Vincenzo: Episode 2 Recap

No one said it’ll be easy, but it definitely hasn’t been all that bad either. With Vincenzo new in town, there are certain steps he has to take first before he can fully embark on his goal and mission with Geumga Plaza. As he will come to learn, it takes a little bit of trust and lots of fun to get the plan rolling.

Vincenzo: Episode 2 Recap

Mr. Park is barely hanging on by a thread and is forced to make a promise with Vincenzo before he can get pulled back up inside the building. He’s demanded to take his men with him and leave our Geumga tenants alone. Mr. Park frantically grants Vincenzo the promise and climbs up back inside the building with the assistance of his men. However, it doesn’t take long for him to break his promise and he threatens to fight against Vincenzo. The intense situation comes to an abrupt stop when they’re approached by security guards pleading for Mr. Park to stop. With that, the Babel gang leaves and Lawyer Hong has a talk with Vincenzo inside of his office.

Lawyer Hong dismisses Vincenzo to leave the Geumga tenants alone despite Vincenzo’s claims that Mr. Cho was threatened by Babel E&C to sell the plaza over to Babel E&C. Lawyer Hong refuses to listen to any of it, but Vincenzo also doesn’t back down. He’s going to stay and fight for the building even if no one believes in him. Mr. Nam and Cha-young listen carefully to the conversation nearby and Cha-young too is dismissed by her father. Seconds after Vincenzo exits the office, reporters enter the law firm at the request of Vincenzo.

Cha-young catches up to Vincenzo and she cuts to the chase. She’s suspicious and skeptical of Vincenzo and is certain that there must be something bigger behind his fight against Babel E&C. There must be another reason as to why he’s trying so hard to defeat the huge conglomerate. Though Vincenzo doesn’t give anything away, Cha-young can sense something fishy about his involvement with the situation and makes sure to relay that suspicion to him before walking away. The Geumga tenants all gather inside of Larry’s dance studio for another meeting. They express anger, frustration, and confusion about Vincenzo who they now perceive as a traitor. Cheol-wook offers to teach him a lesson using his martial art skills and they even go as far as to nitpick on Vincenzo’s Italian background. Lawyer Hong reassures everyone that he’ll do some investigation on Vincenzo for the time being to figure out what his true intentions on getting involved are and whether he’s on their side or not.

Prosecutor Myung-hee works her magic by threatening a man, Deputy Minister Lee, in her office. She makes sure to let him know that he is to cooperate and settle with her or else worse things could happen to him. Vincenzo pays Mr. Cho a visit at the hospital and is encouraged by Mr. Cho to demolish Geumga Plaza as soon as possible before Babel E&C can get their hands on it. If they demolish the building first, they’ll discover all the gold sitting in the storage room of the basement and it’ll all be over. Upon listening to Mr. Cho’s wise words, Vincenzo is reminded of a meeting he had with Mr. Cho and the owner of the gold 3 years back. Vincenzo shares the special feature about the storage room that makes it impossible for people to try to steal the gold without getting killed. In addition, no one else, except for Vincenzo and Mr. Cho, is to be aware of the storage room which means all the workers who helped construct the storage room are killed.

Fast forward to 12 months ago, Vincenzo learns of the owner, Mr. Wang’s, passing due to a cardiac arrest. A few months later, Vincenzo then approaches Mr. Cho for an opportunity that is too good to resist: the chance to make some retirement money and access the bars of gold hidden in the storage room with Mr. Wang’s passing. 7 months passes and Mr. Cho relays the news to Vincenzo – who’s still in Italy at the time – about Babel E&C’s sudden approach in purchasing buildings all over the town including Geumga Plaza itself. Vincenzo isn’t too worried upon hearing the news at that time. He’s certain they’ll only need two days at most to demolish the building and to move all the gold. It shouldn’t be too difficult.

However, things aren’t as easy as they seem in the present now that a temple is occupied right above the storage room. Vincenzo is greeted by Monk Chaeshin and Cheol-wook as the two men approach the temple and it’s then that Vincenzo learns of their plans to install a boiler. Vincenzo grows alarmed at the news and he tries to talk both guys out of the idea. He even offers to purchase some electric pads to heat up the floor and he’ll pay for electricity. He’s desperate to not let anyone touch anything that could expose or affect the storage room down below. He’ll do whatever it takes. Vincenzo’s kindness should be accepted, right? Lol.

