What Mary Thinks: The Guest (episodes 1-4)

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Ohhhh boy, this one is certainly not for those with a faint heart. After hearing some really good reviews from my sister about this paranormal/horror/thriller Korean drama, I eventually gathered all my courage to watch the first four episodes of ‘The Guest’ starring Kim Dong-wook, Jung Eun-chae, and Kim Jae-wook. The drama was not fun at all, but boy was it highly intriguing and interesting.

Just to give a little context about the drama, our three lead characters investigate cases and crimes related to a demonic presence that basically haunts people and hurts others. Our three characters were affected by this presence themselves as little kids and years later reunite to defeat it.

(Don’t worry, this clip isn’t scary! Instead, it shows a bad-ass Jung Eun-chae taking down a thief! You should watch it!)

Upon watching the first episode, I was so surprised and shocked that a Korean drama would ever dare to enter the treacherous terrain of combining blood, violence, demonic possessions, exorcism, and religion all into one, but this drama really was able to do all of that and in such a terrifying but complex way. From the very beginning, there was already so much going on and there was a highly complicated backstory to all the events that occur later on in the present. I’m not really sure if a drama has ever really pulled off something as scary, gory, and violent as ‘The Guest’ before, but I’m intrigued by how intense and daring this drama is.

The drama kind of reminds me of ‘The Conjuring’ as well as OCN’s very own ‘Save me’ starring Taecyeon, Woo Do-hwan, and Seo Ye-ji. Granted, ‘Save Me’ was more about a religious cult than paranormal occurrences, but the mood in both dramas feel similar to me. Both were thrilling, mysterious, and scary, but ‘The Guest’ takes it up a couple of notches. It’s truly unlike anything you’ve seen in K-dramaland before which could explain why I like it even if it scares the heck out of me and I have to watch it with my sister so as to not be as scared.

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While I do think episode 4 dragged on for a little bit too long, I enjoyed the dynamics between our lead characters and even the minor characters. Actor Lee Won-jong’s character Yook Gwang stands out to me the most not only for his comedic comments and moments, but also for his interesting actions as a Shaman. For someone who has and is supposed to deal with ghosts and whatnot, he still has so many fears of them which I find interesting. For now, our three leads are working together somewhat to go after the demonic presence, but they also aren’t as familiar and affiliated with one another yet. Since they now or should have an idea of how they are related to one another, I assume they’ll now have a bigger reason and motive to work together to defeat the enemy.

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I was finally able to watch episodes 3 and 4 by myself and though I was still scared, I wanted to watch the episode to know what happened in the drama. This just proves how intriguing and intense the drama is which is always a good sign. There are definitely going to be many many more terrifying moments in the future that I do not anticipate, but it’ll eventually be worth it as our three leads and their team work together to take down the evil spirit.

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