[Discuss Away!] Age of Youth 2 ep 3-6

Oof. The heartbreak and pain was real in episodes 3-6 of 'Age of Youth 2.' If there's anything about the show that I appreciate and enjoy the most, it would definitely be its ability to portray such raw characters who breathe so much life in whatever they do. There's a realistic portrayal in our characters [...]

More teasers for ‘Age of Youth 2’ + Onew to be dropped from the show

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohxBYmeCINE Oh no, this comes as a shock. We're only about 1 week and a few days away from the season premiere of 'Age of Youth 2' and JTBC has been doing a great drama in pumping up fans for the second season by releasing a few teasers for excited fans. However, the down side [...]

Teaser for ‘Age of Youth’ Season 2 is finally here and I’m excited

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxpTAw5j6s4 JTBC drama 'Age of Youth' first aired last summer and was known for its cast, the down-to-earth friendships between the characters, and the interesting storyline and plots! After announcing that the youth drama would be returning with another season this summer, the first teaser to the second season has finally been released and I'm [...]