Was It Love: Episode 1 Recap

Aww, I like this one! I liked this one so much I watched episode one with a huge smile on my face. Then I woke up this morning and jumped out of my bed the second I realized that episode two was up and ready with english subs (thanks to Netflix). If you can’t tell already, yes, I’m liking this drama so far! And I know I know, I should probably be taking it slow with recaps considering I haven’t been feeling the best lately, but this one is too good so far not to share. Plus, I think I should be able to handle this one in the meantime (considering that ‘Dinner Mate‘ is ending next week).

‘Was It Love’ stars Song Ji-hyo (My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week) who plays No Ae-jung, a single mother and movie producer under the company, Thumb Films. She moves along in her life and raises her daughter with the assistance and support of her mother. However, things suddenly take a sharp turn in her life when 4 different men appear in her life: author Oh Dae-oh (played by the charming Son Ho-joon), popular actor Ryu Jin (Song Jong-ho), PE teacher Oh Yeon-woo (Goo Ja-sung), and CEO of a financial company, Goo Pa-do (Kim Min-joon). Just how will things turn out for our hardworking, persistent, and determined Ae-jung whose life will evidently shake up with the involvement of these four guys in her life?

Was It Love?: Episode 1 Recap

It’s the year 2012 and our main character, No Ae-jung (Song Ji-hyo), is seen delivering newspapers early in the morning to several neighborhoods — a part-time job that she’s been doing for five years. She’s also been a cashier at a supermarket for four years and makes sure to mention this in her job interviews for several film companies. But wait, she’s also worked multiple other part-time jobs that proves just how diligent, hard-working, and precise she is. Through these traits and characteristics, Ae-jung is certain she will be successful at which ever company she works for.

Ae-jung mentions these traits during one of her job interviews, but it’s interrupted by a sudden phone call for one of the interviewers. Err, that’s rude and awkward. When the interviewer leaves to answer the call, the main interviewer back inside the room questions Ae-jung on any other skills she might have, such as using software programs like PowerPoint or Microsoft Word. Ae-jung brings up how she used such programs back when she attended college, but it doesn’t help her much at the moment. She ends up revealing how she dropped out of college halfway into her senior year which the interviewer grows confused about. Did something happen? Why did she drop out of college when she only had one semester left?

The episode transitions to Ae-jung’s Mom, Choi Hyang-ja (Kim Mi-kyung), picking up Ae-jung’s daughter, No Ha-nee, at the daycare center. Ha-nee doesn’t seem so happy being alone while waiting for Grandma to pick her up. The daycare staff also points out Ha-nee’s drawing to Grandma and notes that she didn’t include a figure of a father in her drawing — something different from all the other drawings from the other kids in the class. So Grandma picks up Ha-nee and they head back home together. On the way back, Ha-nee admits that she’s well aware that her dad isn’t up in Heaven like how Grandma and Ae-jung has been telling her. Grandma has to explain to Ha-nee that that’s just how they’re going to think of Dad from now on. He just simply doesn’t exist anymore in their lives, but Grandma promises that she and Ae-jung will make up for the lack of Dad’s presence. Although Ha-nee marches away from Grandma, she’s young and she’s haughty and she has a hard time comprehending why she doesn’t have a father figure in her life.

Back in the interview, Ae-jung reveals that she had to drop out of college due to her pregnancy. However, she never regretted it and although raising her baby wasn’t easy, she’s glad to see her baby daughter doing well now. With Ha-nee getting older, Ae-jung needs to prepare for her academic future so she wants to be able to find a job that will allow for stability. The interviewer is unfortunately not so interested and he rejects Ae-jung. So with that, Ae-jung walks back home hopelessly and make sure to grab a cake along the way. Ae-jung gets home first and she accidentally drops a cup onto the floor upon seeing a bug crawl across the kitchen counter. Just like the broken pieces of the cups scattered on the floor, Ae-jung too is broken. She breaks down and begins to cry thinking about her difficult situation.

