Vincenzo: Episode 3 Recap

There are certain people you meet in life who teaches you a few good lessons and things along the way. Vincenzo returned to Korea with little expectations and time for people, but he finds that things aren’t as they seem. Sometimes, it’s helpful to slow down for a bit and to realize what you have around you. Sometimes, there are people who enter your life as both a blessing and a curse.

Vincenzo: Episode 3 Recap

The wine party is a huge hit and Cha-young is impressed at the grand level of planning that Vincenzo managed to pull off. The two have a talk with each other as they watch everyone celebrate from down below and Cha-young once again expresses her doubts about Vincenzo. There must be a reason as to why he paid for the party out of his own packet to save the plaza. What is it about the plaza that he’s going to such great lengths for? Vincenzo admits that he’s fallen in love with the place, but Cha-young doesn’t buy it. There must be another reason for his actions and there’s always a reason when it comes to love. Vincenzo simply responds by stating that he prefers love that has no reason (OOOOH, is this a possible foreshadow for the future?!). Eventually, Vincenzo is called down to spend some time with the Italian ambassador of Korea. He softly whispers into Cha-young’s ear for her to “relax~” before leaving. Hahaha.

Soo-nam’s plans of demolishing the plaza comes to an end upon discovering that the Italian ambassador is also at the party. Mr. Park delays their plans and urges Soo-nam to stop and just leave. Cha-young is reprimanded at work by Managing Partner Han and Lawyer Choi for failing to find the missing researcher. Cha-young is confident she can handle the urgent situation just fine and asks for the two to believe in her. Lawyer Choi eventually gives in, but warns Cha-young that there will be consequences if she fails to find the researcher. Cha-young gets moving quickly and she assigns Joon-woo to find out more information about Mr. Yoo as well as to get some cash ready as compensation for any tips that come in. Money makes everyone happy and no one will get hurt in the process.

Our Geumga tenants rejoice once the party ends and with their building still in one piece. Vincenzo watches them from faraway and acknowledges Lawyer Hong as he’s about to leave to head home. The night was a success. However, Vincenzo is well aware that throwing parties won’t cut it every time. He needs to come up with new solutions and tactics in order to keep Babel E&C away from the plaza. The next morning, all the tenants grab some breakfast and rave about Vincenzo and the party. It’s clear that they’re now more trustful of him and they’re certain that he’s on their side. Cha-young arrives at work and urges the lead staff over at the Babel Pharmaceuticals to not let anyone else get away or else they’ll be in deeper trouble. On her walk to her office, she watches as a group of staff crowd by the window outside of Lawyer Choi’s office. Everyone’s fascinated by how passionately she’s practicing her zumba and it makes a little more sense to Cha-young as to how Lawyer Choi was able to make a name for herself, lol. Joon-woo catches up to Cha-young and creates some small talk with her. Other than wanting to be promoted from intern to Cha-young’s law partner, he also accuses Cha-young of falling in love at first sight with Vincenzo. Joon-woo reasons that that must be the reason as to why Cha-young isn’t willing to date him, lol. Joon-woo also hands over a background check on Vincenzo. Vincenzo is an Italian lawyer and yes, all his records are clean.

Vincenzo stops by Chef Toto’s restaurant once again before heading over to Jipuragi. Chef Toto is convinced his food doesn’t taste as bad as Vincenzo makes it out to be. Everyone who was at the party the night before enjoyed the pizza that he cooked. So with that, Chef Toto is put to the test when he serves Vincenzo the same exact pizza from the party. However, things are still the same and Vincenzo describes the pizza as garbage (omg why is he so mean and brutal? Asdskfjd). There’s nothing spectacular or decent about it and he walks out of the restaurant. Upon leaving, Vincenzo is abruptly greeted by Mr. An who notes that he was at the Geumga party from the night before and that they had their first encounter at that party. Vincenzo doesn’t recognize Mr. An, but is called into Jipuragi before he can dig even further. With that, Vincenzo leaves and Mr. An enters Chef Toto’s restaurant with a special request: he was so moved by Chef Toto’s food at the party that he wishes to become his assistant. All he needs is a place to sleep. Although hesitant at first, Chef Toto accepts Mr. An’s request and help.

