Vincenzo: Episode 10 Recap

Cha-young and Vincenzo knew it wasn’t going to be easy taking down Babel and Wusang, but they also find themselves stuck in their approach at times. When you’re desperate or you’re angry and there’s nothing much you can do left, there’s always a way out. There are always some exceptions that can be made.

Vincenzo: Episode 10 Recap

Cha-young and Vincenzo arrive at the scene of the incident where our 4 family members are found dead inside of their vehicle. Mr. Nam and Prosecutor Jung are also at the house that Director Gil was staying at for protection and they’re in disbelief upon seeing his lifeless body covered along with the two other investigators who were at the house with him. So how exactly did Babel and Wusang know to target the 4 family members of the victims of Babel? Well, Han-seo did some research and sifted through all of the texts and SNS posts of the 3,700 people who have a lawsuit filed against the conglomerate. From there, he was able to narrow it down to our 4 family members who all mentioned about burning down the Babel Pharmaceutical warehouse to one another. And that was how they were able to catch on to who else was behind that fire incident alongside Cha-young and Vincenzo.

Vincenzo’s mafia instincts are triggered after the sight of the 4 family members in their vehicle. He’s reminded of one of the murders he committed back when he was in Italy and he’s tempted to go back to those ways. Cha-young and Vincenzo attempt to persuade the police to dig deeper into the deaths of our 4 families. How could they all have committed suicide while they were on their trip? They looked happy in the photos they sent to our Jipuragi team. The police aren’t buying it and they argue that suicidal people are impulsive. It could have been that they were happy one moment and then suicidal the next. Cha-young’s patience runs out and she demands the police make a request for an autopsy warrant. She wants to know the exact cause of the deaths, but the 2 detectives aren’t willing to cooperate. Cha-young and Vincenzo can do whatever they want, but they shouldn’t expect the police to do anything about the investigation. Vincenzo double checks one more time on the detective’s words about how they can do whatever they want. When he receives confirmation that yes indeed, they can do whatever they want, the two lawyers exit the police station.

So what exactly does Vincenzo have in mind? When he and Cha-young are at the mortuary to watch the bodies of the 4 family members be filed away, he expresses his plans for revenge. Cha-young lets out a few tears, but vows to never cry again. Vincenzo reassures her that she shouldn’t feel as guilty as hard as that might be. There’s a sense of peace knowing that the 4 family members were comforted by taking some sort of action against Babel. With that, he’s not going to go easy on Babel any longer. They took the lives of innocent people and Vincenzo is going to do things his way from now on. He’s going to live by his principles and recommends that Cha-young try her best to not let her emotions get the best of her. Revenge is a lot smoother when you remain distant.

Mr. Nam updates our Geumga tenants about the death of the 4 family members plus Director Gil’s death. They’re shocked by the news and they’re unable to understand how it happened or why the case is closed. Cheol-wook puts forth his two cents and notes that they could potentially be Babel’s targets as well. Babel wants Geumga Plaza in order to build their tower, but our Geumga tenants are in the way. Everyone else grows petrified and frightened at the thought of being killed. The only way they can contribute is if they help Vincenzo carry out his attack against Babel. At one point, Ms. Kwak accidentally slips out a comment about the gold to which everyone freaks out. However, she manages to clean up her little mess by adding that time is golden and they must work together to help Vincenzo. Mr. Nam is confused by the sudden mention of gold. Haha. Mr. Han still isn’t feeling so great about Joon-woo and all the evil work he’s been pulling off. He’s worried for his own life and is afraid that he too could die, but Lawyer Choi reminds him once again about the line they’ve already crossed. There’s no going back now so Mr. Han has no choice but to keep moving.

