Dinner Mate: Episode 10 Recap

Do-hee’s had her fair share of experiences with relationships. She’s experienced the bad with Jae-hyuk, the ugly with Young-dong, and now experiences what the good in a relationship is like with Hae-kyung. Things feel different with the psychiatrist, but it also isn’t easy. They might have made their feelings about each other clear, but what comes next? What comes after confessions are made and feelings are acknowledged?

Dinner Mate/Would You Like to Have Dinner Together?: Episode 10 Recap

After a stressful and overwhelming night, Do-hee cheers up thanks to Hae-kyung’s presence and cooking. He caresses her in his arms and hold hers gently as she leans comfortably in his chest. After a few seconds of warmth and silence, Hae-kyung starts another conversation with her. He hopes that Do-hee will only think of him. Do-hee sits back up and questions Hae-kyung’s comment. Shouldn’t he be telling her to think about herself in this moment? However, Hae-kyung reiterates his comment to Do-hee once again. He extends his hand out to her and asks if she’ll accept him.

Although hesitant at first, Do-hee eventually does the same and they hold hands. She also wants to make things clear: she started liking him a while ago. Hae-kyung admits that he already knew about her feelings for him back when they went camping together. He is a psychiatrist after all. Lol. The two eventually decide to head home after checking the time. Do-hee makes sure to thank Hae-kyung for his support after what was an awful day. Hae-kyung pats her head softly in return and is glad to see his dinner mate-now-girlfriend still full of energy. Aww.

Jae-hyuk waits in his car and grows agitated. He receives a phone call while in his car so he picks it up. The medical journalist ends up meeting with No-eul that evening for some drinks at a bar. Jae-hyuk starts off by explaining that he and Gun-woo are just close friends and then transitions to talking about Do-hee. He feels as if he knows Do-hee better than anyone else while No-eul feels the same way about Hae-kyung. She thinks she also knows Hae-kyung better than anyone else, enough to know that his feelings for Do-hee seem serious and real. However, No-eul won’t give up so easily. She’s going to keep fighting for Hae-kyung. The fight between her and Do-hee will be a fair game, but Jae-hyuk has a different opinion. What’s more important: playing fair or winning?

On the walk back to Hae-kyung’s car, Do-hee and Hae-kyung walk a little too close next to each other and their hands end up brushing up against each other. Hae-kyung garners the courage to hold Do-hee’s hands and giggles upon doing so (and I do too!). He feels like he’s a little kid all over again. The two walk hand in hand and enjoy the special moment together. Later on that night at home, Do-hee reviews all the photos that she took of the food during her dinner dates with Hae-kyung. Now these pictures have a totally different meaning for her. Hae-kyung himself has trouble sleeping that night because his mind is also occupied by Do-hee. He seems at peace. Meanwhile, No-eul and Jae-hyuk aren’t in such a good mood. The both are thinking about Hae-kyung, but Jae-hyuk is even more furious with the psychiatrist. While staring at the website of Hae-kyung’s clinic, he blames Hae-kyung for ruining his plans to get back with Do-hee. It’s all his fault. Scaryyy.

The next morning, Hae-kyung prepares to head to work. He takes some extra time to look at himself in the mirror to make sure he looks good (lol, enough already Hae-kyung! We get it! Haha). When he arrives at his clinic, Byung-jin pesters him once more about his relationship with Do-hee. Didn’t he use to dislike Do-hee? Wasn’t he irritated by her before? How did he come around to liking her? Hae-kyung doesn’t say much and he drives Byung-jin away like all the other times. The psychiatrist cleans up the kitchen at his clinic that he and Do-hee visited the night before.

Back at 2N Box, it’s another busy day. No-eul participates in another livestream show with Jin-kyu as the main PD. On the way to work, Do-hee stops by the usual convenience store where Keanu usually stays. However, she doesn’t see him around so she grows curious as to where he could have gone. CEO Nam also visits the store in search of Keanu. Just like the staff member told Do-hee, he has no knowledge of Keanu’s whereabouts. CEO Nam eventually heads to work after failing to find Keanu. However, unlike what she thought, Keanu was there all along. He was just hiding behind a tree near the convenience store watching as CEO Nam waited around for him.

