D.O. tap dances his way to freedom in upcoming movie ‘Swing Kids’


Okay, you cannot watch this teaser and NOT be excited for it.

D.O. (of boy group EXO) is on a roll with his latest project ‘100 Days My Prince’ which recently hit 12% ratings on tvN, proving to be a HUGE success. It seems like we’ll be seeing more of the talented actor as his new movie ‘Swings Kid’ will be hitting theaters before the end of the year!

Titled ‘Swing Kids’, the movie follows D.O. who plays Rho Ki-soo. He’s rebellious a North Korean soldier held in a prison camp during the Korean War in 1951. After meeting Jackson (Jared Grimes), Ki-soo falls in love with tap dancing and joins Jackson’s dance group. Also in the dance group is Kang Byung-sam (Oh Jung-se), Xiao Fang (Kim Min-ho), and Yang Pan-rae (Park Hye-soo), each with their own separate reasons and motives for participating in the dance group.

The funny thing is that this movie started recording around this time last year and barely finished in February of this year so I remembered seeing all the photos of D.O. at the year-end music awards with the short haircut he sported in this movie. I always wondered why exactly he had such short hair since it didn’t seem like it was for EXO promotions or anything. Now I finally understand why he had such short hair during those months: it was for his character in this movie! Lol.

I actually didn’t find out about this movie until I checked D.O.’s Asianwiki page and found that he had another project coming out this year. That’s when I learned about the movie so I was pretty excited, especially knowing that the director was Kang Hyung-chul who also directed hits ‘Scandal Makers’ (one of my all-time favorite movies) and ‘Sunny.’ An unofficial (leaked) teaser to the movie came out not too long ago and my excitement for the movie increased tenfold after watching it. It looked so cool, so suave, so smooth, so fun, but also a little intense. The official teasers have finally been released and I still feel the same way after watching them.

‘Swing Kids’ kind of gives me ‘Sunny’ vibes, but I guess that’s to be expected considering it’s the same director who’s worked on both movies. ‘Sunny’ (as well as ‘Scandal Makers’) was a huge hit when it was released so I’m anticipating that ‘Swing Kids’ will follow as well. I know I’m just basing everything off of the teasers for now which can be tricky, but it seriously looks so good (and I’m not saying this just as a fangirl lol). The movie looks intense, but also fun and jazzy and D.O. seems to portray his character pretty nicely so far.




‘Swing Kids’ will be released sometime in December 2018 just right before the year ends. Hopefully this movie will also be another hit for D.O. after the huge success that is ‘100 Days My Prince.

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