Dinner Mate: Episode 2 Recap

Healing doesn’t happen overnight and it’s not always black and white. Do-hee learns this firsthand as she comes to her terms with a new chapter in her life. There are misfortunes and incidents in life, but there are also good things that blossom when misfortune strikes. Life is always a glass half-full.

Dinner Mate/Would You Like to Have Dinner Together?: Episode 2 Recap

Hae-kyung reunites with Do-hee again at her car after shortly separating for a few minutes. He asks if she would like to eat dinner with him to which she agrees. With it being late at night and little to no restaurants opened, Do-hee decides to stop by a food truck parked out near the beach as their dinner destination. Hae-kyung is hesitant to eat at the shabby looking food truck, but Do-hee is highly interested. When the duo is served their rice bowls, they find that the food isn’t as bad as they thought. The two chat with each other about a variety of things and Do-hee even rants about psychiatrists for a bit which upsets Hae-kyung, but he clarifies one thing with her. He didn’t come back for her because he felt bad; it was because he wanted to have dinner with her.

After eating some late dinner, the two rest at a vacation house that was suggested by the two cooks from the food truck before. Upon arriving at the vacation house, Hae-kyung and Do-hee are greeted by an older couple at the lobby. They tease the two by questioning how many bedrooms they want or they assume Do-hee and Hae-kyung are a couple, but the two adamantly deny any of the claims. They end up getting two separate bedrooms. Once in his bedroom, Hae-kyung reflects on a conversation he had with ex-girlfriend, No-eul, about his eating habits. He usually likes to eat alone, but if he eats with a stranger, then that means he wants to be on their good side. While he rests in his room, Do-hee goes out to the empty pool with a bottle of champagne.

It doesn’t take long for Do-hee to empty the bottle of champagne and before you know it, she’s found “swimming” in the empty pool by a confused Hae-kyung. The pain and heartbreak from the break-up is still so fresh and raw for Do-hee and she hates herself for still thinking about Young-dong. Although Hae-kyung walks away at first after noticing Do-hee, he eventually joins her in the empty pool when she collapses. Do-hee’s eyes fill with tears as she expresses emotions of feeling suffocated. The pool is empty and they aren’t swimming in a pool of water, but why does she feel like she’s suffocating? Hae-kyung sits himself down next to Do-hee and conducts a therapy session with her then and there. He encourages her to force herself to breathe to begin the healing process. Eventually, her wound will heal and she will be able to breathe once again. Do-hee cries upon hearing Hae-kyung’s words.

The next morning, Hae-kyung and Do-hee bid farewell with each other again. Before being picked up by a taxi to go to the airport, Hae-kyung hands Do-hee a digestive drink after catching her poke her finger with a needle to treat her indigestion. Do-hee wishes to treat Hae-kyung out for dinner again once they arrive back in Seoul as another way to thank him for everything. It’ll purely just be them getting dinner; they won’t have to exchange names, numbers, or anything of that sort. Hae-kyung is hesitant in accepting Do-hee’s idea, but instead of directly rejecting her, he comes up with another proposal: they can meet up at 8pm at the Haedong Fish Market if Tae Jin-Ah’s new song (which is playing in the taxi that Hae-kyung is going to take) hits #1 on the music chart. Of course, the chances of this actually happening is little to none so there should also be little to no chance of Hae-kyung and Do-hee ever meeting up in Seoul.

Upon reuniting with Hae-kyung, Byung-jin pesters him about the woman who he was with in Jeju-do (AKA Do-hee). After overhearing her voice during the phone call they had the day before, Byung-jin was curious ever since as to who this lady was. Is she pretty? Is she beautiful? Are they ever going to meet up again? After constant pestering, Hae-kyung finally unleashes details as to how Do-hee and he met and why he doesn’t want to meet up with her again. She’s developed some sort of dependency on him and he doesn’t want to encourage that by continuing to meet up with Do-hee. With the answer now out in the air, Byung-jin finally leaves his boss alone and Hae-kyung finally gets some time to rest from his wild trip.

Hae-kyung takes some time to rest at home as well once she gets back to Seoul. She reviews the footages of her that she took back on her trip to Jeju Island and comes close to deleting everything. However, she relishes over what’s the point of deleting all the footages and clips if they’re still so clear and vivid in her mind so she leaves them alone. When Do-hee returns to work, she updates So-ra on her trip. Unlike what they thought, Do-hee does not have a ring on her finger and she updates her colleague on what happened with Young-dong. Maybe things aren’t so bad after all, Do-hee did dodge a bullet (good thing!).