After No-eul’s livestream finishes, Jin-kyu, So-ra, and Assistant Producer Kim is called into an emergency meeting with Do-hee in the conference room. Do-hee announces that she’s going to prohibit Jae-hyuk from participating on her show. There’s no way she’ll let him help her with her show. However, Do-hee’s idea is quickly shut down thanks to Assistant Producer Kim who notified CEO Nam. Do-hee is once again called into CEO Nam’s office to have a talk. Lol. CEO Nam takes it out on Do-hee. She already agreed to doing the show with Jae-hyuk, she can’t take back her words. But that’s not the only thing on CEO Nam’s mind. She’s stressed and worried that she might have gotten dumped by Keanu. Do-hee gives her friend some encouraging words like how CEO Nam did for her and tells her not to give up. It’s not like CEO Nam to give up so easily.

At that moment, No-eul interrupts their conversation by entering the office unannounced. She makes it clear that she needs to do the show with Hae-kyung. She’s already promised her viewers to tune into the show. It doesn’t matter for her if Jae-hyuk is participating or not, but it matters that Hae-kyung do the show with her. Before leaving, No-eul takes another jab at Do-hee. If Do-hee was truly over Jae-hyuk and no longer had any feelings for him, shouldn’t she be able to work with him? With that being said, No-eul leaves and Do-hee does her best to stay calm.

Things aren’t so peaceful at Hae-kyung’s clinic either. A man barges into the clinic demanding to meet with Hae-kyung. He’s unable to get married because of records detailing his counseling session with Hae-kyung from five years ago so he’s returned to try to get his records clear. Hae-kyung eventually meets with the man to provide him with some support. He can’t clear the man’s counseling history just yet nor can he provide any documents proving that the man has been cured of his depression, but Hae-kyung ensures that he’ll come up with some other solution to help the man somehow get married.

Jae-hyuk calls Gun-woo out for some drinks outside at a street vendor. He drinks and he drinks and he has a hard time comprehending why Do-hee won’t give him another chance. It’s not like he wanted to break up with Do-hee. He was going through a rough time back then with getting kicked out of his house and his mom being sick. Just when Jae-hyuk wanted to give up, Do-hee came into his life and supported him through it all. She was that source of light for him; she gave him hope. Jae-hyuk recalls the first time he met Do-hee and how she confessed her feelings to him at the pork cutlet restaurant they used to frequent as a couple. Jae-hyuk is aware that Do-hee no longer likes him and that she doesn’t want to get with him anymore, but he just needs some time to get over her. Gun-woo reminds Jae-hyuk that people’s heart and minds change and Do-hee is no longer the same person she was years ago so he should let her go. Plus, unwanted love is not love. It’s violence. Of course, this doesn’t sit well with Jae-hyuk and he grows angry. Even then, he has a request he’d like Gun-woo to help him out with.

Back at the clinic, Hae-kyung communicates his plans to help the man with his marriage situation. Byung-jin is to find the international marriage center that the man was talking about and try to get in contact with them. Although it’s risky and Hae-kyung’s medical license could possibly be suspended, the psychiatrist wants to move forward with things anyway. Right at that moment, Hae-kyung receives a call from Gun-woo to join him and Jae-hyuk for some drinks. So the doctor heads out and reunites with both men after work that evening. Jae-hyuk has had too much to drink, but he’s still able to talk so he calls Hae-kyung out. Hae-kyung distances himself by suggesting Jae-hyuk visit him at his clinic for a counseling session, but Jae-hyuk doesn’t want a counseling session with the doctor. Will Hae-kyung be able to help Jae-hyuk heal from the pain and hurt he’s feeling at the moment? Will he be able to bring Do-hee to him?

