Vincenzo: Episode 4 Recap

Blessings come in many different shapes and forms and sometimes you don’t fully see things for what they are until you’re forced to do so. Cha-young suffers plenty of losses and there are only so many things she can control in her life. However, as she will come to realize, not everything has to come to an end. When one door shuts, another door opens. Hope will prevail, just like what her father taught her.

Vincenzo: Episode 4 Recap

Vincenzo and Lawyer Hong sit in uncomfortable silence inside of the restaurant as Lawyer Hong attempts to get in contact with Mr. Yoo after missing many repeated calls by him. As the two sit and wait, they’re suddenly struck by a truck that drives straight at them into the restaurant. The two lawyers are flung out of their seats and they crash onto the ground. Lawyer Hong is unconscious and dead upon getting hit while Vincenzo hangs on for a few more seconds before passing out himself. The last thing he sees before his eyes close is the injured and bloody face of Lawyer Hong. Cha-young arrives at the restaurant with the umbrella that Vincenzo purchased for her hovering over her head. A group of people have begun to form outside at the scene of the incident and Cha-young is stunned with the discovery. She’s so shocked she’s unable to say anything. She can’t feel anything.

Vincenzo is rushed to the hospital as doctors and nurses attempt to save his life. Unfortunately, it’s too late for Lawyer Hong and he passes away from the incident. Cha-young cries and grieves for her father as he rests in the mortuary. She’s dressed up in her black funeral outfit and it’s all too much for her. When she steps out of the room, she listens in on the TV news providing coverage on the passing of her father. He’s accused of committing deeds like bribery and the reputation that he was known for is ruined with the lies spouted by the news. Cha-young spends some time with her father at his burial site and Joon-woo too is there to comfort her. He sits near her as she sits in front of her father’s tombstone. Meanwhile, Lawyer Choi rejoices by practicing her zumba skills in her office. It’s as if nothing ever happened.

Our Geugma tenants all reconvene outside of Jipuragi and it’s clear just how much Lawyer Hong’s death has impacted them. However, as much as they mourn and grieve for him, they also remember to celebrate his life and all the great work that he’s accomplished as a civil rights lawyer. Little by little, notes of appreciation and gratitude pour in at Jipuragi from people who were impacted by Lawyer Hong. Four of those people include the families of the victims that suffered at the hands of Babel Pharmaceuticals. Visitors stop by to write notes to thank Lawyer Hong for all that he’s done for them and the lessons that he’s taught them about life. Cha-young makes sure to visit Vincenzo while he’s still unconscious at the hospital while Han-seo congratulates Lawyer Choi for successfully pushing RDU90 to be approved on the market. Now there’s no one stopping Babel any longer and they can finally move forward.

Cha-young packs up the belongings at her father’s house and sifts through the photos that her father’s kept of her this entire time. From her first fishing experience to her graduation from law school, her father’s kept a photo record of every single memory. Cha-young cries when she reads the comment on the back of her graduation photo with her father: he hopes that she won’t become an awful lawyer like him. It’s all too much for Cha-young and she bursts into tears once again. Cha-young moves on to Jipuragi to pack her father’s belongings there. She’s decided to officially close down her father’s law firm. While packing up, urgent news regarding an unidentified male body found in the coastal waters of Busan plays in the background in Jipuragi. Of course, this man’s body is none other than Mr. Yoo.

Our Geumga tenants are uncertain as to what to do next. They regroup in Larry’s dance studio and discuss about the closing of Jipuragi as well as what their next moves are. With Lawyer Hong no longer alive and Vincenzo still hospitalized, the future is unknown. Is Vincenzo still going to keep his promise and relocate them to the mall that he’s purchasing? When the tenants begin to doubt Vincenzo like they’ve done many times before, Mr. An steps in to stand up for him. Vincenzo isn’t the evil man that they assume he is. He provided electric pads for the template and disciplined a bunch of smoking high schoolers. Mr. An is certain Vincenzo is a good person with a good heart.