In his meeting with Lawyer Hong and Mr. Nam, Vincenzo brings up the RDU-90 drug created by Babel Pharmaceuticals. Long story short, it’s basically a narcotic painkiller and Vincenzo fears that there might be huge consequences as an aftermath once the public has access to it. People might become addicted to painkillers and eventually become drug addicts. Drug cartels might even pop up in Korea like they do in other countries like the U.S. and South America. Lawyer Hong grows exasperated the more he hears about the drug. The meeting is cut short when Vincenzo hurries to the temple on the basement floor since his electric pads have arrived. He quickly spreads out all the electric pads on the floor of the temple while Monk Chaeshin watches in hesitation and reluctance. Unbeknownst to either Vincenzo or Monk Chaeshin, Mr. An peeks through the window from outside in the hallway. He’s in disbelief that Vincenzo (a Catholic) would be helping out the monks in the temple. Could this possibly be a reunion of religions? LOL.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Mr. An continues to trace Vincenzo’s steps and discovers the Italian disciplining Young-ho and his friends for smoking behind the plaza. He gives them a good beating and warns Young-ho to stop smoking. Mr. An is uncertain as to what to think about Vincenzo or how to interpret his actions. Could Vincenzo possibly be repenting as a result of his past? It’s harder to figure Vincenzo out than he originally thought. Haha. Vincenzo takes a rest back at his place and he opens up an envelope with some documents and photos inside. He’s reminded of the meeting he had with Mr. Na, the team representative from Babel’s development team, at the Jipuragi office. Mr. Na was certain that Vincenzo and the Geumga team would be the ones begging on their knees for forgiveness. Thanks to Mr. Cho’s research on Mr. Na, it seems as if it might be the other way around.

Cha-young and Joon-woo pull off their brilliant acting skills as they attempt to find Mr. Yoo by visiting Mr. Yoo’s friend at his pharmacy. Mr. Yoo’s friend doesn’t buy Cha-young’s tears nor does he have any answers for her. Even the stacks of cash she has hidden in her purse isn’t enough to persuade him. The pharmacist hasn’t contacted Mr. Yoo in months so he’s unaware of the researcher’s whereabouts. Cha-young gives up and she enjoys some ice cream outside with Joon-woo. Joon-woo assumes Mr. Yoo must have resorted to her father upon his disappearance and maybe she can talk to her father about it. However, Cha-young isn’t as hopeful and optimistic. She then receives an indirect invitation from one of the lawyers at Wusang to a dinner party that Lawyer Choi is hosting that night with lawyers that have more than 5 years of experience. Although Cha-young initially declines the invitation, she’s pressured to attend.

Lawyer Hong is reminded of the conversation he had with Mr. Yoo the night that they secretly met up at the motel. Mr. Yoo exposes Babel Pharmaceuticals and their new drug, the RDU-90. Babel has been lying to everyone this entire time; the clinical trials of the new drug was basically murder. The test subjects were injected with the drug so that Babel could see how much the test subjects could endure. Mr. Yoo attempted to escape upon witnessing the horror, but stopped when his family was threatened. Mr. Yoo will only proceed as a witness to the trial if the safety of him and his family can be fully guaranteed. When Lawyer Hong is unable to grant Mr. Yoo the promise, the former researcher struggles to commit to the trial. He needs to be ensured that he and his family won’t be hurt. In the present, Lawyer Hong reflects on the conversation with Mr. Yoo and the fact that he was already aware about RDU-90 being a narcotic painkiller. He merely pretended to act like he didn’t know in front of Vincenzo.