Grandma and Ha-nee arrive home not too long afterwards to find a crying Ae-jung on the floor surrounded by broken pieces of a cup. They’re confused at first, but Grandma comforts her heartbroken daughter. Just then, Ae-jung’s phone goes off and she receives a phone call from the same company who she was in an interview with earlier. Back during the interview, Ae-jung was asked as to why she wanted to work at a film studio. There’s so many different other places and companies she could work for, why does she want to work there? Ae-jung’s always dreamed of becoming a film producer and was greatly inspired back during her college career when she would watch films with the rest of her classmates, including with up and coming actor, Ryu Jin (Song Jong-ho). Six years later and her dream still stands. She wants to show her daughter that anything is possible and that she’s never going to give up on her dreams or her family. So with that, Ae-jung receives a phone call from the company and gets the news that she’s been hired. She now has a job. Our family of three celebrate Christmas Eve that night with the delicious cake. Everything is turning out well for our family.

And so eight years pass and we are caught up in the present. Ae-jung stops by a dry cleaning shop to pick up Ha-nee’s new uniform. While on the way back to the house, she also stops by a small shop to purchase Ha-nee a cute stuffed keychain. Ae-jung presents both the uniform and the keychain to Ha-nee when she gets home. Ha-nee is transferring schools once again, but Ae-jung promises her daughter this will be the last time. But wait, does this mean Ae-jung will finally get the paycheck for last month’s work that she still hasn’t gotten just yet? Ae-jung reassures Grandma that she’ll get that paycheck soon. Plus, there’s nothing much to worry about. Ae-jung has now been promoted to a film producer at her workplace, Thumb Films, after eight years of being a bookkeeper. There’s also an investor coming in today to listen in on Ae-jung’s presentation for an upcoming film that they plan on producing. Things are going to go great.. right?

The investors eventually show up to Thumb Films and they’re directed to the meeting room where Ae-jung and her co-worker, Choi Hye-jin, will present on the upcoming film that they hope on producing. Ae-jung prepares herself seconds before her presentation is to begin. Meanwhile, Ha-nee attends her first day of school at her new middle school. After making it onto campus, she takes a good glance at the atmosphere around her and notices a good-looking teacher playing basketball with the rest of the students.

It’s time for classes to start so she casually walks towards the entrance of the school. Of course, one of the teachers, Mr. Jang, notices Ha-nee and it’s not so easy for her to enter the school. She’s not wearing her nametag and Mr. Jang refuses to believe that it’s her first day at the school. Thankfully, the teacher she was watching earlier swoops in to rescue our Ha-nee and he backs her up. Ha-nee is new to the school since she’s one of his students so Ha-nee isn’t lying at all. With that, Ha-nee and the teacher, PE teacher Oh Yeon-woo (Goo Ja-sung), make their way into the school together. He’s sooo cute.

Ae-jung gives her presentation about her upcoming film to who she assumes is an investor. However, the presentation is cut halfway short when the “investor” clarifies his role for why he’s meeting with Ae-jung: he’s not an investor, he’s the CEO of money-lending company, Nine Capital, and his name is Goo Pa-do (Kim Min-joon). Ahhh! You see, Ae-jung’s boss, Mr. Wang, borrowed a huge amount of money from Nine Capital and since he can’t be reached, Ae-jung is now responsible for paying back the money since she signed the joint surety agreement with Mr. Wang. Of course, she didn’t know back then that the form she was signing was a joint surety agreement which is why she initially signed it. Ae-jung is horrified at the revelation and it doesn’t help that Mr. Wang still isn’t picking up. Ae-jung is given two weeks to pay back the sum of the money (including interest as well) or else her and her family will be in deep deep trouble. Oh nooo.

