MaryMeKpop: My BTS ‘Love Yourself’ concert experience~


It’s been a week and I have had enough time to process everything so I thought I’d write a recap of my experience at BTS’s ‘Love Yourself’ concert which kicked off late last month in Korea and resumed to the United States earlier this month. I had the honor of attending the concert on Saturday, September 8, 2018 in Los Angeles where BTS performed at an all sold-out show at the Staples Center (they performed for four days at the Staples Center and sold out all four days!).

Similar to last year’s recap of my concert experience for their ‘Wings’ world tour, I will be describing details of this year’s concert, the members, the performances, a few comparisons and differences between last year’s and this year’s concerts, pro’s and deltas, and the overall concert itself. As much as I love BTS, I will also be completely honest in my fan account of their concert this year so please do not attack me if I constructively criticize the concert. Once again, everyone’s experience of their concert will be unique and different, and this was simply my experience.

Note: All photos and videos belong to me. Please do not steal, repost, and/or take out without permission and proper credits.



I managed to get P3 tickets that were seated so my family and I left for the concert the day of (there were fans who camped outside of the venue 3 days before the concert :O). There were four of us that went and prior to attending the concert, we first stopped in LA for food. We ate at Kang Ho-dong’s famous Korean BBQ restaurant which I read many great reviews about. While I’m not a food expert like Dae-young is in ‘Let’s Eat’, the food was delicious and I can see why the restaurant is well-liked. Plus, the waiters there actually cook and grill the meat for you so that was awesome! The only sad thing about the restaurant is that it’s not all-you-can-eat so you will have to be careful in deciding what to get out of the many yummy things on the menu. Still, it’s definitely worth the money (and wait since it’s quite popular), and you should try it out some time if you happen to be in LA!

After the food, we headed to our hotel afterwards and checked in. The concert started at 6PM so we left for the venue at around 4:45PM. There was little to no traffic on the way to the Staples Center so we were near the venue at around 5:05PM. However, the downside was waiting in the traffic once we did arrive at the Staples Center since everyone was either trying to get in or trying to drop people off. My UBER driver was kind, but he also was a little insistent in dropping my sister and I off as close as possible to the venue. Little did he know, this would only take up more time and it would have been faster had he just dropped us off so that we could walk to the venue ourselves. *sigh* All that traffic near the Staples Center really was no joke!


Despite the small hiccup, my sister and I arrived at the Staples Center (after spending a few minutes to find it of course) at around 5:20PM. This year, the Staples Center was highly organized and the lines to the entrance was quick and efficient. They had small gates set up around the perimeter of the building where you had to show staff your tickets to prove that you were there for the concert. This was nice because this not only ensured the security and safety of fans and those who were there for the concert, but it also forbid anyone who wasn’t there for the concert. Once you prove that you’re there for the concert, you enter past the gates and make your way to the entrance of the venue. Unlike last year where I waited in line for almost 2 hours and made little to no progress in the line, the waiting line this year at the Staples Center was incredibly fast, efficient, and organized. I believe there was only one entrance but multiple lines to enter so you could just quickly stand in whichever line that was the shortest. Granted, my sister and I arrived at 5:20PM/5:30PM so most fans were already inside the venue at this point. Still, the line we were in was short, and the staff took the necessary precautionary measures to ensure the safety of BTS and fans at the venue. Our tickets were scanned afterwards and then we made our way inside the venue. I would say the entire check-in process at the Staples Center took a total of less than a minute which is a HUGE improvement from last year’s check-in at the Honda Center which took about two hours just to get inside the venue (yes, two hours!).

BTS Concert


Similar to last year’s concert, different music videos played prior to the concert. Fans screamed and shouted as the music videos played, and everyone was super excited for the show that was to start in less than 20 minutes. Last year, I barely had time to sit down in my seats and to relax. This year was different as I had more time to sit down, to join the others in watching the MV’s, and to relax on my phone as we waited for the concert to start. Fast forward thirty minutes and the show started at approximately 6:10PM.

The boys opened the concert with their latest title track ‘IDOL’ which I’m honestly not the biggest fan of. Regardless, the opening performance was great, and ‘IDOL’ was a good opening song that hyped the audience up and got everyone jumping along. Afterwards, they performed a rendition of ‘Save Me’ which then transitioned into ‘I’m Fine.’ I remember clearly the third song they performed, because it was a questionable choice considering how early we were into the show. The concert slowed down a bit when BTS performed to ‘Magic Shop’ as its third performance. I don’t remember quite exactly which songs they performed consecutively after ‘Magic Shop’, but they did perform to a medley of both old tracks as well as newer tracks from their ‘Love Yourself’ era. Then the members transitioned to solo performances as well as sub-unit stages. They performed to ‘Airplane Pt. 2’ and then ‘Mic Drop’ (with the dance break) as the last performance before their encore.

