The Ghost Detective: Episode 6 Recap


The risks only get bigger and bigger, but there’s no stopping our team of detectives in finding Woo-hye. Even when our team reaches dead ends or when they’re attacked by their biggest enemies, they keep going and running. What happens when they’ve finished this race that they’ve been in for the past month? Will they be declared winners or will they lose against Woo-hye?

The Ghost Detective: Episode 6 Recap

Our group of detectives are confused as to where Woo-hye is located since she’s not in her assigned hospital room like they had expected. When Sang-seob, Da-il, and Yeo-wool return to the office, Yeo-wool recalls the moment at the hospital when she heard a loud ringing. She then put on the hearing aide to listen in on any conversations and overhears a young Woo-hye poking fun at how only Yeo-wool can kill her. Da-il can try all he wants, but he’ll be unable to kill her for he’s only a ghost. Da-il double checks with Yeo-wool and asks if she really heard anything back at the hospital, but she denies any accusations. Oh no, don’t hide anything from Da-il, Yeo-wool!

While looking over the medical records from the hospital where Woo-hye was stationed as a little girl, Yeo-wool notices the nurse who was assigned as Woo-hye’s caregiver. His name is Jeon Deok-joong and he was the same man she bumped into at the cafe the other day. After looking him up, they discover that he used to work at the hospital where young Woo-hye had stayed and also learn of the current hospital he works at. Maybe he’s being controlled by Woo-hye to take care of her body. Regardless, he’s aware of both Yeo-wool and Yi-rang which means that he must be able to communicate with Woo-hye somehow.


Chae-won contemplates whether to use her hidden card or not. She knows of a shaman who could help them, but she’s uncertain as to whether to contact her or not. Meanwhile, Woo-hye’s nurse – Nurse Jeon – is reprimanded by young Woo-hye for what she assumes was him trying to kill her. He attempts to persuade her to possess Yeo-wool’s body instead of using her own, but young Woo-hye refuses. Nurse Jeon suffers a seizure as a consequence.

Jung-dae reports about Woo-hye’s missing body and Nurse Jeon to his supervisor, but his supervisor isn’t impressed. He scolds Jung-dae and his colleague for attempting to take on the case without his permission. After their supervisor leaves, Jung-dae tries to persuade his colleague to pursue the case. All the recent incidents are related to Woo-hye somehow. However, his colleague remains stubborn and refuses to give him permission.

Since Jung-dae is no longer allowed to help out with the case, the team resort to Lawyer Baek for assistance. She manages to persuade a man named Kang Eun-chong to promote the disappearance of Woo-hye and Nurse Jeon. She can help him become the reporter that he’s always wanted to become, but he must first promote the case first. The man is finally persuaded after learning that Da-il too is behind the investigation and gets right to work. He brings to people’s attention a post warning hospital workers about a bomb threat Nurse Jeon is planning.

Our trio notice the post and hope for answers. While Sang-seob leaves to grab them some food, Yeo-wool worries about what will happen once they do find Woo-hye. She reminds Da-il that he should avoid her at all costs since it might be too dangerous for him. However, Da-il has no plans in avoiding Woo-hye; he’s going to find a way to defeat her.

Da-il and Yeo-wool meet with Chae-won to discuss about Woo-hye. Chae-won will be unable to help them catch Woo-hye, but she knows someone who might be able to. Chae-won shares the details with Da-il in a private talk while Yeo-wool waits patiently for them on the side. As she watches the two converse, she calls Sang-seob to dig up some information on Chae-won.

Sang-seob ends up meeting with an old friend who’s now a Shaman to gather more information about Chae-won. He discovers that Chae-won was possessed when she was younger and was therefore taken in by a male shaman who made money off of her. She was then possessed by the strongest evil spirit yet which the male shaman was envious of. He too wanted to be possessed by the same evil spirit, but he was unable to and became cursed ever since.


Da-il heads off to meet with the ghost Chae-won recommended that could help them catch Woo-hye. The spirit is easily fascinated by Yeo-wool who secretly followed Da-il to the location and threatens to hurt her. However, things fortunately de-escalate when Da-il reveals to them about Chae-won. She was the one who referred them to this spirit. The ghost warns them not to catch evil spirits like Woo-hye as it’s too dangerous and they too could end up cursed like the ghost herself.

She also reveals to the duo the solution in catching and killing Woo-hye: stab her with what she used to kill all the other victims. However, they can only do so when she’s in her physical body. The ghost proves to Da-il that he won’t be able to kill Woo-hye as he can’t even hold anything properly. The ghost then shifts its focus to Yeo-wool who the ghost wants to kill. Thankfully, Chae-won arrives in time to rescue the two by throwing a talisman at the ghost. The ghost dies and the three return to the office.

Yeo-wool volunteers to take on the task of killing Woo-hye when they finally catch her. However, Da-il disproves of this and worries that Yeo-wool will get hurt or possessed in the process. He’ll find another way to catch and kill Woo-hye. Yeo-wool too doesn’t want Da-il to risk his life to kill Woo-hye so the two get into an argument. Da-il argues that they might as well just not catch Woo-hye and let her die somehow. Yeo-wool storms out of the room.

Young Woo-hye visits her physical body in the hospital and stares at her face. Meanwhile, Sang-seob attempts to get in contact with Yeo-wool that night but there are no results. Yeo-wool has gone missing.

