisions that they make or the actions that they commit. Age of Youth might not be the most interesting or the most action-packed, but it’s a drama that I resonate a lot with and that’s good enough for me.

The drama started to explore the romantic relationships between the housemates and their respective partners/guy friends starting in episode 3 and on. I’m surprised that this is the aspect the show is choosing to focus on for the moment just because I felt like last season it wasn’t as highly emphasized as this season. Not that I’m complaining or anything though because I do genuinely like watching them all interact with the guys and respond to them in their own way. Ji-won still remains so adorable with Sung-min and I’m glad that the drama is giving them more of an arc this time than last season because they deserve so much more (I’m also glad Ji-won’s getting more time in this season in general so that we get a better understanding of her and her past like how all the other characters did). Even Ye-eun and Ho-chang’s relationship is cute and although I wouldn’t want him to be the reason why Ye-eun is all of a sudden cured from her trauma (I would like her to slowly recover through her own means), I think he can serve as a support system for her. Eunjae’s story resonates a lot with me in that just like her, I too was in a position where I couldn’t learn to move on after breaking up with my ex. Not that I’m in that position now (I’ve learned to accept the past, move forward with life, and start anew), but I don’t blame her for the things that she did in episode 5. You know, you do some crazy things when you’re still in love with your ex and you want to try everything you can to win them back somehow.

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I think Eun’s relationship with Jang-hoon is the most interesting to me just because they’re such polar opposites but seems to be of a source of comfort for each other already somehow. I like how they’re playing pretend right now, but I wouldn’t be surprised (and I’m anticipating) that the pretend play won’t be pretend for much longer. Last but not least, Heimdal seems like a decent guy who’s just trying to make it and succeed as an unknown idol but I hope the drama doesn’t try to set him up with Yoon Sunbae. I want her to last with Chef Park after all that they’ve gone through so I’m hoping Yoon Sunbae doesn’t betray Chef Park or any of us by breaking up with him for Heimdal. Maybe the drama’s setting him up to remind Yoon Sunbae of her brother or herself, but episode 6 gave me the vibe that they could possibly engage in a romantic relationship which made me feel a bit iffy.

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The show so far has been giving us little bits here and there of our girls’s personalities and stories, but since the first season already did such a great job in letting us into the lives of our girls I wonder what else it has up its sleeves this season. It seems like there’s going to be more of a shift in focus on Ji-won since her time last season was unjustified which I’m happy about, but I don’t know. There’s something about her story that is not sticking to me or is making it difficult for me to be engaged. The drama feels obligated to show more of Ji-won because she didn’t get that time last season so now she is getting more screentime this season but it feels… lacking. I don’t personally feel gripped to her storyline and arc and I’m not sure why. The drama has also been giving us insight on Eun and how she discovered the girls. I definitely do want to see more of Ye-eun’s process and journey in healing and recovering from her trauma. If done right and actually focused on in the drama, it could really be an eye-opener for folks as to what healing looks like and even the resources and services that are available to people who might also be going through the same thing or something similar. It seems like her ex-boyfriend has been released from prison though just right when she was feeling better so I’m worried and afraid for Ye-eun and hopes that she’s okay in all of this.

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There are many aspects about the show that I enjoy, but I think my most favorite aspect would be the music that the drama chooses to play during the episodes. The songs played in each episode is the charm of this drama; each track is so fitting for its own scene and really helps elevate the scene. There’s been plenty of times where I’ve had to google lyrics to some of the tracks because I liked them so much and wanted to keep listening to them. I’m thankful that ‘Age of Youth’ gives viewers not only a great watch but also a great listen as some of the tracks played in both seasons are super good.

I admit I had a difficult time finishing episode 6. It was probably my least favorite episode yet, but with the return of Ye-eun’s ex-boyfriend (I’m assuming) and Ji-won getting closer and closer to exploring her childhood, maybe the drama will take a turn for the better.


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