Speaking of Vincenzo, he approaches Lawyer Hong who’s standing on the rooftop of the plaza and remains brutally honest with him. The entire Babel conglomerate are monsters. They don’t care about lives and people in all of this mess. Lawyer Hong has reached a dead end so he should just stop and turn around. However, Lawyer Hong won’t give in so easily. He’s going to keep fighting to the end regardless of what happens. Just then, Lawyer Hong receives a phone call and he drags Vincenzo with him to the hospital where Ms. Oh is resting. Vincenzo can only stare at the woman as she chats with Lawyer Hong. Lawyer Hong introduces Vincenzo to Ms. Oh, but he doesn’t utter a word. He notices how Ms. Oh is still handcuffed to the hospital bed despite being so physically weak and fragile. Upon stepping away, Vincenzo overhears Lawyer Hong pleading for a retrial for Ms. Oh, but just like before, she declines. She’s given up on seeking justice a long time ago. It’s no use. Vincenzo spends some time alone at the hospital before receiving a phone call from Mr. Na to meet up.

Dinner with Lawyer Choi isn’t the greatest, but Cha-young still takes up on the opportunity to ridicule Lawyer Choi in front of everyone. When Lawyer Choi calls Cha-young out to showcase some kind of special talent, the lawyer with 8 years of experience imitates the exaggerative Zumba dancing skills that Lawyer Choi was seen practicing the other day at her office. Cha-young is confident and loud as she mocks Lawyer Choi and all Lawyer Choi can do is watch and laugh in response. Even Managing Partner Han who was napping nearby wakes up with the sudden shouting and noise. Haha. Vincenzo makes things simple in his meeting with Mr. Na. He threatens the Babel representative with some documents he found containing the real estate agents that Mr. Na took bribes from. There’s also some photos of Mr. Na with his mistress. Mr. Na panics upon reviewing the documents and photos, but that’s not the end of it. Whatever it takes, Mr. Na is to ensure that Geumga Plaza remains intact the next 2 months and that Vincenzo and his team will handle the demolishing. Mr. Na reasons that he doesn’t have all that much influence and power at the corporation, but Vincenzo doesn’t care. He also warns Mr. Na to not try anything funny on him or else (WOOOO, LOOK AT VINCENZO GOOOO. MY MANNNN!).

The dinner party comes to an end and Lawyer Choi leaves Cha-young with some brutal remarks: Cha-young is to not attempt anything funny with Lawyer Choi or else she’ll learn her lesson. Cha-young responds sarcastically to Lawyer Choi and refuses to listen to her. She then receives a text from her father demanding for her to come home. Mr. Park and Soo-nam prepare to demolish Geumga Plaza on their second try. If the Italian ambassador is there like he was at the party, they are to evacuate him and everyone else and then demolish the building afterwards, lol. So the Babel gang set out towards Geumga Plaza with their bulldozers and machines again. Just as everyone is leaving, Mr. Park receives a phone call from Mr. Na demanding that they halt their plans of demolition for the next two months. The phone call is just a few seconds too late for Mr. Park as most of his men have already left for the plaza by the time Mr. Na contacts him, lol.

Cha-young and Lawyer Hong have a conversation at his house about Babel Pharmaceuticals and the narcotic pain meds that they’ve been working on. Once accessible to the public, people will become addicted to it and drug cartels can even possibly rise. Cha-young is in disbelief upon listening to her father and refuses to believe the nonsense that he’s spitting. She assumes Vincenzo must be the one coming up with all the conspiracy theories and she confronts him at her father’s house. They exchange a few cheeky and harsh words with each other as he makes his way inside and she exits. It’s obvious the two don’t like each other and Cha-young wishes for Vincenzo to stop spouting theories and lies to her father. Vincenzo argues that he knows the truth about Babel Pharmaceuticals — something Cha-young wouldn’t know because she’s been blinded by the truth for way too long. Oof. Vincenzo makes his way inside the house to have some drinks with Lawyer Hong after spitting a few curse words in Italian to Cha-young.

