MBC Drama Special: You Drive Me Crazy Episode 1 Recap


Get ready for a cute, short, light, and fluffy 2-episode drama called ‘You Drive Me Crazy.’ Kim Sun-ho (Strongest Deliveryman) and Lee Yoo-young (Tunnel) are best friends in this drama who literally drive each other crazy for their weird and odd behaviors as well as because of the incident that happened two months ago that’s heavily affected their good 8-year friendship.

What exactly was this incident and can the two move on from it? Will the two make up and learn from it? Or will the good friends repeat the same thing they did the night of the incident?

MBC Drama Special: You Drive Me Crazy Episode 1 Recap

Episode one starts off with artist Kim Rae-wan (Kim Sun-ho) in his room preparing to draw. However, he’s interrupted by his friend Han Eun-sung (Lee Yoo-young) who enters his apartment and stops by. He tries to chase her out, but she refuses to. Her apartment is flooded so she’ll stay at his place for a few days. After many attempts, they agree that Eun-sung will stay for only five days.

Eun-sung heads to work the next day as a translator with her friend. A few minutes before translating, Eun-sung updates her friend about staying over Rae-wan’s place. That’s when her friend reminds her of what they did the last time they saw each other: they slept with each other. Eun-sung’s friend even goes as far as to assume that they did it again the night before. Asdkfjd. Eun-sung has forgotten about the incident and won’t let it bother her anymore. She’s gotten over it in the two months that she and Rae-wan went without seeing each other.

Eun-sung enters a building to translate between a group of French wine owners and a group of interested Korean customers. All seems well and dandy until a man begins to express how the wine tastes using the most exquisite, complicated, and descriptive phrases ever. It’s difficult for Eun-sung to translate the exact feelings that the man uses so she tries her best to sum it up in French to the wine owner, but the Korean customers seem a little suspicious (“that was a little short”).

Rae-wan is quite the popular one. As he walks down the street, he’s greeted by many acquaintances and friends who all look forward to his work and to catching up with him.


Rae-wan gets ready to paint, but nothing comes to his mind. He can’t seem to paint. He discusses about the issue with the owner of a bar near his place who calls his inability to paint a ‘slump.’ She also brings up the incident he had with Eun-sung which Rae-wan notes is strange because she’s pretending like nothing ever happened. As the two continue to talk, Rae-wan tries to greet one of the bar employees who he wants to get closer to, but she’s not interested in him. She doesn’t exchange any greetings back to Rae-wan.

Rae-wan returns home that evening to find a little hedgehog in his house. The cute little pet named Bok-go belongs to Eun-sung and she’s been caring for it for a little while now. During dinner, they share with each other the struggles they’re currently going through: Eun-sung with her translation job and Rae-wan with painting. It’s a little odd but comforting that the both of them are struggling in their own ways.


After dinner, the two grab some drinks with each other. They converse over French vocabulary terms as well as the relationships that the other were in. Just when Eun-sung is about to bring up the incident when the two slept with each other, she receives a phone call for a translation opportunity. The conversation comes to an end.

That night, Eun-sung watches the horror movie that the director she will be interpreting for the next day worked on. The movie is too scary for her though and she unconsciously forces Rae-wan to watch it with her against his will. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by it though as she clings onto his arm and hides behind his back to avoid watching certain scenes. Rae-wan gives Eun-sung a night light to help her fall asleep after they finish watching the movie. She turns it on and finds herself immersed in the lights.

The next morning before work, Eun-sung puts on some make-up and gets ready to go to work. She runs out of the house afraid that she’ll be late. However, Rae-wan holds her back and finishes helping her put up some make-up. He’s afraid she’s going to hurt her eye like she did last time while she was in the car. While Rae-wan finishes doing Eun-sung’s eye make-up, she gets nervous sitting and directly facing him. She can’t help but notice his warm eyes and his beautiful plump lips. Even when she gets on the bus to work, she can’t seem to forget about it. It seems like Rae-wan’s make-up touch was well worth it though as the director of the movie compliments Eun-sung’s eyes before they head inside the room.

Rae-wan’s attempts to get closer to the female employee at the bar he frequents is slowly starting to work. While he cleans his house and paints for a little while, Eun-sung continues to translate for the movie director. She’s so busy translating and interpreting that she barely even has the time to sit down and eat even when she’s at the restaurant with the others.


Eun-sung returns home from work to find hedgehog Bok-go in its own little house. Ahh, so cute! Rae-wan took some time to build it a house while Eun-sung was out. With some of the blood sausages that Eun-sung brought home from work, she and Rae-wan have some alcohol with the snacks. They converse over the one incident where Eun-sung got tremendously drunk and not only puked in his restroom but also pooped in it. Asdkfjd. Eun-sung then questions whether Rae-wan has ever viewed her as a woman or has developed any possible feelings for her in which he denies. He also doesn’t have anything to say about the incident that happened two months ago. To lift up the mood, Eun-sung recommends they go pick some apricots.

Apricot-picking is fun but also challenging. With the help of Rae-wan’s boost, Eun-sung finally manages to pick one apricot from the apricot tree after many attempts. The smell of the apricot is well worth the hard work and she gives the apricot to Rae-wan so he could smell it too. Eun-sung is so excited over having picked the apricot, but she’s more excited about standing directly across from Rae-wan and she leans in to give him a kiss on the lips. AHHHHHH.

She retreats after realizing what she did and panics. But Rae-wan approves of it and moves towards her for another kiss. The two good friends pull away from each other and become afraid that the same incident that happened 2 months ago will happen again.