Back at school, Ha-nee is witness to some bullying when one of her classmates throws a carton of milk to a student sitting in front of her. She also bears some of the aftermath when the milk splatters into her face. She’s not so happy so she decides to teach the bully a lesson. Ae-jung is busy scouting Mr. Wang’s apartment for any hints or receipts of his whereabouts. However, he’s not there and he doesn’t leave behind anything useful really. All he’s left behind are contracts that are old, outdated, and not as useful anymore, including a contract of the publications copyrights to a script titled “Love is Nonexistent.” Both Ae-jung and Hye-jin are frustrated with their boss.

Ae-jung is called to go to Ha-nee’s school due to an incident involving Ha-nee. Yeon-woo notices Ae-jung when she rushes into the staff room for directions on the counseling office where Ha-nee is located and he stands up excitedly upon seeing her. It’s as if he recognizes her. However, Ae-jung is too occupied with Ha-nee and she hurries over to reunite with her daughter in the counseling room. When she gets there, she finds the classroom bully sitting in between his parents with a bloody nose. Ae-jung apologizes on behalf of Ha-nee for beating up their kid, but the bully’s parents aren’t satisfied. They at first want a School Violence Committee meeting, but afterwards, the bully’s Dad demands for a meeting with just the dad’s in the family. Let the men settle this (LOL).

That’s when Ha-nee speaks up and reveals that she doesn’t have a father so if there’s anything he wants to say, he should just say it to her. The bully’s parents turn into bullies themselves and now it makes sense to them as to why Ha-nee bullied their kid. The dad even dares to give Ae-jung advise on how to raise Ha-nee and how she needs to be more strict on Ha-nee since Ha-nee doesn’t have a dad. Ae-jung comes to Ha-nee’s defense and comments that she’s played both the mother and father figure in Ha-nee’s life and has never raised her daughter with only half the love. Sure, she’ll compensate the parents for their kid’s hospital bills, but will they compensate for the heartache and pain that they’ve caused Ha-nee? With that, Ae-jung drags Ha-nee out with her and Yeon-woo trails behind. While all of this is happening inside the office, the bully’s target, Goo Dong-chan, watches the entire scene from the outside by peeking through the door.

Ae-jung drags Ha-nee out with her, but Ae-jung panics upon seeing one of Pa-do’s guys wait outside near the school parking lot. She backtracks and walks away in fear of being seen by the guy. This entire time, Ha-nee attempts to explain her side of the story to her mother, but it’s obvious that Ae-jung isn’t paying any attention. Ha-nee’s had enough and she’s fed up with Mom’s behavior. Ha-nee argues that Ae-jung should have at least listened to her story first. Plus, nothing is ever going to change the fact that Ha-nee doesn’t have a father. She throws the stuffed keychain that Ae-jung gave her that morning onto the ground and storms away. Dong-chan picks up the keychain and hands it back to Ae-jung while explaining that Ha-nee didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, she stood up for him by giving the bully a taste of his own medicine. With that, Dong-chan walks away and Teacher Yeon-woo stands not too far away to observe Ae-jung.

Ae-jung visits her friend Sook-hee at her bar restaurant for some drinks. Stressed, Ae-jung chats about her boss and how she’s now responsible for paying back all the money he’s scammed her for. Ae-jung also ponders why all bad things seem to happen to her all at once. She wonders what things would have been like had she never met him back then. When Ae-jung gets home, Ha-nee hurries and pretends to be asleep so as to avoid any awkward situations with her mom. Ae-jung enters Ha-nee’s room to find Ha-nee laying on her bed so she cuddles next to her daughter and sheds some tears. Ha-nee opens her eyes and her ears to hear her mother crying next to her. Aww.