Cha-young and Vincenzo put up photos of the 4 family members in the Jipuragi office. With the bodies of the 4 family members safely stored for now, they have to move even faster to find this Babo person. Vincenzo agrees with Cha-young’s statement, but he wants to do it his own way. He’s going to kill the real chairman behind Babel. This entails breaking the promise that Vincenzo made with Cha-young about not killing anyone in their line of work, but Cha-young is okay with it. There are some exceptions where promises can be broken. So the two lawyers chat about their next moves while eating some sweet potatoes outside of Geumga Plaza. Attorney Seo of Wusang are going to pay the 2 detectives from the police station for their dirty work so they’ll target those two detectives next to find out the truth.

The two detectives celebrate and rejoice as they make their way to the building where their money from Wusang sits. Since they’ve managed to successfully get rid of the forensic report on the case with the 4 family members and have swept things under the rug, they get their money’s worth. But nope, not too fast. Vincenzo is always one step ahead and he trails after the two detectives. He discovers them on the rooftop of the building splitting the money in the bag in half for themselves. He snaps a photo of the two before beating both guys up and holding them hostage in an abandoned building on a floor high up. When the two detectives awaken, they find themselves tied back to back while seated on rolling chairs. Vincenzo makes his grand appearance and threatens to push the two guys down to their deaths. He makes his demands and conditions with the two detectives clear: he is to be given the case report on the murders of our 4 family members. Any video footages as well as the forensic and autopsy reports are to be submitted to our Jipuragi team. When the detectives continue to make repeated excuses, Vincenzo threatens to kick them off the edge of the building, but wait, he has a special guest. It’s Cha-young who originally requested to have the last blow during her sweet potato talk with Vincenzo back at Geumga Plaza.

She shows up with some brand new limited edition sneakers and she warms up her leg to kick the two guys closer to the edge of the building. It’s not until she kicks the two detectives just inches away from the edge that they both agree to listen to the demands. They have until 7am to give our Jipuragi team everything they own or else. Meanwhile, Mr. Han and Han-seo go out for some drinks alone. Mr. Han is still feeling quite uncomfortable and unsettled with Joon-woo who’s done plenty of evil things including killing people. He attempts to persuade Han-seo to cement his place as the real chairman of Babel and suggests that Han-seo overthrow Joon-woo. Han-seo plays dumb and reacts hysterically to the idea. Him? Betraying his own brother?! How could he do such a thing? But Mr. Han fights back and raises his voice at Han-seo. He’s worked for so many companies and businesses and he knows what it takes to be a leader. Babel needs a leader and it isn’t Joon-woo. Rather, Han-seo is fit and perfect for that role.

Vincenzo meets up with Mr. Cho to discuss their plans about the gold. Mr. Cho reminds the Mafia lawyer that retrieving the gold is the most important goal at the moment so they should do something about the temple sitting on top of the storage room. But to Mr. Cho’s dismay and disappointment, Vincenzo has other priorities and goals. He reassures Mr. Cho that he’ll take care of the situation; he just needs more time. Mr. Cho gets impatient and frustrated and he makes his own move. He secretly puts out a report about a corrupt temple located in Geumga Plaza. Uh-oh. When Cha-young heads home that night, she finds her house back to normal and her window fixed. However, she’s still worried about Vincenzo and whether he really does intend on killing Babo. Vincenzo makes his way back to his apartment unit when he receives a phone call from his colleague back in Italy. He learns that a Korean person in Italy has been going around investigating on him and gathering intel on his life in Italy.

When Vincenzo enters his place, he finds Cha-young chilling inside. Waaaaait, why is she here and how did she get in? Cha-young lies that her window hasn’t been fixed just yet and well, he gave her some spare keys last time. Ah, and Injagi and its friends are still in the bedroom so they can’t go in there just quite yet. Haha. That night, the two teammates have some makgeolli and reminisce about their memories with Lawyer Hong. Makgeolli was his favorite drink and Vincenzo is reminded of the night that he drank with Lawyer Hong. After was what a few months of sleepless nights, he finally got a good night sleep that night thanks to Lawyer Hong. Haha. Vincenzo also makes sure to relay to Cha-young the last words he heard from Lawyer Hong about his daughter. Long gone are the days where lawyers like Lawyer Hong defeat corrupt and evil villains like Babel. The world now needs persistent, tough, and smart lawyers like Cha-young which were skills and abilities her father was confident she encompassed.

