MaryMeKpop: What are my next recapping projects?

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With the end of every drama is the beginning and airing of another one. ‘Let’s Eat Season 3’ just recently finished (a week earlier than expected but still) so that means time for another drama to watch and recap. There are many new dramas that will be airing soon and although there are more than I can count and keep up with, some of the ones I’m interested in or have heard about are:

  • My Only One starring Lee Jang-woo & UEE and airing on September 15, 2018.
  • The Guest starring Kim Jae-wook, Kim Dong-wook, and Jung Eun-chae and airing September 12, 2018 (yes, finally Kim Jae-wook in a lead role!)
  • 100 Days My Prince starring D.O. of EXO & Nam Ji-hyun and airing on September 10, 2018.
  • Big Forest starring Shin Dong-yeob & Jung Sang-hoon and airing on September 7, 2018.
  • The Ghost Detective starring Daniel Choi & Park Eun-bin and airing September, 2018 (YAAAAS, THIS ONE I’M DEFINITELY GOING TO WATCH. I’M SO EXCITED!)
  • Devilish Joy starring Choi Jin-hyuk & Song Ha-yoon and airing September 5, 2018.

Although I have no plans on watching all of these dramas (that’ll be too much for me to keep count of!), I do plan on checking a few out. The ones that I definitely plan on watching are ‘The Ghost Detective’ because I love our two leads and the premise of the drama sounds intriguing. Hopefully the execution of the drama will be decent because it’ll be disappointing if the drama fails to match the talent and charisma of our two leads (‘Mad Dog’ is an example of this where the cast was stellar but the drama wasn’t as great in delivery). You can definitely expect recaps from me on ‘The Ghost Detective’! I also plan on checking out ‘100 Days My Prince’ with D.O. and Nam Ji-hyun. The teasers and photos alone look so adorable and cute so far and I think it’ll be a promising, fun, and youthful rom-com. I don’t remember when was the last time I watched a sageuk drama either so I’m excited for this. ‘100 Days My Prince’ is another drama you can expect recaps on from me! 🙂

I might also watch but not recap ‘The Ghost’ just because Kim Jae-wook is in it and I’m excited to see him finally play the lead in a drama. It’s about time that he played the main character in a drama because we all know it’s been way too overdue and long and unfair for the talented and charismatic actor. I’ll also give ‘Devilish Joy’ a watch. Watching the trailer and looking at the photos gives me a ‘Time’ kind of vibe so I think it’ll be interesting to at least check it out. Plus, I believe this will be Song Ha-yoon’s first time as the female lead which should be fun to watch. I first saw her in ‘Fight My Way’ and I really liked her in there so I’m glad to see her as the female lead in this drama.


Since the current dramas I’m watching and recapping are already halfway finished and are nearing their end, it’s time to find new ones to watch and to recap. I have high hopes and expectations for the new round of dramas and it’ll definitely be interesting to see which ones turn out successful and which ones flail in comparison. Regardless, new dramas are always fun and welcomed and I’m excited to share with y’all my thoughts on the dramas I do watch. As always, you can visit the Korean Drama Recaps page to check out which dramas I’m currently recapping or you can visit the Korean drama and Recap tags for the latest recap updates.

Which of the fall Korean dramas do you plan on watching?

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