Han-seo just can’t seem to catch a break. He’s reprimanded over the phone once again by his boss and pleads for another chance to prove himself. Lawyer Hong and Vincenzo have some drinks together at his house. Vincenzo once again brings up Ms. Oh to Lawyer Hong, but Lawyer Hong already knows about the connection between Vincenzo and Ms. Oh. He knows Ms. Oh is Vincenzo’s mother. He first noticed when he saw Vincenzo reacting with rage at Ms. Oh’s trial hearing. Then his suspicion was confirmed when he witnessed Vincenzo standing outside of the prison that his mother was locked in. Vincenzo doesn’t have to forgive his mother so easily, but Lawyer Hong hopes that Vincenzo won’t do anything that he will regret. Ms. Oh does only have a few more months to live.

Lawyer Hong – who was already on the edge of his seat – is attacked once again with another round of shocking news the next day. Researchers working for Babel Pharmaceuticals were involved in a deadly fire explosion at a villa during a company getaway. Lawyer Hong is furious upon listening to the news and he storms out of his office. Back at Wusang, Joon-woo attempts to stop Cha-young from representing Babel Pharmaceuticals in their lawsuit. The explosion incident is causing people involved with the case to drop like flies and he’s afraid something bad might happen to her. Cha-young notices just how worked up Joon-woo is in all of this and grows confused. She refuses his protection and reminds him to stay in his place (and to not speak English to her at work which he’s used to doing, lol). She’ll continue to represent Babel. Nothing will change.

Managing Partner Han and Lawyer Choi attempt to dissect the villa explosion that Chairman Han-seo was the mastermind behind. Lawyer Choi assumes Han-seo is trying to send them a message to get things done or else they too could end up dead. Speaking of Chairman Han-seo, he contacts the two lawyers in a request to meet up. This is the moment that Lawyer Choi has been waiting for. Lawyer Hong and Vincenzo arrive at the scene of the explosion. Lawyer Hong argues with the detectives about the protocols of their investigation and whether the reason behind the explosion was arson or not. The detectives refuse to listen to Lawyer Hong and they fail to cooperate with him. Vincenzo notices two men watching them nearby and he stops Lawyer Hong from going any further. But Lawyer Hong can’t seem to take no for an answer and he won’t stop. He’ll be as reckless as he needs to be in order to punish Babel rightfully. This is what he’s fated for. Before marching away, Lawyer Hong voices to Vincenzo,

It may be smart people that rule the world, but reckless and stubborn people like me protect this world.

Lawyer Choi and Mr. Han grab some lunch with Han-seo. Han-seo is still bummed out over losing his villa in the explosion incident and then is put up to the test by Lawyer Choi. When asked if he can do anything for her, Lawyer Choi quickly responds that she wishes for Han-seo to buy him the Namdongbu Prosecution Service. Han-seo fails to understand her request and even asks if it’s something that he can purchase on the market. Mr. Han lightens up the conversation by laughing it off, but Lawyer Choi quickly figures Han-seo out. When they wrap up their lunch date with him, she assumes that Han-seo is’nt the chairman of Babel. He can’t be. He was slow at understanding her witty response, not as smart as she thought, and he didn’t seem all that knowledgable. Just then, she receives an incoming tip from her “magic crystal ball” to a question that they had been searching for this entire time: they’ve found the whereabouts of Mr. Yoo. The only caveat? He’s already been in contact with Lawyer Hong.