The words are bittersweet for Cha-young who underestimates herself and her career as a lawyer. She’s not righteous like her father and all she does is get angry. But as Vincenzo will add, her anger translates to taking action. Cha-young grows comforted with Vincenzo’s words and company and she asks him one more time about his plans post-Babel. Does he still plan on leaving the country? Vincenzo remains silent and he doesn’t give her an answer. Cha-young interprets his silence as a yes and adds that since they met unexpectedly, they too shall apart the same way (omg no, please, don’t say that. I might just cry!). The two share some more drinks that night before Vincenzo knocks out for a nap. Cha-young takes a peek at Vincenzo before she too rests her eyes and her mind. A few seconds afterwards, Vincenzo wakes up and takes his turn glancing at Cha-young. Just like Vincenzo did after drinking some makgeolli with Lawyer Hong, he gets a good night sleep with Cha-young after their makgeolli drinking party.

Joon-woo is ready to push forward with their plans to demolish Geumga Plaza. Mr. Han feels the opposite and comes up with a bunch of excuses to get Joon-woo to change his mind, but he doesn’t budge. They’ll use the same labor service team that his father hired a few years back and he’s hopeful that the Namdongbu Prosecution team can take care of any bumps or issues that come up along the way. How many more lives will be lost this time? Mr. Park, Soo-nam, and their accountant Ms. Yang open up their travel agency shop within Geumga Plaza. While meeting with an interested customer, Vincenzo interrupts by making an appearance. He’s not so happy to see the two men in the building and warns them not to cause any trouble. As for Ms. Yang? She’s enamored by Vincenzo’s charming looks (same, Ms. Yang, same!).

Our Jipuragi team are given CCTV footage of the day our 4 family members were on their getaway trip. As they will see, their van was being tailed by a black vehicle and Vincenzo notices the dent in their car after both vehicles are seen exiting out of the tunnel. Plus, red marks were found on two of the family members’ necks which means the hitmen must have used a taser to knock them out. Our Jipuragi team are in disbelief at how lacking prosecutors are in regards to the case. There’s sufficient evidence to prove that our 4 family members were kidnapped and murdered, but they refuse to investigate. Just then, Mr. An stops by to deliver some spaghetti to the trio. Vincenzo still isn’t a fan of Chef Toto’s food, but they don’t spend too much time talking about it. Instead, they divert their attention back to the evidence. They notice that the black vehicle has a license plate, but as Mr. An points out, it’ll be impossible to track down the vehicle since the license plate is a fake cover-up often employed by lawyers. There’s no way to determine the owners of the vehicle, but our Jipuragi team are content with the evidence they have for now. Mr. An takes his sweet sweet time exiting the office to listen in on our trio’s discussion and only rushes out the office when Mr. Nam notices him still inside. Haha. Let Mr. An help!

Lawyer Choi updates Joon-woo on the latest regarding the demolition and the lawsuit against Babel Chemicals. Things have simmered for now and plans for the demolition are coming along. The two have been working together, but there’s still some things about each other that they’re curious about. Why is Lawyer Choi devoted to working for Joon-woo of all people? She could easily start her own law firm and be her own boss. Lawyer Choi proves her loyalty to Babo by claiming that she likes to live dangerously on the edge. It wouldn’t be too fun if she did things her own way. But what about Joon-woo? Why does he like to live in the shadows and remain hidden? Joon-woo responds with three reasons: it’s exciting, he won’t have to take the fall if things were to go south, and he likes to toy around with people’s lives and emotions and make them suffer. Lawyer Choi finds his last reasoning the most enticing.

