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  • #ListenToThis: ITZY, Jay Park, Somi, Red Velvet

    #ListenToThis: ITZY, Jay Park, Somi, Red Velvet

    It’s been a while since I’ve written a post about K-Pop song recommendations in general so this does feel a little weird, but I’m back with another post to share some songs that I’ve been listening to the past few weeks! Not all of the songs were released in August per se, but I still…

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  • Red Velvet returns with ‘Really Bad Boy’ + 5th mini-album ‘RBB’

    Red Velvet returns with ‘Really Bad Boy’ + 5th mini-album ‘RBB’

    One of the nation’s girl groups from the 3rd generation has returned with new music! Red Velvet just recently returned with ‘Really Bad Boy’ off of their 5th mini-album ‘RBB’ and released both the MV as well as mini-album on November 30. Based off of the title for ‘Really Bad Boy’, it seems like a…

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  • K-Pop Round Up: BLACKPINK, Wendy & John Legend, AOMG, and Sam Kim

    K-Pop Round Up: BLACKPINK, Wendy & John Legend, AOMG, and Sam Kim

    It hasn’t been that long since my last K-Pop Round Up, but I’m already here with another post which is always great! This post will be covering more non-KPOP songs as I’ll be discussing about recently released music from Khip-hop and R&B artists such as AOMG and Sam Kim. Of course, I can’t leave out…

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  • Red Velvet ‘Powers Up’ in latest summer comeback + releases EP ‘Summer Magic’

    One of my favorite girl groups Red Velvet finally made their anticipated return with their 6th Extended Play ‘Summer Magic’ and title track ‘Power Up.’ If you had asked me whether I would stay up until 2AM to wait for their music video to be released… you would be absolutely right because I did stay…

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  • Red Velvet teases some ‘Summer Magic’ with upcoming comeback

    AHHHHH, my girls are coming back! I absolutely cannot wait for this upcoming summer comeback from SM’s Red Velvet. One by one, teasers of the girl group’s comeback has been revealed and the girls are looking great gearing up for that summer comeback. Along with concept pictures, SM has also released individual video teasers of…

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  • Hit or Miss?: Red Velvet’s fan lightstick

    Upon news and images of Red Velvet’s new fan light stick, some fans expressed either disappointment, indifference, or happiness about the product. The design of the light stick is rather simple, consisting of the initials of the group name ‘RV’ in red. I don’t really care about light sticks. I understand that they’re a pretty…

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  • Red Velvet to make a summer comeback next month

    AHHHHH I’M SO EXCITED! It was recently revealed that Red Velvet will be making a comeback next month in August just in time to celebrate the last few weeks of summer. Last summer, the girl group made the popular and well-known summer hit “Red Flavor” which ultimately shot the girl group to fame. Ever since…

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  • Red Velvet impresses with most recent comeback ‘Peek-a-Boo’

    Oh ho ho. I’m not the biggest fan of Red Velvet (or any SM group for that matter), but from time to time I’ll check out their songs and music especially if there’s some kind of buzz around their comeback. After hearing many people talk about their latest comeback ‘Peek-a-Boo’, I decided to check out…

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