Cha-young stops by the hospital to pay Vincenzo another visit. She sits in the chair next to his bed and reveals her honest thoughts and worries. It’s been ten days since her father’s passed, but she still feels so broken over all of this. She’s sure there’s something behind the truck incident and she wants to do something about it, but she doesn’t have any evidence and she’s unsure as to where to start. Tears begin to form in her eyes and she begins to cry. She’s so frustrated she scolds at Vincenzo to wake up and say something. She’s been paying for his private room and hospital bills for the past ten days. Upon hearing Cha-young’s brief rant, Vincenzo reveals himself to be awake and assumes he can just wire Cha-young the money. It turns out Vincenzo was pretending to be asleep the entire time! He actually woke up the night before and he feels fine. Cha-young’s worried that he should get another check-up, but Vincenzo is confident that he’s fully recovered. With that, they head out and Cha-young is embarrassed from crying in front of Vincenzo (“why didn’t he tell me he was awake?!”, lol).

The first stop after the hospital is Lawyer Hong’s burial site. Vincenzo reflects on a conversation he had with Lawyer Hong back during one of his visits at Lawyer Hong’s house. Though Lawyer Hong might not express it, he’s always had confidence in Cha-young and her ability to be a fierce, confident, strong, and brazen lawyer. He hoped to be able to say this to Cha-young one day, but requests that Vincenzo tell her in the case that he one day won’t be able to. Upon reflecting on this conversation, Vincenzo peeks at Cha-young who’s sitting away from him with her back turned against him. The two go on a walk afterwards and Cha-young learns about the importance of Vincenzo’s golden lighter and how much peace it brings him. She also shares that she plans on conducting her own little investigation behind her father’s incident and death. She might be able to find something new. Vincenzo discourages Cha-young from attempting anything as everything is all over now. If she wanted to do something for her father or to be helpful to him, she should have done it when he was alive. Now it’s too late.

While driving back home, Cha-young listens to an update on Mr. Yoo’s body that was found on the shores of the coastal waters in a city in Busan. She learns that he was a researcher for a pharmaceutical company and was believed to have committed suicide. She pulls her car over to watch a video of the news coverage on the story and immediately contacts a detective colleague afterwards for a request. Vincenzo makes his way back to Geumga Plaza and is approached by all of the tenants. They’re not so happy with him when he’s not in the mood to talk about his promise to relocate them. They interpret this as him going back on his words and betraying them which then makes him unhappy. The tenants can’t help but suspect him since they’ve been betrayed so many times while Vincenzo is trying to help them. In the end, a rift is caused between Vincenzo and the tenants and things aren’t looking so bright. Just then, they’re all interrupted by a sudden visit from Mr. Park and his Babel gang. Mr. Park has arrived to provide compensation to the tenants who are actually opened to the idea. They, of course, can’t forget to threaten Vincenzo who isn’t so fazed by their warnings. He excuses himself and disappears without putting up a fight or throwing his hands around this time.

Cha-young receives confirmation that Mr. Yoo was the researcher who died on the same night as her father. She storms into Wusang and hands her letter of resignation over to Mr. Han. She’s aware that both Mr. Yoo and her father died at the same time which must not have been a coincidence. Babel and Wusang must have been the ones behind the incident. Mr. Han attempts to persuade Cha-young to stay, but Lawyer Choi is ready to let Cha-young go. She’s been waiting for this moment and isn’t afraid to dismiss Cha-young. She warns Cha-young to stay in her place before Cha-young leaves the office, but Cha-young isn’t afraid. Lawyer Choi’s words only motivate her even more. So with that, Cha-young packs all of her belongings from her office while Joon-woo pleads for her not to leave. No matter how much he begs, she’s still intent on leaving. Cha-young moves out of her place that was provided to her by Wusang and she prepares to settle in at her father’s house. Joon-woo silently watches her from afar as she stands outside of her father’s house, a wave of emotions overcoming her.