So how exactly will our Jipuragi team find the people behind the murder of our 4 family members? Instead of going to them, why don’t they do something that will trigger the killers to come after them? Public mockery and an adequate amount of threats should do the trick. Cha-young is content with the plan and she picks up a piece of apple sitting in the office for a bite. Mr. Nam stops her in time and apologizes for picking out an apple that was rotten. He got the wrong one, lol. Just then, our trio is invited to Chef Toto’s restaurant for a meeting with all the Geumga tenants. After learning from Mr. An about the situation that our Jipuragi team is in, they’re willing to go all in to assist however they can. They can fight, they can run errands, they will do whatever they need to do to help Vincenzo out. Chef Toto points out that they must protect the plaza and the gold within the plaza which elicits a round of panic and silence from everyone in the restaurant. Thankfully, the slip-up doesn’t cause too much of a frenzy and Cha-young lets our Geumga tenants in on how they can help. They can definitely help with the mockery part of the plan, right?

And so our Geumga tenants team up with the Jipuragi team to put on a show (literally). They wear comical masks to cover up their face for the video and our two hosts are none other than Cha-young and Vincenzo. While Mr. Nam stands behind the camera to help film and orchestrate the audience members (AKA the Geumga tenants), Cha-young and Vincenzo ramble on about the corruption behind Babel and Wusang (and Namdongbu Prosecutors). They make sure to point out the main characters on the team including Lawyer Choi and her ridiculous dancing, Mr. Han and his talent in sucking up to people, and Han-seo and his not-so-useful brain. The three aren’t so amused by the demeaning comments and mockery as they watch the video. They also grow afraid at how Vincenzo is already aware that Han-seo isn’t the real chairman of Babel ever since he interacted with Han-seo at the gym. This could only mean that they’re purposely mocking Wusang and Babel to lure the actual Babo in revealing himself. However, Joon-woo isn’t so afraid. As long as there aren’t any traitors from within the team, they should be fine (*cough* Mr. Han *cough*).

Lawyer Choi confronts our Jipuragi team about the show and yells at them through the phone. How dare they pull off such a thing? It’s obvious our trio can care less about her thoughts or opinions and they’re quick to hang up. Lawyer Choi’s team works to remove any articles on the video, but the video itself is still up which only angers the lawyer even more. Mr. Nam is disappointed in the results and outcome of the video. There hasn’t been much action since the upload of the video, but Vincenzo reminds him and Cha-young that their goal is to find Babo or the murderers. With that, they can move on to the second part of their plan now that they’ve accomplished the mockery: it’s time to make some threats. So with the help of the Geumga tenants, Lawyer Choi, Mr. Han, and Han-seo all receive death threats in their own ways. There’s one aspect that is consistent across the board: the letter “C” outlined in the color red. What does this mean?

Joon-woo receives texts from the three about the threats and the letter “C” covered in red. He checks in with the man that he hired to go to Italy to conduct some research on Vincenzo. They make plans to meet later on. It won’t take long until Vincenzo’s identity is revealed and Vincenzo is waiting for it. If they knew about Vincenzo, they would already have some kind of idea as to what the letter “C” meant. Since the three are unaware of when Babel or the killers will strike per se, Vincenzo suggests that Cha-young and Mr. Nam hide away from Geumga Plaza. But Cha-young isn’t afraid and she grabs the rock sitting in the office to prove her point. She won’t be going anywhere. Just then, our trio are interrupted by a surprise visit from Prosecutor Jung so they hide their information and scramble to invite him inside. He’s dumbfounded by how Director Gil’s death was also ruled a suicide. It doesn’t make any sense. Prosecutor Jung proposes to Cha-young and Vincenzo his plans and makes a request: he wants the case involving the death of our 4 family members to be handed over to him. He’ll take care of it. The two lawyers aren’t so trusting of Prosecutor Jung. He might be a righteous prosecutor, but he still works for an organization that is rotten all around. Vincenzo uses the half-rotten apple in their office to prove his point and he makes it clear that they don’t trust Prosecutor Jung. Therefore, they will manage just fine themselves and will continue to take the lead on the case. Oof. Cut and clear and straight to the point.

