Discuss Away!: Terius Behind Me Episodes 3 & 4


Okay, this one I think I’m going to stick with. Last week’s premiere episodes were a bit iffy for me, but episodes 3 and 4 got a lot better. I’m not really sure what it was exactly, but episodes 3 and 4 were better paced and gave us some background context on our characters so that was nice.

We knew that Kim Bon had an agent background, but we weren’t too sure what exactly happened or what exactly went down. In episode four, we got a glimpse of the undercover mission that lead to the death of his lover so I’m glad that the drama gave us some insight on Kim Bon’s former career as an undercover agent. I was afraid that the drama was going to have difficulty balancing both the light and more family-oriented component with Kim Bon babysitting Go Ae-rin’s kids, and then the whole NIS aspect along with Jin Yong-tae’s bag business. There’s quite a few sub-plots within this drama that highly contrast from one another and carries different tones throughout so I wasn’t too sure how exactly the drama was going to execute these sub-plots. Episodes three and four were a lot better in balancing and proving to us how it was going to handle all these sub-plots. With our characters introduced and somehow affiliated with one another, all the foundational and introductory aspects are now over, and what’s left is to witness our characters live out their lives. Having sub-plots that are so different from one another isn’t bad and can make for an interesting drama, but the drama just needs to know how to balance it all out.

Other than receiving background information on Kim Bon which I greatly appreciated, I still enjoy the usual scenes of Kim Bon babysitting Go Ae-rin’s kids. They’re so adorable together, and it also leaves room for Kim Bon and Ae-rin to bond themselves. There’s some sense of feelings for each other that are there, but they’re not too direct and clear at this point. Regardless, it’s so cute how protective and hard-working Kim Bon is in taking care of the children. His efforts are especially evident when he reaches out to Kang Ki-young’s character Kim Sang-ryeol for some assistance and help. Lol. The dynamics between Ae-rin’s friends and Kim Bon are comedic and humorous and it’s just great watching Kim Bon try to fit in to the social circle.

Jin Yong-tae remains comedic but also evil and scary with the bags business that he’s in charge of. He also interacted with Kim Bon in episodes 3 and 4 so the two have met each other. They’re clearly gonna be enemies and will probably confront each other once again in the future, but for now things remain quiet. I’m not really sure what Jin Yong-tae will do in the future, but I hope it doesn’t involve hurting Go Ae-rin or the kids. Please. They’re innocent!


(the iconic PPL, but instead of Subway it’s Quiznos this time! LOL)

Episodes 3 and 4 were more slow-paced so it was easier to follow and watch. I’m not so bothered with the fact that there are two completely different sub-plots going on in the drama because it seems like the drama is doing a good job in balancing the different tones and moods throughout. The directing also was a little bit better with episodes 3 and 4 since things seemed to have slowed down a little bit. Of course, the directing that occurs around the action scenes has a lot of room for improvement. The scene in the beginning of episode 4 where Kim Bon was chasing after ‘K’ (the killer working with Jin Yong-tae) was not the greatest in my opinion because the editing was very choppy, quick, and there were too many scenes filmed from too many angles. The camera should just be following the chase to make it seem like you’re following them yourself. I wasn’t a big fan of the filming and editing in that particular scene, but the rest of the episode was fine.

Overall, episodes 3 and 4 was a huge improvement from the first two episodes so I think I’m going to stick with it for now. Of course, Kim Bon is chasing after our villains while our villains are going about with their businesses and antics. There’s a lot of risks in all of this, but hopefully things will turn out fine our characters. Hopefully Ae-rin and her kids will receive the closure that they seek after the sudden loss of Dad. Kim Bon being there as a babysitter will definitely help with that.

Bonus: Extra screenshots from episodes 3 and 4 🙂

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