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  • MBC Drama Special: You Drive Me Crazy Ep. 2 Recap

    Unspoken words and suppressed feelings get the worst of our two leads in the second and final episode of this short mini-drama series. The angst and pain increases as Rae-wan and Eun-sung try to work out their feelings for each other and try to repair their shattering friendship. Will the two be able to bring…

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  • MBC Drama Special: You Drive Me Crazy Episode 1 Recap

    Get ready for a cute, short, light, and fluffy 2-episode drama called ‘You Drive Me Crazy.’ Kim Sun-ho (Strongest Deliveryman) and Lee Yoo-young (Tunnel) are best friends in this drama who literally drive each other crazy for their weird and odd behaviors as well as because of the incident that happened two months ago that’s heavily…

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