Dinner Mate: Episode 12 Recap

Things are starting to fall into the cracks and lines are starting to get blurred. It’s proving to be much harder for Do-hee and Hae-kyung who were confident and strong about their relationship. For how much longer can they keep things up and together or will they eventually fall as well?

Dinner Mate/Would You Like to Have Dinner Together?: Episode 12 Recap

Do-hee cautiously takes a few steps around her apartment in search of the person behind the rampage and mess. All her belongings are scattered around the floor and she searches for the person while holding a pan in her hands to protect herself. Eventually, she notices something behind her window curtains so she approaches the person only to find Jae-hyuk there. He’s seated on the ground with a cut on the palm of his hands. Do-hee is confused and shocked upon seeing her ex-boyfriend in her apartment and all he can do is beg for her forgiveness. He was looking around in her apartment for a photo of the two that she used to have in her place. That’s why he came by.

Right at that moment, Hae-kyung arrives at Do-hee’s apartment and bangs on the door in panic. He calls out her name repeatedly so Do-hee tends to her boyfriend and answers him at the front door. She reassures him that everything’s fine and that it was just her mother who caused the mess in her apartment. It seems as if Mom came by earlier without Do-hee’s notice. Although Hae-kyung still remains suspicious and afraid for Do-hee, he also trusts his girlfriend and listens to her. He drives away after being reassured by Do-hee. Once gone, Do-hee goes back inside to confront Jae-hyuk. He attempts to distract her by bringing up their past and how Do-hee still has the same passcode, but Do-hee’s had enough. She’s at her breaking point. She demands that Jae-hyuk leave for the States as soon as possible. She won’t tell anyone about the incident for her own sake and warns him to never do something like this again or else she might just kill him next time. With that, Jae-hyuk slowly makes his way out of her place. When he’s gone, Do-hee breaks down into tears.

Hae-kyung paces back and forth at his house and still worries for Do-hee. He’s so worried he gets back into his car and drives to Do-hee’s place. Meanwhile, Do-hee stops by her mom’s house to spend the night. Mom assumes Jae-hyuk and Do-hee got into a fight and that he mistreated her, but Do-hee clarifies her relationship with Jae-hyuk. The two have are no longer together and things are over between them. Mom should stop meddling with their relationship. The stress is too much for Do-hee and she breaks down into tears in front of Mom. She’s unsure as to what to do with Jae-hyuk and begins to blame herself for everything. She feels pathetic and she’s not sure what she did wrong. Confused but respectful, Mom silently and gently gives her daughter a hug. When Hae-kyung arrives at Do-hee’s place, he receives a text from her updating him about her situation. She’s going to spend the night at her Mom’s house so she’ll give him a call the next morning. Hae-kyung respects Do-hee’s wishes and leaves to go home himself.

Mom calls Dad that night and demands that they all have breakfast together the next morning. Do-hee is at Mom’s house so he should make some time for her. So indeed, Dad visits the next morning and has breakfast with his family. It’s been an entire year since they’ve last convened and it’ll also be the last time. Mom’s made the decision that this will be their last breakfast ever and Do-hee supports Mom’s decision. With that, Do-hee leaves to return to her place. She changes the passcode to her door (yes! good job!) and slowly begins to clean things up before heading off to work. While on the bus, she overhears three high school friends chat about cheating and relationships which causes Do-hee to reflect on her own life. She states,

My life and my relationships are ridiculous. We love and break up. We fight and resent each other. That’s what every couple does. That’s what life is. I thought my pain wasn’t that special and that I was doing okay, but it was a delusion. My relationship was a mess.

While reflecting on her life, Do-hee walks past a bunch of couples. Just when she thought she was alone, she stops in her tracks upon seeing Hae-kyung wait for her not too far away. Upon seeing her boyfriend, Do-hee concludes,

That’s why I’m too ashamed to see him, but seeing him makes me happy again. I am such a mess.

The couple reunites after what was a long and overwhelming night. The two create small talk at first, but Do-hee notices something strange about Hae-kyung. He’s talking to her more casually now and has dropped the formality. Do-hee teases Hae-kyung for his odd and funny behavior, but a part of her also likes it. They eventually head to grab some coffee together. Back at his place, Jae-hyuk picks up a phone call from Gun-woo who’s worried about the medical journalist. Jae-hyuk barely manages to answer the phone and he knocks out again a few seconds in. Gun-woo calls Do-hee to check up on Jae-hyuk, but Do-hee sets boundaries with Gun-woo. He is sick so Gun-woo should take him to the hospital. She also reminds him to not contact her in regards to Jae-hyuk any longer.

