Vincenzo: Episode 5 Recap

There is always hope even in the darkest of days and hardest of times. As Vincenzo, Cha-young, and our Geumga tenants realize, it’s not going to be easy to go up against monsters like Babel. However, if they all work together and play their role in this fight, the possibilities are endless. Teamwork truly does make the dream work.

Vincenzo: Episode 5 Recap

After burning down Babel Pharmaceutical’s supply warehouse, Vincenzo and the team drive back into town. Vincenzo and Cha-young bid farewell with the 4 family members of the victims and one of the family members even gives Cha-young a warm, comforting hug. They all exit and head back home while Cha-young and Vincenzo stay behind. Meanwhile, Mr. Han updates Lawyer Choi about the fire while Joon-woo reprimands Han-seo for the incident. He puts Han-seo in his place and almost strangles the acting chairman to death. Joon-woo reminds Han-seo that he’s merely his puppet acting as the Chairman of Babel. He also instructs Han-seo to hold an emergency meeting with the board members and to communicate to Wusang that the cause of the fire will be due to electrical overheating and not arson. Han-seo is furious after leaving Joon-woo’s place and he reminds himself of his position as Joon-woo’s puppet. Being a puppet isn’t that bad; after all, he can always cut off the strings.

Cha-young and Vincenzo celebrate their victory by having some drinks together on the rooftop of the plaza. Vincenzo shares that their ultimate goal should be to beat Babel at what they do best: in the court and with the law. Cha-young herself doesn’t feel so confident knowing just how talented and powerful Wusang is, but Vincenzo isn’t fazed. Though he can’t practice law in Korea, he has Cha-young to help her. Since Cha-young did use to work for Wusang, she knows some of their dirtiest secrets, such as which subsidiary from Babel they should target next to make the biggest splash. The subsidiary is none other than Babel Chemicals. Speaking of Babel Chemicals, Monk Chaeshin receives a visit from his friend, Lee U-yeong, an employee of Babel Chemicals. He stops by the temple to have some lunch with Monk Chaeshin. While chatting and catching up, Mr. Lee’s nose begins to bleed and Chaeshin grows concerned for his friend. However, Mr. Lee doesn’t worry about his bleeding nose too much and merely brushes it off.

Chairman Han-seo stops by the gym for his usual workout. Things are a little different this time and he’s approached by an excited fan. It’s none other than Vincenzo! Hahaha. The Italian lawyer is dressed up in workout gear and he pretends to be Han-seo’s biggest fan by reciting quotes from some of Han-seo’s interviews and listing two philosophers that Han-seo must have been influenced by. Han-seo tags along and pretends to act as if he’s familiar with what Vincenzo is referring to. Vincenzo then moves on to mentioning about the fire involving Babel Pharmaceuticals and assumes the cause of the fire was due to arson based off of a tabloid that he read. Vincenzo threatens to sell the shares he has on Babel before walking away. Joon-woo is also working out when he gives Cha-young a call to ask about the fire. Cha-young isn’t afraid to be blunt and honest with Joon-woo. She feels as if Babel Pharmaceuticals had it coming for them and she’s quite content with the outcome of the fire. It’s from this comment alone that Joon-woo walks away with the answer to his burning question. He knows who it was that punished him (AHHHHHH, NOOOO).

Cha-young and Vincenzo hang out at the cafe that they frequent. Based off of his experience with Han-seo at the gym, he’s certain that Han-seo isn’t the real chairman. He’s merely just a puppet. Using the Mafia as an example, Cha-young and Vincenzo conclude that they must get rid of the puppet in order to find out who the real boss is. Mr. Han updates Lawyer Choi on the background check that he committed on Vincenzo and notes that Vincenzo’s record is squeaky clean. There’s nothing on him, but that only makes Lawyer Choi even more suspicious. With that, she heads over to Jipuragi to see for herself who this Vincenzo guy is. When she enters the office, she finds who she assumes is Vincenzo sitting at his desk. However, it’s actually just Mr. Nam cosplaying as Vincenzo. LOL. The plant that she brought with her as a gift is placed on the table in the office and she walks away disappointed by the trickery that Mr. Nam tried to pull on her.