Managing Partner Han and Cha-young go over their next steps for their court case against Lawyer Hong. Things are looking great for Wusang and they’re confident that they will reign as the winner for the lawsuit. Just then, intern Joon-woo comes barging into Cha-young’s office with some news. Managing Partner Han picks on Joon-woo and his odd habit of wearing sneakers with his suits, but Joon-woo has to remind Managing Partner Han that it was him who picked Joon-woo to intern, not Cha-young. LOL. When Managing Partner Han leaves, Joon-woo runs up to Cha-young to deliver her the grand news: a researcher from the Babel Pharmaceuticals Drug Development division who was supposed to quarantine has gone missing. He’s disappeared.

Mr. An is still intent on digging more into Vincenzo’s life and background with the mafia in Italy. He proposes a request for a mission to his boss, Director Tae, to once again investigate on Vincenzo’s reasonings for returning to Korea. Mr. An assumes Vincenzo must be creating a new gang in Korea, but Director Tae doesn’t buy into it. Vincenzo would need lots of money in order to do so and it’s not like he’s hiding stacks of money somewhere in Korea (HAHAHA the irony in all of this). Director Tae dismisses Mr. An’s foolish idea once again without hesitation. However, Mr. An is still determined to find out the truth behind Vincenzo’s visit to Korea and he’s even willing to use his own earnings in order to carry out his mission.. even if it proves to be a little too costly to Mr. An’s liking, lol.

Lawyer Hong watches news coverage regarding the witness who turned himself in perjury. He’s disappointed at how the man caved in for money instead of helping seek justice for the victims affected by Babel Pharmaceutical’s new drug. When he transitions his attention to Mr. Nam, Lawyer Hong discovers Mr. Nam discarding their documents on their lawsuit against Babel Pharmaceuticals. The case is over now and it’s obvious that they’ve lost. Lawyer Hong still holds out hope that things will change and maybe they might just do. Vincenzo enters the office at that moment requesting for all of the documents that Lawyer Hong has on Babel E&C. He emphasizes that he’s an ally to the Geumga tenants and not an enemy like how they perceive him to be. Though Lawyer Hong is resistant at first, he eventually gives in. He places his trust in Vincenzo and hands over the documents.

Cha-young and Joon-woo meet with staff from the Babel Pharmaceuticals Drug Development division privately. Cha-young isn’t too happy with the disappearance of the researcher and instructs them to find the man as soon as possible. None of the news is to also be shared with the higher-ups from the corporation. After the meeting, Cha-young and Joon-woo walk outside and back to their cars. Cha-young is nervous as to what could happen with the researcher, but the thing she fears the most is the researcher going to her father. She’s okay with the researcher revealing everything to anyone but Lawyer Hong.

As the two continue to pace outside, they notice Chairman of Babel, Jang Han-seo (Kwak Dong-yeon), walking with his staff behind him. Cha-young takes advantage of the opportunity to introduce herself to the Chairman, but he can care less about her. The not-so-friendly exchange comes to an abrupt end and Cha-young resumes with her plans for the day. She denies a steak date with Joon-woo to go on with her day. Back at the Jipuragi office, Vincenzo does his research on Babel Pharmaceuticals and reads stories about test subjects dying as a result of their new drug. When asked for all the documents relating to the current lawsuit involving Cha-young, Lawyer Hong approves immediately. He really is placing all his trust in Vincenzo without a care in the world. Haha, I love it.

Prosecutor Choi grabs dinner with her boss and a colleague, but the conversation quickly turns sour when she’s assigned another scandal to handle and take care of. It’s obvious she’s frustrated of having to clean up after other people’s mess. Cha-young stops by the Jipuragi office and drags her feet inside initially pretending to look for her lost wallet. However, when she’s quickly discovered to be lying, she seats herself at the table with Vincenzo who’s reading up on Babel E&C as well as Babel Pharmaceuticals. She’s confused at first with the initial sighting and quickly grows flustered afterwards. Vincenzo and Lawyer Hong team up and both take turns criticizing Babel for being bullies and Wusang Law Firm being right there next to them to help them. Cha-young takes offense with all the harsh and brutal comments and she chases after Vincenzo when he exits the law firm. She assumes he’s leeching off of her father to make some profit out of the lawsuit, but the conversation ends there.