At 2N Box, So-ra prepares for another livestream with PD Jin-kyu. Do-hee joins her with the cup of coffee Hae-kyung bought her and she’s reminded of the conversation they had with each other when they were buying coffee. Do-hee is willing to treat him out for dinner that evening so he should consider what it is he wants to eat. She also thanks him for attempting to speak casually with him even though it’s obvious he feels awkward and uncomfortable. Hae-kyung thanks his girlfriend back for tolerating all of it. Haha.

Do-hee and Assistant Producer Kim have a small discussion about their shows. Do-hee decides to put ‘Have My Heart’ on hold for now. She still has some stuff to figure out. Back at her house, Mom presents a divorce form to Dad. She’s made up her mind and will no longer endure their “marriage” for Do-hee’s sake. She wants to show her daughter that her mother is doing fine and that Do-hee no longer has to worry. With that, Mom hands Dad the divorce form and returns to her bedroom without sending him off. You go, Mom!

CEO Nam waits in front of the convenience store like usual for Keanu. After five hours of waiting, she finally reunites with her boyfriend. Keanu suggests that she leave a message to the part-timer at the hours of 8AM and 8PM next time if there’s something she wants to say to Keanu. Our homeless ahjusshi sometimes makes the part-timer coffee during those times. If she’s going to swing by at 8PM just to deliver some messages to Keanu, she suggests that they grab dinner together instead. She proposes that they be dinner mates. Meanwhile, No-eul contacts a journalist and agrees to doing an interview that was requested from her. Back at the hospital, Hae-kyung visits his mom’s doctor to receive updates about her surgery. Her surgery operation is scheduled for the following Wednesday and the doctor reminds Hae-kyung that the prognosis doesn’t look so bright despite the surgery. Hae-kyung takes a good glance at his mother as she rests and sleeps.

CEO Nam and Do-hee have a talk in CEO Nam’s office. CEO Nam assumes either Jae-hyuk or Hae-kyung is stressing Do-hee out, but Do-hee explains that it’s neither of the two guys. She’s stressed out because of her dad. She feels as if her parents are going to get a divorce. When Do-hee wraps up that conversation, she moves on to the next one: she’s ready to share the details about the incident the night before regarding Jae-hyuk. Speaking of Jae-hyuk, he’s awakened by Gun-woo who stops by his place to visit and check up on him. The medical journalist is still alive, but he doesn’t have any energy inside of him. It’s not until Gun-woo reveals to him that Do-hee was the one who suggested that Gun-woo take care of Jae-hyuk that Jae-hyuk feels energized. He assumes she still cares for him since she talked to Gun-woo about him so he feels better. Eww, noooo.

Hae-kyung feeds his mom with some porridge in preparation for her surgery. He attempts to reassure her that her surgery will be successful, but Mom doesn’t feel as confident. She voices her wish to hear Hae-kyung call him ‘Mom’ a few more times before she is to die. When Hae-kyung unconsciously blurts out the word, Mom is satisfied and asks for Hae-kyung to repeat the word once more. Hae-kyung stops himself from speaking any further and he prepares to leave the hospital. Mom announces that she plans on befriending Do-hee once her surgery passes and she’s still alive. Hae-kyung is completely fine with Mom’s plans; Do-hee likes Mom just as much.

So-ra films her livestream with PD Jin-kyu and Do-hee behind the camera. The livestream is yet another success and things go well for the show. While filming, Do-hee receives a call from Mom who wants to hang out with her daughter. Do-hee suggests that Mom get some counseling to assist her with her current situation so Mom does as Do-hee recommends. Mom stops by Hae-kyung’s clinic and signs up for an appointment with her daughter’s boyfriend. She catches a glance at Hae-kyung before waiting in the lobby. While waiting, she overhears two female investigative journalists also enter the clinic in hopes of speaking to Hae-kyung. They want more information about his relationship and connection to No-eul. They’re even willing to speak to Byung-jin if Hae-kyung refuses to speak with them. Mom forms her opinion of Hae-kyung based off of this conversation and assumes he’s a playboy because he has women wanting to talk to him about his relationships. Lol.

Hae-kyung takes a brief break to call Do-hee and reveal to her what he wants for dinner. When the call concludes, Hae-kyung prepares for his counseling session with Do-hee’s Mom. EEEEEK. Meanwhile, Gun-woo checks in with No-eul next and finds her still working out at the gym. He’s not a big fan of how he’s in the middle of all the chaos between No-eul and Jae-hyuk and their first love’s. It’s not a great feeling at all. Jae-hyuk waits outside of the convenience store where Keanu usually stays. While waiting, he receives a phone call from Do-hee who suggests that he receive some counseling. She’s going to tell Gun-woo to assist Jae-hyuk in the process. Of course, Jae-hyuk is elated with Do-hee’s phone call and assumes she’s worried about him. He leaves when Keanu fails to show up to the convenience store.