As if that wasn’t enough, Jae-hyuk pleads for Hae-kyung to take good care of Do-hee and not hurt her. She has already gone through enough because of Jae-hyuk. With that, he invites the doctor to drink with him so Hae-kyung accepts the offer. The two men go at it with each other and they drink and drink and drink. Gun-woo can only watch in horror as both guys empty soju bottles. Eventually, Hae-kyung excuses himself while Gun-woo is left to take care of an unconscious Jae-hyuk by himself.

It’s another busy day at 2N Box, especially with the premiere live stream to Do-hee’s new show ‘Have My Heart’ starring the popular No-eul and highly sought-after psychiatrist, Hae-kyung. While preparing for the livestream, Do-hee has a brief talk with Gun-woo who visits her on set. Once alone, he updates her on Jae-hyuk’s condition as well all his thoughts about her. He really did have a reason back then for breaking up with her. Plus, he’s going to eventually forget about her, but just might need some time. Do-hee doesn’t have much to contribute to the conversation other than that things are too late for Jae-hyuk and she walks away.

Hae-kyung arrives at the studio and is greeted by our staff. However, it’s his interaction with Do-hee that throws him off. She coldly and strictly hands him the script to the livestream and then directs him to the waiting room (omg, I’m having flashbacks to ‘Find Me in Your Memory’ again with these waiting rooms! Lol). Bothered by Do-hee’s cold reaction, he texts her why she treated him that way. Is she perhaps embarrassed? However, Do-hee clarifies that she wishes to remain professional at work. She doesn’t want her personal life to mix in with her work life. With that being said, Do-hee briefly stops by the waiting room to give a few seconds of her attention to Hae-kyung. She scrunches her face cutely upon making eye contact with him and then quickly walks away. Of course, Hae-kyung is whipped for Do-hee so he smiles and giggles at her cuteness.

Eventually, it’s time to start the live stream and everyone gathers. Seconds before the live stream is to start, No-eul hands Hae-kyung some water to help him with his nervousness and anxiety. When the show goes live, it doesn’t take long for the amount of views and likes to soar. Many viewers comment how it seems like Hae-kyung and No-eul are a couple which No-eul addresses first thing after introducing herself. Since many people are asking, would he like to go out with her? However, Hae-kyung firmly rejects her proposal after quickly peeking at Do-hee and he calmly brushes it off. They then transition to listening to a story that was shared from a viewer and discuss about the story afterwards. Just like what was stated in the story, Hae-kyung feels as if cooking is the most selfless act you can do for someone you love. It takes time and effort.

However, No-eul has a rebuttal for Hae-kyung’s comment and drags in details from their past relationship to prove her point. Hae-kyung once claimed that eating dinner together with someone you loved was the most selfless act you could do for someone. It seems like his thoughts have changed. An awkward silence immediately fills the room afterwards and only the chat is blowing up. Viewers assume No-eul and Hae-kyung were once a couple and many begin to speculate that they used to be in a relationship with each other. No-eul eventually confirms the assumptions and speculation by confidently stating that yes, she and Hae-kyung used to date. This shocks everyone in the room and everyone is speechless at the unexpected and sudden revelation, including Hae-kyung himself.

So with that, the livestream concludes. Hae-kyung bids farewell with everyone shortly afterwards and No-eul does as well. Assistant Producer Kim seems in support of the two, but So-ra feels otherwise. She doesn’t think they match at all (great minds think alike, So-ra!). A few seconds after leaving, Hae-kyung calls Do-hee to inform her of his whereabouts. He’s waiting for her in the hallway. However, No-eul gets to him first and the two have a quick chat. To celebrate the success of the premiere episode for their livestream, No-eul suggests that they grab dinner together. However, Hae-kyung turns her down right as Do-hee approaches them. He’s waiting for Do-hee instead.