Chef Toto quickly closes his restaurant when he finds Vincenzo and Cha-young approaching nearby. He lies that the restaurant has closed for the day and encourages them to stop by the snack bar down the hallway. Hungry and with no other option, the duo make their way to the snack bar shop. Vincenzo is initially denied any food by owner, Mrs. Kwak, but she gives in when Cha-young joins not too shortly afterwards. They have a plate of tteokbokki and when asked for a glass of water, Vincenzo is instructed in Korean + English to grab it himself, lol.

Vincenzo clarifies with Cha-young that he has his own reasons for being involved with Geugma plaza and for fighting against Babel. Cha-young encourages him to simply stop and leave; Korea is different from what he might be used to and it’ll all be for nothing. However, Vincenzo doesn’t plan on giving up and that is that. Just then, Mrs. Kwak’s son, Kim Young-ho, enters the shop and receives yet another beating by his mother for smoking. He rushes out of the shop and accidentally causes the plate of tteokbokki to splatter over Vincenzo’s expensive suit in the process of doing so. While Cha-young remains fascinated by Mrs. Kwak’s fighting skills, all Vincenzo can focus on is his precious suit. Haha.

Prosecutor Choi bids farewell with his boss and colleague after dinner and she utters under her breath her vow to take them down one day. Just when it seems as if all is hopeless, another opportunity presents itself. Managing Partner Han and Prosecutor Choi go out for some food and drinks later on that night and he offers her the chance to work at his law firm, Wusang. It’s obvious that she’s going to simply get dismissed from her current job the moment she’s no longer needed. Managing Partner Han attempts to lure and persuade Prosecutor Choi with the power and prestige of Babel. They’re rich, powerful, and huge and even if cleaning up after their mess requires a lot of work, it makes Managing Partner Han and his wallet content. The offer is too good to deny and Prosecutor Choi is tempted to take up on the offer. She also grows curious about the chairman of Babel.

Speaking of the chairman of Babel, Han-seo pleads for forgiveness from a man dressed up as a hockey player at an ice skating rink. Han-seo apologizes for the urgent situation with the missing researcher as well as the postponement with Geumga Plaza. To teach Han-seo a lesson and to punish him for his incompetence, the man swings his hockey stick at Han-seo and beats the chairman ferociously. Vincenzo wakes up to a bright and early morning after suffering a nightmare about all the assassinations and missions he’s carried out back in Italy. The pigeons have also gathered outside of his window and that too wakes him up, lol. His next stop is, of course, Chef Toto’s Italian restaurant and just like the previous experience, Chef Toto is petrified of Vincenzo’s judgement towards his food and Vincenzo is disgusted by the taste of the food. He describes it as trash once again, but he’s still keen on returning to eat at the restaurant. Vincenzo also isn’t afraid of exposing Chef Toto’s true story to everyone else if he has to. Poor Chef Toto!

Vincenzo and Lawyer Hong go on a field trip to visit Mr. Na, the team representative from Babel’s development team, who they had met previously with back at Jipuragi’s office. This time, they make the trip to meet Mr. Na at his headquarters and with Vincenzo’s quick thinking and frightening threatening skills, they manage to meet with Mr. Na without having to make a prior appointment. The meeting is sweet and short and Vincenzo threatens Mr. Na to once again leave them alone. He’s not afraid of destroying Mr. Na or Babel like how he used to do to his enemies back in Italy. The threat works in the meantime and Lawyer Hong leaves the meeting impressed with Vincenzo’s skills.

It doesn’t take long for Prosecutor Choi to quit her job and to join Wusang. Before throwing away all of her belongings outside in a trashcan, she throws her plaque with her name and title at one of the windows in the building and quickly escapes to avoid getting caught. When she arrives at Wusang, she’s introduced by Managing Partner Han to all the lawyers and gives a few remarks before leaving for her office. Although it seems as if everyone else there isn’t happy with Lawyer Choi’s addition to the team, Cha-young can read their minds and thoughts. Everyone but Cha-young rejoices at the fact that Lawyer Choi is now the senior lawyer at Wusang representing the law firm and not Cha-young.

Larry shows off his zombie acting skills to our Geumga ladies, Yeon-jin, Mrs. Kwak, and Mi-ri. He’s been selected to coach the zombies for the upcoming ‘Train to Ulsan’ movie (LOLOL). However, they’re not so impressed with his acting and argue they can do just as much and even better than him. The three ladies go all out with their best zombie imitations to prove their point, but they quickly stop when they discover Vincenzo and Lawyer Hong watching them in the dance studio. Lawyer Hong plays it off, but Vincenzo is clearly flustered by the sighting. When the two men leave, Mi-ri is the most embarrassed. She worries about what Vincenzo might think of her now and if he saw the roof of her mouth, LOL.

