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  • Vincenzo: Episode 20 & Final Recap

    Vincenzo: Episode 20 & Final Recap

    This is it. This is what it has all come down to. Vincenzo had no expectations when he first set out on his journey to Korea and assumed it’d be a simple and quick trip. Fast forward to a few months later and he’s encountered many surprises – some not so pleasant and some so…

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  • Vincenzo: Episode 19 Recap

    Vincenzo: Episode 19 Recap

    It’s finale week! For the past ten weeks (technically eleven with the one weekend that didn’t air any new episodes), we’ve witnessed the growth and development of Vincenzo in his journey back to his home country. He’s met many amazing and wonderful people who’s become his second family, but he’s also met a few enemies…

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  • Vincenzo: Episode 18 Recap

    Vincenzo: Episode 18 Recap

    Farewells are hard. No matter how much you try to prepare yourself for them, you’ll never really be prepared for them. There are many things up in the air including Vincenzo’s plans to stay in Korea and what that entails. With obligations back in Italy and an extended family in Korea, who will he choose…

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  • Vincenzo: Episode 17 Recap

    Vincenzo: Episode 17 Recap

    I might be busy with work and life (hence, the late recap) but Vincenzo and his second family is even busier. The goal to take down Babel continues and the battle only intensifies with Vincenzo’s determination for revenge. There’s nothing stopping him now and he has a whole village behind him for support. The possibilities…

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  • Vincenzo: Episode 16 Recap

    Vincenzo: Episode 16 Recap

    Family is life, family is love. Vincenzo’s found a second family with the Geumga tenants and he also feels at home with Cha-young. The longing for his real family is something that he’s always held out hope for inside and it’s finally something he’s able to explore now that he’s in Korea. Vincenzo finally accomplishes…

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  • Vincenzo: Episode 15 Recap

    Vincenzo: Episode 15 Recap

    With Babel being such a huge powerhouse, there’s many different enemies that our Jipuragi team has to target. Just like all the times before, our trio use their brains and creativity to get the job done and just like before, it works every single time. Note: The weekend is here, but unfortunately, we will not…

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  • Vincenzo: Episode 14 Recap

    Vincenzo: Episode 14 Recap

    Our Jipuragi trio have been primarily the ones putting in the work in the battle against Babel and Wusang. But as our trio will realize, there are other key members who’d also like to play a part in taking down the villains. The more the merrier and it doesn’t always hurt to have more help.…

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  • Vincenzo: Episode 13 Recap

    Vincenzo: Episode 13 Recap

    Babel and Wusang can be seen as textbook villains, but Vincenzo too can execute villain-like deeds and actions. He has his own tactics to intimidate enemies and he’s not afraid to risk what it takes to win. The best thing about it all is that perhaps he’s not alone. He can be evil and scary…

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  • Vincenzo: Episode 12 Recap

    Vincenzo: Episode 12 Recap

    Vincenzo and Cha-young have been going at it against Babel and Wusang for a while, but they must be wary and cautious of those closest to them as well. There are enemies everywhere you go and if you aren’t careful, you might find yourself caught off guard and lost. Like the saying goes, keep your…

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  • Vincenzo: Episode 11 Recap

    Vincenzo: Episode 11 Recap

    Our Geumga Plaza folks realize that they might not know one another as well as they thought they had. There’s more to everyone than they knew and there’s been some secret skills and talent that some members have been hiding for a while. Little by little, small details and identities are revealed in ways that…

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