Vincenzo’s desire for revenge and answers burns even more upon listening to the updates on the approval of Babel’s new drug, RDU90, that is gaining traction and attention. He smashes his wine glass at the wall in his apartment and he revisits the scene of the incident at the restaurant. He takes himself back to that night of the incident and retraces every move that was made. From witnessing the truck come full speed at them to getting a look at the driver of the truck, Vincenzo only grows more and more furious. He calls a hospitalized Mr. Cho for another favor. Mr. Cho does as Vincenzo requests, just grateful that he’s still alive thanks to Vincenzo. Chairman Han-seo returns to his house only to find a bloody pillow with multiple syringes stabbed in it. Mr. Han and Lawyer Choi discuss who could possibly be the person behind the warning sign, but they eventually decide to go with Cha-young when they’re unable to reach a definite conclusion. It makes sense given that she believes Babel was the one who killed her father and she wants to seek revenge. So Mr. Han informs Han-seo about Cha-young and he declares that she get arrested immediately.

Although alone, Cha-young isn’t so lonely and she grows accustomed to living in her father’s house. She gives a toast to her father and vows to seek revenge. She might not be able to become a wonderful lawyer like he was, but she’s confident she can be a tenacious lawyer. So with that, she establishes herself and her presence with the Geumga tenants the next day. She wants to start anew with them and she’s optimistic about their future together. Cha-young explains that she’ll continue to do the work that her father left on in regards to the plaza. Just like with Vincenzo and everyone else before him, the tenants are skeptical and suspicious of Cha-young since she worked against her father in the past. However, Cha-young is different now and she plans on fighting against injustice and corruption just like her father did. Of course, actions speak louder than words and Cha-young is interrupted by two police officers who arrest Cha-young for trespassing and blackmail. Lol, talk about bad timing!

Cha-young claims that she’s innocent due to the fact that she was at her house during the time of the incident. The police refuse to believe her and they hold her hostage inside of the police station. Mr. Nam panics and informs Vincenzo about Cha-young’s arrest. Vincenzo isn’t so concerned at first and he resumes to watching his opera that was interrupted because of Mr. Nam’s visit. While twirling a cup of wine around in his hand, Vincenzo recites the Italian proverb, “If I am indeed evil, it’s because of you.” What was originally certainty that Cha-young would be able to get herself out of the police station just fine turns into actual concern and Vincenzo stays up all night because of it. An update from Mr. Nam about the situation motivates Vincenzo to actually take some action (EEEEEK, HE’S WORRIED ABOUT HER).

The detectives at the police station grow worried with their lack of evidence against Cha-young who really was at home during the time of the incident. However, since they’ve already been paid by Wusang, they keep quiet and decide to stall by ordering Cha-young some breakfast. Cha-young wakes up from her nap with the appearance of Joon-woo who shows up at the police station. He’s determined to get Cha-young out and uses his affiliation with Wusang to intimidate the detectives. Of course, it’s not until Vincenzo shows up with actual evidence of CCTV footage of Cha-young at the convenience store near her house during the time of the incident that her name gets cleared. There’s no proof that she had an accomplice either so Cha-young is eventually let go. But first, she eats some burgers for breakfast (LOL) and Vincenzo watches her for a few seconds as she munches on her burger before exiting.

After eating breakfast, Joon-woo and Cha-young exit the police station together, but it’s Vincenzo who Cha-young immediately notices. He’s outside taking a call and she runs up to him in suspicion. She’s certain he was the one behind the pillow syringes and he only came to rescue her because he felt guilty. Vincenzo avoids Cha-young’s gaze and accusation and is saved by Joon-woo who introduces himself to the Italian lawyer. They exchange greetings before Vincenzo leaves and Cha-young chases after him. The two head to a cafe afterwards and it’s obvious the two are complete opposites. Vincenzo enjoys his double shots of expresso while Cha-young drinks a simple iced Americano, something Vincenzo describes as sewage waste (omg LOL). Once they sit down and regain their composure, Vincenzo admits his wrongdoing. He was furious and wanted to seek some revenge on Babel, but he vows to be more careful next time. He also encourages Cha-young to give up on the fight against Wusang and Babel. It’s a hopeless war that she won’t be able to win. Vincenzo was already aware of the connection between Lawyer Hong and Mr. Yoo and yet he hid the important information from Cha-young on purpose. It won’t change anything and she doesn’t have proof that her father and Mr. Yoo were intentionally killed. It’s best if Cha-young just close down Jipuragi and give up for now.