The next morning, Yeon-woo rides the bus to get to work. While on the bus, he passes by Ae-jung who rushes to get on the bus. Thanks to Yeon-woo, he’s able to stall for a few seconds and Ae-jung luckily gets on. They stand next to each other on the bus and Ae-jung protects the proposal she has in her arms with her entire life. Yeon-woo attempts to flag her attention by creating small talk so Ae-jung finally notices him after a few seconds. She at first recognizes him as Yeon-woo’s homeroom teacher, but Yeon-woo reminds her that they’ve met way before. That’s when Ae-jung’s memory triggers an incident to when she encountered Yeon-woo hiding in one of the bath tubs at a sauna. Ae-jung is embarrassed after finally recovering the memory of Yeon-woo and she rushes to bid farewell with him. The embarrassment is too much for her, but Yeon-woo is just glad Ae-jung remembers him. When Yeon-woo gets to school, he’s in a cheerful and happy mood. Ha-nee makes sure to visit him and hands him a beverage for him to drink. Of course, Yeon-woo is a lot more supportive of Ha-nee since she is Ae-jung’s daughter and he lets her know that she can come to him if she ever needs anything.

Ae-jung visits one of her colleagues of an investment company in an attempt to get him to invest in her upcoming film. However, the man isn’t interested and in fact, he relays to her the news that is spreading about Thumb Films: no one is willing to work or invest in Thumb Films. Ae-jung receives similar treatment when she visits the director to the upcoming film at his place. The director has no plans in working with Ae-jung and Thumb Films. Not are only they going bankrupt, but Mr. Wang breached the contract first by disappearing. Things seem hopeless for Ae-jung and both she and Hye-jin have no other option but to give up.

There’s nothing left in store for them anymore.. except there is. There is one thing: the contract of the publication rights to the script “Love is Nonexistent.” They even discover the written manuscript itself that was hand-written by Cheon Ok-man in Mr. Wang’s office. So with a wet wipe and some magic touches, Ae-jung and Hye-jin find that the contract to the script “Love is Nonexistent” was signed by none other than the popular and best-selling author, Cheon Ok-man. It’s as if our two ladies have hit the lottery. Things might get better for them after all.

So with the contract in their hands, Hye-jin and Ae-jung head to visit Pa-do at his place. They’re amazed at how big and beautiful his house is (“there’s a grass lawn!” lol). After being chased down by two of his dogs, Ae-jung and Hye-jin finally get the opportunity to meet with the man himself. They get straight to the point and show Pa-do the copyright contract that Cheon Ok-man signed. They can potentially create a movie with his book and bam, they’ll make some money and Ae-jung can pay back the money that she owed him. That should be simple and easy, right? However, Pa-do isn’t completely sold and he’s not so sure any company would be willing to invest in a production company that is failing.

It isn’t until Ae-jung pitches the idea to Pa-do that he reconsiders things. Why doesn’t he invest in the movie? He can invest in Ae-jung and Thumb Films. After changing his bloody white shirt into a clean white dress shirt which intimidates both ladies, Pa-do commits to the plan. Fine, he’s willing to invest in the movie under two conditions: author Cheon Ok-man has to be the writer and two, popular actor Ryu Jin has to star in the movie. Is Ae-jung willing to risk her life to make this happen? Ae-jung is confident and strong in her decision to move forward and pull through with things; she’s going to do whatever it takes, even if that means risking her life since her life remains in the hands of her family. With that, the two companies sign off on a deal and Hye-jin and Ae-jung exit out of the meeting with a contract. They have 8 days to recruit both Ryu Jin and Cheon Ok-man or else all fails. When our two ladies leave, Pa-do heads back to resume his business. He warns the man of his rival gang that he’s captured in the basement of his house to leave and go away or else his boss will be next.

So with that, our two ladies get started on their plans. Hye-jin heads to Cheon Ok-man’s house while Ae-jung attends Ryu Jin’s movie premiere. However, there are many other fangirls there and she doesn’t stand out too much. Ae-jung hopes that her special relationship with Ryu Jin back during their college days will be that catalyst that gets Ryu Jin to commit to her plan. But things aren’t that easy and Ae-jung fails to meet with Ryu Jin at the event. He eventually gets trampled by many of his excited and loyal fangirls, lol. When Ae-jung returns to the office, Hye-jin cheers her up and reassures her that she might get another chance next time at recruiting Ryu Jin. Ae-jung did say that she and Ryu Jin had a special relationship, right?

