Vincenzo: Episode 6 Recap

Fighting against monsters like Babel wasn’t going to be easy, but who says it can’t be fun? Cha-young and Vincenzo make the most out of every opportunity presented in front of them. Just when it seems like all hope is lost, it really isn’t. There is always hope.

Vincenzo: Episode 6 Recap

The first trial hearing against Babel Chemicals is underway and everyone gathers inside of the courtroom. On his way to a brief and private chat with Mr. Han and Lawyer Choi, the judge of the case – Judge Heo – bumps into Yeon-jin and gets a bunch of liquid all over him. Yeon-jin pretends to not have seen him and Judge Heo is irritated. He then meets up with the two Wusang lawyers for a bit and they all have a friendly chat before the trial. This isn’t Judge Heo’s first time cleaning up after Babel’s mess and he assumes things shouldn’t be any different from before. He thinks this lawsuit will be an easy win for Wusang again just like all the other times. And so Mr. Han and Lawyer Choi make their way into the courtroom only to find that water has been leaking from the ceiling above. All the other rooms are occupied so they have no choice but to stay in their current room. Everyone works with it and settles in for the hearing. Vincenzo pays close attention to Cha-young and notices how nervous and anxious she’s getting.

While waiting for Judge Heo, our Geumga tenants all converse with each other over why they need to rise when the judge enters the room. Mr. Nam explains to them the punishments for not doing so, but our tenants aren’t so worried. They all agree to resist and not stand up when Judge Heo enters for they don’t have any faith or trust in the “justice” system. And so they’re determined to stay seated, but quickly turn back on their words when Judge Heo finally makes his way into the courtroom. Things aren’t off to a great start and he slips on the wet plastic wrap covering the carpet floor due to the water leakage. The trial hearing hasn’t even started yet.

Wusang and Judge Heo assumes the trial hearing will proceed just like all the other lawsuits filed against Babel, but Vincenzo and our team have plenty of tricks up their sleeves. The first one? Cha-young has trouble focusing and breathing and she faints. Everyone panics upon seeing her fall down onto the ground and Joon-woo even runs to her side. Neither Lawyer Choi or Mr. Han buy Cha-young’s fainting, but everyone else is unaware of her acting skills. This was one of the tactics that Vincenzo came up with in their last meeting to invalidate the trial to postpone it even further. Judge Heo addresses the situation with everyone and clarifies that they can’t postpone the trial due to the gravity of the lawsuit. They are to proceed with the hearing after the doctor checks up on Cha-young’s health condition which overrides Vincenzo and Cha-young’s first idea. With that, Cha-young immediately gets back up on her feet and she miraculously recovers. Since this tactic didn’t work, what do they go with next?

With Mr. Cho’s help, the electricity goes out in the courtroom and the stenographer is forced to use her laptop to work. While she steps out to grab her laptop, Cheol-wook and Yeon-jin unleash another distraction in the room: two deadly giant hornets. Panic ensues once again when everyone notices the giant hornets and they all rush out of the room in an attempt to escape. Lawyer Choi is well aware of what Vincenzo and Cha-young are attempting to do and she can’t help but grow frustrated at everyone crowding by the doors of the courtroom. So how exactly did Cheol-wook and Yeon-jin get access to the giant hornets? It turns out Cheol-wook’s uncle works with giant hornets and he was the one who gave the pair of insects to the couple. What was originally just a hornet drink that Cheol-wook shared with our Jipuragi team turned into something much bigger and better. Prior to the trial, the married couple mixed some honey and water together which Yeon-jin then splashed all over Judge Heo during her earlier encounter with him that day. With the sticky liquid all over him, he easily becomes a target for the giant hornet. The other target? Cheol-wook himself who accidentally got some sticky liquid near his butt cheeks on his pants. Lol.

And so Vincenzo and the team succeed in getting out of the trial. Half of Judge Heo’s face is swollen and he’s unable to talk so he’s forced to postpone the trial for another week. Vincenzo and Cha-young are content with the results and they show off to Mr. Han on the way out of the courtroom. Lawyer Choi expresses her disappointment with Cha-young for pulling off her stunts just to buy another week. It’s low and immature and childish of her to do such a thing, but Cha-young argues that Wusang and Babel are the same with the way they bribed Judge Heo. She also adds that she’s not fighting them because of justice; she’s doing it because they’re despicable. Cha-young struts down the stairs to reunite with Mr. Nam and Vincenzo. Our Geumga tenants cheer Cha-young on for her performance back in the courtroom and it’s clear everyone is happy with the results. Vincenzo is a busy bee and he declines some food with Cha-young for another commitment.