Rae-wan and Eun-sung try to process the double kiss and are in disbelief. They absolutely cannot do anything like that again and won’t because the two are just good friends with each other. Nothing more, nothing less. Rae-wan tries to get Eun-sung to leave his place in fear that she’s trying to sleep with him again, but Eun-sung completely denies it. They two confront each other about the incident two months ago and let out all their thoughts about it before reaching the conclusion that it was an honest mistake that they won’t ever commit again.


As Eun-sung walks away from the heated argument, Rae-wan runs into his friend Yoon Hee-nam (Sung Joo). When asked about who the girl Rae-wan was with, Rae-wan nervously explains that Eun-sung is just his good friend of eight years. Eun-sung and Hee-nam exchange greetings and quickly become acquainted, even exchanging numbers with each other on their first meeting. Rae-wan watches all of this unfold right in front of him and remains in disbelief.

And so we return to the incident that happened 2 months ago. Eun-sung’s at Rae-wan’s place, drinking off her sadness, pain, frustration, disappointment after learning that her ex-boyfriend of five years is getting married on her birthday. While Rae-wan occupies himself to an episode of “Infinity Challenge” (ME TOO RAE-WAN, ME TOO!), Eun-sung complains about her ex-boyfriend to Rae-wan and all the things she disliked about him. She cries and throws herself onto the floor of his living room and claims that she’ll be a new person from now on.

But of course, in the midst of all the commotion, she climbs up on Rae-wan’s body and gives him a peck on the lips. He refuses to at first because of the awkwardness, but gives in when Eun-sung throws herself on him a second time around for another kiss. He lets all his concerns and doubts go and kisses her right back. The next morning, he wakes up to find the both of them naked and undressed.


While cleaning up the mess that they had left the night before, he discovers an unfinished cola bottle on the table which he keeps in his fridge. Once Eun-sung wakes up, the two make amends while eating some ramen together. They’ll pretend like nothing ever happened and go back to being the good friends they were and always have been.

My Thoughts:


This drama is such an easy, light, and fluffy drama to watch and I just love how down-to-earth it is. You have two good friends who accidentally spend the night with each other and try to return to the way their relationship used to be before the incident. Obviously, there still seems to be lingering feelings and unsaid words that have yet to be expressed and the frustration builds for our two leads. Rae-won still has the bottle of cola as well as night light from the night of the incident in his fridge while Eun-sung brings up the incident in their present-day conversations once she visits him again.

The two definitely have thoughts and feelings about the incident that they’re afraid to bring up because they’re uncertain as to how the other feels about it. It was kind of like the elephant in the room and I’m glad that they talked about it not only the next morning after the incident but also after kissing a second time while picking apricots. They sure can’t seem to keep their promises nor their hands off of each other. The struggle is real, isn’t it?

I’ve actually seen this drama before and came back to recap it because it was so charming, nice, and easy to watch. A big part of that would have to be because of our two leads Kim Sun-ho and Lee Yoo-young who so easily sell their characters and their friendship. They make you believe that they’re good friends who still have attachments of some sort to each other with their sizzling chemistry and cute arguments. The two have been best friends for 8 years and have shared many of their secrets and struggles with each other in those years. There’s probably nothing that one doesn’t know about the other. Within those 8 years, there must have been at least point in time where they saw each other as more than just friends. It’d be crazy if they had never developed any feelings for each other of some sort which is why it makes sense that on the night of the incident they unleashed all their suppressed feelings for each other. Eun-sung was drunk that night so I think alcohol definitely played a factor into driving her to kiss him, but I would also like to believe that it was her expressing her feelings for him as well that lead her to make the first move on Rae-wan.


Regardless, they did something together that night that they’ve tried moving on from, but haven’t been able to. It’s affected their friendship to some extent, but it’s clear that the incident is something that they’re never going to forget even if they try to brush it under the rug and keep it a thing of the past. The incident still haunts them two months after it’s happened and continues to be something that remains in the present as well.

I’m not so sure that the introduction of a second male lead was necessary. I think the drama had already been doing well showcasing the friendship between Rae-won and Eun-sung and their narrative alone was adequate enough to sustain the 2-episode mini series. Yoo Hee-nam is obviously included to make Rae-won jealous and will motivate him to acknowledge his feelings for Eun-sung that he keeps denying, but I wished he could have gotten there by himself and without the help of a second lead. It’ll be cute and adorable watching Rae-won be jealous of his friend with another good friend I’ll have to admit.


When I first discovered this short drama, I was so excited to discover who our leads were. Kim Sun-ho did a decent job in ‘Strongest Deliveryman’ which is where I first saw him. Although ‘You Drive Me Crazy’ was only two episodes long, he nonetheless played the male lead and it’s so great seeing him charm his way through the screen. This is my other project that I’m watching Lee Yoo-young in after watching her movie with ex-lover Kim Joo-hyuk. Although she’s been in many other works and projects before, her reputation as Kim Joo-hyuk’s girlfriend became widespread and I personally am reminded of that when I see her. She’s such a beautiful, talented, gifted, and brilliant young lady who is so much more than just known as Kim Joo-hyuk’s former girlfriend, but I also can’t help but be reminded of the movie they were in together that lead to the development of their relationship or just the fact that she was Kim Joo-hyuk’s girlfriend. I’m glad she’s returned to dramaland after taking a few months off since his passing. She’s also acting as the female lead alongside Yoon Shi-yoon in upcoming law drama ‘Your Honor’ so that should be fun to see.

Both Lee Yoo-young and Kim Sun-ho are extremely charming in their own ways and when together as well and I think it’s this magic that really helps breathe both of their characters so much life respectively.

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