MBC Drama Special: You Drive Me Crazy Ep. 2 Recap


Unspoken words and suppressed feelings get the worst of our two leads in the second and final episode of this short mini-drama series. The angst and pain increases as Rae-wan and Eun-sung try to work out their feelings for each other and try to repair their shattering friendship.

Will the two be able to bring their 8-year friendship to like how it used to be before or will they give in to their frustration and eventually quit everything?

MBC Drama Special: You Drive Me Crazy Ep. 2/Finale Recap


Rae-wan exits his bedroom to enter the living room. He gets ready to clean and walks up to the couch to fold the blankets only to find Eun-sung still lying there with the blankets over her body. She has the day off from work and is sleeping in. Everything seems fine until Rae-wan discovers something on Eun-sung’s body that makes him panic and bewildered: she’s wearing his limited 1989 Sepultura t-shirt he had bought at an auction. He’s angry and upset and shocked and wants her to take it off, but that also means Eun-sung won’t have a shirt on so he has her keep it on. Haha, poor guy.

The two head to the sauna together, but Rae-wan makes it clear that he doesn’t want her to worry about him, physically touch him, care about him, or anything of that sort. While in the sauna, Rae-wan complains about Eun-sung’s living habits while Eun-sung regrets having brought up the incident that happened 2 months ago to Rae-wan again.

The two meet at the same bar that Rae-wan frequents as a customer. They maintain their distance by sitting a few seats away from each other, but Rae-wan still remains fascinated by Eun-sung. On a piece of napkin, he starts to draw a picture of her while she remains busy on her phone. Hee-nam wants to have some food with them at Rae-wan’s place.

Rae-wan feels like the odd one out when he spends time with Eun-sung and Hee-nam. They get along very well with each other and share similar struggles about work and life while Rae-wan just kind of sits there and watch them converse in front of him. While the two share some drinks with each other, Rae-wan walks into his room to start painting. He has to listen to some music to drown out Eun-sung and Hee-nam’s conversation with each other.

That night after food and drinks, Eun-sung bids farewell with Hee-nam. Before leaving, he expresses his interest in Eun-sung and confesses to her.

Rae-wan too is interested in someone: the same female employee at the bar that he’s been trying to get to know better – Seo-jung. He invites her over to his place to cook for her and have some food together. Seo-jung doesn’t eat much of his food and refuses to drink with him since she has work later.

That night, Rae-wan waits patiently outside his house for Eun-sung to return home. When she does get home, Hee-nam is also with her and once again it’s the three of them at his house. However, Rae-wan doesn’t want to be the third wheel again so he eats inside his room all by himself.


Meanwhile, Hee-nam and Eun-sung are watching the same horror movie that she did with Rae-wan, but he loses interest in it and wants to do something else. He discreetly moves closer and closer to her and leans in for a kiss, but at the last moment, pulls away and confesses that he can’t concentrate. He’s a Catholic, he shouldn’t be doing this. Askdjfkd. That was so freaking random. Hahaha.

Eun-sung’s mood seems to be ruined because of what happened. Rae-wan tries to understand what happened, but Eun-sung doesn’t want to talk about it. She crawls onto the couch and buries herself deep into the blankets. But before she sleeps, Rae-wan wishes her good luck on her relationship with Hee-nam. Hopefully things will turn out well this time compared to her past relationships.

Eun-sung has a conversation with her friend the next day about Rae-wan. It seems like they might still have lingering feelings for each other because of the incident that happened two months ago. Eun-sung’s friend suggests that Eun-sung and Rae-wan sleep with each other again to test whether this is true or not, but Eun-sung isn’t willing to. She’s moving out in a few days so everything will return to normal then.

Eun-sung arrives back at Rae-wan’s house a little drunk and a little too loud. Rae-wan greets her outside his house and pleads for her to be quiet, but she gets even louder. Just then, Seo-jung leaves the house to greet Eun-sung who suddenly stops talking.

The three of them talk about Rae-wan and Eun-sung’s 8-year friendship, but are soon also joined by Hee-nam. So the 4 of them sit together in Rae-wan’s house. How awkward. Asdkjfd. Hee-nam confesses to having wrote a song about Eun-sung so using the same disco lights that was used on the night of the incident to light up the mood, Hee-nam sings his song about Eun-sung to his audience.

Hee-nam’s song reminds Rae-wan and Eun-sung of each other and they steal glances at each other while the aspiring musician continues to sing. They’re reminded of the night of the incident as well as their kiss under the apricot tree. By the end of the song, Rae-wan sheds a tear which confuses everyone. If anyone should be crying, it should be Eun-sung, but it’s rather him who cries.