The Wusang team are frustrated with how the first trial hearing went. On the drive back to Wusang, Lawyer Choi feels like a loser and yells a bunch of profanity out the window while Mr. Han takes his anger out on Joon-woo. Oof, it must be rough being in that car. Vincenzo stops by the Hanju prison facility where Ms. Oh (AKA his mother) is stationed. Lawyer Hong used to visit her on the last Tuesday of every month as her public defender, but now that he’s no longer alive, Vincenzo has continued with the tradition. Or does he? When he finally meets with his mother again, he makes it clear to her that he will no longer be visiting her. It’s unfortunate that she has no husband, no children, no family, or no friends to help her after Lawyer Hong’s death. Vincenzo takes jabs at Ms. Oh for living such a pitiful life full of excuses which his mother doesn’t deny. Her life was full of excuses and it is just the way it is. She apologizes to Vincenzo for having lived such a life, but Vincenzo reminds her not to apologize to him. If anything, she should apologize to the people who truly need to hear it. So with that, he bids farewell with his mother, announcing his plans to eventually leave Korea and never return.

The visit leaves Vincenzo in shambles and he stops to smoke a cigarette. He’s reminded of the day when he was adopted by an Italian family. On that day, he cried his heart out and refused to believe that his mother had abandoned him. Fast forward to the present and that anger, sadness, and resentment inside of him is still there. He hasn’t forgotten or forgiven. Chef Toto serves two popular food bloggers at his restaurant that try to use their social media influence as a tactic to get free food. Chef Toto knows he deserves better and he’s unwilling to give them food for free. Moreover, he relays to Mr. An to not give them any freebies either. Just then, Mr. An receives a call by his boss, Mr. Tae, demanding that he return to the office as soon as possible. Mr. An cries while talking to his boss on the phone, but it’s not because he’s afraid of getting punished. It’s because he was cutting onions and touched his eyes, LOL.

While returning to Geumga Plaza, Vincenzo comes across Monk Jeokha carrying a huge cross all by himself. He stops to assist the monk along the way and learns that Monk Jeokha found it unused at a church that Babel E&C purchased not too long ago. After taking care of the cross, Vincenzo spends some time with Monk Jeokha and seeks some answers to his burning questions. What will it take for the anger inside of Vincenzo to disappear? Monk Jeokha emphasizes that Vincenzo will have to stand his ground and fight the anger inside of him. It doesn’t matter how many places Vincenzo travels to or where he lives; what matters is whether or not the anger is still inside of him. It’s only until he lets the anger go that he will achieve Enlightenment. Hmmmm, wise words and a beautiful scene!

Lawyer Choi assumes she’s 10 steps ahead of our Jipuragi team because of her plant that she wiretapped when she handed it over to Vincenzo and Cha-young as a gift during her visit. She and Mr. Han listen in on the live broadcast of the audio, but all they hear instead are a bunch of creepy and weird noises. The plant was then passed onto Larry and he practices his zombie acting skills while taking a good look at the plant. Lawyer Choi is tricked once again. Lol. The truth is, Vincenzo already knew that the plant was tapped the moment he saw it. He shares this detail with Cha-young and she’s impressed by his wise observations. Vincenzo also updates her on his plans to relocate the Geumga tenants to a nearby shopping district. When asked again whether he really needs to move forward with the plan, Vincenzo pauses for a few seconds before commenting that he does indeed. He wants to get things done as soon as possible so he can leave Korea. Just like the first time, Cha-young is disappointed in Vincenzo’s response as it’s obvious she wants him to stay (and I do too).

With the number of days with Vincenzo closing and their time together ticking, Cha-young gathers the courage to ask Vincenzo for another chance to hang out. She proposes that they grab some drinks together. Who said that their relationship had to be purely business-related? They can have drinks, hang out, and talk without thinking about work, right? When Mr. An returns to his workplace, he’s scolded by Mr. Tae for committing his own personal investigation on Vincenzo. But there’s a good reason Mr. An was called back into the office. Mr. Tae discovers that both Babel and Wusang have requested for background checks on Vincenzo and it’s making Mr. Tae a little bit more suspicious (so maybe Mr. An’s personal mission and investigation wasn’t such a bad idea after all?). Mr. Tae gives Mr. An the green light to continue with his mission as well as to use the company’s money to do so. And Mr. An gets to keep his job at Chef Toto’s restaurant!