Cha-young assumes she can continue her father’s work and legacy with the assistance of someone else. She knows many people and she doesn’t need Vincenzo, right? So Cha-young calls up a few of her colleagues, but before she can even start the conversation, she learns that things aren’t as easy as it seems. None of her colleagues want to work with her and one doesn’t even pick up her phone call. So with that, Cha-young has no choice but to resort to Vincenzo and do some persuading. She can help him get Geumga Plaza back. She won’t pry on why he wants the building, but she’ll do her best to help him get back the building that he so desperately needs. Vincenzo doesn’t buy her persuasion at first. It’s not something a lawyer like her can handle. However, it’s not until Cha-young pleads to help out as Lawyer Hong’s undutiful daughter and not a lawyer that Vincenzo gives her a chance. The two solidify their business relationship by clinking two small sticks to each other before heading over to the prison facility where the driver of the truck is incarcerated. It’s time to get to work.

Upon meeting the truck driver, Vincenzo wants to know one thing: who’s the person that ordered him to kill Lawyer Hong? Who assigned him the job of driving the truck to kill the beloved lawyer? The truck driver isn’t so scared of Vincenzo, but it’s not until Vincenzo brings up the truck driver’s connection to Wusang that the man opens his mouth. He’s also threatened by Vincenzo to reveal the truth or else he’ll die just by the brush of a shoulder of a passerby. Petrified, the truck driver speaks up and reveals that a man by the name of Mr. Pyo and Mr. Pyo’s boss were the masterminds behind his hire. Cha-young notes down Mr. Pyo’s boss’s phone number – the truck driver’s only form of communication with him – and Vincenzo is satisfied with the information. Just when he’s ready to leave, Cha-young remains seated. She’s not ready to go and let go just yet. The man did crash into the restaurant after all, she feels as if it’s still not fair. With that, Vincenzo closes the door and repositions himself back into the room. He notices the security guard who had been eavesdropping on the conversation between the three and utilizes the guard’s presence to his advantage.

Vincenzo then raises his voice and expresses his gratitude to the truck driver for his cooperation in their investigation. He vows to take the assistance and testimony that was provided by the truck driver to help them re-investigate the incident and get to the bottom of things. The security guard immediately steps in upon hearing Vincenzo, and Cha-young finally feels that sense of satisfaction that she was yearning for. When the two leave the prison facility together, she grows impressed with his skills. So this is how Italian lawyers get things done, huh? Cha-young is satisfied with how things unfolded back at the facility and feels as if she and Vincenzo’s got some great teamwork. They bicker back and forth on their contributions with Vincenzo arguing that he did most of the talking while Cha-young helped set the mood and tone in the room. LOL. Regardless, Cha-young is quite content and she’s ready for whatever comes next (except if it involves shooting someone which Vincenzo denies since it’s illegal to own guns in Korea). And off they go to find this Mr. Pyo guy.

