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  • Dinner Mate: Episode 16 & Final Recap

    Dinner Mate: Episode 16 & Final Recap

    It’s our finale episode so things wrap up for our silly, creative, and funny characters who all experienced a wild roller coaster ride after being intertwined with one another. Although the journey itself wasn’t the easiest and smoothest, there were plenty of healing moments that lead to a rewarding and peaceful outcome. For our characters,…

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  • Dinner Mate: Episode 15 Recap

    Dinner Mate: Episode 15 Recap

    It’s finale week so we finally get to wrapping things up for our respective characters. When all is done and over with, what will happen to our characters? What will they have learned throughout this entire journey? Who will they support and who will support them? Dinner Mate/Would You Like to Have Dinner Together?: Episode…

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  • Dinner Mate: Episode 14 Recap

    Dinner Mate: Episode 14 Recap

    Life can be lonely, but it’s nice to have someone there with you who you can lean on during times of difficulty and hardship. Hae-kyung and Do-hee has always been that source of support and comfort for each other even before they got into a relationship, but things remain the same now that they’re a…

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  • Dinner Mate: Episode 13 Recap

    Dinner Mate: Episode 13 Recap

    Do it now before it’s too late. There are many words that have yet to be said and things that have yet to be done for many of our characters. There are unspoken words and hidden feelings with many of the relationships and regrets to decisions that were made in the past. Just how will…

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  • Dinner Mate: Episode 12 Recap

    Dinner Mate: Episode 12 Recap

    Things are starting to fall into the cracks and lines are starting to get blurred. It’s proving to be much harder for Do-hee and Hae-kyung who were confident and strong about their relationship. For how much longer can they keep things up and together or will they eventually fall as well? Dinner Mate/Would You Like…

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  • Dinner Mate: Episode 11 Recap

    Dinner Mate: Episode 11 Recap

    Do-hee and Hae-kyung continue to be tested. There are many obstacles in front of them that are attempting to ruin their relationship, but the two lovers are committed to each other. Will they be able to maintain this peace and honesty with each other through it all or will one give in to the continuous…

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  • Dinner Mate: Episode 10 Recap

    Dinner Mate: Episode 10 Recap

    Do-hee’s had her fair share of experiences with relationships. She’s experienced the bad with Jae-hyuk, the ugly with Young-dong, and now experiences what the good in a relationship is like with Hae-kyung. Things feel different with the psychiatrist, but it also isn’t easy. They might have made their feelings about each other clear, but what…

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  • Dinner Mate: Episode 9 Recap

    Dinner Mate: Episode 9 Recap

    Scars are painful and can remind you of heartbreaking memories, but within time, they will heal. For so long, Do-hee has held onto the past and has tried her best to not let her scars get the worst of her. However, it’s been much harder said than done and her efforts hasn’t amounted to much.…

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  • Dinner Mate: Episode 8 Recap

    Dinner Mate: Episode 8 Recap

    What would you do to earn a second chance at a relationship that you so desperately miss and wish for? All of our characters are constantly being tested and pushed to the limit in hopes of that second chance, but some things are just meant to happen once. Some people were meant to just cross…

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  • Dinner Mate: Episode 7 Recap

    Dinner Mate: Episode 7 Recap

    Do-hee reevaluates the relationships in her life after coming to terms with her failed relationship and heartbreaks. She might have moved on from her first love, but she still has plenty of challenges in her love life that she has to face. Do-hee experiences firsthand the difficulties and struggles in respecting boundaries for a relationship…

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