Dinner Mate: Episode 9 Recap

Scars are painful and can remind you of heartbreaking memories, but within time, they will heal. For so long, Do-hee has held onto the past and has tried her best to not let her scars get the worst of her. However, it’s been much harder said than done and her efforts hasn’t amounted to much. With Hae-kyung now in the picture, Do-hee comes to learning that maybe things don’t have to be this way forever. The hesitance and the doubts are still there and the scars from her past relationships haven’t disappeared just yet, but maybe things will get a little easier with Hae-kyung there by her side.

Dinner Mate/Would You Like to Have Dinner Together?: Episode 9 Recap

Hae-kyung gathers all the courage inside of him to confess his feelings to Do-hee. He’s never been braver in any other time in his life and he likes Do-hee. After taking a step closer to her, he expresses his concern at the small wound on her hand. Do-hee calmly answers that she’s okay and Hae-kyung proceeds to asking her if she would like to grab dinner with him (I have butterflies in my stomach watching this right now, omg). Back at the office, So-ra and the rest assume Do-hee and Hae-kyung are fighting outside. Just when they’re about to head out to check up on them, CEO Nam stops them just in time. She encourages them to leave the couple alone.

And so it’s dinner time! Woo hoo! Hae-kyung checks in with Do-hee and what her answer to his confession is. Does she feel the same way? Do-hee’s reminded of Young-dong’s cheating as well as her break-up with Jae-hyuk. With these prior experiences, she feels hesitant to accept Hae-kyung’s confession so she sternly rejects him. Hae-kyung isn’t too upset with her response. He’ll have many more chances to spend time with her, such as Do-hee’s show that he’ll be participating in. He is THE Kim Hae-kyung that everyone has been scouting after all. Hae-kyung also makes sure to take good care of Do-hee by replacing the former band-aid on her hand with a new one. That night, Hae-kyung and Do-hee have trouble sleeping. Hae-kyung occupies himself by watching one of the livestreams that Do-hee produced while Do-hee sticks next to the giant stuffed penguin that Hae-kyung won for her a few dates back. They’re unable to stop thinking about each other.

While resting at home, No-eul reads the comments to the new photo that she posted on her SNS account. At first, things seem supportive, but people soon bring up the scandal that she was involved in. As if that wasn’t enough, she recalls an encounter that she had with Hae-kyung’s Mom not too long ago. After reuniting with Mom, No-eul questions why Mom doesn’t approve of her. Mom simply notes that No-eul reminds Mom of herself; she’s selfish and only does things for herself. Before bidding farewell, No-eul notices two books on the table in front of Mom about surviving cancer. After exiting the hospital, Mom begins to feel pain in her stomach. Uh-oh.

Hae-kyung is in a good mood. He buys Byung-jin some coffee on his way into work and he doesn’t yell at Byung-jin when Byung-jin pesters him on who he’s busy texting. Haha. Hae-kyung asks for Byung-jin to pay close attention to his upcoming schedules just in case he gets an offer to appear on a show. The two are eventually interrupted by No-eul who shows up unannounced to the clinic. She encourages Hae-kyung to check in on his mom and quickly leaves right after informing Hae-kyung of his mom’s condition. Hae-kyung gives it a thought. Back at 2N Box, Do-hee visits CEO Nam’s office for a talk. She updates her boss about Hae-kyung’s willingness to participate in her show. CEO Nam reminds Do-hee not to overwork herself again too much and the two friends go out for some pork cutlet.

After stuffing their stomachs with some fried pork cutlet in under 10 minutes, Do-hee and CEO Nam take a few minutes to digest their food. Do-hee’s reminded of the times when she would visit the same exact restaurant with Jae-hyuk back when they were still a couple. It’s bittersweet just how much has changed since then. While exiting the restaurant, CEO Nam and Do-hee come across Jae-hyuk. He too was on his way to the restaurant. CEO Nam gives the two some time alone so the former couple awkwardly greet each other. Do-hee isn’t too concerned about her hand injury, but Jae-hyuk is worried about his. He manages to convince Do-hee to go with him to the hospital to get it evaluated and checked on so she agrees and accompanies him to the hospital. Hae-kyung himself is visiting the hospital after hearing about his mother’s condition. He first checks in with her doctor who informs him that Mom is suffering from stage four cancer. As with all operations, she can be treated, but there’s always a risk.