Lawyer Choi is informed about Cha-young and Vincenzo’s visit with the truck driver at the prison facility and she’s not so happy. Just like Vincenzo warned, the truck driver is stabbed and beaten to death upon brushing shoulders with one of the prisoners walking past him that night. Cha-young is notified about his death and she relays the information to Vincenzo during their stay at Jipuragi. Though the truck driver is dead, Cha-young isn’t as content as she thought she would be. She feels annoyed and frustrated instead. Vincenzo invites her to leave if things are too much for her, but she sticks by her decision to stay. However, she proposes that she and Vincenzo not commit anything that will take people’s lives. In response to her request, Vincenzo remains silent and only stares at Cha-young (notice how he actually didn’t say yes or no to her proposal). He’s interrupted by a notification on the whereabouts of Mr. Pyo so he prepares to head out. Cha-young also wants to tag along, but it’s not only Cha-young who’s interested in seeing this Mr. Pyo guy. Mr. Nam appears out of nowhere and wakes up from his nap in the office. He knocked out from drinking during the day and fell asleep in the office. Just like Cha-young, Mr. Nam too wants to avenge Mr. Hong. He grabs a duffle bag from one of the cabinets in the office and reveals that he has a secret skill that could be useful. Vincenzo and Cha-young are intrigued.

Vincenzo hangs out at a warehouse while keeping an eye on Mr. Pyo who’s busy gambling. It’s not until Mr. Pyo steps away to use the restroom that Vincenzo follows after him and knocks him out unconscious to take as hostage. Cha-young and Mr. Nam appear from the corner afterwards to clean up the mess, but it’s obvious they’re not as experienced at Vincenzo at this stuff. Cha-young refuses to touch the unconscious Mr. Pyo and leaves Mr. Nam behind to do the dirty work, lol. When Mr. Pyo awakens, he lures his boss to a secret location and it’s there that our three musketeers also manage to capture Mr. Pyo’s boss. When the two men awaken, they find themselves strapped down onto a chair with tape bandaged over their mouths. Vincenzo approaches Mr. Pyo’s boss with the gun that he found on him and utilizes the gun to threaten both guys to reveal who hired them to kill Lawyer Hong and Mr. Yoo. When the both of them refuse to speak up, Vincenzo shoots Mr. Pyo, causing him to fall over. Cha-young watches in horror as Mr. Pyo is shot, but it pushes Vincenzo to move forward with his next victim: Mr. Pyo’s boss himself. He aims the gun at the man’s head.

Lawyer Choi is busy busting her usual Zumba movies at the laundromat when she discovers a basket with bloody clothes sitting at the back table. She panics upon glancing at the basket and receives some photos of dead Mr. Pyo and his boss from a restricted number. It’s then that she receives a phone call from Vincenzo who threatens her the same exact way that Lawyer Hong was killed. As Vincenzo attempts to negotiate a deal with Lawyer Choi, a white truck that looks similar to the one used in Lawyer Hong’s incident waits nearby, ready to strike at Lawyer Choi. Vincenzo strikes fear in Lawyer Choi with the truck and threatens her to come clean about what she did. She was the one who hired Mr. Pyo and his boss to kill Lawyer Hong so she should be the one to restore Lawyer Hong’s honor rightfully. Lawyer Choi refuses to listen to Vincenzo, but Vincenzo leaves her with a few words of wisdom. He reminds her that freedom comes with a price and leaves her screaming for her life when the white truck drives full speed at her. However, the truck swerves at the last second and Lawyer Choi’s life is spared. She lives to see another day.

Vincenzo spends his evening that night staring out onto the sunset while standing at the rooftop of the plaza. There’s a lot to think about, such as his plans to take down the supply warehouse for Babel Pharmaceuticals. Cha-young and a group of people cosplay as employees from an environment service company and they enter the warehouse to disinfect the entire building. The researchers don’t think much of it, but what they don’t know is that Cha-young and her team aren’t disinfecting the facility. It’s oil that they’re spreading all throughout the place. When everyone finishes with their task, they hop back inside the trucks parked outside of the building. Vincenzo is there too, sitting inside of the truck with his golden lighter in his hand outside of the window. He contemplates for a few seconds before throwing the lighter onto the ground, lighting up what would be a huge fire turned explosion. Our team manages to escape just in time and Vincenzo watches as the warehouse light up into flames on their drive away.