When BTS returned for their encore, they performed to ‘So What’ which I was a little disappointed about because ‘So What’ has to probably be my least favorite song from all their three albums in the ‘Love Yourself’ era LOL. Then they moved on to performing ‘Anpanman’ which I was super happy, because I love love love the song and I was getting nervous that they weren’t going to perform it at the concert. They concluded the show by performing to ‘Answer: Love Myself’ which I have to admit was the perfect song to end the show. BTS has a way of knowing how to tug at your heartstrings and make you sob when they end their concerts, and as if knowing that the show is coming to an end isn’t enough, they present to you the reality with their most touching, heart-warming, and loving songs (they ended last year’s concert with ‘Spring Day’ which was… yeah.. a total tearjerker).


Y’all know that I absolutely love ALL seven members with my heart, soul, mind, and every inch of me. While I might have a bias in the group (AKA Jimin), I truly appreciate, support, care for, and love each member in different ways and for different reasons. Whereas last year’s standouts were Suga and Jimin, this year’s was definitely – DEFINITELY – RM and J-hope. And I’LL TELL YOU WHY.

RM: Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin with RM. I’ve written about how great and amazing of a leader RM is, and how much pressure he probably feels as the fluent English speaker in BTS as well as the representative of the group. This year, he was phenomenal in the way that he carried himself, his stage presence, his way of showing his love and appreciation to ARMY’s, and so much more. Everything about him just screamed LOVE. Like many other times, he spoke words of wisdom and gratitude, and he truly gave his all to the concert. Whether it was group stages or his solo ‘Trivia: Love’, RM was always on top of things and you never once thought he was nervous or anxious or scared. He exhibited such great (and intimidating) energy because of not only how ridiculously handsome he looked (THOSE DIMPLES!) and how suave he was in presenting himself, but also because of the power and confidence he had throughout the concert. For the RM who wanted fans to sing along to his solo stage, I’m glad to say that we did what he had asked us to do. Plus, everyone was super loud for him at the concert, and we all cheered for him immensely. RM is one of the least popular members in BTS so he might not feel as loved as the other members do or he might feel inferior to the other members. However, we made sure that night that RM was loved. I can only hope that he realized that himself at the concert and that he truly did feel loved from all our loud cheering, support, and screams for him. Other than his performances, he also looked really great in the simple ivory t-shirt and sky blue jeans he was wearing. I know he’s super passionate about music, but a modeling career isn’t totally impossible either 😉

Jin: Jin was super adorable and extra (as usual) throughout the concert. At times, he would play around with V and it was super cute (Taejin shipper here). The part that was most touching to me definitely had to be his solo stage ‘Epiphany.’ He learned how to play the piano for this solo stage so if that doesn’t scream passion and appreciation for fans, then I don’t know what does. ‘Epiphany’ is such a strong and emotional song on its own, but watching Jin perform the song live was an entirely new experience. It was one of those performances where you just watched him perform this song about self-love in awe. There are no other words that can describe it. For the Jin who might have struggled with loving himself or not feeling accepted by others, this song was truly meant for him. The way that he elevated on stage and sang the song overlooking all of us was beautiful. Jin has had doubts and concerns as a member in BTS and he too is one of the more overlooked members, but anyone can tell that he has a heart of sincerity, kindness, and compassion. Towards the end when the members gave their ending speech, he was wearing a bunch of ARMY bomb rings on his hand and wore the bag that’s used for the ARMY bombs. LOL. He’s truly a comedian.

Suga: Last year’s concert got me really reconsidering and evaluating my thoughts about Suga. I’ve always loved Suga, but he was someone that I admit I overlooked in BTS. However, since last year’s concert, I’ve warmed up to him so much more after watching his ‘First Love’ solo stage which I admit was completely life-changing. Things are different now though as I absolutely love him (and the other members) so much more, and I no longer overlook Suga like I once used to. His solo stage ‘Seesaw’ was one of the stand-outs from the concert. ‘Seesaw’ itself is probably my favorite track from their entire ‘Love Yourself’ era; it’s just an amazing and beautiful song and Suga was so magical. When it was time for his solo performance, I was SO SO excited and it also didn’t help that his solo was right before Jin’s (which is also another favorite track of mines) so the back-to-back performances was a win for all of us. Unlike ‘First Love’, Suga danced to ‘Seesaw’ and busted some choreography but also laid on a couch onstage so it was an interesting mix. LOL. Regardless, Suga was so cute at the concert, and he joked around about seeing Kobe Bryant at the concert when really the basketball player wasn’t there. He just wanted to tease us and poke fun at us. Haha.