When Da-il, Chae-won, and Jung-dae arrive at her apartment, they find a yellow note that documents what Yeo-wool heard the other night at the hospital. She feels responsible in killing Woo-hye. Since they already know the method to killing her, Yeo-wool plans on killing Woo-hye using the knife that Yi-rang used to kill herself. Yeo-wool takes Da-il’s car to head to her destination.

Jung-dae asks for support from the police in finding Yeo-wool’s car. Meanwhile, after piecing some clues together, Da-il runs off to a location.


Yeo-wool arrives at the hospital just a few minutes before 1AM. Woo-hye’s soul will soon be resting in her physical body. Yeo-wool makes her way inside the hospital and to Woo-hye’s room. When she enters, she does indeed find Woo-hye’s body laying on her bed in a coma. However, Nurse Jeon is there and attacks Woo-hye upon seeing her in the room.

Da-il ends up meeting with the same ghost who he and Yeo-wool had met earlier that day. It seems like he has a request for the ghost. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Yeo-wool is tied up on a chair with a cloth covering her mouth. Nurse Jeon explains that Yeo-wool’s body is the perfect one for Woo-hye to inhabit. He also adds that on the day Woo-hye jumped off the rooftop of a building 25 years ago, Yeo-wool was also born on the same day. Yeo-wool is the chosen one.

Yeo-wool attempts to break out of the chair by repeatedly bumping into the vase behind her using the chair. Along with the vase, she too falls down and grabs a piece of glass to cut the ropes tying her hands together. Jung-dae, Sang-seob, and Chae-won head to the hospital to find and save Yeo-wool.

The time hits 1AM so Nurse Jeon proceeds with his plans on offering Yeo-wool’s body to Woo-hye’s spirit. He recalls the moment 25 years ago when little Woo-hye stood at the rooftop of the building and jumped down after expressing suicidal thoughts. He’s never forgotten that moment since. Nurse Jeon prepares to insert a needle into Woo-hye’s arm, but is hindered by Yeo-wool who manages to break out of the ropes at the very last second. The two get into a short and dangerous fight with each other before being interrupted by Da-il. He’s able to find the room and to grab onto the door to enter. While he fights Nurse Jeon, Yeo-wool takes the knife that was used by Yi-rang to kill herself and approaches Woo-hye.


However, just as Yeo-wool prepares to stab Woo-hye, Da-il takes over and grabs the knife from her hands. He then stabs Woo-hye himself using the knife.

My Thoughts:

AHHH, FINALLY. THEY FINALLY FOUND WOO-HYE AND SOMEWHAT TRIED TO KILL HER. I don’t think she’s actually dead and I don’t know what happened to Da-il that caused him to 1) kill Woo-hye himself and 2) turn into a ghost with red eyes afterwards, but I’m hoping that something good came out of this at least. I wonder why Da-il went to the ghost and how he was able to suddenly physically touch things. What happened during his meeting with the ghost?


More so than that, why is it that Da-il killed Woo-hye himself when Yeo-wool heard from young Woo-hye that it’s only Yeo-wool who can kill her. It’s either the details that Yeo-wool heard were lies from Woo-hye or Woo-hye hasn’t returned to her physical body yet despite it being 1AM so Da-il took the leap to kill her somehow. Regardless, I don’t think this guarantees a death by Woo-hye’s spirit and will stop her from continuing her ventures. I’m not sure what the stab by Da-il indicates because we learned from the ghost that you can only kill Woo-hye using the same items that she used to kill her victims. In Yeo-wool’s case, she used the knife that Yi-rang used to kill herself. Can anyone use the knife to kill Woo-hye then or can only Yeo-wool use the knife to kill Woo-hye because it was her sister who killed herself using the knife? Arghh, there are so many questions, but I’m actually quite intrigued for once now that something’s happened.

Not much happened in this episode and there were once again many surprises, such as the case with Chae-won and her shaman background. Just when you thought she had only the ability to read people’s pasts, you learn that she was once possessed when she was younger. There needed to be a reason to explain how she got her powerful abilities in the present, but sometimes I also just feel like the drama is inserting random details to explain things and certain traits. It feels a bit lazy to me because the drama is incorporating these details for the heck of it; they don’t actually care to take the time to provide us context and background details on why and how Chae-won gained psychic abilities or why she can see Da-il when others can’t. You kind of just learn that she was possessed when she was younger and that enabled her to somehow see ghosts and to be able to read people’s pasts. This also somehow allowed her to know ghosts who can kill Woo-hye and catch her and so it feels like all these details are just coming out of no where and being put into the drama so as to move forward with the overall plot. A little disorganized and hectic and confusing, but I guess you kind of just have to go with the flow when watching this drama. If I’ve learned anything from watching this drama so far, it’s that you have to always remain patient and not ask too many questions. Lol.


Woo-hye’s character continues to both confuse and amaze me at the same time and we learn a little bit more of her backstory in this episode. I still have many questions, but I do wonder if she’s trapped inside her physical body now that Da-il has stabbed it. Maybe we’ll finally learn why she’s killing random people? Or we’ll understand who she is and why is that she wants to kill Yeo-wool as well? What about the ghost Da-il and Yeo-wool met in this episode who wanted to kill Yeo-wool? As more and more details are being introduced into the drama, I only have more and more questions that I would like the answer for. This episode really upped up the horror and the thriller aspect of the drama which I liked, but everything else is pretty much still the same. Maybe Woo-hye isn’t dead, but we’ll finally get some answers in the next episode about who she is and why she’s coming after Da-il and Yeo-wool.

Note: Extra screencaps from this episode. Enjoy 🙂

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