And they sure did. The episode rewinds back to Ae-jung’s college days. During a retreat with her and her friends, Ae-jung has had too much to drink and she’s dared to kiss someone as part of the drinking game. Ae-jung makes her mark by going outside to reunite with Ryu Jin. Once in front of him, she requests for a chance to kiss Ryu Jin. Just as Ryu Jin ponders on how to respond to Ae-jung, she’s quickly distracted by someone puking outside. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the man is puking on her shoes. Cut to the present and Ae-jung is still upset over that moment. Hye-jin hasn’t been all that successful either for she too failed to get in contact with Cheon Ok-man.

Ryu Jin gives the incident at his movie premiere a second thought. He can’t seem to forget the shouts of a desperate Ae-jung screaming for his attention and referring to him as ‘Ryu Jin Sunbae.’ However, since he was trampled over by his fans, he didn’t catch that it was Ae-jung who was shouting his name. Regardless, his manager, Myung Kwae-nam, enters the room to give him some ointments for the injury that Jin’s sustained on his hand. However, Jin doesn’t think too much about it and he even defends his manager when the CEO of his entertainment company, CEO Jennifer Song, yells at Manager Myung for not taking good enough care of Ryu Jin.

Back at home, Ae-jung sends an email to Cheon Ok-man in hopes of meeting with him. After sending him the email, she reads an excerpt to his story that was included in a literary contest book. The title is called “Love is Nonexistent” and the first line reads, “She vanished. She left me out of the blue.” The episode cues into two fictional historical characters battling it out in a sword fight in the snow. The story is so compelling Ae-jung finds herself completely engaged and engrossed with the story. She reads,

When it was announced that the wish of the winner would be granted, I swung my sword with all my might with the thought that I could finally tell her how I felt. As I held her hand for the first time and as our eyes met, I felt as if I was drifting away.

The two characters fight each other intensely with their swords and at one point, the female character advises the man not to hold the sword with his left hand. His hand is close to his left heart so it will only endanger him when he wields his sword. In response, the male lead reasons that that must be why his sword was swaying in front of the woman. It’s because he loves her. Ae-jung resumes the story by reading,

Even until then, I had no idea that the women I loved wanted to kill me.

Ae-jung is fascinated by the story and becomes excited at the thought of producing a film based off of the book. It’s a sageuk, but it’s also melodramatic and action-packed! It’s the perfect combination (and I agree!). She continues to read the rest of the book.

The next morning, Ae-jung receives a response back from her email to Cheon Ok-man. He’s interested in meeting with her. Ae-jung jumps up at the news and she shares the exciting update with both Grandma and Ha-nee as well as Hye-jin. When she arrives at the restaurant where Cheon Ok-man is waiting for her, she gives his number a call to help her find him more easily. Several other men in the restaurant answers their phone as Ae-jung is on hers, but none of them is the Cheon Ok-man she’s looking for.

She creeps around a little more until she finally discovers a man in the restaurant standing by the window. She panics at the sight of the man and immediately turns around in shock. Wait, this can’t be! So as Ae-jung is reeling in the shock and surprise of seeing the man, the episode pans to Pa-do, Ryu Jin, and Yeon-woo. As we will see, all three guys have some sort of connection and history with Ae-jung. Pa-do watches an old footage of Ae-jung at a restaurant outing with others, Ryu Jin practices reciting lines to a movie script while a clip of Ae-jung at his movie premiere plays on the TV in the background, and Yeon-woo takes out a poetry book with an envelope hidden inside that he had originally dedicated to Ae-jung.

Back at the restaurant, Cheon Ok-man creeps up behind our movie producer and introduces himself to a shocked and surprised Ae-jung. He is the popular and best-selling author, Cheon Ok-man (Son Ho-joon).