While dropping Seo-jung off at home, she pops the question to Rae-wan and asks if he’ll date her or not. Meanwhile back at Rae-wan’s house, Eun-sung takes a look at one of Rae-wan’s many sketchbooks. She smiles as she looks through the pages of his many delicate, subtle, and talented drawings, but there’s two in particular that makes her nostalgic.

We’re taken back to the time when Eun-sung was on a subway, dozing off left and right as Rae-wan sits across from her and draws in his sketchbook. She catches him staring at her legs while drawing so she confronts him about it. She first threatens to report him for sexual harassment since he was clearly looking at her legs and drawing them in his sketchbook, but he confesses that it’s a part of his assignment for his class. She glances at the rest of his sketchbook and true enough, he’s drawn other people’s legs and not just hers. Another drawing catches her attention and this time it’s of her face instead of her legs. She approves of it and acknowledges his great drawing skills.

Back in the present, the two can’t seem to stop thinking about each other. Rae-wan stops to stare at the apricot tree where they had their most recent kiss while Eun-sung is busy staring at the disco lights that they were using on the night of the incident. She pretends to sleeps once Rae-wan arrives home, but instead of entering his room he sits next to the couch and watches Eun-sung sleep.

Rae-wan talks to the bar owner about his feelings and thoughts about Eun-sung. The bar owner suggests that Rae-wan confess to Eun-sung and admit his feelings to her. It’s either now or never and he shouldn’t regret anything. At that moment, Seo-jung enters the bar, but walks off without greeting Rae-wan. I think we know what his answer to Seo-jung was.


Meanwhile, Eun-sung grabs some lunch with Hee-nam. While he excitedly shares with her the trip to France he hopes to go on in a few years, she’s busy staring at an artist not too far from her. The artist drawing in his sketchbook reminds her of Rae-wan and although she’s sitting right across from Hee-nam, she’s occupied with something else.

Eun-sung heads home that evening to some food cooked by Rae-wan. While eating, she craves some beer so she heads to his fridge in search of some. However, she quickly becomes distracted by how disorganized and messy the fridge is. The cola bottle from 2 months ago is still there as well as some expired food and products. Eun-sung urges Rae-wan to clean his fridge, but he stops her from looking into his fridge any longer. He’ll take care of it by himself.

He walks away to avoid Eun-sung’s question about the fridge. It’s obvious that the fridge represents his heart; ever since the incident 2 months ago, he’s never been the same. He’s disorganized and messy and worn-out and he can’t seem to focus on anything all because of Eun-sung. Before marching into his bedroom, he asks for Eun-sung to stop making him confused about how he feels about her.

The next morning before work, Eun-sung packs all her belongings. While at work translating for the movie director at her many movie screenings, Rae-wan stops by to watch Eun-sung. He starts sketching a drawing of Eun-sung and is about to approach her after the movie screening and interview ends. However, Eun-sung wants to go meet Hee-nam to tell him something.

Eun-sung admits to Hee-nam that she’s not ready for a relationship yet. She’s been busy with work so she won’t have the time for a relationship. Hee-nam senses that there must be another reason though and assumes that she’s rejecting him because of Rae-wan.

Meanwhile, Rae-wan finally takes the time to clean out his fridge. Eun-sung stops by at an arcade to get things off her mind. While waiting outside next to the bus stop, Rae-wan is reminded of past memories he had with Eun-sung. He still cares about her.

At that moment, the bus arrives and Eun-sung gets off the bus stop. She had just planned to grab her belongings at his place and go back home, but Rae-wan suggests that she eats first. While they roam around in the grocery store, Eun-sung confesses that she’s not hungry and exits from the store. Rae-wan follows her, but she walks even further away from him.

However, she stops when she finds her missing shoe stuck on the street. She tries to pull it out, but it’s firmly glued to the street. Just like the shoe, Eun-sung’s life is a mess. She complains about how disorganized and messy her life is to Rae-wan who stays right by her side to listen to her. But Rae-wan reassures her that everything will be alright. Eun-sung has him so she’ll be fine.

Rae-wan then takes the leap of faith and confesses to Eun-sung. He likes her. He’s always liked her. Even after cleaning out the fridge and organizing his heart, she’s still the one he likes. Eun-sung panics; she doesn’t want Rae-wan to have feelings for her. He’s the only one that knows her well and cares for her and knows almost everything about her, she can’t risk their friendship for a romantic relationship. Things won’t be the same ever again if they were to date and then break up. But no matter what Rae-wan does, he can’t seem to stop thinking about her and can’t erase his feelings for her.


Frustrated and tired, Eun-sung grabs her belongings from Rae-wan’s house and marches out the door. She arrives back at her apartment and rests for a few seconds only to panic. She had forgotten about Bok-go back at Rae-wan’s house.

Separation between the two only makes them think about each other even more. Eun-sung and Rae-wan are constantly reminded of each other in the smallest ways, such as when Hee-nam gifts the both of them his newest album or when Rae-wan sees Eun-sung’s red shoe still stuck to the ground like it was before.