So Hae-kyung walks towards Do-hee while No-eul walks away. Hae-kyung plans on visiting Writer Lee Mun-jeong (AKA his mom) in the hospital after they eat dinner, but Do-hee requests to join him as well. She also wants to visit his mom so Hae-kyung accepts. Just as the two exit the elevator at 2N Box, they encounter Jae-hyuk shortly afterwards. He requests to have a brief talk with Do-hee so they meet. Once alone, Jae-hyuk apologizes to Do-hee. He vows to forget about her as well as stop bothering her. He’ll eventually move back to the States once the show is over. He pleads for another chance to do the show with her to wrap things up to which Do-hee accepts his request. While waiting in his car, Hae-kyung is reminded of words that Jae-hyuk mentioned back in their counseling session. He grows bothered by Jae-hyuk’s comments that there’s nothing Jae-hyuk wouldn’t do for Do-hee. Hae-kyung also goes through the contacts in his phone and grows curious as to where his Sunbae, Keanu, has gone.

Do-hee and Hae-kyung make their way to Mom’s private room in the hospital only to discover No-eul also there (oh noooo). It’s awkward and uncomfortable, but Hae-kyung introduces Do-hee to his mother anyways. Do-hee properly introduces herself to Mom this time and reveals her real name to Mom. She also hands a bouquet of flowers over to Mom as a gift which Mom approves. However, No-eul notes that Mom likes roses best — a small detail that even Hae-kyung didn’t seem to know about. Eventually, Do-hee excuses herself from staying any longer. She’ll make sure to come and visit another time. She is a big fan of Mom’s works. With that, the couple step out of the room, but No-eul is pulled out by Hae-kyung as well. He wants to have a talk with her, but No-eul doesn’t have much to say. No-eul did warn him that she would be selfish and think of herself only. With that, she re-enters Mom’s room. *sigh*

Hae-kyung drops Do-hee off in front of her apartment that night. However, Do-hee doesn’t want to bid farewell with her boyfriend just yet. She invites him to have some ramen with her which excites Hae-kyung. “Ramen”? Already? But of course, Do-hee didn’t mean that type of ramen. She literally meant the ramen that they eat at the convenience store. Lol. So the couple accompany each other while eating some ramen at the convenience store in Do-hee’s neighborhood. Do-hee enjoys her late dinner, but Hae-kyung isn’t in the mood to eat. He’s in disbelief that they would literally be eating ramen noodles, haha. Just then, they witness Keanu standing outside of the store and grow curious upon seeing him. But wait, he’s not alone. CEO Nam is also there with him! Our couple watches as CEO Nam and Keanu finally reunite after a few days of not seeing each other.

CEO Nam is just happy and relieved to finally see Keanu once again. Is he an actual murderer or something? Why did he disappear from her? Keanu attempts to distance himself from CEO Nam. He’s not in a situation where he should be seeing someone at the moment. Plus, CEO Nam wouldn’t like it if she knew who he really was. However, CEO Nam is okay with it and the two lean in towards each other for a kiss after a tight hug. But just then, the dramatic scene is cut short and Hae-kyung and Do-hee approach the couple. Hae-kyung is shocked to see his Sunbae with CEO Nam and he grows confused. What is he doing there? But wait, Hae-kyung knows our homeless ahjusshi? Our homeless ahjusshi is Hae-kyung’s Sunbae? What’s going on?

Hae-kyung quickly lies that they went to the same high school together before pulling Keanu aside to have a private talk with him. After explaining to Hae-kyung about his relationship with CEO Nam, Keanu goes on to describe his connection to Jae-hyuk. Yes, he was aware about Jae-hyuk and Do-hee. Jae-hyuk used to be his former patient who showed signs of obsession and neediness because he severely lacked affection as a young child. Eventually, it all began to make sense to Keanu when he saw Jae-hyuk show up to Do-hee’s neighborhood. She was the woman that he referred to back during their appointments and she was the woman that he’s still obsessed with to this day. This could explain why Keanu met up with Hae-kyung at his clinic to warn him about Jae-hyuk. Plus, Keanu did it knowing that Hae-kyung liked Do-hee too. Hae-kyung pesters Keanu for more information, but Keanu cuts their conversation short and they join CEO Nam and Do-hee once again.