So how exactly did our team manage to gain information about the supply warehouse? Turns out Mr. Nam’s secret skill is his experience as a special effects make-up artist which he used on Mr. Pyo when Vincenzo shot at the man. Mr. Pyo wasn’t dead after all like it was assumed and he ended up giving away information to them about Babel Pharmaceuticals’s supply warehouse. Han-seo is notified about the explosion and he frantically rushes over to the location. He gives his boss a call on the drive there and it doesn’t take long for this person to arrive at the scene. As we will come to see, the person who had been controlling Han-seo all along was none other than our naive and bubbly intern, Joon-woo. He’s the person in full control of everything and he watches in anger as the supply warehouse explodes over and over again. He’s unsure as to who might be behind the incident, but he knows it won’t take him long to figure it out.

As our team drive away from the burning warehouse, they can’t help but grow fascinated by the sight of it all. There’s a sense of satisfaction in it all as their minds lead them back to Lawyer Hong and what he would have wanted. Vincenzo is reminded of the conversation he had with Lawyer Hong about Babel Pharmaceuticals and how Lawyer Hong wished to burn them down. It looks as if Lawyer Hong’s gotten his wish fulfilled. As for the other team members involved with the incident, they too got their revenge. The team members are none other than the families of the victims who passed away due to Babel Pharmaceuticals’s testings and they keep Lawyer Hong close to their hearts as they watch the supply warehouse burn away. Vincenzo recites an Italian proverb as he fixes his eyes on the bright orange colors, stating,

Set, stars. At dawn, I will win. I will win. I will win.

And yes, indeed, he has won.

My Thoughts:

GAAAAAAAH, this episode was SO SO good and that ending gave me goosebumps. I loved the episode the first time I watched it and I loved it even more with this re-watch. There are so many things to talk about, where do I even begin?!

I guess we can start off with the surprise reveal at the end and Joon-woo’s not so innocent character as the chairman of Babel. I mean, we all sort of saw this coming (or maybe it was just me) as it just seemed way too odd for him to just be an intern and nothing more. A part of it is me knowing that Taecyeon has played male lead roles before so his character as an intern felt too trivial for me. I just knew there had to be something more to his character than we were lead to believe. Therefore, I wasn’t that surprised that he showed up at the end and revealed to be the person who was controlling Han-seo the entire time. Han-seo may be acting as the Chairman of Babel, but we all know who the real mastermind is behind everything. How scary is it that those closest to you could also be your enemies.

You know, I’m glad that the drama dedicated as much time as it did in mourning and remembering Lawyer Hong’s life. Granted, his death is the reason for Cha-young’s switch and the start to a new chapter so there needed to be some level of emphasis on it, but I liked that we were able to witness just how Lawyer Hong meant to so many. We knew he was fighting for the families of the victims dead by Babel Pharmaceuticals, we knew he was fighting for his Geumga tenants, and we knew he was a civil rights lawyer, but we didn’t necessarily get to see how much he meant to other people. Therefore, it was so touching and moving when those he currently represented and those he worked with in the past stopped by Jipuragi to show their appreciation, love, and gratitude. It was bittersweet when they left up sticky notes thanking him for all his hard work and the meaningful life lessons he taught them through their interactions. It was bittersweet watching the families of the victims who Lawyer Hong represented remember Lawyer Hong as they watched the supply warehouse that killed their loved ones burn down. Lawyer Hong did the work that he did for others and never for himself. He always put others first and it really showed just how much he meant to others even if we never got to see the full story. Although unfortunate that he’s no longer alive, there’s comfort in knowing that his legacy will live on and that there will be plenty of good and wonderful memories associated with him. He won’t be forgotten.

And it’s through Cha-young that Lawyer Hong’s legacy will live on. I actually didn’t anticipate her to transition so soon onto the “good” side so I was shocked but happy when she quit Wusang. We already sort of saw her attempt to contain her conflicting emotions and thoughts between her line of work and her father’s involvement in it all. Therefore, it was satisfying to watch Cha-young be honest with herself and admit that she wants to do the same thing that her father did. It’s unfortunate that it was her father’s death that pushed her to her limits and caused her to jump ships, but it was also what was needed so that she could take that first step. There will never be a day that won’t hurt or that she won’t miss him; there will always be this yearning hidden in the realm of her heart. But there is also comfort knowing that she’s doing what is right just like father did his entire life.

