[What Mary Thinks] My BTS concert experience/fan account!

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve last posted and in addition to starting the third and final quarter of this school year, I also went to the most recent BTS concert in Anaheim, LA and there are so many things that I would like to talk about and share with y’all so here’s a post/fanaccount of my concert experience along with videos/fancams and photos that I took at the concert!

*It’s been more than a week since the concert so I have mostly processed everything from the concert and ya post-concert depression is real y’all

*Note: I couldn’t record the entire performance for every performance because I didn’t have enough space on my phone in order to do so, but I tried my very best to record most of the performances at least for 30 seconds to a minute.

*I recorded the fancams not only for me but also for ARMY’s around the world who unfortunately do not have the privilege of seeing BTS in concert like I did. I was thinking about y’all fans too! don’t worry! I got you 🙂


So long story short, just to provide some details on my trip, I went to the 2nd day of the Anaheim concert (there were 2 Anaheim concerts but I went to the one on the 2nd day). I arrived at the venue at around 4:30pm just to check out the place, to buy myself a lightstick, and then to hang around and line up early. My family and I had seated tickets so there wasn’t a need for us to go early, but we just wanted to check out the place, get some free stuff, and meet ARMY’s.

At around 5:30PM, Honda center staff and security guards asked everyone to start lining up so that we could enter the venue. The only problem was that there were no lines and no one knew where the lines were supposed to start or which sections were which lines and overall it was just a mess. One security guard was telling us one thing and then another one was telling us something else and it seemed like no one knew what they were doing simply because I don’t think they did. As someone who’s coordinated their own 3-day 2 night youth conference held on a university campus or as someone who does a lot of behind-the-scenes/logistical kind of planning, the way that Honda Center handled the organization of the concert was poor and disorganized. Signs indicating where and which sections people should line up at should have been posted because everyone was confused. In the end, my sister, cousins, and I ended up getting in a line and waited for over 2 hours in line and still did not get inside the venue although we waited for over 2 hours. I was getting annoyed and frustrated, because other lines were entering the venue faster but the line we were in took a really long time for some reason. 20 minutes until the show was to start and we were still outside in line waiting to enter the venue which made me so angry because I wanted to be inside the venue at least a few minutes early to just sit down, catch my breath, relax, and enjoy myself before the concert was to start. Luckily, my fam and I ended up going to another line where it only took us 3 minutes to get inside the venue *rolls eyes*. So I ended up getting into my seat 10 minutes before the show started and then relaxed for a little bit/prepared myself for the concert to start. That was my check-in experience with the Honda Center. So yeah, it definitely wasn’t the best.


BUT seeing BTS did make me feel a lot better and made everything alright in the end (forgot how inefficient and bad check-in was once I saw the beautiful bbys lol). I just couldn’t believe that I was finally seeing them with my own eyes and I definitely was in disbelief the entire concert (and even now I’m still in disbelief and I think I’ll always be in disbelief to be honest). Once ‘Not Today’ played and the boys came out, I froze and although I was crying internally the entire time and will be for the rest of my life, I just could not believe that these 7 boys – boys I supported since their debut who I admire, love, care for, and support – were right in front of me. It was just too good to be true and it didn’t hit me that I was seeing them until I actually saw them. They were such a beautiful sight. I couldn’t cry physically because I was just too astounded and shocked (i remember just how jungshook i was when they showed up on stage with ‘not today.’ I WAS SHOOK. LIKE JUNGSHOOK MAX). I didn’t scream or yell as much because I didn’t want to lose my voice, but more so I was just in awe. In awe of how talented, how hard-working, how beautiful these boys were and how they were right in front of me and I was breathing the same air as them and was in the same venue as them.

The boys were very tired (obviously) so I think that kind of impacted their performances. I’ve definitely watched fancams of their performances before and whatnot and I know that they have performed with a lot more energy and power before so seeing them so tired but still giving their performances their best made me so proud. And I don’t blame them either for being so tired that they weren’t able to perform as good as they could have. I mean doing a world tour and doing 2 back-to-back shows as well as interviews and other activities in between must be so tiring for them, but they gave it their all and were still great performers in the end.


