Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter: Episode 6 Recap

What was once in the past is never forgotten in the present. As Ok-nam continues the search for her reincarnated husband, both Yi-hyun and Kim Geum attempt to make sense of the present through memories that occurred in the past.

Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter: Episode 6 Recap

Fairy Ok-nam and her three fairy friends take a bath in the river at the mountains. While her three friends are able to fly back to fairyland with their winged clothes, Ok-nam is unable to find her clothes. She learns the truth from a man named Bausae who stands not too far away from the river. Her clothes had gotten stolen so she’s unable to fly back to fairyland. After introducing himself, Ok-nam panics upon hearing his name. This Bausae man must be the reincarnated man of the fairy Bausae who she loved many years ago back in fairyland.

Ok-nam embraces Bausae and hugs him. The two eventually fall in love with each other and get married. However, Bausae falls from the edge of a cliff one day and unfortunately passes away, leaving behind two kids and Ok-nam. Even after Bausae’s death, Ok-nam was never able to return to fairyland since she was unable to find her winged clothes that had been stolen.

In the present, Kim Geum, Yi-hyun, and Doctor Lee all visit Ok-nam at the coffee shop. While ordering, the three all ask Ok-nam different questions. Yi-hyun wants to know if he and Ok-nam have ever bathed together before, Doctor Lee wants to know Ok-nam’s age, and Kim Geum wants to ask about the egg in Ok-nam’s room. Yi-hyun suddenly suffers from a headache so he runs away. Kim Geum and Doctor Lee chase after him in confusion.

Kim Geum eventually leaves to meet with someone. Doctor Lee stays behind with Yi-hyun in an attempt to help him make sense of what’s going on. Yi-hyun claims that he’s been recalling memories that come and go in his mind. If he’s recalling memories, then that means he must have experienced them at one point. This only confuses Yi-hyun even more. Doctor Lee eventually encourages him to date someone to cure him of his depression and obsession symptoms. Maybe that’ll do the work. Yi-hyun shivers at any thoughts of dating while Doctor Lee holds onto hope that she’ll be the one to date him. Lol.

Bong-dae visits Ok-nam at the coffee shop. Ok-nam relays to her the situation earlier and Yi-hyun’s question about him bathing with Ok-nam. However, Ok-nam grows doubtful again when she realizes that she and Yi-hyun never bathed together before though; maybe he was just confused because their first encounter with each other 699 years ago was at a waterfall. Bong-dae moves forward with paying Ok-nam for her labor at the coffee shop. Though Ok-nam rejects the money, Bong-dae has her keep it and offers herself as a source of support for Ok-nam.

Kim Geum returns to the coffee shop a few moments later. He tries to get himself to talk about the egg that he accidentally touched in Ok-nam’s house, but he’s afraid to bring it up. Instead, he suggests that he and Ok-nam go shopping together to prepare for the winter season. Ok-nam agrees to the idea in hopes that she’ll look prettier for Yi-hyun with the new clothes.

Our trio debate whether or not they should go shrimping like how they had signed themselves up for. While Teacher Gu and Wizard Park wish to spend the money they received from the employer in other ways, Fairy Oh reminds them about her ex-husband who had stolen her winged clothes. She plans on retrieving her fairy clothes from him so that she can eventually return to fairyland. Fairy Oh stuffs some money into Wizard Park’s pocket and storms away. Little did Wizard Park know, she had actually stolen some of his magic beans and replaced his beans with some raisins. Lol.

Kim Geum meets with Jeom-soon to go with her for her contract signing with the publishing company. On the way to the bus stop, she shares with Kim Geum the story about her brother, Jeom-dol, who’s showing some strange behaviors at home. Kim Geum reveals that it was him who caused the egg to crack since he was playing with Jeom-dol back at their house. Additionally, Jeom-dol uttered the words ‘father’ when Kim Geum had touched it. Jeom-soon doesn’t blame Kim Geum for his actions; she assumes Jeom-dol is cracking since he’ll be hatching soon.

Speaking of Jeom-dol, how does Jeom-soon and Ok-nam know that he’s their family member? Jeom-soon is reminded of the moment when Ok-nam discovered Jeom-dol reborn as an egg 699 years ago outside of their house with a note of his name stuck onto it. Since then, they just knew that he was Ok-nam’s long-lost son and Jeom-soon’s brother. The two make it onto the bus just in time. It’s there when Kim Geum finally realizes what kind of book Jeom-soon had written: an erotic novel. Haha.