J-Hope: There’s really no words to describe J-hope. You can use all positive adjectives in the world to describe him and it still wouldn’t be enough to fully encompass the type of person that he is. I noted in my recap of last year’s concert that he was a born performer and that he was someone who was meant to perform on stage. The power and charisma he possesses when he’s on stage or the energy he pours into every single performance is truly outstanding. It’s unlike anything else I’ve ever witnessed. Just like last year, J-hope gave his all to all the performances. When performing, he exuded amazing and contagious energy. His solo stage ‘Just Dance’ was the first solo stage out of the members, and I think it was a wise decision to have him be the first member to perform their solo. The song is upbeat and funky so combine that with J-hope’s energy and you have a fun performance. J-hope warmed everyone up that night with his solo stage so that we would be prepared for all the other individual performances. Thanks to him, everything went well and you had so much fun. J-hope is yet another member who is always entertaining and funny. When Jimin made the mistake of stating that our concert was their last night at the Staples Center (in which it wasn’t because they had another concert there the next night), J-hope quickly jumped in to save Jimin and chimed “not today!”. He then busted a few moves from ‘Not Today’ onto the stage afterwards it was SO funny. In his ending speech, he also commented in English how thankful he felt for being able to perform at the concert, and that he always feels great getting to perform every time. He truly is such an angel and sunshine.

V: When people think about V, they often first think of visuals and I understand why. This boy is ethereal. He’s unreal. He’s unlike anyone else I’ve ever seen. He’s so beautiful. V was also just super cute throughout the entire concert and was probably the most popular member that night. EVERYONE was yelling for him at the concert or would scream whenever he popped up during the VCR’s. During the encore, he came out with sunglasses so it was funny watching him perform with that on. His solo stage for ‘Singularity’ was probably.. the most noteworthy one. I know I say that a lot about the members and each of their performances was outstanding in their own ways, but ‘Singularity’ just felt different. It was so composed and so strong but in such subtle ways. You couldn’t help but keep your eyes glued on the performance because V and his solo song just exuded a dark and moody kind of charisma. The choreography with the white masks was also so so cool and nice, and V himself was stellar with his solo stage. ‘Singularity’ is one of those songs that grows on you the more you listen to it, and it’s overall a mellow song. It truly felt so surreal to be able to watch the live performance for it after watching its music video countless of times, lol. I really can’t believe that I got to watch V perform THIS song live with my own eyes. Also, he gifted a VERY VERY lucky fan in the pit the bandana that he was wearing at the end of the concert. He personally went down the stairs to give it to the fan himself. Whoever this person was must have done something right because they will forever be blessed with V’s bandana. When will that ever happen to me?

Jimin: Jimin made me really want to cry, and it’s not just because he’s my bias but just because of the way that he is. He would try to be sexy and charismatic at times, and then suddenly change into a goofy, silly, and adorable person the next within a time span of like three seconds. His eye-smile is so alluring and beautiful, and it really makes you feel all gooey and fluffy inside. I melted every time the camera focused on him at the concert. Of course, my eyes were following him as well on stage and there were so many great things about him. His solo stage ‘Serendipity’ is to die for with all the background effects, the choreography, the song itself, and Jimin’s soft vocals. Since I avoided any teasers or information related to the concert (I really didn’t know anything about the concert because I didn’t want to be spoiled), I had no clue what ‘Serendipity’ was going to look like at the concert. Since ‘Serendipity’ is also another one of my favorite tracks from the era, I was looking forward to the live performance. Jimin did not disappoint me as the stage was so so beautiful. There was this one point in the choreography where Jimin bends backwards and falls onto the ground that was so stunning. He’s such a talented and amazing dancer, and watching him perform to ‘Serendipity’ really made me tear up. I couldn’t help but just freeze and stand and watch him in awe as he performed on stage. I couldn’t help but just stare at him awe as he communicated with fans in English despite the challenges and difficulties that he (and the other members) probably faced in learning the language. It just served as another reminder once again of why Jimin’s my bias and has been my bias in BTS ever since their debut. He’s so adorable and a complete angel and I truly do love him.