While walking out of the office, Lawyer Choi spots the real Vincenzo as he and Cha-young make their way towards Jipuragi. Upon noticing Lawyer Choi, Cha-young and Vincenzo quickly come up with a plan to distract her. Since he didn’t alter his voice when he threatened her at the laundromat, he is to pretend that his tonsils are sore and he’s unable to speak. So with that, they approach the Wusang lawyer and she’s introduced to Vincenzo. She’s not ready to leave just yet and she invites herself back inside of Jipuragi for some tea with Cha-young and Vincenzo. Cha-young makes sure to to let Vincenzo know that she will do all the talking. So warm cups of tea are served to all three (thanks to Mr. Nam Vincenzo) and Lawyer Choi attempts to trick our Jipuragi lawyers. She warns the two to lay low and to not do anything reckless if they wish to survive for long, just like the plant that she’s gifted them. She even tries to get Vincenzo to speak and say some words. Vincenzo does as Lawyer Choi wants and he does utter some words, but it’s unlike what she expected. He purposely raises his voice to be as high-pitched as possible and lets out a few words (OMG, I AM DYING!!). Lawyer Choi gets to hear Vincenzo speak, but she still feels suspicious about him (Song Joong-ki’s comedic timing is ON POINT!).

Mr. Han receives instructions from Han-seo to promote Joon-woo as a partner at the law firm. Mr. Han can’t seem to quite understand the decision, but he delivers the exciting news to Joon-woo who goes along with the joke. Joon-woo is to move into Cha-young’s office since he’s no longer an intern. Our three musketeers – Vincenzo, Cha-young, and Mr. Nam – all have a meeting to discuss Babel Chemicals. With the help of Mr. Nam who put the PowerPoint together, Cha-young explains to Vincenzo the situation involving Babel Chemicals. There has been 42 victims so far with 9 people dead because of the chemical, BLSD, that Babel Chemicals has been exposing their researchers to. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the lawyer representing the families of the victims – Mr. So Hyun-woo – has been pressuring the families to settle with Babel Chemicals which Cha-young believes is a set-up between Wusang and Mr. So. She also mentions the hospital that she believes is affiliated with Babel: Haemun medical center. Its Director, Gil Jong-moon, has been tricking the families into thinking that the hospital has nothing to do with Babel at all. Media also plays a big part in all of this as seen with Director Chun of Daechang Daily who demands all his journalists to write up positive stories about Babel so that he can get more advertisers in return. It’s all a dirty dirty business and Cha-young is ready to take them down.

As their first step, Vincenzo suggests that they represent the family of the victims. Even though the first trial hearing is only five days away, he’s determined to make things work. Of course, it all starts with the lawyer, Mr. So. So our power couple stop by Mr. So’s office to talk him out of representing the victims. They assume he’s trying to get the families to settle for his own selfish and personal gain, but Mr. So denies all the accusations. He even comes up with excuses that neither Cha-young or Vincenzo buy. While Cha-young demands for Mr. So to send them a document announcing his resignation in representing the families, Vincenzo takes a good look around the office and is struck by a huge painting on the wall. He threatens Mr. So to give up or else Mr. So will end up on a deserted place where no one will be able to hear him or find him. Mr. So is petrified, but he pretends to play it off as if he’s not. Cha-young and Vincenzo make it clear that they’re here to fight and win. Period.

Han-seo reconvenes with the board members of Babel for some lunch. Just like all the other times before, he uses the spicy noodle soup to threaten the board members into coming up with a plan to combat Babel’s declining stocks. However, Han-seo’s power trip is cut short when he receives a call from Joon-woo who instructs him to visit the Babel Chemicals headquarters with a reporter from Daechang Daily. Han-seo is to make it seem as if the BLSD is ready to be released on the market so that the stocks for Babel can rise back up. Han-seo is humiliated by Joon-woo once again and groans in aggravation after the phone call. Cha-young and Vincenzo hang out and grab some hotdogs and burgers together. Cha-young assumes that it might be easier to just have the families of the victims fire Mr. So than them getting Mr. So to quit. She’s so stubborn she makes a bet with Vincenzo that she can succeed in persuading the families. If she loses the bet, Vincenzo can flick his finger on her forehead as a form of punishment. Vincenzo isn’t so opened to the idea. It’s not like they’re kids and, plus, he doesn’t hit women even if it’s a game.