Now onto the members, my memory’s failing on me so I’ll just try to write down everything that I remember so please bare with me, haha.

Jin: Jin (along with Hobi) were probably the most popular ones at the concert. While we cheered for all the members, Jin probably was the one with the most cheers and stans in the audience. I just remember whenever his face popped up during the VCR or during his ‘Awake’ solo performance, there were just waves of screaming everywhere and it was just so great especially considering how the Hyung line doesn’t have as many fans as the Maknae line so seeing him receive so much love and support from the audience at the concert made my heart warm and made me happy. There’s this misconception that Jin isn’t a good vocalist, but I think it’s more just that his vocals doesn’t match BTS’s upbeat hip-hop songs, but if you gave him a ballad like ‘Awake’, his voice really shines and I definitely saw that with the ‘Awake’ solo stage. Unlike what people think, Jin’s a good singer. He might not be the most stable or the best singer in BTS, but he definitely has vocals but just didn’t have the opportunity to showcase them in BTS’s songs. So I’m glad that he can prove to people that not only is he very good-looking and handsome, but that he can also sing. He was definitely very cute. During his thank you speech, he showed everyone his “heart” (it was a paper heart taped onto his shirt) and thanked everyone (it was so embarrassing lol). And then at the end of the concert, he and V were flirting were being silly and V poured some water over Jin which caused Jin to run away like a monkey. Jin is such a sweetheart and he’s the cutest. I’m glad he’s the oldest member of the group and takes good care of the other members. Just like my cousin said, “seeing Jin makes you believe that the world will be okay” and that was how I definitely felt after seeing Jin in person.

Suga: i H8 Yoongi. I H8 HIM. ekanf;ndfndkfnd. So before the concert, Suga was my least favorite member in the group (i dont’ have anything against him or anything; i just love the other members a little bit more) but this concert might just have changed everything. Throughout the concert, he kept on coming over to the side I was sitting on and I swear, we had eye contact like 3 times (this might just be me being delusional but still, ya get me). And omg but he kept on staring over at my direction and it made my heart flutter. Like Yoongi, no. Stay in your lane. I didn’t ask for this. I’m loyal to Jimin and only Jimin, but I swear, sometimes the other members be doing stuff and making me feel some type of way and Yoongi at the concert was making me feel some kind of way. Performance wise, Suga was also really tired, but you could definitely tell that he was also really into the performances. ‘First Love’ was so beautiful. It was so damn emotional and I loved every single second of it. He was so passionate, softly rapping into the microphone at first and then basically growling/shouting towards the end of the performance as the music escalated and I had never heard anything more beautiful in my life. He has so much damn passion and he clearly demonstrated that at the concert and it made me love him so much more. He was not playing around at the concert and really gave it his all. There were times where I saw him getting down to the music while on stage and I was just like “GET IT YOONGI GET ITTTTTTTT” because he was really into it (but these moments were rare). Like we all know he’s a grandpa and saves his energy for other things instead but there were times he was really getting down to the music which made me really excited because we don’t see that often ya know? Now I love Yoongi so much more after the concert and I can never listen to ‘First Love’ the same way anymore nor can I look at Yoongi the same way anymore. He ruined my life least to say

Rap Monster: I think if any member’s worked the hardest, I would say that it’d be Rap Monster. ALL the members work very hard, but I just can’t imagine how much work and pressure it must have been for Rap Monster to constantly talk in all the interviews they did in the U.S., translate for the other members, and practice on top of the performances. As the leader and as the main representative for the interviews, there was a lot of pressure but despite it all, Namjoon still did a wonderful job talking about BTS, K-Pop, world tour experiences, and so much more while speaking in a language that he taught himself and doing interviews with news channels, youtube channels, and so many more people for the first time. That’s a lot of work and that takes a damn lot of courage, but he did so well and I’m so proud of him. At the concert, I could tell that he was also really tired, but of course he was trying his best and performing to the best of his abilities. He surprisingly wasn’t the only member speaking English. All the members spoke to us in english so Namjoon didn’t really have to translate anything that the members were saying. But anyways, Namjoon is a really attractive and charming guy and I think over the years I’ve come to appreciate him, his humility, his leadership, and his personality. He’s so smart and respectful. During his ‘Reflection’ solo stage, we all chanted ‘We love you!’ towards the end of the song so that was really cool and touching. I don’t really remember too much about Namjoon at the concert, but overall, he’s a really kind and down-to-earth guy and I’m glad he’s the leader.