Yi-hyun stops by the coffee shop to visit Ok-nam. He’s reminded of Doctor Lee’s words about how being in a relationship could relieve him of his current stress and anxiety. Since Yi-hyun struggles to ask Ok-nam out on a date, Ok-nam asks him out on a lunch date. The two have some of the food that Ok-nam packed for lunch. Upon seeing the lotus leaf wrap, Yi-hyun recalls a memory back in fairyland when Fairy Ok-nam was teasing Fairy Bausae for writing a love letter. He eventually retrieves the love letter from her thanks to his lotus flower fan that blew the letter out of her hands. In the present, Yi-hyun finds it strange to see the lotus flower fan wrapped around the rice, but he doesn’t think too much of it.

Ok-nam follows up with Yi-hyun about the bathing question he asked her earlier that morning. Yi-hyun brushes it off and claims he was just merely speaking about a dream he had where he watched her – as a fairy -take a bath at a waterfall. Ok-nam grows delighted that Yi-hyun finally believes she’s a fairy. The two agree to have lunch with each other from now on if time and availability allows the both to do so. Aww.

Kim Geum successfully pulls off the interview with the publishing company for Jeom-soon. He didn’t expect her to write about an erotic novel so he struggled during the interview, but still succeeded nonetheless. Now Jeom-soon’s plans of publishing her first novel will finally come true. Speaking of which, Jeom-soon suggests they have a celebratory party that night, but Kim Geum declines since he’ll be late working at the lab. He recommends Jeom-soon make some friends while she’s at it.

Since Jeom-soon doesn’t want to hang out with her mom and deity Bong-dae isn’t considered her friend, Jeom-soon heads out to a club alone. She visits Gyeong-sul who works as a bartender at a bar and drinks some alcohol (noooo!). Kim Geum and Yi-hyun bicker over Kim Geum’s lotus flower that doesn’t seem to be growing while Ok-nam blushes while thinking about her lunch date earlier with Yi-hyun. Hehe.

Jeom-soon fortunately doesn’t turn into a tiger after drinking some alcohol at the bar. She grows relieved and plans on making more visits to the bar in the future. As for our trio, they’re transported to the port for their shrimping job. They attempt to back out once they arrive, but they learn they can only leave if they each pay $700. The trio are threatened to work so they have no choice but to do the shrimping job, lol.

News about Kim Geum’s erotic novel spreads. An article is written about him and describes the interview that he held with the publishing company as well as about the erotic novel he’s writing. His mom, Doctor Lee, and Yi-hyun are all shocked at the news. Yi-hyun teases him for it and makes fun of him for the side hobby. Lol.

It’s not only Mom, Yi-hyun, and Doctor Lee who are aware of Kim Geum’s deepest secret. Students at the university as well as Kim Geum’s lab partner Jung-min know about the erotic novel. Lol. Jeom-soon herself confronts Kim Geum about the article and grows happy that her novel is receiving some love and attention. Just then, Kim Geum receives a phone call from the publishing company asking if they can promote the book. With Jeom-soon’s permission, Kim Geum agrees to the promotion and they finalize plans with the publishing company. Ok-nam joins the duo a few moments later and finalizes shopping plans with Kim Geum.

That night, Jeom-soon expresses her honest feelings about Kim Geum. She likes Kim Geum and finds him nice. Ok-nam should just forget about finding her reincarnated husband, but Ok-nam is determined to find him even if it takes a while. Yi-hyun and Doctor Lee compete at a swimming pool so Doctor Lee can train for her upcoming competition. Yi-hyun complains about being at the pool with Doctor Lee, but Doctor Lee doesn’t snap back. She’s reminded of tips she found online of how to seduce a man and follows those tips at the pool.

Doctor Lee even goes as far as to faking a drown so that Yi-hyun can rescue her. However, she’s just pulling a prank on him as he will eventually discover seconds later when he pulls her out of the pool. After swimming, the two head out for some sashimi. Doctor Lee ponders what moves to pull on Yi-hyun next so that he will eventually fall in love with her.