Of course, we can’t talk about Cha-young continuing her father’s legacy without also mentioning Vincenzo. I think his dynamic with Cha-young is so interesting because it’s founded upon this connection with Lawyer Hong. While Vincenzo sought out Geumga Plaza for his own initial reasons and gains, he ended up changing his strategies because of Lawyer Hong. Through the time that he spent with Lawyer Hong, he learned more about the tenants, the reasons for Lawyer Hong’s work, and even more about Cha-young herself. I think that’s why Vincenzo eventually gave in on working with Cha-young to take down the bad guys. He knows he’s capable of doing the hard work all by himself even if it might be a lot, but he was willing to forego that because he remembered Lawyer Hong’s words about Cha-young. He knows just how much Lawyer Hong would have wanted to see Cha-young go against Babel so he accepted her request for a partnership. It’s practically what Lawyer Hong has been fighting for this entire time and now that the time has come, Vincenzo knew he couldn’t let it not happen.

Although we haven’t seen much of the two as partners in crime just yet, this episode gave us a great preview as to what to expect for the future. I mean, the scene at the prison facility when Vincenzo thanked the truck driver for cooperating with them and providing them with his testimony? That scene sent shivers down my spine. The only reason as to why Vincenzo made such a move in the first place was because Cha-young felt as if it wasn’t enough. She wanted more so he gave her more. Vincenzo gave her more in that moment and even afterwards by killing the truck driver off. As powerful as the two are together, they are also so different in their approaches and values. For Vincenzo, he doesn’t have a problem taking people’s lives and killing people off. He’s used to it. For Cha-young, she follows more of her father’s footsteps in that she wants to fight for justice and equality but doesn’t want the foul play. It’s going to be so interesting to watch the dynamic between Cha-young and Vincenzo play out as they work together to take down the monster that is Babel. They have their own reasons for wanting to do so, but it’s this common goal that will align them and allow them to go beyond lengths and territories that they might have never explored before.

Beyond the alignment of defeating Babel, I’m also just loving the budding relationship between Cha-young and Vincenzo. They weren’t on the greatest of terms at first, but are now working together as a team which means they’re going to learn so much about each other in the process. I loved that Vincenzo was worried about Cha-young the entire night when she was at the police station. I loved that he said something at the prison facility when she felt as if justice hadn’t been served. I loved that she felt vulnerable and comfortable enough to cry in front of him at the hospital and to express how she felt about everything (even if it was embarrassing because he was actually awake the entire time and had heard everything that she said). I loved that they teamed up (with the support of Mr. Nam of course) to track down Mr. Pyo and his boss. I loved the little glances that Vincenzo stole at Cha-young and how he also keeps her father in his heart. There’s already little moments here and there between the two that excites me and I know there’s going to be many more iconic moments between the duo.

I love that Cha-young is starting anew by starting in square one which means working with the Geumga tenants. I loved the consistency and how the tenants were suspicious of her like how they’ve been of Vincenzo and every other person who came before him. It especially doesn’t help that Cha-young was actively against her father when she used to work with Wusang which only added to the suspicion even more. It’s not going to be easy to continue from where her father left off and Cha-young is going to have to put in lots of work to get things done. However, Lawyer Hong isn’t gone. A world without him doesn’t mean he’s forgotten. He’s still there and he’s still felt everywhere and the impact that he’s had on so many people will live on forever. It’ll be through Cha-young and Vincenzo that his hard work will pay off. Someday, somehow.

Extra photos from the episode~ (this episode was probably the most visually pleasing and beautiful yet in terms of cinematography! Many gorgeous shots!!)

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