V: All the members were super tired, but V was probably the most tired. We all know that V is a pabo and he’s hella 4D who is always in his own world and can be very energetic and out-going and crazy, but we didn’t really get to see much of that at the concert which made me sad. I actually think he was pretty chill/less energetic than he usually is and I think that could have been because he was just really tired. I remember how he wore the official Wings tour cap and he had his face covered so you couldn’t really see his face and I think he was down most of the time at the concert unfortunately. Don’t misunderstand though, he performed wonderfully and he was great. Vocals on point. Didn’t make a mistake and was able to showcase his beautiful vocals with his ‘Stigma’ solo stage. I think it’s because I know how crazy Taehyung can get so I automatically assume that along with Hobi that Taehyung would also be just as energetic and out there during the concert so when he wasn’t like that I knew that it was because he was super tired which broke my heart </3. Maybe this was partly my fault because I didn’t look at him as much as I did with the other members so maybe I caught him during times where he was down/still but that’s just what I remember about Taehyung at the concert and maybe there were other times where he was energetic and happy and I wasn’t there to witness that. Apparently, he also cried during ‘1!2!3!’, but I didn’t catch that. Taehyung’s really cute though and I also really appreciate him. I’m more than positive that his grandma is proud of him 🙂

Hobi: The only thing I can say about Hobi is that he is an angel. An actual angel. Like we comment all the time that our idols are angels and whatnot, but NO, NO – HOBI IS AN ANGEL. HE’S LITERALLY AN ANGEL. AN ACTUAL ANGEL. He’s THE angel. You think you’ve seen angels and know about angels? Nah, you haven’t seen anything yet. Hobi is the epitome of angels and Heaven and all the good in the world. He’s the sweetest. I can’t even describe what he’s like because there are no words. Hobi always – ALWAYS – had a smile on his face even though like the rest of the members he was really tired. And I think seeing him in person makes you understand why he’s called J-Hope and is the moodmaker of the group. He was always smiling and he has hellaaaaaaa energy. He performed so effortlessly you wouldn’t even have thought that he was doing a world tour with the rest of BTS because he made it seem like he wasn’t. He had so much stamina, power, and energy in all his performances he was so great. I read another fanaccount where the author talked about how Hobi was born to be a performer and how no matter what you were doing or where your eyes were looking, your eyes were somehow always following Hobi because he’s that great of a performer and now I know and understand what the author was talking about. Hobi is a BORN PERFORMER. He performs so effortlessly and has so much damn energy I love it. The ‘Wings’ album and ‘YNWA’ album has been Hobi’s time/moments and he really shines in those 2 albums in particular and just seeing him perform made me so happy. During his ‘Mama’ solo stage, he looked SO FINE. SOOOOOO FINE. He wore a white bomber jacket and a hat and omfg I swear I died. I swear for the 30 seconds he was performing in that outfit, my soul left my body and went straight to Hobi. For those 30 seconds I temporarily left Jimin for Hobi and then came back to reality and woke up again and went back to Jimin. Hobi just looked especially good that night and he was so happy. He was also one of the more popular members that night so it makes me happy to know that he has many stans because I feel like Hobi is underestimated and hidden among the other members (PLEASE DON’T SLEEP ON HIM Y’ALL). He had a lot of fans that night so it was great seeing that. He also had plushies thrown at him from the fans which scared him lol. His reaction was great. Overall, I really appreciate Hobi b/c even when it seemed like the other members were tired, he never seemed that way and he was always so energetic so in a way he made up for the exhaustion that the other members were showing. He was always up on his feet, quick to move, and made everything seem okay and made everything seem better. He didn’t seem tired at all even though I’m pretty sure he was just like the other members. With that much energy on stage, your eyes are kind of just glued to him and you can’t really control or help it. He is a born performer and he truly does live up to his stage name: J-Hope.