My Thoughts:

Son Ho-jooooooooon! Yes, I just had to let it out. I just had to shout out his name like how Ae-jung was shouting out Ryu Jin’s name at the movie premiere. Now if only there was a chance where I could attend one of Son Ho-joon’s drama or movie events and get the chance to see him in person. That would be amazing! (Plus, he looks SOO good with that hairstyle!).

All jokes aside, I really liked this first episode and upon finishing it, it felt like a breath of fresh air. After finishing the last couple of dramas and almost wrapping things up with ‘Dinner Mate’, it felt nice to just watch a brand new drama from the very beginning that you don’t have any expectations of. It was nice that ‘Was It Love?’ proved to be fairly charming and a pleasant watch. The whole one female, several different guys trope isn’t something we haven’t seen before. In fact, we just recently witnessed it with ‘Oh My Baby‘ and I think ‘Was It Love?’ will be following a somewhat similar format in that the drama is going to set up all four guys at potential suitors for Ae-jung. Similar to ‘Oh My Baby’, this drama will probably already establish who the male lead is and just based on promotional teasers and whatnot, it seems as if that guy is going to be Son Ho-joon (which I have no complaints about at all).

Ae-jung’s backstory is so interesting especially as a single mother who’s raised Ha-nee pretty much all by herself with assistance and support from Grandma. It’s been the three of them for more than a decade and I’m interested to see who the baby father is, but also what happened to Ha-nee’s dad. Of course, being a child without a dad is something that is stigmatized and Ha-nee was reminded once again of her reality because of incidents such as the one with the bully’s parents. Even though Grandma and Ae-jung has done a phenomenal job in raising Ha-nee without a father, no one else sees that and society still emphasizes on the importance of having both parents present in a child’s life. I don’t think it’s so much that Ha-nee misses her father per se, but rather that having a father figure in her life would make things much easier for her. She wouldn’t be looked down upon for not having a father and would be easily more accepted by others. Ha-nee has come to accepting that she doesn’t have a father and it’s not something she’s necessarily embarrassed about, but she is exhausted and fed up with being looked down upon because she only has her mother in her life. One of the biggest scenes that stood out to me in this episode was the scene when Ae-jung argued that she plays both the father and mother figure in Ha-nee’s life and that she still loves Ha-nee just as much as any other parent would. That scene to me spoke volumes about Ae-jung’s love and care for her daughter, but also what her thoughts as a single mother are. Ae-jung might be shamed and ridiculed for being a single mother, but it’s not something that she’s embarrassed of. To Ae-jung, her family means the world to her and she’s willing to do whatever she can to protect them.

I’m not so sure how I feel with all four guys having some kind of connection and history to Ae-jung. I do kind of feel like it’s a cheap cop-out as to how Ae-jung will form her relationship with the four guys. A part of me wanted her to be able to build those relationships from scratch and for the drama to exclude the “we-had-some-kind-of-history-don’t-you-remember-me” aspect to the relationships. However, another part of me is also fine with the fact that Ae-jung knows all four guys from the past. This will make things easier in the future when she continues to meet them and it’ll be fun to compare her relationships in the past to how they are in the present. I think it goes both ways setting Ae-jung up to know all four guys and to have her have some kind of connection with all of them. Out of the four, my ‘Go Back Couple’ fangirl inside of me is definitely rooting for Son Ho-joon’s character, but I do find Teacher Yeon-woo endearing and I’m most interested in Pa-do’s story for now. He’s the most mysterious one because he’s somewhat involved in gangs, but he’s also the CEO of a financial company and he’s supposed to be this bad guy, but he doesn’t seem like such a bad guy because he’s investing in Ae-jung. He sort of believes in her to the point where he’s willing to work with her and negotiate with her. His character is definitely the most compelling and interesting to me so I’m excited to see where the drama takes his story.