Lawyer Hong and Vincenzo strategize their future plans at Jipuragi. They anticipate that Babel E&C will repeat history and make their move within the next day or two. Just like before, Babel E&C will instill fear in the tenants by demolishing all the non-residential buildings nearby before moving onto the Geumga tenants themselves. Vincenzo and Lawyer Hong seem stuck and uncertain as to what to do. To relieve some of their stress, they go out for some drinks and it’s then that Vincenzo has his first taste of makgeolli. Lawyer Hong teaches the Italian some drinking etiquette and it’s obvious the two men get along the more they spend time together. They have an honest and heartfelt conversation about the feelings of hopelessness, rage, and helplessness that the weak feels and utilizes Ms. Oh as an example. Vincenzo learns more about Ms. Oh and her reasoning to stay as an inmate: she feels as if she’s being punished for abandoning her child in the past. It doesn’t matter that she was falsely accused of murder. She believes she deserves this punishment and that there’s no way of getting out of things.

Lawyer Hong also explains the history behind his law firm name, Jipuragi: just like the translation of the word, Lawyer Hong feels as if he’s that last straw that his clients can grab a hold of to feel some sense of hope and optimism. He’s the last thing they got and that’s why he does the work that he does. Shortly afterwards, Lawyer Hong receives a phone call from an unknown number and picks it up only for there to be silence on the other end. The caller is a man standing outside in the rain with an umbrella. He’s the researcher working for Babel Pharmaceuticals who had disappeared. After the phone call ends, Vincenzo and Lawyer Hong enjoy each other’s presence and continue to drink some more makgeolli. Aww, this scene between them is so genuine and touching.

Wusang has a meeting to go over their current lawsuits. Since Cha-young has pretty much wrapped up the one involving Babel Pharmaceuticals, they transition to the next case: Geumga Plaza. Just like all the other times, they’ll demolish the building using the same tactics like before. Babel E&C will “accidentally” damage the building to instill fear in the tenants and then eventually take over the building and demolish it. It shouldn’t be too complicated or difficult and no one finds the situation problematic. Tenants have died in previous cases and yet, no one at Wusang bats an eye. Cha-young feels conflicted upon hearing the details to the case and the fact that her father is the chairman of the development opposition committee. When the meeting concludes, she storms back into her office and unleashes her anger out on Joon-woo. She wishes that the Geumga tenants would just leave the building. Out of everyone in that group, their lawyer (AKA Lawyer Hong) is the worst one.

Speaking of Lawyer Hong, he invites Vincenzo over to his house for some breakfast to cure their hangover. When Vincenzo arrives, he stops at the entrance to take a good look at the photos of teenager Cha-young. He initially assumes Lawyer Hong must have another daughter, but nope, it’s just photos of young and innocent Cha-young. Joon-woo overhears a conversation between Managing Partner Han and Chairman Han-seo while in Managing Partner Han’s office. Plans to demolish Geumga Plaza are scheduled for 11pm the next night and Joon-woo rushes to Cha-young’s office afterwards to deliver her the news. With that, Cha-young hurries over to her father’s house, but first, she takes down the old photos of her hanging by the entrance. LOL, priorities! She’s about to relay the information about the demolition to her father and Vincenzo when Lawyer Hong steps aside to take a phone call. Upon answering the phone in his bedroom, Lawyer Hong discovers that it’s the missing researcher from Babel Pharmaceuticals who’s calling him. His name is Yoo Min-chul and he wants to meet with Lawyer Hong to expose Babel. They agree on a location to meet and Lawyer Hong leaves Vincenzo and Cha-young behind at the house.

With her father gone, Cha-young has no choice but to update Vincenzo about the demolition scheduled for 11pm the next night. She urges Vincenzo to evacuate the tenants before they possibly get hurt and die. Vincenzo’s surprised at how worried Cha-young seems, but he doesn’t think too much about it and resumes with eating breakfast. Once Cha-young finally regains control of herself and her emotions, she realizes how much of a mess her father’s house is and she cleans up the dining table, including the bowl of rice and soup that Vincenzo was eating from. LOLOL. While Lawyer Hong secretly meets up with Mr. Yoo at a motel, Vincenzo brainstorms on how to stop Babel E&C from demolishing Geumga Plaza. He toggles his golden lighter in his hand while he figures out a solution.