With CEO Nam’s plans to invite Keanu to have some ramen with her at her place (figuratively this time, not literally), the two couples separate and go their own ways. Before bidding farewell, Do-hee and Hae-kyung wrap up the night with one last conversation. He simply thanks her for the ramen they ate earlier and says nothing more. But wait, Hae-kyung claimed that he was thankful. Is that it? Hae-kyung smirks upon hearing Do-hee’s comment and he leans in to give her a tight squeeze. Aww. Do-hee returns the love and she wraps her arms around his back. As if that wasn’t enough, Hae-kyung leans in to Do-hee to give her a kiss on the forehead (I’M SCREAMINGGG). He teases her for not showing any reaction afterwards so Do-hee takes it as her sign to leave. She quickly walks away afterwards while Hae-kyung happily watches her go home. Someone’s in love~

To document their first official day of dating, Do-hee jots down the date with a little cute drawing of her and Hae-kyung in her planner. She takes a photo of the drawing and sends it to Hae-kyung who then sets it as the wallpaper on his phone. They’ve finally found their happily ever after at last. A few days pass and it’s time for another livestream of ‘Have My Heart.’ Like Do-hee promised, Jae-hyuk appears in the second episode along with No-eul and Hae-kyung. Just like with the first episode, many viewers are curious about Jae-hyuk’s relationship with No-eul after he introduces himself.

They then move on to the food portion of the show which the theme for the episode being dessert! Among the options on the table in front of them, No-eul chooses a carrot cake while Hae-kyung selects a macaroon and some coffee as his preference. Of course, No-eul utilizes the opportunity to show off again and she hands Hae-kyung a strawberry macaroon which she claims is his favorite. With this action, viewers begin to speculate the relationship between the three and assume that there must be a love triangle of some sort going on. With all the other options taken, this leaves Jae-hyuk with no other choice but the strawberry cake. So he places the plate of the strawberry cake in front of him and dips his fork into it. However, before taking the first bite, he comments that he only became a fan of cake because the woman he once loved enjoyed eating them. Of course, the woman Jae-hyuk is referring to is Do-hee and she pays attention to the reference he just made about her.

Eventually, Jae-hyuk takes a bite of the cake which doesn’t sit well with Do-hee. She panics upon seeing him stuff his mouth with the piece of cake and runs up to him during the livestream. She grabs his wrist so as to stop him from eating, but it’s too late. The piece of cake with strawberry in it is already in his mouth. Do-hee’s sudden and abrupt action throws everyone off and everybody is confused as to what she just did. While everyone’s eyes are fixed on Do-hee and Jae-hyuk, the two former lovers can only stare into each other’s eyes.

My Thoughts:

Wow, who knew that a piece of strawberry cake could make things so serious? The ending to this episode felt like I was watching a makjang of some sort. Do-hee rushing over to Jae-hyuk’s side because he ate a piece of cake during a livestream show that he wanted to participate in. Do-hee honey, what is you doing?

Of course, I’m assuming there must be something more serious and risky for her to just run up to him like that and grab his wrist to prevent him from eating the cake. I feel like it might be something related to allergies, but I’m also not entirely sure at this point. Just like many of the other folks in that room, I too don’t know what Do-hee was attempting to do once she ran up to Jae-hyuk. Was she trying to save him? Was she trying to save her show? Was she trying to save herself? Why did she run up to him like that? But my bigger question is: what kind of ending was this? Why did the episode have to end this way?

