Dinner Mate: Episode 11 Recap

Do-hee and Hae-kyung continue to be tested. There are many obstacles in front of them that are attempting to ruin their relationship, but the two lovers are committed to each other. Will they be able to maintain this peace and honesty with each other through it all or will one give in to the continuous challenges that are presented?

Note: The commentary for this episode will not be included at the end of the recap section. I’m burnt out with work and life and recapping in general so depending on my mood and energy, some recaps will have a comment section and some will not. With that being said, please make sure to take care of yourself, especially with all that has been going on. Hopefully things won’t stay this way for long and things will get better for me 🙂

Dinner Mate/Would You Like to Have Dinner Together?: Episode 11 Recap

Do-hee runs up to Jae-hyuk to stop him from eating the piece of strawberry cake, but it’s too late. He’s already eaten the strawberry and he’s suffering an allergic reaction as a result. Everyone panics around him, but Hae-kyung keeps things under control. They find Jae-hyuk’s allergy medicine and has him take it. Hae-kyung still encourages Jae-hyuk to visit the hospital so some of the staff help transport the medical journalist. While all the commotion is taking place, No-eul notices a photo of Jae-hyuk and Do-hee that was also in the bag where his allergy medicine was. She purposely drops it on the ground and then picks it up to give it back to Jae-hyuk as he’s bidding farewell with everyone. Of course, both Hae-kyung and Do-hee notice the photo, but they hide their reactions. CEO Nam demands for Do-hee to enter her office afterwards and the two have a talk.

CEO Nam scolds Do-hee for getting a strawberry cake despite Jae-hyuk’s allergies. Do-hee had forgotten that Jae-hyuk was allergic which could explain for why she got the cake. But there’s another issue more pressing in CEO Nam’s mind than the incident. She notes the photo of Jae-hyuk and Do-hee that Hae-kyung noticed. It was scarier seeing Hae-kyung’s reaction to the photo than Jae-hyuk’s allergic reaction itself. However, Do-hee reassures CEO Nam that Jae-hyuk won’t stay around for much longer. He’ll return to the States once the show is over.

Hae-kyung leaves 2N Box after taking care of Jae-hyuk. No-eul catches up to him and asks for a ride home. However, Hae-kyung isn’t in the mood to interact with his ex-girlfriend at all. He’s not jealous of how Do-hee took care of Jae-hyuk earlier. In fact, he was already aware of their relationship. He warns No-eul to never use their past relationship as a way to make Hae-kyung jealous again or else he’ll be real furious next time. With that, he enters his car and receives a phone call from Do-hee. They make plans to grab dinner later on that day. Although Hae-kyung pretended to not be affected by what he saw earlier, Hae-kyung can’t help but be reminded of Keanu’s words about Jae-hyuk and how he’s obsessed with Do-hee because he lacked affection as a young kid.

Gun-woo and No-eul catch up after the live stream and debrief about the incident. While Gun-woo saw it as something dangerous, No-eul simply comments that the incident was a win for Jae-hyuk. Do-hee’s Mom too watches the live stream of Do-hee saving Jae-hyuk so she calls Jae-hyuk afterwards and has a brief conversation with him. With that, Jae-hyuk refrains from visiting the hospital despite CEO Nam’s recommendation to do so. PD Jin-kyu and Assistant Producer Kim who accompanied Jae-hyuk have their own doubts and guesses about Jae-hyuk’s relationship with Do-hee. They debate on whether the two have broken up or not. Meanwhile, Hae-kyung returns to his clinic after the live stream. Byung-jin updates his boss on new information regarding the marriage agency that his patient talked to him about (in the last episode). Hae-kyung was hoping to get the man’s partner’s contact information so that he could talk to her personally about the situation, but their marriage agency is refusing to give them the lady’s contact information. There’s not much they can do after all.

Hae-kyung and Do-hee reunite to for some dinner with each other that evening. They grab some jajangmyeon and eat it at Hae-kyung’s clinic. The two have small talk at first, but Hae-kyung eventually addresses the elephant in the room. Do-hee didn’t look into his eyes at all earlier. There must be something that she doesn’t want to talk about. Hae-kyung understands that she must feel awkward and uncomfortable about the way she saved Jae-hyuk earlier, but he commends her for her quick thinking and decision making. She did a great job in saving him. However, the next time she’s flustered at any given moment, the only person whose hand she should be holding is his. Do-hee doesn’t quite understand Hae-kyung’s comment, but Hae-kyung just brushes it aside. Do-hee and Jae-hyuk were holding hands during the incident, but she was too caught up in the moment to notice.