Hae-kyung recalls the comments that Byung-jin said about him in regards to rejecting Do-hee’s request for dinner back in Seoul. Byung-jin believes Hae-kyung basically used her and was playing around with her to which Hae-kyung firmly denies. Do-hee has a new challenge at work with her old show scraped: CEO Nam wants Do-hee to recruit Dr. Kim (aka Hae-kyung) onto a new show that Do-hee will be in charge of. Hae-kyung is a well-known and highly wanted psychiatrist, but there’s little to no information about him online and no one really knows about him other than that he’s a psychiatrist who treats his patients by eating together. Do-hee accepts the challenge presented by CEO Nam only if she gets to design the show the way she wants it. CEO Nam reluctantly agrees and Do-hee is confident she can bring Hae-kyung (who she doesn’t know is Hae-kyung) onto the show.

Back at his clinic, Hae-kyung and Byung-jin watch a small clip of Hae-kyung’s show that had hit 100,000 views. Byung-jin is entertained by the livestream, but the show proves once again as to why Hae-kyung refuses all the offers that he gets. These shows don’t seem genuine and there seems to be a lack of altruism in these shows and the staff behind them. He’s confident he’ll never want to appear on a show.

And so the recruiting begins! Just like Hae-kyung has done with all the offers he’s received from other shows, he also declines Do-hee’s offer to appear on her show. She directly reaches out to him via email which he opens, but he has more important things on his mind — like the box of books that came into his office that were written and sent by a woman named Lee Moon-jung. Hae-kyung demands for Byung-jin to get rid of the books somehow. Afterwards, Hae-kyung meets up with a patient at a cafe.

Do-hee receives a box full of her belongings from Young-dong who wishes to return their respective items and belongings back to each other now that they’ve broken up. Do-hee rips apart the letter that he wrote for her and she throws everything in the box out in the trash, including the red scarf that she personally knitted for him. Now that she’s finally getting rid of some memories and items, she feels like she can breathe again.

Hae-kyung takes a trip back to memory lane and looks at old photos of him and his family when he was younger. After finding a photo of him and his mom, he recalls the moment she disappeared from his life to focus on her writing career. This could explain for why he was upset upon seeing a box full of her books delivered to his clinic. When Hae-kyung arrives to work the next day, he berates Byung-jin for selling the books online instead of doing something else more altruistic like donating them. Meanwhile, staff at 2N Box watch a video of an anonymous man planning on doing something big and dangerous starting at 10am that will affect many people in Korea. Everyone’s concerned about their data so they make plans to back up the data as soon as possible.

CEO Nam reminds Do-hee once again about getting Hae-kyung onto her show so Do-hee sends Hae-kyung another follow-up email. She takes a jab at him for not responding to her email and assumes that with all the compliments everyone says about him, he would have at least gave her a simple yes or no. Hae-kyung doesn’t feel too good about the email and with his ego and pride hurt, he writes back to Do-hee with not so pretty words either. Her program isn’t that great and she lacks manners as well as a professional attitude. The two eventually get into a battle with each other over email and continue to take jabs at the other. Do-hee curses Hae-kyung in French (“si bel homme”) while Hae-kyung suggests that Do-hee seek help from a therapist or psychiatrist for she seems to be suffering from a variety of disorders and illnesses. The two have enough and they both step out to visit the other’s office. While Hae-kyung storms out of his office, Byung-jin attempts to get his boss’s attention: Tae Jin-Ah’s song is #12 on the charts. OMGGG.

Hae-kyung and Do-hee both rush to each other’s office. Hae-kyung storms into 2N Box to speak with Do-hee who isn’t in the office at the moment (she’s at his clinic, lol). CEO Na and Do-hee’s assistant producer attempt to calm Hae-kyung down while getting in contact with Do-hee, but she’s not answering. She’s busy trying to find Hae-kyung at his clinic instead and is gathering more information on his whereabouts from assistant Byung-jin. Eventually, Hae-kyung and Do-hee’s anger and frustration is set aside when they learn about Tae Jin-Ah’s newest song hitting number one on the music chart. When Hae-kyung returns to his clinic, Byung-jin reminds him to keep his promise with Do-hee and to meet up with her at the fish market. Hae-kyung refuses to meet up with Do-hee though and would rather rest.

Do-hee debates whether or not she should meet up with Hae-kyung at the fish market. Singer Tae Jin-Ah did hit number one on the music charts. Just when she changes her mind and decides to head back home, she gets into a small car accident with none other than the singer himself. He apologizes to her for the car accident and make amends with her. Do-hee is way too surprised to even process the fact that the singer is in front of her at the moment. When the singer strolls back into his car, she notices the back of his jacket which contains a drawing of a fish. Do-hee takes this as a sign that she should head to the fish market.