So Cha-young showcases her acting skills and cries during a meeting with the 5 family members involved in the lawsuit against Babel Chemicals. She encourages them to not give up and to keep fighting. There’s a chance they could win. However, the clients aren’t so interested in Cha-young’s talk and are adamant on their decision to settle. They’re going to stick with Mr. So and settle like he recommended. The clients are scared, especially after hearing what happened to Lawyer Hong because of his involvement in the lawsuit against Babel Pharmaceuticals. Cha-young freezes upon hearing the clients speak bad about her father and it takes her a few seconds to process their comments. She argues that she wants to fight against Babel just like her father did because she knows there’s hope. There’s hope in bringing the conglomerate down. Unfortunately, Cha-young’s speech proves to be futile and it’s of no use. The clients are keen on settling. Just then, Vincenzo interrupts the conversation by turning on a power horn in the room and using it to advocate for himself and Cha-young. Unlike other lawyers, he and Cha-young are used to winning and could also win in the battle against Babel if the clients just trust them. If not, they’ll be losing out on a great opportunity.

Han-seo does as he is told by Joon-woo and he stops by Babel Chemicals to congratulate the company on the success of BLSD. He shakes his hand with each of the researchers and comes close to shaking hands with Mr. Lee. However, Mr. Lee isn’t feeling so good and he falls to the ground after coughing out some blood onto Han-seo’s face and body. Panic ensues and Han-seo demands to be rushed to the hospital. Poor Mr. Lee is an afterthought and is even instructed by one of the other researchers to sign a NDA or else he won’t be taken to the hospital. Ughhh. Mr. Park, Soo-nam, and their Babel gang gang up on our Geumga tenants inside of Chef Toto’s restaurant. They’re intimidating and it’s odd to see them at the restaurant. They even pull off one of their dirty stunt and accuses Chef Toto of throwing a nail in Soo-nam’s plate of food. Things aren’t looking so great, but Cha-young and Vincenzo pull up just in time to teach the Babel gang a lesson. Although Mr. Park shouts at his men to resist fighting Vincenzo, his men engage in the fighting anyways. Just as expected, Vincenzo beats all the men up and he reigns a winner. However, he’s not the only winner as Chef Toto gets paid for his food and also receives extra money from Vincenzo for the broken plates and cutlery. Aww, Vincenzooo.

So with that, our power couple retreat to their second home, Jipuragi, only to bid farewell with Mr. Nam who prepares to head out for a blind date. After he leaves, Cha-young and Vincenzo are left alone and Vincenzo wants Cha-young to keep her promise. They did have a bet earlier and Cha-young did lose the bet. Vincenzo warms up and prepares to give Cha-young a good finger flick on her forehead. Cha-young reminds Vincenzo of his rule about not hitting women, but she’s the exception this time. So with that, Cha-young drags her feet towards Vincenzo and squeezes her eyes shut. She assumes she’s going to feel a flicker of pain across her forehead within any second. Vincenzo focuses in on his target and places his finger right in the middle of Cha-young’s forehead. He’s about ready to strike, but instead of focusing on his finger flicking skills, he studies Cha-young’s face and slightly smirks at how adorable she is (EEEEEK, I’M SQUEALING SO HARD RIGHT NOW. I LOVE THIS SCENE SOOOO MUCH!). In the end, he does unleash a finger flick on her forehead, but it’s a soft and weak one (AWW, HE WENT EASY ON HER!! Who knew finger flicking could be so romantic?!).

Just then, the romantic moment between the two is interrupted with a surprise and sudden visit from Joon-woo. He delivers the exciting news to Cha-young about his promotion as a partner at Wusang, but her stale reaction disappoints him. To congratulate Joon-woo’s promotion, she offers to treat him out to some spicy jjamppong for dinner instead. Vincenzo sits himself out on the dinner date, but it’s not until Joon-woo and Cha-young provokes him about his low spice tolerance that he gives in. He and Joon-woo go at it all night while eating their spicy bowl of jjamppong (which is clearly too spicy for the both of them). Whether it’s eating the spicy noodle soup or just talking to each other, the two are too competitive. Hahaha, I love this friendly competition that isn’t so friendly. Monk Chaeshin rushes to the hospital where Mr. Lee is located and grows worried upon seeing him. Mr. Lee never thought that such a thing would happen to him, but he’s prepared for the worst. Monk Chaeshin receives an update from Director Gil about Mr. Lee and is informed that the Babel Chemicals researcher has leukemia. Chaeshin questions whether Babel Chemicals could have had anything to do with Mr. Lee’s health, but Director Gil shoots down any suspicions. He places the blame back on Mr. Lee for failing to follow work protocols.