Our Geumga tenants are alerted about the demolition and are urged to evacuate by 11pm that night before Babel E&C arrives. They’re flustered and confused with the short notice and they’re also angry at Babel E&C for planning such a horrendous thing. Our tenants will be losing the one place that serves as their house and means to living and they’re unsure as to what to do next. While the tenants ramble and rant about Babel, they also urge Vincenzo to speak up and say something. Vincenzo remains silent as he sits on a white comfy sofa nearby while scrolling through his SNS account (LOL, where did the sofa even come from?! It’s so fancy and random!)). While the tenants remain impatient with Vincenzo, Mr. Nam joins Vincenzo in on his social media habit and presses the like button on one of the pictures that pops up on Vincenzo’s feed. LOL.

Cha-young can’t help but notice the clock as she’s working in her office. She grows more and more anxious as time inches closer to 11pm. When Lawyer Hong returns to Geumga Plaza, he discovers all the tenants running around in a frenzy and moving out their belongings in a hurry. He then receives an update from Vincenzo about Babel E&C’s plans to demolish the building that night. Lawyer Choi and Managing Partner Han are out enjoying some dinner when they receive the news about researcher Yoo’s disappearance from Babel Pharmaceuticals. Their nice dinner is cut short and Managing Partner Han attempts to get in contact with Cha-young to discuss the situation. However, Cha-young is busy driving to Geumga Plaza to rescue her father and she doesn’t stay on the phone long with Managing Partner Han. When she calls her father to urge him to evacuate, he remains calm and peaceful. He’s not afraid at all.

The Babel gang drive out with their huge bulldozers and excavators to Geumga Plaza and they assume it’s going to be like all the other times. However, it’s not. This time, it’s completely beyond what they expected. There’s a huge wine party happening at the plaza and there’s tons of people and dancing and activities going on. Cha-young runs as fast as her high heels allow her to and she’s confused upon arriving at the party. The same goes for sidekick Jeon Soo-nam and his men who witness the party unfold right in front of their eyes. All our Geumga tenants have fun, munch, on some snacks and play around. Even Mr. An is at the party to continue his personal investigation of Vincenzo. Cha-young searches for Vincenzo at the party and she spots him networking with attendees at the event. Vincenzo discovers Lawyer Hong peeking from the level above and together, they give each other a toast. Lawyer Hong notices Cha-young at the party afterwards and is stunned to find his daughter there.

The mastermind behind the party is none other than Vincenzo and it turns out he did some research to come up with the idea of the party. In the meeting with the tenants earlier that morning, he proposed they throw a party right when the tenants were close to giving up on him. Thanks to the power of social media, Vincenzo invited everyone through a post he made on his SNS account which reached hundreds of people. Fast forward to the present and the party resulted into a huge hit. Cha-young is clearly fascinated with Vincenzo’s tactics and she likes the photo of his invitation on his SNS account. When Vincenzo finally notices Cha-young at the party, he smirks at her and twirls his cup of wine before extending the cup out towards Cha-young. She also smirks at Vincenzo in return, impressed with how quick-witted and intelligent he is. The two stand across from each other as everyone else celebrates in the background with music, dancing, fun, and confetti. Welcome to Vincenzo’s world.

My Thoughts:

Cheers to Vincenzo for never failing to impress and for doing it once again with the wine party that he threw at the end of this episode. I guess that’s the fun and exciting part about both Vincenzo as a character and the drama in general: you never know what kind of trick he has up his sleeves next. You never know for certain what moves he’s going to pull or what his next steps are. Similar to Cha-young, I too was impressed with the idea he came up with, especially considering just how little time he had to come up with something. It’s not a tactic that’s going to work forever per se, but it still bought him, Lawyer Hong, and the Geumga tenants more time to think of something bigger and better for next time.

Rewatching this second episode made me truly appreciate the episode a lot more because of how I managed to catch onto so many important and subtle details. I think the biggest detail that I caught in this episode that I hadn’t before was Cha-young’s conflicting thoughts and actions regarding her father and the situation with Geumga Plaza. She’s on the side of the bad guy in this case, but she can’t help but worry about her father who’s worried about his tenants. As much as she wants to lie and pretend that she’s doing this all for herself and her reputation, she knows that she cares about her father (even with all the bickering and whatnot) deep down. She still is her father’s daughter and she wants to protect him despite all that they’ve gone through. Even though they’re on completely opposite sides of the spectrum in terms of their occupation and philosophy, they are still father and daughter and they have that soft spot for each other.