Hae-kyung and Do-hee grab dinner together later on that evening. Hae-kyung shares with his girlfriend a funny story about his counseling session with Mom earlier. After giving Mom some good advice and words of encouragement in regards to her divorce, Mom is flattered by Hae-kyung and how helpful he is. He’s also such a smooth talker it won’t be so easy for his girlfriend, right? Mom wishes her daughter would bring someone like Hae-kyung home and the two joke around during their counseling session. Do-hee laughs upon hearing the story and is thankful that someone is worried for her. Hae-kyung then apologizes for the harsh and brutal comments he made about Do-hee’s show at the beginning, but Do-hee isn’t offended. In fact, she’s used to it. Do-hee takes a jab at speaking casually to Hae-kyung so the two lovers attempt to drop the formality between them once again. Things are going well for our couple.

CEO Nam rushes to meet Keanu outside of the convenience store at 8:10AM. They have some free time so CEO Nam proposes that they hang out that day. Back at 2N Box, So-ra brings to Do-hee’s attention the reporter that No-eul has brought around with her to interview folks at the company. He asks staff multiple questions about No-eul’s involvement and relationships with the company. So-ra and Do-hee are both suspicious of No-eul’s plans, but they also refrain from saying much. However, it’s not until No-eul and the reporter she’s hired are super pushy about interviewing Do-hee that Do-hee finally says something. The reporter assumes it was Do-hee who brought Hae-kyung and No-eul together despite knowing that they used to be partners which Do-hee is not appreciative of.

Do-hee has a private talk with No-eul outside to discuss things. She doesn’t approve of how No-eul is dragging her and Hae-kyung into her mess. Do-hee also doesn’t understand why No-eul keeps sticking herself to Hae-kyung. The PD makes it clear to No-eul that she and Hae-kyung are in a serious relationship, but No-eul has no plans of letting Hae-kyung go anytime soon. Plus, Do-hee has her own ex who is also still very much in love with her. She should be worried about herself. Before leaving, Do-hee warns No-eul to be careful with her interviews. She’s also including 2N Box and not just herself.

Meanwhile, CEO Nam and Keanu go shopping for some new clothes! Keanu tries on a bunch of different outfits, some that sits well with his girlfriend and some that don’t. Ultimately, CEO Nam purchases all the outfits that Keanu tried on for him and reminds the cashier never to judge someone by their appearance ever again. Our homeless ahjusshi is a good, nice man. Speaking of our homeless ahjusshi, Hae-kyung has a phone call about him with a colleague. The colleague notes that Keanu sold all of his properties after the incident and sent his family abroad. However, he never tried to prove his side of the story or the fact that he was falsely accused of an incident which both find odd and strange. The colleague isn’t sure if Keanu is still alive or not, but Hae-kyung testifies that he is. Keanu is still well and alive. The psychiatrist calls Do-hee afterwards for Keanu’s contact information. Unsure, Do-hee adds that she’ll ask CEO Nam to ask Keanu since CEO Nam knows more about him than she does.

Do-hee reunites with Gun-woo after the livestream and commends him on his hard work. After some small talk, Gun-woo brings up Jae-hyuk once again to Do-hee. She should at least hear him out and why Jae-hyuk acted the way he did. Gun-woo explains to Do-hee that Jae-hyuk’s Dad abandoned both him and his mom when he was little. They at first were a happy family, but he decided to leave them once he got exhausted and tired of them. Eventually, Jae-hyuk himself got kicked out of his dad’s life and was never in contact with him again. After explaining the story, Gun-woo admits that he suggested Jae-hyuk get counseling from Hae-kyung. Hae-kyung is the best psychiatrist that he knows and Jae-hyuk needed counseling so he connected Jae-hyuk with Hae-kyung. Do-hee isn’t thrilled or happy at the news.

Jae-hyuk does end up meeting with Hae-kyung for a counseling session. He vows to never be like his dad so that’s why he’s especially keen on taking care of Do-hee. Upon hearing his girlfriend’s name, Hae-kyung isn’t sure he can counsel Jae-hyuk. He’s more than happy to recommend another psychiatrist to Jae-hyuk, but the medical journalist remains stern. He wants to be counseled by Hae-kyung. He can’t be turned away, can he? Right as Byung-jin is handling a journalist outside in the lobby of the clinic, he overhears some noise coming from the counseling room. Just then, Hae-kyung drags Jae-hyuk out into the front desk and grabs the collar of Jae-hyuk’s shirt with his hands. He’s angry and furious at Jae-hyuk and demands that Jae-hyuk never show up in front of Do-hee again.

Speaking of Do-hee, she appears at the clinic right at that moment and witnesses Hae-kyung tugging onto Jae-hyuk’s shirt. Both men notice Do-hee and neither of them speaks or utters any words. They stand there in silence as the chaos and commotion unfolds.

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