So Ji-sub and Jung In-sun are neighbors in upcoming drama ‘Terius Behind Me’


Everyone’s favorite ahjusshi, So Ji-sub, is back in upcoming drama ‘Terius Behind Me’ starring Jung In-sun (Welcome to Waikiki). He plays Kim Bon, a NIS agent who lost his loved one in a former secret operation that went wrong. He eventually meets Go Ae-rin (Jung In-sun) and helps her uncover a conspiracy which her late husband was involved with before his death.

Upon watching the teasers, I was expecting something dark, mysterious, and investigative. So Ji-sub is playing an agent and helping Jung In-sun discover the truth behind her husband’s death. However, the trailers definitely threw me offtrack and I was not expecting to see So Ji-sub with kids (not that I’m complaining or anything! I love seeing So Ji-sub with kids!). It seems like the drama is aiming for both an action kind of genre and vibe mixed with comedy thanks to Jung In-sun’s character so it should make for an interesting and funny watch.

While the trailers were interesting, what was even more intriguing for me were the amount of actresses the drama went through before finally landing with Jung In-sun as the lead actress. Prior to Jung In-sun, actresses Lee Yoo-young (Your Honor) and Yoo In-Na were offered the role of the female lead, but respectively declined. It makes me wonder whether there’s something about the role of Go Ae-rin that they maybe didn’t like or if they passed by this opportunity for other roles and projects that they were offered. I just can’t seem to fathom or understand why anyone would decline a role where So Ji-sub plays the male lead. Is that not enough to want to be in a drama? Despite all the rejections, I’m excited to see So Ji-sub back in another drama and I’m especially excited for Jung In-sun who I’ve been a fan of since her role in ‘Secret Healer.’

Moving on, ‘Terius Behind Me’ is slated to air next week on September 26 on MBC. It follows the time slot previously occupied by ‘Time’ which ends this week (recaps to the finale will be posted by me once it finishes airing!). Director to the drama is Park Sang-hun while the writer is Oh Ji-young who also penned project ‘Shopping King Louis.’ There’s no telling what kind of drama this will be, but I’m excited for it nonetheless.

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