The dinner date finally ends and Cha-young can’t help but be amused at how competitive the two lawyers were against each other. She then receives a phone call from Monk Chaeshin and is informed to head back to the plaza. With that, she helps Vincenzo up and the two walk together back to the plaza. Joon-woo watches as the duo leave the restaurant side by side. Cha-young and Vincenzo are updated about Mr. Lee’s incident by Monk Chaeshin and the two fill the rest of the tenants in on the corruption of Babel Chemicals and the hospital lead by Director Gil. The hospital is conspiring with Babel so they lied to Chaeshin about Mr. Lee’s health. His incident was a result of working with the toxic substance, BLSD, at Babel Chemicals. Cha-young explains that lawsuits against Babel is usually settled not because of the huge settlement money they offer, but because they know they’ll lose if they don’t settle quietly. The tenants are frustrated with the news, but they also worry for Mr. Lee. He was like family to them and they want him to recover and receive justice. And it seems as if things might just go that way when the head monk of the template, Monk Jeokha, awakens from his training. Now that he’s finished his training, he can contribute with the rest of the team. It’s time to get started.

And so Monk Jeokha and Chaeshin pull off their stunt with the clients of the lawsuit in the meeting room that Mr. So usually conducts his meeting in. He goes in expecting it to be just like all the other times he’s met with his clients, but this time, it’s different. He’s confused and shocked when he finds the two monks inside the room and is even more stunned when he finds Cha-young and Vincenzo waiting outside in the hallway for him. They’re well aware of what evil deeds and acts he’s committed and how he was bribed by Wusang to work with the clients. Cha-young received direct confirmation from her former Wusang colleague who confessed to Mr. So getting paid by Wusang. Of course, she recorded the conversation and played it as proof to the families of the victims to convince them. So what happened to all that money then? Vincenzo was able to access it in the safe that Mr. So has hidden behind the huge painting that Vincenzo noticed during his first visit. Fingerprints give a lot away and Mr. So should have been more careful about cleaning his office. Our power couple poke fun at Mr. So and his money so the lawyer runs to his office in search of the bars of gold he had stacked. Just as expected, there’s nothing left inside the safe except for a document acknowledging the donation he’s made under his name, lol. Niiiiiice!

Cha-young and Vincenzo’s next stop is Wusang. Cha-young struts into the law firm with confidence and it’s clear resigning from the place was the best decision she could have ever made. She and Vincenzo meet with Mr. Han and Lawyer Choi to deliver the news that they will be the new lawyers representing the families of the victims in the Babel Chemicals lawsuit. Wusang could make things less difficult if they cease the manufacture of BLSD and clarify the lies that they’ve been spreading. They should also admit their wrongdoings and compensate the families of the victims who died. Of course, this is too much for Wusang and they refuse to back down. Taunting and threats are thrown from every angle in the room, but it’s Vincenzo’s final remarks that leaves everyone speechless. He reminds Lawyer Choi that they can do whatever they want, but they should remember that freedom comes with a price. With that, our power couple leaves the law firm and is encouraged by Joon-woo to back out while they can. It’s too big of a war and they won’t make it out alive. Neither Cha-young or Vincenzo plan on stopping so Joon-woo himself is forced to give up. He can no longer go easy on Cha-young. Upset, Lawyer Choi assigns herself to all the cases related to Babel. She’s also ready to fight, especially after realizing that Vincenzo was the one who threatened her on the phone back at the laundromat.

Later on that night, Vincenzo and Cha-young have an honest chat with each other on the rooftop of the plaza. Vincenzo admits that Cha-young’s got the greed and fight in her to win, but there’s more she needs to learn if she wants to win against Lawyer Choi and Wusang. He notes that it isn’t their goal to win the first trial hearing; they just gotta make sure that no one wins or loses. Vincenzo proposes that he’s going to teach Cha-young to be a real villain this time; in return, he is to also listen to Cha-young when she gives him advice. The two strike an agreement before focusing their attention back on Mr. So. What happened to him anyways? Vincenzo follows through with his words and just like he stated he would, Mr. So ends up deserted and alone by the river across from his apartment complex. He calls out to his wife, but his wife is busy reporting his disappearance and can’t hear him. Omg, lol.