Speaking of Lawyer Hong, he receives a final decision from Mr. Yoo regarding the lawsuit against Babel Pharmaceuticals: Mr. Yoo is willing to testify as a witness at the trial. After seeing what happened to the other researchers, he wants to testify before the inevitable happens. He too wants there to be justice. Vincenzo comes to the realization that he’s been a lot more distracted than expected and he needs to hurry with his plans in retrieving the gold. He proposes a new idea to all the Geumga tenants in order to move forward with his plan: he’ll relocate them to the nearby mall that he plans on purchasing. It’ll be all for free and all they have to do is move in and enjoy their time there. The deal sounds too good to be true and some people are skeptical at first. Free things in life can be dangerous (that’s right!). However, there are some others who believe in Vincenzo immediately, including Mr. An who makes his first appearance at a meeting with all the tenants. Lol. He’s introduced to the rest of the group before conversations about the relocation resume. Eventually, Vincenzo gains the approval of all the tenants and they settle at the idea of relocating.

Cha-young is called into Lawyer Hong’s office at Wusang and is dismissed from any cases involving Babel. Lawyer Choi accuses Cha-young of going easy on her father and for even losing against her father in one of the trial hearings. She doesn’t have any trust in Cha-young and even though Cha-young refuses to give up, Lawyer Choi doesn’t take no for an answer. Cha-young is to stop representing Babel. Lawyer Hong is in a good mood after receiving confirmation about Mr. Yoo’s participation in the trial. However, things quickly turn sour when Cha-young confronts her father about her situation at work and how things aren’t shaping up so well for her. Mr. Nam rushes out of the office with Cha-young’s presence and he urges Vincenzo to also leave the room. However, the Italian lawyer is stuck and he fails to escape the office in time before Cha-young goes off on her father. Her reputation at Wusang is on a decline because of him and she wishes that he would just accept the differences between them about their values in life. Not only that, if Lawyer Hong preaches so much about justice and equality, why wasn’t he able to save her mother? Why did he leave her mother alone to die while he cared for so many other people? It’s a sensitive topic that Cha-young will never forget and forgive her father for. In between the nasty fighting is a desperate Vincenzo who fails to get anywhere near the door of Jipuragi, lol.

Cha-young storms out of the office and hangs out at a table outside of a convenience store. She’s not in the greatest mood and seeing Vincenzo approach the convenience store doesn’t make things any better. Upon checking out at the store, Vincenzo chats with Cha-young shortly and gives her a few words of advice. He encourages her to 1) not be so childish but to 2) not do or say anything to her father that she will regret. He still is her father after all. With that, Vincenzo invites Cha-young to join him and her father for some drinks at their usual restaurant before he leaves. Vincenzo and Lawyer Hong enjoy some drinks together and Vincenzo gives Lawyer Hong another reminder to walk away now while he can. The risks will only get bigger and heavier and it’s not something that Lawyer Hong can handle. Lawyer Hong remains adamant in fighting against Babel. If he gives up, other people will be in danger and that’s not something that he can let happen. While eating her dinner at her office, Lawyer Choi rings up her “magic crystal ball” and gives him the green light to get started on their mission. She adds that she wants both of her targets to be attacked.

Cha-young convinces herself that she’ll join Vincenzo and her father at the restaurant, but only for the food and not because of her father. Just as she gets ready to step out into the rain, she’s approached by the convenience store employee who hands her an umbrella. He points out that the man she was talking to earlier (AKA Vincenzo) bought the umbrella for her (EEEEEEEK, I AM SQUEALING SOOO HARD RIGHT NOW. SMOOTH VINCENZO, SMOOTH!). Cha-young is impressed by the move and she twirls the umbrella around in her hand as she walks towards the restaurant. Mr. Yoo is preparing for the trial in his motel room when he receives a sudden knock at his door. Although the men at the door pretend to roleplay as officers, Mr. Yoo catches onto the situation quickly and he escapes out of the room. He sprints away from the Babel gang members and manages to hop into a boat parked at the dock to hide. He hurries up and repeatedly calls Lawyer Hong for help, but Lawyer Hong is busy smoking a cigarette outside and doesn’t have his cell phone with him (NOOOOOOO. WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN?! You must carry your phone on you at all times!). Lawyer Hong is in such a good mood he even offers a cigarette to a stranger. Lawyer Hong doesn’t think much about it, but the man takes a good look at Lawyer Hong’s face before walking away.