Hae-kyung brings himself to visit his Mom in her private hospital room. The emotions from learning about her cancer is too much for him and he questions why she didn’t tell him earlier. Mom is just relieved to find Hae-kyung so angry; maybe he does actually care about her after all. Mom feels guilty for the way she raised Hae-kyung; even after all these years, she’s still not aware of what his favorite foods and recipes are. She requests that they eat dinner together once she is released from the hospital. Hae-kyung hopes that they can have a good talk after she leaves the hospital. Once outside of the room, Hae-kyung stops himself in the hallway and breaks down. He cries seeing for himself his ill and sick mother.

After going to the hospital together, Jae-hyuk and Do-hee wait at a bus station. There, Jae-hyuk pleads for another chance with Do-hee. Back then, he disappeared because of his Mom and he didn’t have the time to explain to Do-hee with how fast everything was happening for him. However, everything is much better now and he wants to be with Do-hee again. Do-hee understands Jae-hyuk’s situation back when they were together, but it’s different now. She’s forgotten about Jae-hyuk. She once was happy with him, but she’s much happier now without him. Do-hee sets boundaries with Jae-hyuk and gets on the bus alone once it arrives. Jae-hyuk watches as she rejects him once again and escapes from his sight. It’s too much for the medical journalist to accept and process.

After taking care of his mom for a bit in the hospital and signing his mom’s surgery consent form, Hae-kyung goes to visit his Dad’s grave site. He brings some flowers and a copy of Mom’s book and gently places it down on the grave site. He recalls a conversation he had with his Dad back when he was still in the hospital. With Dad’s time running out, he encouraged Hae-kyung not to hate Mom too much. Plus, she rarely ever cooks, but he should learn to appreciate her cooking now before he regrets it. Young Hae-kyung back then brushed his Dad’s words aside, but things have changed in the present. How did Dad know that this day would come? How was Dad able to predict that Hae-kyung would regret not eating his mother’s cooking and not treating her better? Hae-kyung sheds tears again upon thinking about Mom’s situation.

CEO Nam and Keanu grab some dinner together. She invites him out for some dumplings at a nearby restaurant. Although Keanu likes eating dumplings, he’s reminded of his wife and daughter who also enjoyed eating the food as well. He shares with CEO Nam that his wife and daughter are no longer alive. They’ve left to be in a better place elsewhere. So why does Keanu stay outside of the convenience store then? Keanu reveals that it’s simply because he’s waiting for someone. The two acquaintances resume to eating some dumplings together. Once they finish dinner, Keanu makes his way back to his usual spot. Along the way, he watches news coverage about a patient who died from a psychiatric drug overdose. The news is triggering for Keanu and he panics upon reading the headline. He’s reminded of the moment he was arrested as a former psychiatrist because one of his patients poisoned himself from the medicine that Keanu prescribed. Back then, the incident was reported by Jae-hyuk who covered the story on his show. He was the reason as to how Keanu learned about the incident.

Jae-hyuk catches up with Gun-woo at a bar. Gun-woo pesters Jae-hyuk for information on why he suddenly left to study abroad, but Jae-hyuk doesn’t reveal much. He simply just wanted to become a better person so that he could return to his first love with a lot more confidence. So what about Gun-woo? What’s his connection to both Hae-kyung and No-eul? Gun-woo simplifies his connections to them as just friends. While Gun-woo views them both as friends, Jae-hyuk has a different perception of both No-eul and Hae-kyung. To him, one’s a rival and the other is a helper.

It’s another day at 2N Box which means another day of filming a livestream. This time, So-ra is doing an ASMR video with Do-hee and Kim Jin-kyu as the main PD’s. Although it starts off iffy at first, the livestream ends up being successful and they wound up with 5 million likes. Meanwhile, Hae-kyung and No-eul have a talk about his mom at the park. Although Hae-kyung asks for No-eul not to involve herself in the situation with Mom, No-eul’s convinced that she needs to stay up to date with Mom’s condition. Mom does like her after all (but does she really?). Hae-kyung eventually transitions their conversation to talking about Do-hee. Unlike what he claimed last time, he’s willing to participate in the show with No-eul that Do-hee is spearheading. Confused as to why Hae-kyung suddenly changed his mind, No-eul is convinced that Do-hee is the main reason he’s now doing the show. He only became interested in the show after finding out about her.