Mom and Jae-hyuk grab some dinner together. They catch up and Mom learns that Do-hee and Jae-hyuk are working together for the new show. Of course, Jae-hyuk utilizes this chance to talk to Mom about Do-hee. He’s concerned that she’s really over him and that she no longer wants to be with him, but Mom tells Jae-hyuk not to worry. She knows her daughter best and she’s just still angry at Jae-hyuk. Things will change soon. Once he arrives home, Hae-kyung recalls the conversation she had with Do-hee about her show. She’s willing to quit the show if Hae-kyung isn’t comfortable with her as the producer, but Hae-kyung encourages her to keep the show if that’s what she wants. She shouldn’t quit something just for his sake (wow, relationship goals!). However, Hae-kyung is still very bothered by Jae-hyuk and how he carries around a photo of him and Do-hee.

The next morning, Do-hee encounters Keanu while on her way to work. Jae-hyuk is also in the neighborhood and he attempts to flag Do-hee down. However, just as he’s about to call out her name, he watches as she reunites with the homeless ahjusshi. Jae-hyuk immediately freaks out and he turns around in sheer fear and confusion. He recalls one of the appointments he had with Keanu back when Keanu used to still be a doctor. Although it’s been years since they’ve last interacted, the memories of those times are still vivid in his mind. Do-hee invites Keanu to have some beer with him later on, but he kindly declines. Keanu’s a busy man. Do-hee eventually heads to work, but Jae-hyuk stays behind to observe Keanu for a few more seconds.

Once at work, CEO Nam announces her next plans for Do-hee’s show. They’re going to keep it instead of cancel it. They’ve also gotten an offer for product placement so CEO Nam decides that they’re going to film a workshop vlog in order to take advantage of the product placement. After the meeting, So-ra walks CEO Nam out of 2N Box. They talk for a bit until something else catches CEO Nam’s eyes: her man! Keanu is dressed up in his nice, smooth blue suit once again and he waits for her outside of her workplace. CEO Nam safely crosses the street to get to her boyfriend and the couple agree to grab dinner together. During dinner, CEO Nam has no trouble saying what’s on her mind. She wants to live with Keanu. Of course, Keanu isn’t as accepting of the idea. He reveals that he has something he needs to get done first before he can move in with CEO Nam. CEO Nam assumes he’s referring to a relationship that he’s searching closure for, but Keanu explains that he’s trying to find closure on his resentful heart that he has against someone. After he’s finished with his individual mission will he be able to live with CEO Nam.

It’s time for our workshop! Woo hoo! CEO Nam and her staff all arrive at the retreat site for their little workshop/staff bonding adventures. CEO Nam has had a little too much to drink from the night before so she suffers a small hangover. Lol. Thankfully, Hae-kyung and Byung-jin are also able to join the trip for a bit so they arrive not too long afterwards. Upon arriving, No-eul sticks to Hae-kyung, but he brushes her off. He introduces Byung-jin to everyone else and they all enter the house. The first team bonding game on the list is a game of paintball (omg, this reminds me of my younger cousins since they play paintball! lol). Everyone divides into two teams and it’s an intense game that consists of some backstabbing, dramatic acting, weird cartwheels from CEO Nam, and much more. Eventually, CEO Nam manages to shoot the last person standing from the opposite team so she and her team wins. Woo hoo!

After the paint ball game, everyone else takes some time to just relax and rest. Hae-kyung is encouraged to go out and check up on No-eul who seems to have gotten an injury from the paintball game. Do-hee pretends as if nothing’s wrong and watches as her boyfriend leaves to meet his ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile, cousins Gun-woo and Jae-hyuk take some time to catch up and chat. Jae-hyuk has no plans of returning back home to his parents and he feels as if he’s been getting better at getting over Do-hee. Gun-woo notices that Jae-hyuk seems more relaxed than before. When Hae-kyung checks in with No-eul, he notices that she seems fine. She’s not in pain so he walks away from her. However, No-eul holds him back by asking him if he ever really loved her. Did he ever love her? If so, how much did he love her?

Hae-kyung answers by saying that he did. He did love No-eul back when they were together, but that he’s also completely recovered by now. She will eventually also do the same. The truth is too much for No-eul to handle and process and she begins to tear up in front of her ex-boyfriend. She cries into his chest while Hae-kyung stands there, unsure as to what to do or how to react. As if things couldn’t get worse, Do-hee catches the scene of No-eul crying into Hae-kyung’s chest and all she can do is just walk back into the house. She has no words.