A year passes by. Eun-sung is still a translator. As she exits from work, she visits the same location that her red shoe got stuck in. But the red shoe isn’t there anymore; someone must have removed it. Since Eun-sung is in the neighborhood, she decides to visit the same bar that she and Rae-wan visited together a year ago. There, she discovers that Rae-wan is holding an exhibition for his work. Many of his paintings were inspired by his real-life experiences with most of them relating to Eun-sung. As she flips through the booklet and finds drawings of herself on the pages, she smiles in tears.

Eun-sung gathers the courage to visit Rae-wan at his house. The code to his door is still the same and he still has the same slippers that Eun-sung used when she stayed at his house a year ago. Even the setting is similar to when she came to his house the year before. Rae-wan’s in his room getting ready to paint when she enters, but instead of trying to chase her out this time, Rae-wan welcomes her. Eun-sung gives him a backhug and admits to having seen his most recent works. She acknowledges how much prettier she looks in those photos to which Rae-wan comments that he’s always seen her that way. Whether it’s in the past, in the present, or in the future, he will always view her as beautiful.

The two best friends give each other a peck on the lips until Eun-sung’s stomach starts to growl. Rae-wan drags Eun-sung to the kitchen to cook some ramen noodles together. While the two get ready to have some food, Bok-go plays around in his little playground minding its own business. And as predicted, Eun-sung’s red shoe that once was stuck on the pavement of the sidewalk is sitting outside on Rae-wan’s doorsteps.

My Thoughts:


Aww, this was seriously such a cute drama. The second episode was a bit more dramatic and angsty, but that was expected knowing that the two friends would have to confront each other at one point about their friendship and developing feelings for each other. Still, I enjoyed how the drama stayed true to itself and never lost sight of what its main focus had always been: Rae-wan and Eun-sung’s strong and loving friendship.

I totally understand where both Rae-wan and Eun-sung were coming from in terms of their friendship. Rae-wan hasn’t been the same since the night of the incident and his feelings for Eun-sung has never subsided. He’s always liked her back when they were first met in college and up til now, but he was afraid of losing her so he hid his feelings while staying by her side. Now that he has the opportunity, he confesses his feelings and affection to Eun-sung and wants to upgrade their friendship to a relationship. Meanwhile, Eun-sung admires Rae-wan and her friendship with him way too much that losing him would be too much for her so she doesn’t want to risk anything. She slept with him for only a night and they’ve barely moved on from it. What happens when they do get into a relationship and break up? They’ll probably avoid each other and nothing will ever be the same again. Afraid, she suppresses her feelings and thoughts and pretends like she’s not bothered. Rae-wan and Eun-sung obviously want each other, but are afraid of how the other will respond so they stay quiet. I’m glad that despite all the concerns and challenges and doubts, they were able to reveal their truthful thoughts and let everything go. Even if that meant not seeing each other for an entire year, they at least said what they wanted to say to each other.

Which is why I thought it was so adorable how the two reunited again after a year of not contacting each other. Eun-sung entered Rae-wan’s house like she used to do and it was as if she never left in the first place. Rae-wan had waited for Eun-sung the entire time hence why he kept his lock code the same, still had Eun-sung’s house slippers, and held a private exhibition of his works inspired by her. He probably knew she was going to come back one day, but he just didn’t know when so he held onto any last pieces of hope and kept everything the same the way she had left it. No matter what they go through, they’ve been each other’s rock and it’s obvious that they both clearly care about their friendship. A relationship would be nice, but their friendship will always be there. It’s much safer for the two to stay as really good friends as they’ve always been than to possibly lose it all.

This drama was so nice and easy to watch and I think two episodes was the perfect amount of time for it. Within those two episodes, we were able to witness how the two became affiliated, how their friendship formed over time, what happened the night of the incident, and the struggles they faced over their feelings and thoughts. It was well-paced and well-executed and the timing was great. Again, this episode was a bit more dramatic and angsty, but I also really didn’t mind because Rae-wan and Eun-sung eventually returned to their old cute, friendly, and quirky ways with each other after reuniting.


Kim Sun-ho and Lee Yoo-young really did a wonderful job in playing friends and almost-lovers in this drama. They were so natural with each other in scenes together that sometimes it seemed like they weren’t acting at all. From the acting to the filming to the plot itself, everything about this drama was so satisfactory and made you so happy. This is my second time watching this drama, but I might revisit the drama again because of how good and happy it is. I’m also definitely wishing to see Lee Yoo-young and Kim Sun-ho together in another drama or project again so the two can show off their sizzling chemistry like how they did in this drama. Two episodes was a little too short to my liking. Hopefully I won’t have to wait a year for that to happen like how Rae-wan had to before reuniting with Eun-sung again.

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