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  • Discuss Away!: Terius Behind Me Episodes 3 & 4

    Okay, this one I think I’m going to stick with. Last week’s premiere episodes were a bit iffy for me, but episodes 3 and 4 got a lot better. I’m not really sure what it was exactly, but episodes 3 and 4 were better paced and gave us some background context on our characters so […]

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  • What Mary Thinks: Terius Behind Me (Episodes 1-2)

    A drama with So Ji-Sub and NOT watching it? Impossible! So I went ahead and watched the premiere week of ‘Terius Behind Me’ starring So Ji-sub (Oh My Venus) and Jung In-sun (Welcome to Waikiki). While the first two episodes was overall a decent premiere, I do have some mixed reviews and thoughts about the […]

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  • So Ji-sub and Jung In-sun are neighbors in upcoming drama ‘Terius Behind Me’

    Everyone’s favorite ahjusshi, So Ji-sub, is back in upcoming drama ‘Terius Behind Me’ starring Jung In-sun (Welcome to Waikiki).┬áHe plays Kim Bon, a NIS agent who lost his loved one in a former secret operation that went wrong. He eventually meets Go Ae-rin (Jung In-sun) and helps her uncover a conspiracy which her late husband […]

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