Cha-young, Vincenzo, and Mr. Nam come up with their game plan for the first trial hearing. They can’t postpone the trial as it’s too late, but Vincenzo has another trick up his sleeve. Who says they have to do it before the trial? They can invalidate the trial during the trial, no? So our trio stay up late into the night and work together to prepare. When morning hits, our power couple sit down and have a casual conversation with each other about the lawsuit and Vincenzo’s plans after everything ends. Since he doesn’t have any attachment to the country, he plans on leaving once things wrap up. Cha-young seems a bit disappointed by Vincenzo’s response, but it’s obvious that he himself isn’t so ready to leave just quite yet. A part of him might be second guessing himself at this point.

Just then, Mr. Tak enters Jipuragi and volunteers to take care of the clothes that our two lawyers will be sporting to the first trial hearing (awww!). He irons their clothes out so well Vincenzo and Cha-young are clearly satisfied with his great work. The other Geumga tenants also show their support for our power couple in their own ways. Chef Toto has some food prepared for Vincenzo, but it’s made by his mother with her special touch. Vincenzo actually doesn’t spit out the food this time and he gives Chef Toto a thumbs up. Haha. Even our monks are in the temple praying for Cha-young and Vincenzo’s win. And so the two embark on their first trial hearing together as a team. Things are going great until Cha-young forgets her car keys, but Vincenzo is always prepared. He has his own car that they can use to show up to the party.

Wusang shows up first to the courthouse and they’re bombarded by the crowd of reporters and journalists waiting outside. Lawyer Choi says a few words of demeaning comments about the plaintiffs and how you should never believe the weak just because they’re weak. With that, everyone else waits for the actual important and relevant people of the lawsuit to show up and they grow curious when they see a small car appear at the entrance of the courthouse. Unlike what they expected, it’s not Cha-young and Vincenzo. It’s just another lawyer who’s upset at the crowd blocking her path and she barks at them to get out of her way, lol. A few seconds later though and our power couple do finally make their long awaited appearance. It’s all totally worth it and everyone’s eyes are fixed on Cha-young and Vincenzo. First off, Vincenzo’s car is a luxurious, rich, and pretty foreign car. Second, Vincenzo and Cha-young exit the car in the most extra and dramatic fashion. They’re confident, hot, and fierce and they really don’t care what others think. Cha-young makes sure to introduce herself to all the reporters and even strikes a few poses in between. The duo then make their way up the stairs towards the courthouse, but they’re not done just yet.

At the top of the stairs, the duo turns around so Vincenzo can take off his sunglasses and deliver his iconic Italian line, “Only evil can punish evil.” Everyone’s eyes then dart across the street towards the protest and demonstration that our Geumga tenants have put on. While the reporters and journalists rush over to capture the demonstration, our two Jipuragi lawyers stay where they are — impressed and proud. They give the tenants a thumbs up before proceeding into the courthouse. Of course, it wouldn’t be a battle without some provoking and Cha-young and Lawyer Choi taunt each other through their face expressions and gestures. Cha-young merely winks at Lawyer Choi before smiling slyly and walking alongside Vincenzo into the courthouse.

And that’s how you make a grand entrance.

My Thoughts:

It’s getting close to 2am right now and I’m sitting here wondering why this recap is taking me longer than usual to finish only to realize: it’s because I’m trying to capture and screenshot every single shot in this episode! I’ve seen many Korean dramas and movies in my lifetime and I have to say, I don’t think there’s been that many endings to an episode of a Korean drama that’s impressed me as much as the ending to this episode has. I can’t even tell you how I felt when I first watched this episode. The last ten minutes was by far the most iconic and epic scene I’ve witnessed in a drama in such a long time and I LOVED every single second of it (and by every second I mean every second). You can’t watch Cha-young and Vincenzo pull up to the courthouse and not tell me that you weren’t in love with them! It was already easy to root for them before, but now? I hope they blow Babel out of the waterpark (which I know they eventually will).

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m caught up with all the episodes so far and episode 5 still takes the cake for me in terms of the best episode so far. There were SO many wonderful things about this episode and I felt like there was a good balance of the politics, the action, and the humor. The thing I loved the most was the teamwork between our Geugma tenants and their contributions in supporting our Jipuragi team. We’re slowly witnessing the tenants go from doubting Vincenzo and being suspicious of Cha-young to trusting in them and contributing in their fight against Babel. They all embody certain characteristics that Lawyer Hong carried with him for years and it really showed in this episode. They want to take Babel down not only to save themselves and Geumga Plaza, but also because it’s the right thing to do. Where they might have been hopeless before, they’re hopeful now and that’s because of Cha-young and Vincenzo.