Jungkook: When you watch Jungkook up on stage, performing passionately, singing with his heavenly voice, being a cutie, and just having fun, you in a way feel like a proud mother (or at least for me I did). Jungkook is my second bias in BTS ever since their debut and I’ve always had and will always have a soft spot for him. As the youngest in the group, there’s a lot of pressure he goes through and he really looks up to his Hyungs (watching him perform ‘Begin’ was so emotional for me b/c like omg our little maknae is growing up so quickly). Watching him grow and mature from debut up until now, our little maknae has grown up to be a very naughty, silly, hella extra, funny, and ridiculous guy but is also super talented and great and humble and innocent and I think that’s why everyone (regardless of whether you jungkook biased or not) have a soft spot for him. You just wanna care for him and look over him and make sure he’s okay because he’s so damn precious and that was how I felt seeing Jungkook at the concert. I comment about how he was a fetus when he debuted and now he’s a small grown baby and it makes me so sad b/c he’s growing up so quickly but i’m also happy to be seeing him having graduated from high school and doing these really great big things. Justin Seagull was amazing at the concert, dancing was on-point, and even though you could sense that he was tired af just like the other members, he still enjoyed the concert and had a great time. I also really appreciate his willingness to learn English so he could communicate with us fans. I think that just really demonstrates not only how passionate he is but also just how serious and grateful he is toward ARMY’s. Jungkook is the epitome of precious y’all

Jimin: As y’all know, Jimin is my bias in BTS ever since debut and he will always be my bias and omg he’s so damn dramatic he needs to stop. Whether it’d be in performances, interactions with fans, or just talking, everything he did was dramatic it was so frustrating (in a good way) and i just wanted him to stop because he looked so damn good and amazing. At the concert, I could tell Jimin was a bit hesitant with the first couple of performances. Especially after all the death threats, it seemed like he was anxious/nervous so he was just kind of performing like usual and nothing special happened. But towards the middle and to the end of the concert, he eventually warmed up and opened up to the audience and he started performing better and looked a lot happier which made me happy because I was also really worried about how he was feeling after everything that had happened. So seeing him so happy and smiling and dancing around on stage and interacting with fans and being dramatic as hell made me feel so much better and it made me so happy to see him happy. He doesn’t know how to wear a damn shirt I can tell you that. I was really sad that throughout the concert he kept on walking to the other side and not to my side where I was sitting so I’m kind of bummed out about that, but I did happen to take pictures of him on my side and him supposedly looking at my direction (but it’s funny because I don’t remember taking that picture). Of course, since he’s my bias I took a lot of pictures of him that night at every chance I could get. He’s such a powerful dancer. His moves are so smooth but they’re also so powerful it hits you and you just don’t even expect it and you get hurt. During their ‘Save Me’ performance, he drank from a water bottle and then gave it to one of the fans in the P1 pit and omg I was so jealous. If I was that fan that got the water bottle, I would cherish it forever because it’s Jiminnnn. But yes, Jimin is a life saver. I love him so much it hurts


The concert overall was great. I think some things that I wished could have been done differently was the back-to-back performances.  I understand that this is a concert and the concert can only go on for so long and all these other aspects, but I wished that I could have gotten more time to enjoy + process the performances before the next performance could begin. When one performance was over, the next one started immediately after (there were small videos playing in between every once in a while) and I felt sad that I couldn’t really enjoy the performances knowing that the next performance was going to start immediately after. I think that affected the way I processed and remembered the performances (but it’s a good thing I recorded most of them).

Of course in terms of logistics and organization, check-in should be a lot better and smoother next time. Also, the lighting for the performances were really wild and crazy. At times I felt like they took away from the performances instead of adding to it and it made me frustrated, sad, and disappointed because you couldn’t really see the members on stage performing because the lights were shining everywhere so quickly. So better stage lights would be cool too.