Jungkook: Jungkook.. I don’t even know how to describe him or what to say about him. He’s just overall such a silly and goofy boy. He’s so cute in the way that he communicates with fans or messes around with the members. His solo stage ‘Euphoria’ was so nice and easy to watch. The song itself is already such a pleasant track to listen to, but watching him dance to the breezy song was enlightening. We all know that Jungkook is tremendously talented and he’s often nicknamed the triple threat for his ability to sing, dance, and rap. Jungkook deserves all the praise that he gets because he’s a very good performer. He might not be the type of person to improv, to step out of his comfort zone, or to freestyle on stage (say as compared to J-hope), but he’s a very very good performer and does what he’s supposed to do tremendously well. He performs to the choreography nicely and sings with emotions passionately as well. I honestly don’t remember too too much about Jungkook from the concert, but just based off of what I do remember and know about him in general, he’s so talented and amazing. I always feel the need to protect Jungkook, and he’s someone who will always have a soft spot in my heart (I guess that explains his position as my second bias in BTS).



  • Lighting: The lighting this year was definitely – DEFINITELY – a huge upgrade as compared to last year.’s Instead of hindering the performances, the lighting actually helped intensify and compliment the performances. Last year’s lighting was darker and redder and chaotic, but this year’s was more intentional and thought through. In addition to the lighting, the background effects of each performance was really nice and beautiful. All the stars, the colors, and the images that were displayed in the background for each performance definitely helped you become more engaged in it. Lighting + background effects was A+!
  • Stage Outfits: I’m not entirely sure why this is, but this year’s stage outfits were definitely a lot better and prettier. The members wore prince-like outfits that made them look like they were a royal family, and also wore white outfits that made them look like angels. During the encore, they wore the official ivory ‘Love Yourself’ world tour t-shirts with simple jeans which was very very nice because of how simple and minimalistic it was. Last year’s outfits were a bit.. questionable I would say. LOL. They weren’t bad, but they were also just kind of there. However, this year was different, and the boys were up on the stage looking good!
  • Use of special effects/items such as confetti, streamers, fireworks, etc.: If I recall correctly, last year’s concert only had one instance where streamers were used which was during the ‘Run’ performance (which is probably why it was my favorite performance of the night). This year, there were more uses of the confetti, fireworks, and streamers at various points in the show so that was a nice improvement. It’s small, but it adds an extra touch to the concert that once again allows you to fully engage in the concert.
  • VCR’s: This year’s VCR’s (aka the videos they play before each performance) was well done this year because it 1) showed the members being goofy and adorable together but also 2) introduced to us which members were going to perform next for their solo stage. Along with the usual videos that were related to all the theories and MV’s, there were also just other videos showcasing the boys’s beauty and I really appreciated that. Keeping it simple, elegant, and beautiful.
  • Energy/stage presence: Since LA is the first stop in the world tour right after Korea, the boys weren’t as exhausted or tired. I could sense that they were getting exhausted towards the end of the show, but they maintained a high level of professionalism, enthusiasm, and excitement overall throughout the concert. This might be because we’re the first stop in the world tour so they haven’t done too much traveling and performing yet, but it could also be that they were just genuinely happy to be on stage and back in LA for an all sold-out concert. Lol. Whereas last year they gave the concert their all but was so so tired, this year BTS performed with extra energy and charisma which was nice and relieving to see.