Joon-woo and Han-seo meets up with the investigator after his trip from Italy. The man presents them with photos and information he managed to find on Vincenzo. As the two chairmans will discover, Vincenzo was a consigliere to the Mafia in Italy. Joon-woo is fascinated by the photos of the killings and murders that Vincenzo committed back in Italy as a consigliere. They also learn that the initial “C” that was painted in red stands for “Cassano” – Vincenzo’s last name. It’s basically him his way of signing off on a murder that he’s going to commit. With the information, Joon-woo refuses to hesitate any longer. It’s either he kills Vincenzo or be killed. So with that, he hires three gang members to target Vincenzo in an effort to get rid of him.

While Mr. Nam stands outside of Vincenzo’s place as protection service, Vincenzo and Cha-young stay inside and wait. Vincenzo isn’t so happy with Cha-young wearing her sneakers inside his place or just her general presence. Her window has been fixed already, she can stop with the excuses. Cha-young finally comes clean to Vincenzo and how she’s worried that something might happen to him, especially since he plans on potentially killing someone. A phone call from Joon-woo asking to meet up with Cha-young proves to be the perfect tactic Vincenzo needs to get Cha-young to leave so she hurries over to meet with her former intern. Vincenzo is left alone and he invites Mr. Nam inside of his place to strategize. Poor Mr. Nam! He works so hard! Cheol-wook is busy showing off his wrestling skills to Larry, Mi-ri, and Yeon-jin inside of Larry’s dance studio. His not-so-lucky target is Mr. Tak who clearly isn’t so comfortable with the performance. As Cheol-wook attempts to perform a sample of the par terre move on Mr. Tak, it’s obvious the two of them aren’t in the greatest shape or condition. The three audience members aren’t so impressed as the two wrestlers roll around in pain. Hahaha.

Vincenzo has Mr. Nam do a surprise livestream to make an announcement. Injagi (AKA Vincenzo), one of the whistleblowers on the channel, is going to the same underpass that the vehicle with our 4 family members were last seen driving through shortly before their deaths. Once there, he will do a livestream to surprise everyone with a shocking revelation. After concluding the announcement, Mr. Nam worries for Vincenzo and his safety. He’s also afraid for Cha-young who’s being kept in the dark about Vincenzo’s surprise trip, but Vincenzo reasons that he did this intentionally. He doesn’t want her to know what he’s up to. Members of the same gang that Joon-woo hired to go after Vincenzo stops by Geumga Plaza. They’re much more dangerous and different and they have no problem in beating up the Geumga tenants (oh noooo). Even Mr. Park and Soo-nam are unable to take down the members from the gang – the Twin Swords Gang – and the intensity of the situation only heightens when Mi-ri is targeted by one of the members. Threats are made to the tenants and windows are smashed and it seems as if things are going downhill fast. But wait! There’s a hero among the group that can rescue them from the dangerous situation.

Just as the team leader of the gang is about to hurt Mi-ri, Mr. Tak unleashes his fighting skills and hidden talents to protect his neighbors (SAY WHAAAAT?!). He uses the same fabric cutting scissors for his dry cleaning shop to attack the gang members and it doesn’t take long for them to run away after getting stabbed. Thankfully, everyone is safe due to Mr. Tak and Cheol-wook quickly exits after checking a text on his cell phone. Seconds before reuniting with Cha-young, Joon-woo watches Mr. Nam’s video and instructs his gang members to head to the underpass where Vincenzo will be waiting. He then switches his personality and wears his Wusang intern cap right as Cha-young arrives at the cafe to meet up with him. She assumes he has some new information and details on Wusang like he originally claimed, but he’s empty-handed. He has nothing. He just simply wanted an excuse to meet up with Cha-young.