Cha-young and Vincenzo have some fun at a bar restaurant. They’re both in a good mood and Cha-young can’t stop laughing over Judge Heo’s swollen face from earlier that day. She also thanks Vincenzo for visiting Ms. Oh in the prison. She feels as if it’s something she should have taken over since her father used to do it, but Vincenzo doesn’t think too much about it. His first visit that day would also be the last one. Vincenzo isn’t in the mood to talk about his mother so he switches the subject back to Geumga Plaza and reminds Cha-young that she was supposed to help him get the building back. Cha-young argues that she needs to know the reason why in order for her to come up with a grand plan. So after being promised that she wouldn’t tell anyone the secret, Vincenzo lets Cha-young in on his plan. He whispers next to her about the 1.5 tons of gold lying in its storage room within the basement which he’s trying to access. Cha-young is in pure disbelief upon hearing how much gold is hidden in the room, but she’s in even more disbelief at Vincenzo. She assumes he must be making some stuff up and accuses him of bluffing (“that must be his drinking habit!”). Cha-young doesn’t take Vincenzo seriously and she ends the drinking date with him on a lighthearted note. So much for helping Vincenzo out! Lol.

Vincenzo gets moving and hurries back to Geumga Plaza to test out an equipment that he requested from Mr. Cho. During their last meeting together, Vincenzo wanted a detector to test if the explosion system built within the building still work. If the system has malfunctioned and is turned off, they could dig into the ground without having to demolish the building. So with that, Vincenzo grabs the detector and sneaks into the temple while all the tenants remain occupied inside of Chef Toto’s restaurant. However, what Vincenzo isn’t aware of is the fact that he’s being followed by Mr. An. Mr. An comes close to getting caught a few times, but he luckily makes it out alive due to Vincenzo’s sense of urgency. And so Vincenzo gets on his knees and bends down to listen to the detector test the explosion system. The room is hot because of the electric pads and a drop of sweat from his forehead falls to the detector, causing him to get shocked as a result. As Vincenzo groans in pain, Mr. An watches from outside the hallway and assumes Vincenzo is praying based off of his body language. He assumes Vincenzo must be crying tears of repentance and any suspicions he had about Vincenzo is eliminated. As for Vincenzo? The explosion system is working just fine.

Our Geumga tenants celebrate their trial’s victory by gathering at Chef Toto’s restaurant. They recount the incident with the giant hornets and Monk Chaeshin also updates everyone on Mr. Lee’s condition. It seems as if things are going well. Even when talks about relocation are brought up, the tenants remain in unison about moving into the shopping district that Vincenzo plans on purchasing for them. Things are looking great for our tenants but it doesn’t last for too long. A homeless man enters the plaza and creeps up at the entrance of the restaurant. Everyone freaks out upon seeing the man, but they’re all in a good mood and they invite him inside regardless. The man strikes up a deal with our tenants that they end up accepting: in exchange for some food, he’ll give them all some very important information. Though Chef Toto feels as if he’s seen the man before, he doesn’t raise too many questions.

Mr. An prepares to write up a report on Vincenzo based off of his investigation and discoveries. However, he doesn’t feel as if he has enough evidence just yet and commits to doing more research. It’s another regular day of work for Mr. Nam, but it hits different for the rest of the Geumga tenants. He finds them all standing outside in a straight line, staring right at the plaza. It’s as if they’re afraid to enter the building and he doesn’t know why. The group has to mentally prepare themselves before finally moving and walking towards the plaza, lol. Joon-woo, Lawyer Choi, and Mr. Han all do some additional research on Vincenzo, but they only find positive information and photos about him. He’s a human rights lawyer, celebrity, and philanthropist in one back in Milan so they don’t have a lot to go off of. Just then, Mr. Han receives a phone call from Han-seo.

Cha-young and Vincenzo hold a meeting with the family members of the victims and notify them about testifying as witnesses for the second trial. The five family members are a bit hesitant and worried given just how powerful and smart Wusang is, but Vincenzo reassures them that they’ll be as prepared as possible going into the trial. Vincenzo is confident they’ll win the trial if their witnesses testify well. It also works out that Babel won’t be able to bribe or buy off their witnesses because of how much they’re despised by the witnesses. So what is Vincenzo, Cha-young, and Mr. Nam’s next step then? They’ll do what Babel and Wusang are great at and provoke Babel’s witnesses. This should be interesting.