As Lawyer Hong’s phone continually buzzes on the table, Vincenzo notices the “RDU” name that Lawyer Hong has Mr. Yoo saved under. With the repeated calls, Vincenzo is close to picking up the phone call but he stops himself at the very last second. Unfortunately for Mr. Yoo, it’s too late and and he is discovered inside of the boat by the Babel gang members left to die. When Lawyer Hong returns to the table, Vincenzo tries to talk to Lawyer Hong about it, but Lawyer Hong doesn’t catch on so easily. He rambles once again about Babel and recites the only Italian proverb that he knows: “it takes a devil to drive out another devil.” For Lawyer Hong, that’s impossible as he’s incapable of being a monster, but that might not be the case for Vincenzo. What about Vincenzo? Could he potentially be the monster to drive out the monster that is Babel? That’s when Vincenzo mentions about the calls from “RDU” that Lawyer Hong received just minutes earlier. Lawyer Hong frantically calls Mr. Yoo back and the two anxiously wait for an answer from the other end. While the two sit at their table in uncomfortable silence, a huge truck drives straight at the two men and crashes directly into the restaurant. Both are flung out of their seats immediately and into the ground. The last thing Vincenzo witnesses amongst all the debris and pieces of glass is Lawyer Hong’s bloody and injured face before passing out himself.

My Thoughts:

WOAH WOAH WOAH, I was not expecting that crash at the end at all (but then again, is it really a Korean drama without the dreadful Truck of Doom?). The crash came out of no where and it was so loud and sudden and I jumped when the truck came striking into the restaurant. It’s unfortunate that Lawyer Hong and Vincenzo were attacked and I hate that their lives were at risk, but like Vincenzo mentioned, this is the risk that comes along with playing the game. When going against the monster that is Babel, you should always prepare yourself for the unexpected and unfortunately, Lawyer Hong and Vincenzo did not see everything that was coming at them. How sad and heart-breaking is it that the last glimpse of hope that Lawyer Hong was holding onto was also the cause of his own death. The world really is a cruel place.

The last ten minutes of this episode was so intense and scary and I had a bad feeling about everything the moment that Lawyer Choi found out about Mr. Yoo’s whereabouts. In a perfect world, Mr. Yoo would have been protected and he would have been able to testify as a witness in the trial and maybe could have gotten out of everything alive and unscathed. I really wish we could have gotten to see and hear Mr. Yoo’s side of the story and watch him be able to reveal his truth. But as we saw in this episode, you can never take anything for granted. The fact that he still expressed desire and sincerity in participating in the trial to seek justice for his former co-workers and for the families of the victims was so courageous of him. He knew he was going to die anyways, he had just hoped that he’d be able to share his truth before doing so. Unfortunately for Mr. Yoo, his protection was not fully guaranteed and I think that was a big takeaway from the type of strenuous work that Lawyer Hong is devoted to. He’s such a righteous person and he wants there to be justice for those affected by Babel. However, there’s only so much he can do and as much as he wants to do things like protect Mr. Yoo and guarantee him and his family their safety, he can’t grant everything because he doesn’t have the leverage or power to do so. Lawyer Hong was that last straw that his clients held onto for hope and optimism, but like the literal translation of Lawyer Hong’s law firm, straws can also easily break and be easily broken. For Lawyer Hong, it was the latter.