  • Order of performances: It feels weird to constructively critique BTS because I love the boys a lot and I want the best for them. Still, there were things about the concert that I wished could have changed or been rearranged differently so as to make my experience a little better (don’t misunderstand though. I still enjoyed the concert!). The order of the performances was one of the aspects that I wished could have been arranged differently. As I mentioned earlier, placing ‘Magic Shop’ which is a much slower song as the third performance of the show slowed down the concert a bit. You hype us up with energetic and powerful songs like ‘Idol’ and ‘I’m Fine’ so everyone is pumped up, energetic, and ready to go. Then you slow things down and take away all that energy you worked so hard into building with ‘Magic Shop.’ It just felt so random, odd, and out of place to me. I wished BTS could have postponed ‘Magic Shop’ for later on in the concert and performed to a full version of ‘Go Go’ or some other upbeat song instead to maintain that momentum that it had going. Last year’s opening performances were great because one after the other, BTS were performing to powerful songs like ‘Not Today’, ‘Am I Wrong’, ’21st Century Girl’, and ‘Baepsae.’ The opening to last year’s concert is something I will never ever forget because of how much energy every performance exuded. This year’s had a different kind of energy.
  • Setlist: I avoided peeking at the setlist for the concert because I didn’t want to know which songs they were going to perform. I was afraid that I wasn’t going to enjoy the concert if I knew ahead of time the songs. I was also aware that BTS wouldn’t be able to perform every single song from the ‘Love Yourself’ era and that they were going to perform older songs from the former eras. Still, I have to admit that I was disappointed when they didn’t perform to some of my personal tracks from the era such as ‘Paradise’, ‘Love Maze’, ‘134340’, ‘Pied Piper’, and ‘Outro: Her.’ In terms of older tracks, I was sad they didn’t perform to ‘Spring Day.’ They have such great songs and it was such a shame that they didn’t perform to these fan-favorites. I’m not sure if it was just me, but I also felt like this year’s concert was shorter. Before I knew it, they ended the concert with ‘Mic Drop’ before coming back out for their encore. The two hours flew by so fast so maybe they just didn’t have enough time to add in more songs, but still, they could have easily replaced ‘So What’ with any of the songs listed above and I would have been more than fine with it. Lol.
  • Band/rock remixes: I understand that BTS probably wanted to do something different with the concert and had plans to make the performances more engaging and fun in different ways. This could explain for the rock sound that the boys used in their performances instead of using the original instrumental. Some songs sounded nice with the rock rendition in the back, but not every song needed that sound. I actually missed the original instrumentals for some of the songs that they performed to because each one was just constantly being rehashed with the rock/band sound. I wanted to see the boys perform the original song. Lol.
  • Medley: Adding onto the band/rock renditions, the boys performed to a medley consisting of both older and newer songs in the first half of the show. My two concerns about the medley was that I felt like it was a little too long? I know the boys probably wanted to remind us of their older title tracks that’s gotten them to where they are now which is totally fine, but I just remembered watching the medley performance and wondering when it was going to be over (in a good way because I was anticipating the future stages). Last year’s medley performance was good because it was paced at a right time in the concert and allowed the boys to catch their breaths and to take a break from dancing. It also contained just the right amount of songs.
  • This year’s felt a little too long to me (it might have been because they weren’t actually dancing and were just walking around on stage so as someone who was seated far from them and thus had no fan interaction at all, I wasn’t as entertained), and I was little sad with the songs that they chose to sing during the medley (they performed a short version of ‘Go Go’ which sounded great with the band/rock vibes, but a full performance would have been great!). After rewatching my fancams, it turns out there were actually two medley performances that they gave which could explain for why I felt the medley performances were so long. Lol. Also, I felt like the medley was placed at a very weird time during the show. The boys hadn’t performed all that much yet but then resumed with the first medley performance so I think it would have been better had the medley been performed towards the middle or end of the show. The medley performance to me is so the boys can catch up on their breaths and take a break from all the dancing and performing since it mainly consists of just the boys walking around on stage. This year, they resorted to the medley quite earlier than expected which was a huge surprise to me.

Favorite Performances


Please note that while all the performances at the concert were amazing and the members worked tremendously hard in executing them, these were just my personal favorites. It doesn’t mean I didn’t like the other performances:

  • Suga’s ‘Seesaw’: Because it’s Suga and one of the best songs from the era.
  • Airplane Pt. 2: This performance completely threw me off because it was so unexpected. There was this one point where the stage was completely dark for set-up so I didn’t know what to expect or who was going to perform next. Then when I saw the chair and Jungkook came out, that’s when I knew it was ‘Airplane Pt. 2’! I’ll never forget the feeling when I saw the chair and heard the song play. LOL.
  • Anpanman: They performed this song during the encore with the ivory t-shirts and jeans so they looked so nice LOL. Plus, it’s one of my favorite tracks from the era so it was just nice to see them perform the song. I was afraid they weren’t going to perform it because it was already so late into the show and they still hadn’t performed it yet. I’m glad BTS didn’t forget about it. And plus, during this performance, Jimin was being so silly and started flexing his muscles which caused him to fall over in laughter at one point in the performance. Lol. Silly silly boy!
  • ‘Go Go’ rock version: There were a few songs I enjoyed during the rock medley and ‘Go Go’ was definitely one of them. LOL. It actually sounded very nice with the rock sound which was a pleasant surprise.
  • Jin’s ‘Epiphany’: Because it’s that song.
  • Sub-unit stages: Outro: Tear & The Truth Untold: This year’s sub-unit stages were once again impressive. Ironically, I liked rap unit’s stage last year (Cypher Pt. 4) better than this year’s rap unit performance, but enjoyed this year’s vocal line performance (The Truth Untold) more than last year’s. I don’t know. It’s a strange plot twist, but BTS’s sub-unit stages are usually the more entertaining performances for me. The members get to focus and flaunt more of their strengths, and perform the type of music that suits them best.
  • Answer: Love Myself: This song always makes me emotional and watching them perform this song to end the concert definitely made me want to cry. It wasn’t only because the concert was ending that I felt emotional, but the lyrics to this song and the fact that it kind of serves as a conclusion to the ‘Love Yourself’ era was what made the performance so touching. I didn’t want the concert to end nor did I want to bid farewell with the members so the performance was sad but nice nonetheless. Another one of those performances where I watched them in complete awe, admiration, and love.