All the time jumps and flashbacks was a bit confusing at first, but it made more sense with the second watch. Ha-nee was born in 2006, Ae-jung got her job at Thumb Films in 2012, and then now they’re in the present in 2020. I was afraid I would get confused and lost with all the time jumps and the college flashbacks, but I’m actually liking what the drama’s giving us. So far, we’ve only seen what Ryu Jin and Ae-jung’s connection to each other is which will definitely aid Ae-jung in her quest to produce the movie with Ryu Jin as the actor. I’m curious as to what her relationship with Pa-do is as well as with our writer. I like Yeon-woo (and he reminds me of Eu-Ddeum from ‘Oh My Baby’), but I just see him as the little puppy who has a crush on his Noona. I wonder if the drama is going to do more with him or just set him up to be that puppy character for the rest of the series.

I think the biggest reason as to why I really enjoyed this episode was because of the part where Ae-jung was reading Cheon Ok-man’s story. Look, watching the sageuk scene where both characters were fighting each other in the sword battle made me realize just how much I miss watching historical dramas. I don’t even remember the last sageuk drama I watched because it’s been that long so even though the sageuk scene in this episode wasn’t too long, I definitely enjoyed watching it while it lasted. The other part that I wanted to mention was that I loved the interweaving of the sageuk scene with shots of Ae-jung reading the piece in her room. The combination of the scene plus Ae-jung narrating in the background was such a nice touch and it made the sageuk scene even more enjoyable because you understood what was going on. The mixing of both the modern and the historical kind of reminds me of ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ when Lee Min-ho and Jun Ji-hyun’s characters were in the historical times and then it would transition to them in the modern time. For a more recent drama, I was even reminded of ‘Hotel del Luna’ because there were those moments in that show where IU’s character dated back to historical times. So I just love that Cheon Ok-man’s piece was a historical piece with romance and action. Obviously, the director could have just shown us Ae-jung reading the story and then her raving about it without adding in the sword battle, but I love that we actually got to witness the fight scene itself. I love love love scenes like that and this was the biggest reason as to why I liked this episode.

In terms of the cast itself, it’s nice to see Son Ho-joon back on my screen. The last thing I saw him in was ‘Go Back Couple’ which was a drama that I wholeheartedly loved and enjoyed (I mentioned about it a few times in some of my posts). I have such fond memories of that drama so it’s great to see Son Ho-joon in here. Even if we didn’t see much of him in this episode, he was pretty charming within the few seconds that he appeared. I’ve only really followed Song Ji-hyo on ‘Running Man’ as a I’m a religious ‘Running Man’ viewer so I haven’t really seen any of her acting projects. As this is just the first episode, I can’t say just yet how I feel about her as Ae-jung, but I do think she’s doing decent so far. She’s a bit awkward in some scenes, but I think that’s just more of Song Ji-hyo as a person in general and not so much her acting. I haven’t really seen the other three actors so much (I briefly remember Goo Ja-sung from ‘Misty’ but then again, my memory is kind of fuzzy so I don’t remember him all too much in that drama) so I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes out for them. And as usual, it’s nice to see Grandma Mi-kyung who is also currently in ‘It’s Okay to Not be Okay.’ As odd as this seems, I even recognized Mr. Jang who made an appearance in ‘Team Bulldog: Off-Duty Investigation.” It’s nice to see a cast full of both familiar and not so familiar faces.

‘Was It Love?’ had a nice premiere and I’m liking what we’re seeing so far. I actually had no plans to watch this drama either (I feel like I say that for a lot of dramas) so the entire episode was a pleasant surprise. I’m liking the conflicting and complicated mother-daughter relationship between Ae-jung and Ha-nee as well as Ae-jung’s persistence, desperation, and determination to make something out of nothing. She’s hit rock bottom several times throughout her life and has had to make sacrifices to get to where she is. Hopefully, her past connections and relationships with all four guys will make things a little easier for her here on out (or will it?). To our lovely Ae-jung, fighting!

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