Cha-young has no time or patience to play around and she hurries to meet up with Mr. Nam who informs her about Vincenzo’s secret operation. With Joon-woo’s assistance as the driver, Mr. Nam, Cha-young, and Cheol-wook all make their way to the underpass where Vincenzo is located. Cheol-wook tags along to help out in case his martial arts skills might be needed. Haha. Vincenzo is confronted by the three gang members hired by Joon-woo and gunshots are exchanged in his battle with them at the underpass. The three enemies are much harder to kill than Vincenzo anticipated and he gets hurt in the process of taking them down. Thankfully, he comes out on top and manages to beat all three opponents. Meanwhile, Cha-young can’t help but worry about Vincenzo on the drive to the overpass. She calls his phone number repeatedly but is met with the same automatic response at every attempt. She cries as she fails to get in touch with him and the possibilities of what happened to her partner in crime is endless.

Vincenzo is quite busy so he has no time to answer her phone calls. He approaches one of the members lying on the ground and groaning in pain at being shot in the leg. Vincenzo checks the man’s cellphone and presses the man for answers on who the Chairman contact in his cellphone belongs to. Just as Vincenzo is interrogating the injured man, Joon-woo’s car pulls up to the underpass and all four come running out of the vehicle. Cha-young reaches Vincenzo first and she runs as fast as her legs can take her to him. Upon reuniting, she wraps her arms around him and gives him a hug. No words are exchanged for the few seconds that she embraces him and Vincenzo returns the gesture. He too places his hand on Cha-young’s back to hug her. After pulling away, Cha-young expresses how concerned she was for him. Vincenzo too was worried for Cha-young in his own way which could explain as to why he didn’t tell her about his secret operation. But as partners, Cha-young is okay with being in danger. They should work together and share that danger with each other (YES!! Please don’t get hurt either of you two, but like y’all are also a team! Let’s stay together forever T_T).

Cha-young is relieved to see Vincenzo safe and alive, but there’s something more pressing she needs to know. Vincenzo admits that he finally has the answer as to who this Babo person is. He knows who the real boss in Babel is. His eyes rise up to meet Joon-woo who stands not too far away. Joon-woo watches as Cha-young and Vincenzo both stare at him staring right back at them. The burning question that they’ve been dying to know the answer to has finally been disclosed.

The answer is standing right in front of them.

My Thoughts:

Oof, this episode was quite an intense one, eh? Quite a few unexpected plot twists and details and actions that I – for some reason – didn’t think of until this episode. It never occurred to me that members within each team or group could possibly turn on one another. I never thought that Mr. Han would even think of betraying Joon-woo. I thought that the 4 of them would stay together as a team and that the loyalty to Joon-woo would remain unhindered for reasons that Lawyer Choi pointed out, but man am I surprise that Mr. Han wants out. Out of the three, he’s the one who sucks up to higher-ups the most so I assumed he would just stay with Joon-woo until the very end. Of course, he sort of has no choice but to do that since he’s in it way too far to back out now, but I’m intrigued and fascinated by the idea of there being betrayals within the Wusang and Babel team. We know Han-seo will get there sooner or later, but for the idea to come from Mr. Han? I love it!

And I mean, I get why Mr. Han would want out. Although he and his law firm do the dirty work and pull on strings to cover up incidents, he’s never seen anything to this extent. He’s never been as disturbed and uncomfortable than with Joon-woo and Joon-woo’s recklessness in killing people off for his own personal gains and wants. It’s something he’s never seen before and he knows he doesn’t want to keep being involved in situations like this. I wonder how exactly Han-seo plans on overthrowing his half-brother and what his primary reason for doing so will be. I think more so than it being power and control over Babel, I assume it’s because Han-seo is tired of Joon-woo’s demeaning attitude and remarks about him. He’s exhausted of his brother controlling him and he’s tired of being humiliated repeatedly by Joon-woo. He wants change and he wants his brother to change; it’s just a matter of timing and making sure everything is perfect when that time comes.