It doesn’t come as a surprise to me that No-eul and Jae-hyuk are utilizing ‘Have My Heart’ as a way to get back at their first love’s. It doesn’t come as a surprise that No-eul has begun her attacks against Do-hee and is using the show as a way to make her advances towards Hae-kyung. Does that make things okay? Absolutely not. But I’m also not surprised by No-eul’s actions. She’s always been selfish and has been one to only think about herself. She purposely sets herself up to be in situations where she has advantages so that she can accomplish her plans of getting back with Hae-kyung. It was frustrating to watch her take advantage of the show for her own personal gains, but wow, was it also frustrating watching Jae-hyuk cry over Do-hee again for the 400th time (not literally, but you get what I mean). There hasn’t been much progress on his part either. The drama keeps hinting about Jae-hyuk’s backstory and his connection with Keanu and his reasons for the break-up with Do-hee, but it also remains careful to not reveal too much. The drama reminds us that there might be more to Jae-hyuk’s story, but it also doesn’t want to give too many things away. Like I mentioned in my last recap, why tease when you won’t be able to deliver?

This brings me to my next point which is that I feel like the drama didn’t necessarily take a step forward with this episode. I’m afraid that it might have reached a point where things are stagnant for now. Up until this episode, there was always some sort of progress between our lead couple. I guess that was the fun and exhilarating part: watching Hae-kyung and Do-hee get to know each other better with every passing episode, spend more time together, embark on additional dinner dates, and eventually confess their feelings for each other. Now that we’ve arrived at this phase in their relationship where their feelings are confirmed and they’re in an adorable relationship with each other, we might be at a standstill. Maybe this is the part where No-eul and Jae-hyuk try even harder to break our lead couple up because their past efforts and attempts to do so was apparently not enough. I felt like we were making some sort of progress with all the past episodes prior to episode 10, but this episode made it seem like we didn’t necessarily go anywhere. I wouldn’t say we went back to square one with this episode because Do-hee and Hae-kyung did eventually become a couple, but we also didn’t take any steps forward because No-eul and Jae-hyuk were still there to pester them from doing anything. The moment when both No-eul and Jae-hyuk leave and disappear from Hae-kyung and Do-hee’s life will be the day I celebrate. It’ll be the grand moment when we know that Hae-kyung and Do-hee would have made it. I hope it happens sooner than later.

I think it was also interesting watching the transition in Hae-kyung’s relationship with his mother now that she’s ill and unhealthy. I don’t think he’s entirely forgiven her just yet for the way that she disappeared from his life at such a young age and left him to fend for himself. It also didn’t help that his dad wasn’t in the best condition either when she left. However, I think Hae-kyung is slowly starting to change his ways and learning not to hold onto pain and hurt from the past. He was able to move forward and heal from the pain in his love life thanks to Do-hee. I can see Hae-kyung attempting to do the same with his familial ties with his mom. Sure, he’s never going to forget her past actions and the amount of disappointment and pain that she caused him, but he’s also ready to take small steps towards a better future. The resentment he once held towards his mother is slowly disappearing and he wants things to be better. Hae-kyung doesn’t want to live a life with regrets or a life where he and his mom ended on bad terms. He’s garnering all his courage to improve his relationship with her now before it’s too late.

With Hae-kyung and Do-hee now officially in a relationship, it’ll be interesting to see where they go from here. They were fairly good at rejecting No-eul and Jae-hyuk in the past because they only had eyes for each other. Now that they are a couple, there’s bound to be feelings of jealousy and protectiveness that ensue. Do-hee and Hae-kyung might not have said anything before because they weren’t yet in a relationship so they didn’t feel like they were in a position to say anything about someone who they merely liked and wasn’t in a relationship with.

However, things are different now with the two as an official couple and Do-hee and Hae-kyung’s feelings for each other only getting stronger. The scariest part was all the confessing because of the fear of rejection. Now, with that out of the way, the hardest part is going to be Do-hee and Hae-kyung having to deal with their first love’s who are determined to keep them apart. No-eul and Jae-hyuk were determined to keep them apart before, but they’re even more determined to do so now that Do-hee and Hae-kyung are together. They feel threatened and they also feel their time running out. Do-hee and Hae-kyung’s love for each other is going to be tested and there’s no knowing what other petty and selfish antics No-eul and Jae-hyuk have up their sleeves, but I hope our lead couple will stick through it together regardless of what happens. They were able to do so in the past, they surely can keep it up in the present.

Extra screenshots from the episode~

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