Red Velvet returns with ‘Really Bad Boy’ + 5th mini-album ‘RBB’

One of the nation’s girl groups from the 3rd generation has returned with new music! Red Velvet just recently returned with ‘Really Bad Boy’ off of their 5th mini-album ‘RBB’ and released both the MV as well as mini-album on November 30.

Based off of the title for ‘Really Bad Boy’, it seems like a follow-up to ‘Bad Boy’ which was released earlier this year. Upon watching the music video and listening to the song, I wasn’t as impressed with it as say with Red Velvet’s other songs ‘Peek-A-Boo’ or ‘Bad Boy.’ After hearing a small bit of the song on ‘Running Man’ because of Joy and Irene’s appearance on the show the last two episodes, I was expecting something similar to ‘Dumb Dumb.’ ‘Really Bad Boy’ does feel like a similar version to ‘Dumb Dumb’, but it doesn’t quite hit the mark for me as ‘Dumb Dumb’ did.

Maybe it’s going to take me a few listens to warm up to ‘RBB.’ The song itself isn’t bad, but it feels stagnant and stable all throughout which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it also doesn’t really do anything either. I enjoy Red Velvet’s music though, and their music is my favorite out of girl groups from the third generation. ‘Russian Roulette’ will forever be one of my favorite tracks in K-Pop and from Red Velvet while ‘Bad Boy’ is another favorite track of mines from them. Their repackaged album ‘The Perfect Red Velvet’ was absolutely beautiful in all aspects and remains as one of my favorite albums to be released from RV yet. While ‘Power Up’ didn’t really do much for me (it’s actually my least favorite era and title track from RV), ‘RBB’ is definitely an improvement from the girl group.

After listening to the rest of the songs from the mini-album, I’m actually quite impressed with how cohesive and enjoyable all the side tracks are! I guess that’s something I’ve always liked about Red Velvet. Even if their title tracks don’t necessarily deliver (but they usually do), there’s always at least one or two tracks from the album that makes up for the title track. Every track from ‘RBB’ sounds great and could even serve as the title track if they really wanted to. Listening to the album makes me feel a bit better about ‘Really Bad Boy’ now since I was a bit iffy about it at first.

While ‘Really Bad Boy’ might not do as much for me as say former title tracks like ‘Russian Roulette’, ‘Red Flavor’, ‘Peek-A-Boo’, or ‘Bad Boy’, I’m content enough with the 5th mini-album. Maybe ‘Really Bad Boy’ will eventually grow on me like ‘Red Flavor’ or ‘Dumb Dumb’ did and cause me to change my initial impressions of the song.

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