This episode fed us so incredibly well with the amount of interactions between our lead couple and I couldn’t be more grateful or happy. I wasn’t expecting as much teamwork between them in this episode so it was such a pleasant surprise to watch the two take down Mr. So and to gather more evidence against Babel Chemicals for the trial. In episode 4, we sort of got a glimpse into Cha-young and Vincenzo’s dynamic as business partners and teammates, but they went all out in this episode and it was so much fun watching them take down Mr. So. You really got to see just how well the two mesh together and how they compliment each other. My most favorite scene in this episode definitely had to be the finger-flicking scene. My heart was fluttering so much and I had to pause my phone and throw it on my bed away from me at one point because of how nervous I was. I was hyperventilating and I just couldn’t handle it.

I also loved the scene where Cha-young and Vincenzo chatted about his future plans after the Babel lawsuit. It not only indicates how confident they feel about winning against Wusang and Babel, but it was also just a much more intimate and informal conversation between the two about something other than Babel. The conversation also spoke volumes about this yearning that they both feel grow inside of them the more they spend time together. It’s as if Vincenzo doesn’t mind staying and it’s as if Cha-young wants him to stay. I don’t think Vincenzo ever intended to be as involved as he is with the Geumga tenants and I don’t think he ever imagined himself to be in his current situation. I think the same could be said about Cha-young too who probably imagined that she’d be working for Wusang forever.

Their lives have inarguably shifted with the circumstances they were both confronted with and it’s only made them stronger. They’ve opened their eyes to the realms of possibilities now that doors they were certain would be opened are closed and doors they never knew could happen are opened. Though Vincenzo might still have plans to leave Korea after everything ends, I think he wouldn’t be opposed to staying in the country. I wouldn’t be surprised if he does end up staying merely because of the strong connections he’s built with Cha-young and the Geugma tenants (and also because of his mother). Vincenzo’s reaction in that scene alone just proved how conflicted and unsure he felt about Cha-young’s question. I love it even more that Cha-young was brave enough to just casually bring up the topic and to plant that seed in his head. They could do amazing things together if he were to stay.

This will forever be my favorite shot of Cha-young and Vincenzo together. The power they both radiate in this photo is amazing!

Another thing I love about Cha-young and Vincenzo is how honest and raw and vulnerable they can be with each other. They’re going to learn a lot about each other in the process of working together which means they’re going to have difficult conversations or they’re going to see sides of each other that might not be so pretty. Such as was the case when the clients brought up Lawyer Hong’s death and his involvement with the lawsuit against Babel Pharmaceuticals. You can tell just how shocked and taken aback Cha-young was by the comment and how reactive she was in defending her father. I’m glad that Cha-young stood up for herself and her father to clear up his image and reputation. Her father’s name shouldn’t be tarnished based off of a bunch of lies and nonsense spread about him.

However, what I loved even more was how Vincenzo immediately noticed Cha-young’s shift in her mood and how he stepped in to support her. Since Cha-young was angry and didn’t know what else to say or how else to react in that moment, he made his presence known by adding onto what Cha-young had already been telling the clients just minutes before. I just love how he pays attention to Cha-young and observes her and makes sure she’s okay in his own small, subtle ways. He respects her, gives her the space to be herself, and doesn’t reject her for who she is, but he also looks out for her. Vincenzo can be brutally honest with Cha-young because he knows she has what it takes to win but he’s also well aware of aspects that she can improve on if she wishes to win. Like he mentioned, he wants to teach her how to become a real villain in order to defeat Babel. He’s also willing to teach her and be taught by her because their relationship is mutual and because he respects her for what she does and who she is. If it isn’t obvious already, I’m wholeheartedly enjoying the dynamics between our power couple (which is my official couple name for them now because of how truly powerful they are together). Combine this with the strong connection and teamwork they’re building with the Geumga tenants and you’ve got a great recipe for success.

Extra photos from the episode~ (I warned y’all I would be capturing many screenshots of Song Joong-ki and Jeon Yeo-bin’s beautiful faces!)

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