Byung-jin and Hae-kyung eventually leave the retreat later on that day. After bidding farewell with the two guys, So-ra teases Do-hee for her relationship with Hae-kyung. She can totally tell that they’re dating, lol. Do-hee admits to the relationship and the two joke around with each other. However, just like all the other times, the fun stops when Jae-hyuk requests to meet with Do-hee. So the two have a talk alone at the site. He thanks her for saving him with the strawberry incident, but Do-hee doesn’t think too much about it and brushes him off. She ends their conversation quickly and walks away afterwards. Later on that night, everyone (except for No-eul who’s out for a walk) gathers for some drinking and chatting. Do-hee excuses herself from the fun to reunite with Hae-kyung who returns to the retreat site after dropping Byung-jin off back in town.

Hae-kyung wants to address the situation earlier with No-eul that Do-hee witnessed. Although Do-hee is okay with not talking about it, it’s not okay for Hae-kyung and he wants to clarify what she saw. He doesn’t want to ever be with No-eul alone again and he also doesn’t want Do-hee to be alone with Jae-hyuk. It’s not that he doesn’t trust her, but he just doesn’t like it. He wants to know every little detail about Do-hee and he also wants to share everything about himself to her. So with that, Hae-kyung tells Do-hee that he loves her. He feels as if this is the only way to explain his most recent behaviors and actions and asks for Do-hee to trust him. Do-hee places her trust in Hae-kyung and he vows to make the best of everything in the present. With that, Hae-kyung leans in towards Do-hee and plants a kiss on her lips. He pulls away at first after noticing that she’s had a few drinks despite his texts for her not to, but Do-hee defends that she couldn’t help it. She was a little sad without Hae-kyung there earlier. He eventually goes back in for another kiss and this time, it’s much longer. EEEEEEEK. I’M SCREAMINGGGG.

Eventually, Hae-kyung heads back home that night after the kiss. Since Do-hee is coming home the next day, they could go on another date. What about the movies? But Do-hee isn’t such a big fan of the movies out at the moment and would much rather watch a classic movie so Hae-kyung suggests they watch a movie at his house. He has plenty of classic movies at his house. Haha. The conversation turns awkward so the couple quickly bid farewell. The long, sweet, and loving night comes to a close. The next day, Jae-hyuk and Keanu reunite after many years. Jae-hyuk is immediately reminded of a phone call where a panicked and terrified Keanu asked Jae-hyuk to meet up, but Jae-hyuk simply refused. Fast forward to the present and Jae-hyuk attempts to escape from Keanu. There’s a pursuit between the two men until Jae-hyuk is almost run over a car so Keanu is able to eventually catch him (maybe he should have just gotten run over! lol jk).

Do-hee and Hae-kyung enjoy a watch of ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ at his house. Do-hee is so into the movie she barely remembers that her boyfriend is also in the same room as her, sitting next to her, lol. Meanwhile, Jae-hyuk and Keanu sit down to have a talk after Jae-hyuk is captured by the former doctor. Keanu has one simple ask for Jae-hyuk: he wants the medical journalist to retract his article about Keanu previously overdosing his patient. Because of that article, Keanu was painted as a murderer and his family suffered so much they eventually had to leave the country. However, Jae-hyuk isn’t so willing to do what it is Keanu wants. He can do anything the former doctor wants except put out another article about the truth behind Keanu’s case. Keanu is angry, upset, and frustrated upon hearing Jae-hyuk’s response. Sure, he might have been going through a rough time with his family, but that doesn’t excuse him from the stunt he pulled on Keanu. Keanu eventually leaves after giving Jae-hyuk a warning. He doesn’t know what he might do next if Jae-hyuk doesn’t listen to him and give in to his request.

The pressure is too much for Jae-hyuk and he decides on his next move. He heads over to Do-hee’s place and breaks into her apartment. Oh nooo. Speaking of Do-hee, she finishes watching the movie by herself while her psychiatrist boyfriend takes a break to get some work done. She peeks at him working for a bit before taking a nap. When she awakens, she requests to go home. Hae-kyung isn’t as conservative as she is and she’s not ready for anything else yet. So with that, Hae-kyung drops Do-hee off back at home like usual. She gives him a kiss on the cheeks before exiting the vehicle and Hae-kyung drives off shortly afterwards. It’s like any other time.

Except it isn’t. Do-hee returns to her place to find her apartment a whole mess. Just minutes before, Jae-hyuk was rummaging throughout the entire place in search of her journal. When he finally found her journal, he teared out the page that included the drawing of her and Hae-kyung on their anniversary date. Do-hee is terrified upon seeing her place broken into and she calls her boyfriend to inform him. The psychiatrist immediately turns around to return to Do-hee. While Hae-kyung drives back to get to Do-hee, Do-hee slowly makes her way around her apartment with a pan in her hand as her weapon. Seconds into the walking and she notices something behind her window curtain so she panics. She’s not alone.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear that but I appreciate your recaps either way. I know how it feels to be burnt out so please take care of yourself!

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