PD Do-hee relays the news to his team back at 2N Box. With Hae-kyung now on board, she’s come up with a brand new idea for her show: No-eul and Hae-kyung will talk about food and love. Hae-kyung is an expert in food therapy and No-eul is a dating expert. They can come together to talk about food and love on her show! CEO Nam isn’t such a big fan of her idea and Do-hee quietly sits back down at the table. Lol. While at work, Hae-kyung receives a call from Do-hee. It’s the moment he’s been waiting for! He picks up the call after a few seconds of clearing his voice and he makes plans with Do-hee for that day. She wants to arrange a meeting to go over logistics for the show which Hae-kyung is happy about. He clears up the rest of the schedules for that day so that they can meet up. He’s free to meet that day. Hehe.

Do-hee and No-eul have an honest conversation about Hae-kyung’s participation in the show. No-eul isn’t so happy with how Hae-kyung’s changed his mind about things. She can tell with just one look in his face that he’s interested and attracted to Do-hee which doesn’t sit well with her. Do-hee connects the dots and realizes that No-eul was Hae-kyung’s first love that he talked to her about in their prior dinner dates. Although No-eul and Hae-kyung have broken up, No-eul still isn’t over him. She’s still seeking his forgiveness to this day. Before leaving, No-eul makes it clear to Do-hee that she’ll only think about herself from now on and do things for herself so Do-hee should also consider doing the same.

Hae-kyung leaves work early for his meeting with Do-hee. Before leaving, he communicates his plans to Byung-jin and blames his assistant for not telling him the identity of who PD Do-hee was. Byung-jin defends that he did try to tell Hae-kyung, but his boss just didn’t want to listen. Haha. And so Hae-kyung sets out for 2N Box. Once he arrives, he discovers Do-hee waiting for him outside in the lobby which he’s impressed with. However, Do-hee reasons that they do it for all their guests who they’re collaborating with for the first time so he shouldn’t feel too special. Hae-kyung makes sure to check in with Do-hee on her hand injury before the meeting. Although No-eul won’t be joining the meeting due to an appointment of her own, Jae-hyuk makes sure to make his presence known. He finds the two exiting the elevator together and invites himself to the meeting. He is helping out with the show after all.

Once in the meeting room, Do-hee starts off by explaining the theme of the show: the show will focus on Hae-kyung’s food therapy and psychoanalysis of food. Every week, they’ll choose a dish as the main theme, have listeners share their stories about that specific food, and come together for a casual discussion about the shared story as well as the food itself. The show will air once every week for 20 minutes. It’s best to start things slow for now since it is a new show. After discussing the show, Hae-kyung moves on to talking about more important things: dinner. He invites both Do-hee and Jae-hyuk to grab dinner with him.

No-eul visits Mom at the hospital and gifts her with a bouquet of roses. That is Mom’s favorite type of flower, right? However, that’s not the only reason as to why she’s there. No-eul pleads for Mom to help set her up with Hae-kyung once again. She’s not like how she once used to be and she’s changed now. However, Mom doesn’t believe in No-eul so easily and she has a hard trusting her son’s ex-girlfriend. Once her visit ends, No-eul learns about the impromptu dinner that Hae-kyung invited Do-hee and Jae-hyuk out to. No-eul should join if they both want their respective first love’s back.

CEO Nam stops by the convenience store for Keanu once again. After some waiting, Keanu finally shows up to join CEO Nam. It seems like another dinner date between the two, but things are different this time. CEO Nam casually confesses to Keanu; she has feelings for him. She doesn’t know much about him, but he seems like a good person based off of their interactions. Plus, she’s sure that she likes him. It’s not like he killed a person, right? Keanu pauses upon hearing CEO Nam’s question and feigns ignorance. No, he never did such a thing. They eventually shake hands to confirm both their feelings for each other and their newly founded relationship. And another couple is born!

It’s dinner time! Jae-hyuk, Do-hee, and Hae-kyung are accompanied by the rest of the 2N Box team as well as No-eul who runs a little late. She seats herself next to Do-hee and blames her for purposely excluding her from the team dinner. However, it’s not only 2N Box and Hae-kyung who is at the restaurant; Byung-jin is also there on the side as their server. Lol. PD Jin-kyu is excited at Hae-kyung’s participation in their upcoming show. It’s Hae-kyung’s first ever appearance on a show so he’s looking forward to things. A discussion about the show eventually ensues and Hae-kyung and Jae-hyuk pick at each other. Their bickering causes the situation to turn serious and sour and awkward silence fills in for the moments where there is no speaking. If Jae-hyuk is going to complain about Hae-kyung’s participation in their show, maybe Hae-kyung and Do-hee can work together on creating a new show?