It was evil villains Babel who broke Lawyer Hong into pieces and caused him to die. As devastating as his death was, the last conversation that he had with Vincenzo about how it takes a monster to defeat another monster is also what gives me a small glint of hope. We already know what Vincenzo is capable of and the lengths he’s willing to go to get what he wants, but I don’t think we’ve fully seen everything just yet. Lawyer Hong’s death will only motivate him to do more; it’ll only push him to go even bigger because of how much Lawyer Hong meant to him within the small amount of time they spent getting to know each other. Lawyer Hong was also the only person there for his mother who he still cares about despite her abandoning him at a young age. Lawyer Hong served as a mentor of some sort for Vincenzo and he learned so much from Jipuragi’s CEO within such a short amount of time. Lawyer Hong impacted Vincenzo’s life more than Vincenzo or even Lawyer Hong himself originally thought and Vincenzo is going to come out of this stronger and more monstrous. He’s going to rise to new levels of evil to be able to take out the evil that is Babel.

It’s so sad that Lawyer Hong has now been driven out of the picture because I really did enjoy watching him bond with Vincenzo. The part that got to me the most was when he revealed to Vincenzo how he already knew about Vincenzo and Ms. Oh. He’s so genuine and loyal to his work even as challenging, frustrating, and dangerous as it can be and I think the two were able to build something special when they were colleagues. I hope Vincenzo will take with him the words of wisdom that Lawyer Hong shared with him and the sincerity and recklessness that he embodied in this line of work. I hope it’s something that will stick with Vincenzo for a very long time even when he wraps things up with his stay in Korea.

Vincenzo continues to kill me not only because of his good looks but also in the way that he reacts to everything happening around him. He finds that he’s slowly caring about the tenants more than he originally thought he would or that seeing them happy gives him this sense of peace and satisfaction. Then in the midst of being distracted by the Geumga tenants, he still goes out to threaten people and to carry out his badass missions and it’s no wonder he’s the monster that he is. It’s a good type of evil though (if that’s even a thing) and he’s so good at what he does. He’s so confident with his every move and decision, even the ones involving Cha-young. The advice he told her about not saying anything to her father that she might regret really stood out to me because as we know, Vincenzo knows this better than anyone else. I also had a feeling he bought her an umbrella when he stopped by the convenience store so I was smiling like an idiot when the convenience store employee handed Cha-young the umbrella that he purchased for her. AHHHH, I was just as happy as Cha-young was at that moment and Vincenzo made my heart flutter again once more.

I didn’t realize how truly busy this drama was until I rewatched this episode again and reminded myself of all that was going on. There’s Vincenzo’s personal mission of trying to retrieve the gold, then you have the Geumga Plaza stuff, then you have all the politics involving Wusang and Babel, and then you have Cha-young and her personal dilemma with her father and her conflicting thoughts regarding her work, AND THEN on top of all that — you have Mr. An and his investigation on Vincenzo. It was so funny to watch him observe Vincenzo and sort of realize that maybe, just maybe, Vincenzo isn’t all that bad or dangerous as he assumed Vincenzo was. Of course, it’s all just for comedic purposes at this point, but watching Mr. An carry out his own mission made me realize just how busy this drama is and just how much there is going on. Also, kudos to Jeon Yeo-bin for flawlessly imitating Lawyer Choi’s zumba dance. I might not have completely warmed up to her portrayal of Cha-young or Cha-young’s character itself per se, but it’s scenes like that one that’s making me slowly get there.

Also, as random as this is, I just want to point out how great Song Joong-ki and Yoo Jae-myung was in that scene of them at the site of the explosion. You have two characters who have the same goal in defeating Babel E&C and bringing them down. However, their intentions and approaches in doing so are completely different and it was so eye-opening to watch the two reach this honest truth. Both actors were so so brilliant in that scene and it felt as if I was watching a movie for a second (not a drama) with two different characters and a totally different storyline. I love love love them both as actors and they did a phenomenal job in that scene.

A world without Lawyer Hong is a world that no one ever predicted or will ever recover from. How will Cha-young react with her father’s incident and where does she go from here? She was already so conflicted with her work and her father’s connection in it all, how will this incident shape her outlook in life? What will a world without Lawyer Hong look like? Could she too be that evil monster to take Babel down?

Extra photos from the episode~

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