Even things are starting to change for Vincenzo and his partnership with Mr. Cho. He was sort of scary and terrifying in this episode when he learned that Vincenzo wasn’t just solely focusing on retrieving the gold like they originally planned. Like I mentioned in my last recap, Vincenzo’s visit and reason for being in Korea has expanded to so much more and it’s not something that Mr. Cho is willing to wait around for. He only cares about the gold so he’s going to do whatever it takes to access it, even if it doesn’t necessarily align with Vincenzo’s timeline. I too never imagined Mr. Cho would pull anything on Vincenzo or do things behind his back, but as we saw in this episode, nothing is off limits.

I love that the episode devoted more time into mentioning Lawyer Hong and making clear the impact he’s made on our characters even after his unfortunate passing. I was afraid the drama would just sort of forget about him after he was gone, but I love that it still took some time to remember him in the most subtle and seamless ways ever. Such was the case in this episode when Cha-young and Vincenzo had a heartfelt conversation about Lawyer Hong over his favorite drink, makgeolli. Vincenzo kept his word and relayed Lawyer Hong’s thoughts about his daughter as a lawyer to Cha-young, but it was also just the simple act of drinking the makgeolli that spoke volumes. What better way to remember and celebrate Lawyer Hong’s life than drinking some makgeolli that he enjoyed with Vincenzo or that he drank often in his life?

I loved that Vincenzo spoke about how impactful and important Lawyer Hong was in his life even for the short amount of time that they spent together. Of course, I also love watching Cha-young’s growth and development as not only a lawyer but also her father’s daughter who she didn’t necessarily get along with all the time. She’s come so far since her father’s tragic death and it was bittersweet to watch her and Vincenzo come together, spend time with each other, and speak about their memories of Lawyer Hong. He meant a lot to them both for different reasons and he can still be felt in the smallest ways, such as through the makgeolli that the two drank with each other. I hope to keep seeing our two leads bond with each other over similar reasons like how they did in this episode through Lawyer Hong.

Our Geumga tenants prove to be their own heroes that they’ve been searching for this entire time. Mr. Tak and his hidden fighting skills that no one knew he even had. Mr. An and his little secrets and information as a secret agent. Cheol-wook and his martial arts skills that can sometimes prove to be vital and helpful in certain situations. They’re all taking matters into their own hands and are no longer afraid to stand up for themselves. We’ve been able to witness the growth and development of our Geumga tenants as people who were once scared, hesitant, and distant to now courageous, determined, and bad-ass. They’ve transformed since they’ve met Vincenzo and Cha-young and they’ve learned so much more about themselves in this entire process. There is power in numbers and our Geumga tenants are no exception. When working as a collective, they prove just how confident and strong they are.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, Cha-young and Vincenzo are aware of who it is they need to target. I’m relieved that we’ve finally reached this point as it killed me every time Cha-young was with Joon-woo. I don’t blame her as she had no suspicions whatsoever of him and he put on such a perfect facade for her, but it did make frustrate me every time she was so trusting of him. Like nooo Cha-young, don’t tell him anything! Don’t let him in on anything! He’s your number one enemy! It’s going to be interesting and fascinating to see where they go from here and what tactics our Jipuragi team will use to get at Joon-woo now that they know who he really is. As we saw in this episode, neither Vincenzo or Joon-woo is afraid of getting blood on their hands. Cha-young isn’t afraid either of risking her life to set out on what her father devoted his entire life to doing. With both Vincenzo and Joon-woo’s true identities revealed, the real war starts now and it’s not going to be one without some bloodshed. It’s something both guys are used to, but how much larger and worse can it get? How many more lives will be lost? Whose lives exactly will it cost?

Extra photos from the episode~

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  1. Love your thoughts on the recaps – I think they are very insightful!

    I think ep 10 was a big step in the development of their romantic relationship …I was a bit disappointed that you did not make any mention of it!

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