Our trio make it onto the ship and are told by the captain of the boat that they’ll be out in the sea for three months once they set sail. The three have no choice but to stay on the ship, but at least they’re on the same boat as Fairy Oh’s ex-husband. Maybe things won’t be that bad after all. Back at the university, Gyeong-sul visits Bong-dae at the coffee shop. She’s struck by his handsome looks and brews him some delicious coffee. She also invites him to return to the coffee shop anytime.

Yi-hyun also heads to the coffee shop in hopes of meeting Ok-nam, but he grows disappointed when he finds Bong-dae there instead. When Yi-hyun returns to the lab, he learns that Kim Geum is out shopping. He grows even more suspicious when he hears that Kim Geum is helping pick out clothes for someone else.

At the shop, Ok-nam tries on a bunch of mismatched floral outfits. Though she clearly likes them and is obsessed with anything floral, Kim Geum doesn’t feel so good about the floral outfits. Lol. The store owner is tempted to earn money though and he tends to Ok-nam’s needs. While he treads off to go search for floral neck-ties for Yi-hyun and Kim Geum, Kim Geum stares lovingly at Ok-nam. Just like 699 years ago when he gave her a back-hug at their village house, the present Kim Geum hugs Ok-nam from behind in the store.

My Thoughts:

Aww, who knew shopping could be so cute and.. romantic. LOL. It’s taking me a while to be patient with this drama considering how slow and frustrating of a drama it is so far, but I find that all the interactions between Yi-hyun and Ok-nam are so worth the wait. There might not be much highlights in each episode, but the highlights are definitely worth it when they do come around.

I’m glad that Yi-hyun is slowly opening up to Ok-nam and warming up to her. He was nervous around her in this episode he couldn’t even mutter up the courage to ask her out on a date. However, it’s clear that he’s starting to have feelings for her which is nice. Whether it’s stops at the coffee shop just to steal glimpses at Ok-nam or agreeing to have lunch dates in the future, Yi-hyun’s impressions of Ok-nam are beginning to shift. Meanwhile, Kim Geum’s feelings for Ok-nam have always stayed the same. He’s had a general positive impression of her since the beginning. The only difference is that he’s finally acting upon those feelings whereas Yi-hyun is behind by remaining stagnant and pretending to be uninterested in Ok-nam. You better hurry Yi-hyun before you lose Ok-nam!

This drama remains confusing the majority of the times and there’s many questions I have about everything. In the ending scene, Ok-nam’s husband from 699 years ago was portrayed by Kim Geum – not Yi-hyun like how the drama had been showing us all along – so that was quite a confusing appearance. Is the reincarnated Bausae Yi-hyun or Kim Geum? More-so, what about Jeom-dol? How did he become reborn as an egg? What happened to him that lead him to transform into an egg? Why did he shout out ‘father’ when Kim Geum touched him? Is Kim Geum the reincarnated husband? We still have all the confusing questions about Ok-nam’s appearance and why she’s viewed as Grandma Ok-nam to others, but just herself to Yi-hyun and Kim Geum. What causes her appearance to differ for certain people? Why do people suddenly see her as a grandma and then a young woman seconds later?

Kim Geum is obviously a very kind man and he’s been extremely supportive of Ok-nam and Jeom-soon. However, I can also see how his kindness can get himself into some trouble as seen with Jeom-soon’s novel. He wanted to help her out by pretending to be the author of her erotic novel. However, this decision only backfired on him once an article about him was released and things will only get worse now that the book is picking up publicity. Jeom-soon doesn’t seem to realize herself what she’s getting both her and Kim Geum into, but Kim Geum can’t seem to reject her wishes either since he wants to help her out. He’s not in the best situation, but his personality just won’t allow him to do anything else otherwise.

Doctor Lee remains funny with her plans in seducing Yi-hyun and getting him to notice her. While I assume she will be unsuccessful in winning him over, a part of me also assumes that she might just end up with him in the end. If the drama decides to have Kim Geum and Ok-nam be the end game, she and Yi-hyun could end up as another couple in the drama. Of course, I personally wouldn’t want that as I enjoy watching Yi-hyun be with Ok-nam the most. However, anything is possible at the moment and you’re not so sure who is going to end up as Ok-nam’s reincarnated husband. Kim Geum and Yi-hyun both each have their own memories that are causing them to remember who Ok-nam is. Maybe at this point, they’re both her reincarnated husband meaning she’ll be with both guys at the end. Lol, just kidding, but who is the husband and who is not? I guess only time and stable execution and storytelling will tell.

Bonus: Extra screenshots~

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