Do-hee feels uncomfortable being dragged into the conversation so she excuses herself to the restroom. Just as she’s gone, Gun-woo arrives to the team dinner but is quickly pulled aside by Jae-hyuk for a private talk. Once alone outside, Jae-hyuk asks for Gun-woo to refrain from telling Do-hee that they’re cousins. He doesn’t want Do-hee to know about his parents and how they’re the main reason as to why he and Do-hee broke up. If Jae-hyuk’s parents knew that he was meeting with a common and ordinary woman like Do-hee, they wouldn’t be so impressed and happy with him.

At that moment, Do-hee overhears Jae-hyuk’s comments to Gun-woo and she grows infuriated. So that was the reason as to why he broke up with her? After being left alone, the two talk things out. However, there’s not much talking to do and she doesn’t want to hear any more excuses from Jae-hyuk. She’s in disbelief at the fact that she’s never really known Jae-hyuk at all and she slaps him in the face afterwards. She’s had enough of him. Do-hee ends up leaving without saying a word to anyone. She drags her feet as she reflects on what she just heard from Jae-hyuk. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it begins to pour and rain. However, Do-hee isn’t alone and she soon finds herself protected by somebody. Of course, it’s none other than Hae-kyung who covers her with his jacket (omg, it’s ‘The Classic‘ all over again!). The two stare into each other’s eyes upon being reunited (I can’t take this! They’re tooooo cute!).

To cheer Do-hee up, Hae-kyung cooks a warm meal for Do-hee. She watches as he work his cooking skills and magic in the kitchen. After putting something together for her, he gives her a brief introduction to the meal that he’s cooked. Warm food is often eaten when sick or ill, but it’s also great for healing not only the body but also the heart. Plus, it’s even more powerful when cooked by someone handsome. LOL. Hae-kyung, please! So with that, Do-hee digs into the meal and she enjoys it. It’s delicious. Hae-kyung is so happy seeing Do-hee eat his food, he feels full just by watching her eat. However, a few spoons in and Hae-kyung has something else he wants to talk to Do-hee about.

Remember the rules they set with each other as dinner mates? Don’t share when you don’t feel comfortable sharing, but do share when you want to? Hae-kyung garners up his courage once more and shares details about his life with Do-hee. Since he was young, he had to learn to cook and fend for himself. With his mom prioritizing work over family, he often found himself eating alone. However, it wasn’t until he got into a relationship with No-eul that he finally discovered what it was like to eat with someone who you loved. He came to enjoying the company when eating. But then once that relationship ended, so did his love for eating with someone else and it soon transformed into something he disliked.

But then things started to change for Hae-kyung once he met Do-hee. He didn’t even know her name or who she was or what her profession was, but he found himself enjoying dinner with her. He became used to their dinner dates and to the amount of time that they were spending with each other. It gave him hope and he genuinely likes being with her. Do-hee’s eyes fill with tears upon hearing Hae-kyung’s words. She’s not so sure herself who she is or who to believe in anymore. She thought her relationship with her first love was genuine and that her memories of him would remind her of the good times, but now everything just feels like a lie to her. Hae-kyung comforts a sullen and heart-broken Do-hee and reminds her that her love for her first love was genuine even if he didn’t necessarily know that. Regardless of whether it was before or after Hae-kyung knew who Do-hee was, Hae-kyung makes it clear that nothing has changed for him. He still likes her the same.

Hae-kyung wipes the tears falling on Do-hee’s face and eventually caresses Do-hee as she slowly leans in to his arms. Hae-kyung pats her and softly holds her while she stays comfortably in his big, warm arms. No words are spoken between the two, but it’s clear that the two are still as comfortable with each other as before. Their relationship is still as beautiful as ever.

My Thoughts:

Wow, this drama is really hitting all the right spots and continues to give me SO many feels. The drama really knows how to give me the fuzzies and the squealies and I can’t help but find myself screaming with every interaction between Hae-kyung and Do-hee. I know I mentioned this before, but Song Seung-heon and Seo Ji-hye’s chemistry with each other is so magical and that’s what makes me root for them so much more. Do-hee and Hae-kyung are fitting for each other for many different reasons, but add the wonderful chemistry between the two into that mix and everything is truly so beautiful.