Han-seo calls Mr. Han and Lawyer Choi into an emergency meeting with Joon-woo. On the drive there, Mr. Han acts as he usually does and he continually picks on Joon-woo. Joon-woo is in a happy mood in the car though and there’s a reason for that. In the conference room, Han-seo, Lawyer Choi, and Mr. Han stay seated at one end of the table while Joon-woo stands on the other end. He has a PowerPoint presentation prepared and goes through it one detail at a time. He reveals how the former Chairman of Babel has two sons: his eldest son with his wife and his second son from an affair with his secretary. The second son is Han-seo that everyone acknowledges as the Chairman of Babel. But as Joon-woo will explain and reveal, Han-seo is not the chairman of Babel. The reason for that being is.. well, he’s the eldest son which means he’s the real Chairman of Babel.

Lawyer Choi and Mr. Han are stunned by the unexpected revelation and they’re at a loss for words. It’s the plot twist that neither of them saw coming, but they quickly adjust and shift their attitude towards Joon-woo. Mr. Han is no longer the mean and disrespectful guy that he was and Lawyer Choi learns to bow her head at the former intern. Joon-woo is having too much fun and only wants to ramp things up even more. He demonstrates his willingness to work with Lawyer Choi by offering her two things: the prosecution service that she initially proposed to Han-seo that she wanted to buy and two, the idea to kill off Vincenzo if they find it too difficult to defeat him in court. Outraged, Lawyer Choi comes up with a completely different plan that night. Her group of men locate the treasurer of the victims’ group fighting against Babel E&C (so basically Cha-young and Vincenzo’s witnesses) and make it seem as if they were embezzling money by hiding stacks of money in their office. Director Gil of the Haemun Medical Center is also in on the plan and he drugs Mr. Lee at the hospital without anyone’s knowledge. News articles from Daechang Daily accusing the group of embezzling donations are released and Cha-young wakes up to this story the next morning. She’s definitely not happy.

Cha-young and Vincenzo rush over to the police station where their witnesses remain afraid and frustrated. They had nothing to do with the accusations made against them, but they can’t do much since the treasurer of the group has confessed to the embezzling (albeit being coerced by Wusang to do so). Our power couple are stuck in a rut for now and they realize that they might have to proceed with the trial without their witnesses. It won’t do any good either way since Lawyer Choi will most likely continue to prey on them. Their only hope then is Mr. Lee, but even he is ruled out when he’s found with small traces of meth after being tested for drugs. Cha-young and Vincenzo are in pure disbelief by the update from Mr. Nam and it seems as if things can’t get any worse. Except it does.

Joon-woo finds the duo standing in the hallway and he chats with them for a bit. He encourages and urges Cha-young to return to Wusang. It’s a message from the chairman himself, but Cha-young refuses to budge. She won’t do so, so they should just give up any hopes of her return. She also discourages him from “worrying” about her and reminds him to stay in his place and to just focus on himself. While Cha-young leaves first, Vincenzo stays behind to have a brief talk alone with Joon-woo. He warns the Italian lawyer on how they’re digging themselves into a grave and how he would hate to see Cha-young get buried. If they both are smart enough, they would know to stop and back off from fighting Babel. Vincenzo isn’t afraid with Joon-woo’s taunts; they are indeed digging a grave but it’s not for them. Plus, Vincenzo and Cha-young are smart enough to realize not to walk away when they know their opponents are weak.

Frustrated and furious at how things are turning out, Cha-young decides to go on a walk to blow off some steam. She leaves Vincenzo behind to get back to Geumga by himself. Fast forward to five days and it’s time for the second trial hearing. Joon-woo, Lawyer Choi, Mr. Han, and Han-seo are there as well as a bee expert that Judge Heo has brought in just in case of another incident. LOL. He looks and feels much better when he enters the courtroom and they all proceed with the second hearing. Just like on the first day, Lawyer Choi argues that the Babel Chemical employees were reckless and careless with their health. They failed to follow the instructions and work protocols provided by Babel Chemicals and it also doesn’t help that the workers smoke and drank often as testified by Director Gil.

Moving onto Cha-young, all of her witnesses has been rejected from testifying and Judge Heo assumes she has no one as a witness. But Cha-young does and she announces that she has a surprise witness. Everyone is confused and shocked by her sudden announcement and everyone’s eyes dart towards the back of the room where the surprise witness waits. When the doors fling open, we find Vincenzo standing right next to a detective. The shock and confusion in people’s faces are extended upon Vincenzo’s appearance while Cha-young watches him proudly with a sly smirk on her face. Vincenzo makes sure to acknowledge Mr. Han on the way to the front of the court room and he also pays some attention to Cha-young before fully focusing his attention on Judge Heo.

Cha-young and Vincenzo know what they’re doing, and the fight isn’t over yet. It’s just merely begun.

Extra photos from the episode~ (no commentary for this episode so here are plenty of beautiful shots and photos!!)

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