I didn’t pay as much attention to Cha-young with the first watch, but this second watch made me realize that there is so much more to her than meets the eye. I’ll admit, I thought she was a little too loud and whiny and haughty for me when I first watched episodes 1 and 2 and while she still is some of those things to an extent, she’s also so much more than that. I like that we were shown a more vulnerable side of Cha-young’s character in this episode and that we weren’t lead to believe that she’s completely evil. Yes, she’s working against her father by working for the malicious villains who her father is trying so hard to defeat. It’s not something she’s proud of and she despises it inside. She dreads it every single moment that Managing Partner Han brings it up to her and how weak and powerless her father and the Geumga tenants are. These are things that Cha-young is already well aware of but yet, she doesn’t have the courage to do much about it because she’s working for Babel E&C.

There’s only so much Cha-young can do or control so it’s things like calling her father to urge him to evacuate or driving to Geumga Plaza to check up on her father that proves how she truly feels about all of this. Cha-young is stuck and I would even argue that she wants to help her father out. I mean, if she didn’t, why would she come barging into his house to update about Babel E&C’s plans of demolition? Why would she call her father and plead for him to evacuate? During the meeting at Wusang about Geumga Plaza, she was afraid and worried as to what would happen to her father and the tenants. Episode 2 did a wonderful job in highlighting the contrast between Cha-young’s actions of working in Wusang for Babel E&C and her thoughts in checking up on her father and his Geumga tenants. You truly witnessed her beautiful struggle in this episode.

The plot moved forward by placing Lawyer Choi in Wusang which is going to be an interesting case. She clearly is one fierce and competent woman who isn’t afraid of much. Despite having just joined the law firm, she already has marked her place at the company and is prepared to tackle anything on. The situation with Chairman Han-seo was sort of surprising to me (again, I won’t spoil anything about the person beating up Han-seo at the skating rink). I just assumed that he was the most powerful man at Babel considering he’s the Chairman so I definitely was not expecting him to get beaten up by somebody. Considering how evil, problematic, and shady Wusang is and the countless amount of lives that they’re responsible for, cases like researcher Yoo and his pursuit towards justice is one that I want to end up well but that I also don’t have high hopes for. Wusang is just way too powerful to get anything they want.

Of course, the one thing preventing them from doing so is none other than Vincenzo and man, oh man, do I love him. My favorite about him in this episode was the way he bonded with Lawyer Hong. It was so beautiful and nice to watch the two connect and create a friendship of some sort with each other. Lawyer Hong (along with the rest of the tenants) sort of kept their distance from Vincenzo and didn’t trust him all that much. He was skeptical (rightfully) of Vincenzo and uncertain as to what his intentions could be for intervening with Geumga Plaza. This is probably why it was so rewarding and fun to watch the two bond in this episode. Whether it’s drinking makgeolli or curing their hangovers at Lawyer Hong’s house, the two got to know each other better in a much more genuine way.

The best thing of it all is not just the act of hanging out together that is nice to watch, but also the types of conversations that take place between the two. Lawyer Hong went from being brutally honest with Vincenzo and pushing him away to eventually giving Vincenzo a chance to prove himself. Then he went on to sharing details about himself to Vincenzo that he probably never expected to do. I loved watching how conflicted Lawyer Hong was initially to hand over all his resources on Babel E&C over to Vincenzo, especially considering how skeptical and wary he was of him at first. However, things began to shift the moment Lawyer Hong leaned on Vincenzo which he saw amounted to rewarding results. From teaching Vincenzo some drinking etiquettes to talking about Ms. Oh to sharing his reasoning for the mere existence of Jipuragi, Lawyer Hong showed a new side of himself to Vincenzo once he became confident that he could trust Vincenzo. I loved witnessing the growth of their relationship and its short but sweet evolution. Just like with Cha-young, there’s more than meets the eye with Vincenzo.

Vincenzo has not only gained the trust of Lawyer Hong, but I assume that he’s also now gained the trust of our Geumga tenants with the party that he threw as a temporary distraction against Babel E&C. It won’t last forever and there’s going to be new strategies and solutions set in place to battle against the powerhouse, but surely and slowly, step by step, our Geumga team will get to keep their place if they stand their ground. Let the fun begin.

Extra photos from the episode~

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