The ending to this episode was yet another turning point in Hae-kyung and Do-hee’s relationship and it was such a touching moment between the two. Do-hee has finally given into the fact that maybe things with Hae-kyung will be different. He’s already made it clear to her that he genuinely likes her and that he sincerely enjoys spending time with her. He’s demonstrated the impact that she’s made in his life and how her involvement in his life has brightened things up for him. The fact that she became his dinner mate after years of eating alone proves to her just how big of a role she’s played in his life. A part of this stems from the fact that Hae-kyung is beginning to open his walls back up to this new chapter in his life so he’s become more accepting of eating with a partner — something he formerly associated with bad memories and experiences. However, he only started to view it differently once he began to go on dinner dates with Do-hee which proved to be such a different experience for him. Before, Hae-kyung disliked eating with other people and he preferred to eat alone, but somewhere along the way came Do-hee who changed everything. Add to the fact that Hae-kyung himself is also a big foodie who uses food as part of his therapy sessions and this proves that he now has a more positive perception of food thanks to Do-hee. Dinner dates and food is no longer something painful that he associates from his relationship with No-eul or that he utilizes professionally. It’s now because a part of his personal life thanks to Do-hee, his dinnermate.

With the ending, it’s also become a bit more clear as to what Do-hee’s feelings for Hae-kyung are. As we saw in the beginning of the episode, she was hesitant to accept Hae-kyung’s confession because of the painful break-ups and relationships that she experienced in the past. She was afraid, rightfully so, to enter a new relationship with a guy who she had been spending time with, but whose name and profession she didn’t know for that long. Plus, she wasn’t so sure how things were going to turn out for them considering that they were seeing each other as just merely dinner mates and not necessarily two people interested in each other (we saw it as that, but Do-hee and Hae-kyung were good at hiding their feelings for each other). With that being said, I can see why Do-hee shut Hae-kyung down at first. She didn’t want to go through another hurtful and bitter break-up. It also doesn’t help that Jae-hyuk, who she loved with all her heart, betrayed her and lied to her about their break-up. Plus, the fact that he’s now back in her life pleading for another chance with her only made things more difficult and conflicting for her. It’s an experience that Do-hee doesn’t want to go through again and it’s something she’s afraid will repeat with Hae-kyung.

As much as I don’t want to admit it, a part of me also feels like Do-hee opened up to Hae-kyung at the end of this episode because of the truth that she learned about her break-up with Jae-hyuk. I don’t think she was ever seriously considering giving Jae-hyuk another chance, but I think she was still nostalgic about their past and what they could have been so she couldn’t entirely cut him from her life. I loved the way that Do-hee set clear boundaries with Jae-hyuk and explicitly relayed to him how she felt about him, but she still cared for him in other ways. Since Do-hee also wasn’t aware just yet of the real reason as to why they broke up, she didn’t necessarily receive that closure from their relationship that she was seeking and, therefore, struggled to shut Jae-hyuk completely out from her life.

However, with Do-hee discovering the real, painful reason as to why they broke up, Do-hee finally has an answer to the mystery that she was internally investigating this entire time and she can now more easily let go of her past with Jae-hyuk (emphasis on their past and not on Jae-hyuk). She can also gather the courage to build a new chapter in her life without him. Prior to learning the truth, she was sort of in this back and forth kind of phase where she wasn’t necessarily opened to getting back with Jae-hyuk, but she also was reluctant to let him go entirely. She was still sort of holding onto some hope that maybe they broke up for other reasons like the one that Jae-hyuk lied about. However, it was easier for her to finally cut that cord when she learned that Jae-hyuk lied to her about the reason for their break-up and how he framed her as the reason for their separation (even though it really wasn’t her fault). Once she learned the truth behind their break-up, she faced the brutal reality that there was no other reason for them to give things a second try anymore. There was no point in holding onto that slim light of hope anymore. For Do-hee, she can accept the fact that they were once in love in the past and that Jae-hyuk once played a role during a pivotal time in her life and, yet, also let him go in the present.