Overall Thoughts


This year’s concert for the ‘Love Yourself’ era was a huge improvement and upgrade compared to last year’s. A part of it could be that Big Hit and BTS took away a lot of things from last year’s tour and implemented them this year. To be fair, last year was really the first time that BTS took flight with their world tours (they had ‘The Red Bullet’ in 2015 but that was on a much smaller scale). The Wings Tour was really the boy group’s first large scale world tour so there were many trials and first-time experiences for everyone. A part of me wonders what last year’s concert would have been like had it utilized this year’s lighting, stage outfits, and all the other positive components about this year’s concert. Last year’s concert was great, but there were also things about it that could have definitely improved. If last year’s concert had similar lighting, stage outfits, etc as this year’s, it definitely would have been the perfect concert experience. Even with this year’s improvements and upgrades, I still have to say that I prefer last year’s concert for various reasons, with music being a primary factor.

My seats this year were not as close as last year’s, but it was closer than I had expected (which was nice) and I was able to was sit at an angle where I saw their full front view and body. Therefore, I was able to really focus on all the members and watch them perform as a group than last year where I was closer to the stage but was located on the side so I only saw their side views. Since I was able to watch them perform this time from the front view, I was able to immerse myself so much more in the performances. This year, I was not as loud, out-going, and extreme as I was last year. I was definitely more observant and quiet, but it had to do less with the concert itself and more of me wanting to be fully present with the boys. They worked so hard into preparing for this concert (with barely any time to rest in between their promotional comebacks, schedules, and whatnot) so I wanted to enjoy the concert in a much more subtle and observant way. I didn’t need to scream my lungs out to know that I love them and care for them (there’s nothing wrong with screaming though which I commend everyone else in the venue for doing). During the entire concert, I was just standing there and watching them in awe. I was admiring their beauty, their love for us fans, their energy and passion in performing, and their dreams and goals that they were achieving through the world tour. I couldn’t believe that I was getting the opportunity to finally see BTS again live in concert. It was hard to believe that the boy group who I supported and believed in since their debut five years ago was right in front of me again. It was such a surreal experience and it still hasn’t hit me that I saw them again at the concert. I don’t think it’ll ever hit me honestly, lol.


It’s been a week since the concert and it’s still hard for me to believe that I attended it and got to see BTS live. There might have been things that I wished was done differently or I might have been sad that they didn’t perform certain songs at the concert, but it was overall a great and enjoyable experience. I definitely don’t regret going, and I especially don’t regret buying the concert tickets when they were offered to me (my aunt suggested that I not buy them and wait for better tickets but I had a feeling that this was my only chance). It was a good thing I bought the tickets because it allowed me to see the boys live in concert a second time (which is already difficult in itself. You’re lucky if you get to see the boys live once or at all really).


I might have used up all my luck this year in buying the concert tickets to see BTS, but I don’t regret it at all. I would go back and do everything all over again if I could. I wouldn’t trade this concert experience for anything else in the world and I’m grateful that I got to see them. The concert felt short and brief and I wanted it to be never-ending, but I was truly and sincerely happy during the entire two hours that I was with them. It was another unforgettable night accompanied by unforgettable BTS, unforgettable fans, unforgettable performances, and an overwhelming feeling of love. Just like ARMY’s have done for the boys the past five years, BTS has helped fans love themselves with the ‘Love Yourself’ era, and they definitely did that with this concert.

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