And so Do-hee eventually arrives at the Haedong Fish Market. She fascinated by all the fishes swimming in a tank and enjoys her time alone at the market. However, it doesn’t take long for Do-hee to notice that she’s accompanied by a familiar face. Standing across from Do-hee is none other than Hae-kyung who warmly smiles at her upon the two making eye contact. 8pm at Haedong Fish Market — he’s a man of his words.

My Thoughts:

He’s a man of his wordssss! Hae-kyunggggg!! The ending to this episode was just as cute as the ending to episode one, but a part of me still liked episode one’s ending just a tad bit more. Even though Hae-kyung was denying his plans to meet up with Do-hee, we sort of knew that he would come around and eventually make his way to meeting up with her. Whether it’s because he feels like he need to keep his promise with Do-hee or because he’s taken some sort of interest in Do-hee is yet to be known. Regardless, it doesn’t change the fact that he showed up at the time and place that he said they would meet up. Everyone thank Tae Jin-Ah for making it possible! Haha.

It’s going to be oh so hilarious when Hae-kyung and Do-hee find out that they were fighting and going at it against each other via email as we saw in this episode. Since they don’t know each other’s names and professions and, therefore, didn’t know that they were fighting each other via email, it’s going to be so much more funnier once they realize that they were fighting each other. I think what makes everything that much funnier in all of this is that you have Hae-kyung and Do-hee ready to rip each other’s heads off in this episode and then the two end up meeting at the fish market on the same exact day they were angry and frustrated with each other. LOL. They’re strangers on the internet and in real life so I can’t wait for proper introductions to be made and the two to connect the dots. Yes, Do-hee is PD Do-hee and Hae-kyung is Dr. Kim. Please make peace with each other once you both realize you were fighting each other, haha.

I really enjoyed episode one so I was hoping episode two would maintain the momentum and energy that was presented in the first episode. While I did enjoy episode two, things kind of died down so I’m sad that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had wanted to. I felt like there was something in episode one that elevated it and gave it an extra boost that was missing in this second episode. However, despite my small observations between both episodes, I still enjoyed episode two. It still had those moments that really grabbed at your heart and made you feel for the characters. My heart broke for Do-hee as we watched her come to terms with her break-up. Although comedic and funny at first, it was sad to watch her lie in the empty pool and cry her heart out over what had happened to her. It was just as rewarding and relieving though to watch her bounce back and find herself again even though the anger and emotions inside of her were still so fresh and raw. She can still be angry at being cheated on, but she can also learn to let go and be at peace for her own sake. Do-hee will never see Young-dong the same way again and that bridge between the both of them has been burned, but she should also take care of herself and heal at her own pace so that she doesn’t linger onto unhealthy feelings. As we saw in this episode, Do-hee is slowly on her way to healing and it’s not going to be easy, but the first few steps have been taken. The suffocation is no longer as heavy or strong; she can finally take a few breaths.

It’ll be interesting though to see what Do-hee’s take on relationships are now that she got cheated on. Is she scarred from love and relationships to the point where she vows to never fall in love again? Is she afraid of getting betrayed again by her future lover? Or is there a sense of hope instilled in her that the right one will come along in her life and everything will be ok again? Or will Do-hee simply just choose to focus on her life at the moment and not worry so much about her love life? There’s many questions about Do-hee and her perception on love and the lessons she’s taken away from her break-up so I hope to see what Do-hee thinks and feels about relationships now that she’s back to being a single woman. We understand that Hae-kyung himself has had his history and share of relationships, notably with ex-girlfriend No-eul which he himself is still trying to heal from. It’ll be interesting to see Hae-kyung himself heal from that break-up in the process of assisting and supporting Do-hee with hers. The two might find comfort and solace in each other as they come to difficult terms with their past.

Hae-kyung made an agreement with Do-hee for what was supposed to be a rare opportunity to meet up again once they arrived back in Seoul. Now that the impossible happened, the two are quickly acquainted once again and will hopefully form a bond where they will want to see each other again and not have to come up with excuses to avoid each other. I wonder what it’s going to take for Hae-kyung to finally give in and agree to appear on Do-hee’s show. Which singer will have to hit number one on the music charts next in order for Hae-kyung to come through with another agreement and promise? How exactly will Do-hee get Hae-kyung to make what would be his first ever appearance on any show ever? Things are going to get so much more fun.

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