Now Do-hee has a bigger and better reason to finally let go of Jae-hyuk and can shift her entire focus to Hae-kyung. With Hae-kyung, she won’t have to worry whether their relationship is a lie or whether he’s genuine about her at all. Unlike Jae-hyuk, Hae-kyung has proven to Do-hee just how real and raw his feelings for her are (two times I might add). I think Do-hee is also now certain as to where she stands with Hae-kyung after closing her chapter with Jae-hyuk. It’s not something that she might have wanted to do so abruptly nor was it in the cool, heroic way where she got revenge for herself, but she can finally do it now. Do-hee can open up her heart to Hae-kyung like how he has done to her and she can take that first full step in letting go. The scars from their past relationships will slowly heal because of the love, comfort, and peace they provide each other.

I was never a fan of the way that the drama roped in No-eul and Jae-hyuk into Hae-kyung and Do-hee’s lives, but it’s even more questionable considering that nothing has amounted with their appearance in the show. They feel so unnecessary especially because of how much Hae-kyung and Do-hee’s relationship has evolved over the months. No-eul and Jae-hyuk’s efforts to start over with their first loves feel so futile given just how clear and stern Hae-kyung and Do-hee has made it to them that they don’t want to give things a second chance. I feel like even if you took both No-eul and Jae-hyuk out of the drama, things would still remain the same between Hae-kyung and Do-hee. Look, don’t get me wrong. I’m glad that Hae-kyung and Do-hee aren’t even batting an eye at either of their ex’s, but it also made me think: if the drama was going to bring in No-eul and Jae-hyuk, I wished they would have some kind of purpose in doing so or give them something to do. However, all we’ve seen of both ex’s are them abruptly showing up in Hae-kyung and Do-hee’s lives with no respect or understanding for anyone but themselves. It’s already selfish enough of them to just pop up and assume that Do-hee and Hae-kyung were waiting for them, but for them to keep pestering both characters when they’ve been rejected repeatedly? Things get tiring and old real fast. Someone remind me again as to why they’re in this drama.

I can watch an entire drama of just Do-hee and Hae-kyung and sometimes I wished that was what this drama was about. No first love’s and no ex’s. The drama would have already been decent enough if Do-hee and Hae-kyung just merely touched upon their first love’s and how their past relationships have affected them in the present. Then they would simply resume to becoming dinner dates and eventually lovers and bam, there would be a happy ending for everyone (us viewers included) and the drama would be perfect. I’m glad that our lead couple is getting the screentime that they rightfully deserve, but I also wished it wouldn’t be interrupted by occasional attempts from No-eul and Jae-hyuk who are desperate for a second chance at relationships that they don’t deserve. I love all the scenes of Hae-kyung and Do-hee together and I especially love just how slow they’re taking things. They’re not rushing things, Hae-kyung isn’t forcing Do-hee to accept him, Do-hee is given the time to think things over and whether she really wants to get into another relationship or not. You get to witness the subtle details and touches that’s brought our two leads together and it just makes rooting for them as a couple so much eaiser.

As curious as I am about Keanu’s background as well as his relation to Jae-hyuk, I also sometimes feel like I’m watching two completely different dramas when the episode focuses on his arc. That’s not a bad thing considering that Keanu’s story gives me something else to watch other than No-eul and Jae-hyuk being the irritating ex’s that they are, but it also becomes distracting when all I want to watch is Do-hee and Hae-kyung on the screen together. Regardless, it seems like he got himself into some trouble in the past and lost his family somewhere along the way. I’m especially curious as to what his connection to Jae-hyuk is and what really caused Jae-hyuk to break up with Do-hee and suddenly disappear from her life. We know by now that Jae-hyuk is a dangerous, obsessed, and psychotic ex-boyfriend, but there’s also so much more to him that we don’t know about. And to be frank, I’m not sure if I want to know more about him or even care to learn more about his story. Like I mentioned before, I would be completely fine without No-eul and Jae-hyuk in this drama.

‘Dinner Mate’ remains such a sweet and breezy show to watch and it radiates so much warmth, fun, and silliness. I’m wholeheartedly enjoying Do-hee and Hae-kyung’s slow burning relationship and I can’t wait for the day that the two make things official. It seems as if we’re slowly getting there based off what we saw with the ending to this episode, but it might take just a few more dinner dates and cozy hugs for things to be confirmed. When that does happen and our two leads are finally able to choose each other without any doubts or pain in the back of their minds, we know that nothing will have changed for Hae-kyung and Do-hee. Their past has lead them to where they are now and their decision to be with each other will be a decision that the two will make with the utmost passion and confidence. The two might have regretted their past relationships, respectively, but there are no regrets here. Rest assured, they’ve found their homes in each other.

Extra screenshots from the episode~

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