Groovy Room and Nell’s collaboration ‘Today’ is a nice and pleasant surprise


There are some collaborations within the Korean music industry that you never imagine seeing, but is ultimately glad that happened. That’s how I feel with the latest collaboration between Korean hip-hop producers GroovyRoom and Korean band Nell.

The two collaborated on a track called ‘Today’ and just like many of Nell’s other songs, the track is an honest and raw depiction about life and the hardships, emotions, and challenges that one faces in life. The track starts off slow, but builds up and unleashes its full momentum and energy into the end. It’s a great track with a powerful message that is relatable to so many.

Nell always impresses so there’s nothing surprising about that, but I totally wasn’t expecting Groovy Room to do a collaboration with the band! I actually love Groovy Room and follow them as a casual fan. Since they’re from Jay Park and Cha Cha’s label H1GHR Music which other Korean hip-hop artists and rappers are also signed to, I associate the two producers more with Khip-hop so this collaboration with Nell is such a pleasant surprise to me. I actually like how the two are moving beyond the boundaries created and expected of them and aren’t just creating tracks for those in the Khip-hop industry. They’ve been producing songs for other artists or groups and now they have a song with Nell. I’m glad to see them experimenting with different styles of music and groups because I think that it’s only through these experiments that one learns and grows. Groovy Room’s been producing for a few years now so they have quite a few songs under their name, but not all of their tracks have been a hit for me. I have been enjoying their last few releases though with ‘Love Story’ by Suran and Crush as well as ‘Iffy’ by Sik-K, pH-1, and Jay Park. Their first debut album ‘Everywhere’ wasn’t that bad either. Groovy Room is still young and just finally got signed to a label this year so they still have a lot of potential to grow and develop their careers.

Groovy Room are always working though which isn’t a surprise because their boss Jay Park is literally out there doing everything and appearing everywhere and working the hardest. I love how the two boys are on that grind as well and I think in a few years I can see them producing a lot more constant hits and being a lot more popular. One of their produced tracks ‘Blue Moon’ by Hyorin and Changmo this year was a huge hit so I don’t think it’s totally out of the blue for them to make another hit again.

Source: 1theK @ youtube, Dingo FreeStyle @ youtube, starship TV @ youtube

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