Favorite Performances:

In terms of favorite performances, ‘Run’ had to be my absolute, most favorite performance of the night which might be weird because they didn’t perform the choreography for it and it was rather short. But it was just something about that performance that really stuck to me. Just seeing them walk around the stage singing the song and then that small Jikook moment and then afterwards watching them run while the gold/yellow streamers popped out onto the stage was all just a beautiful and touching sight for me that the performance was my favorite. I loved it so much and I still have really fond memories of it and it’ll probably be my favorite performance to be honest. Everything about it was absolutely perfect. ‘First Love’ by Suga would probably be another favorite performance of mines which is ironic because that song in terms of the ‘Wings’ album is probably one of my least favorites and I’m not the biggest fan of Yoongi, but after the concert, everything just totally changed. Even now when I listen to the song, I can’t listen to it without thinking about the concert and how damn passionate and intense the performance was. Yoongi was just killing it. He was so damn great.

I also really liked ‘Cypher Pt. 4’, but that’s just me being biased because that song is probably one of my favorites from the ‘Wings’ album. AND OMG I HAVE A THING FOR BTS THROWING WATER AT THEIR FANS AND DURING CYPHER PT 4 THEY DID THAT AND IT WAS AMAZING AND I CAUGHT IT ON CAMERA TOO I’M SO HAPPY. The same goes with ‘MAMA’ by Hobi because if you already couldn’t tell from my post about him earlier, he’s one hell of a great performer and his performance was amazinggg.

Funny thing, I actually forgot their song “N.O” existed so when they performed that song, I legit had to seriously think which song they were singing because I just could not remember. Haha. I had a brief brain fart there.

Last Comments & Thoughts

It’s been 2 weeks since the concert (have been meaning to post this fanaccount but school and work’s been keeping me hella busy) and post-concert depression is real y’all. IT IS REAL. I went back to watch the fancams and photos I had and I was so sad. Everyday I miss BTS and I just long for the day I can see them again. Or I yearn to go back and experience the concert just one more time.

If you’ve been following my BTS posts here on my blog, y’all know that last year was a rough and difficult year for me and I wasn’t in the best place but BTS helped me a lot and made feel a lot happier which is why it meant so much for me to be able to see them in person. They’ve changed my life for the better and it was such an honor to be in the same place as them and to basically be with them and be around their presence.

I also think that seeing them live in concert has increased my level of appreciation for them. Not that I wasn’t grateful for them before or that I didn’t love them before the concert or anything, but just being there with them made me realize that these boys work so damn hard and have worked endlessly to be where they are right now. I remember during one of the talks during the concert, Namjoon was talking about how BTS used to perform in a crowd of 2,000 people and a few years later here they are performing at sold-out shows throughout the world in front of 16,000+ people. It really is amazing how far they’ve come. They literally started from the bottom and now they’re here at the top (new appreciation post for bts along the way? maybe?).

The next day after the concert, I was flying back to school (since I started school the day following the concert) and that’s when it hit me that I was going to return back home and continue my daily routine of going to college, study, work, eat, sleep, and so on. The concert was such a nice break from everything and I was deeply saddened that I was returning to this daily routine. The BTS concert was an amazing way to end my spring break and I wouldn’t have wanted it to end any other way. I remember just waiting on the plane for the plane to fly and listening to BTS’s ‘Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone” and feeling so damn emotional and sad that I was legit going to cry. I was just so sad that the concert had ended, that I was leaving the city that I saw them in, and that I was going back to reality. I wanted to go back and experience the concert all over again because I just felt like it wasn’t enough; I wanted to go back and re-do everything a second time again. I feel like in a way it’s a bittersweet experience: sweet because I finally got the rare opportunity to see them and be with them for the 3 hours that I was with them but bitter because I’m uncertain if I’ll ever get the chance to see them again. I’m definitely grateful that I was able to attend this concert though and I know for sure that I would love to attend another BTS concert if the chance arrives in the future. Until then, I will cherish the many photos and videos I have of them at the concert and support them from where I am while I patiently wait.

All videos and fancams belong to me! Please do not re-upload.

**you can watch the rest of the fancams on my youtube channel!

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    • Hi Heyhunny.

      AHHH ANF;DKNFD yeah it was an amazing concert!! I miss them so much OTL I just wanna go back and experience the concert again. I’m sorry that you didn’t get to go to their concert, but hopefully you can go the next time they come back ^_^

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