Vincenzo: Episode 12 Recap

Vincenzo and Cha-young have been going at it against Babel and Wusang for a while, but they must be wary and cautious of those closest to them as well. There are enemies everywhere you go and if you aren’t careful, you might find yourself caught off guard and lost. Like the saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Vincenzo: Episode 12 Recap

Vincenzo breaks into Joon-woo’s house with a gun pointed to the Babel chairman’s forehead. Joon-woo threatens the Mafia lawyer to shoot him and the two sit in intense silence until a gunshot goes off inside the house. However, it’s not Vincenzo’s gun as Prosecutor Jung and his men interrupt the suspenseful situation and barge into the living room where Vincenzo and Joon-woo are located. Prosecutor Jung demands for Vincenzo to put his gun down and it takes a few minutes for Vincenzo to finally listen to the prosecutor’s instructions. Although Vincenzo attempts to bring to light Joon-woo’s real identity as Babel’s chairman, Prosecutor Jung is more focused on deescalating the situation. Vincenzo is eventually taken away in handcuffs while Joon-woo continues to play pretend. Prosecutor Jung has been keeping tabs on Vincenzo since his video broadcast about the underpass which was how he was able to trail Vincenzo inside of Joon-wo’s house.

On the way to Prosecutor Jung’s office where Vincenzo is held, Cha-young encounters Joon-woo and Lawyer Choi in the hallway of the building. She confronts Joon-woo about the shameless act he’s been putting on this entire time and unleashes her anger out on the chairman. It was one thing for him to trick her and fool her into thinking he was just merely an intern. But for him to murder innocent people’s lives and put on an act without feeling an ounce of guilt in the process of it all? He’s a monster and he doesn’t deserve to live. Joon-woo continues to play innocent and acts as if he has no idea as to what Cha-young is referring to, but Cha-young isn’t buying it. Not anymore. She slaps him a good few times before walking away.

In a meeting with Prosecutor Jung, we learn that the gun and bullets Vincenzo had on him was fake. Vincenzo never actually intended on killing Joon-woo. So what was it then that he was trying to do with Joon-woo? We learn that that reuniting with Prosecutor Jung was Vincenzo and Cha-young’s plan all along. Vincenzo no longer intends on killing Jang Han-seok (AKA Joon-woo) for now. Instead, he’s going to take advantage of Joon-woo’s biggest fears: the fear of losing Babel and the fear of having his identity revealed. They’re going to loop Joon-woo into a situation where he won’t be able to help but do both and then they’ll go from there. Cha-young worries that doing so will cause Vincenzo to stay in Korea for a lot longer than he expected, but Vincenzo has long accepted it. In fact, he wants to stay in Korea to help Cha-young in their battle against Babel (omg, he’s staying for her T_T). The perfect representative to help execute the plan was none other than Prosecutor Jung who Vincenzo purposely lead to Joon-woo’s house earlier that night. It was the perfect opportunity to lure Prosecutor Jung back into the case.

And so Prosecutor Jung is stunned by Cha-young and Vincenzo’s excellent scheme. Cha-young argues that they’re the only ones who can help Prosecutor Jung with the six charges he has prepared against Babel and can help him summon Joon-woo. With that, Prosecutor Jung lets Vincenzo go and our duo proves why they’re the fearless, careless, and awesome pair that they are. Woo hoo! Another win for our dynamic duo. A win for Jipuragi team means a loss for their enemies. Lawyer Choi and Mr. Han updates Joon-woo on Prosecutor Jung’s plans to summon him and charge him on six different accounts. To lay low for a while, Han-seo suggests that his brother stay at their father’s vacation home in the meantime. Joon-woo takes his brother’s idea into consideration.

Another morning means some bonding time with Injagi. Vincenzo accidentally calls Injagi the name ‘Gilbert’ instead which triggers him to think of Gilbert (the homeless man). He sets up a meeting with Gilbert at a restaurant later on that day and the two chat about the gold sitting in Geumga Plaza. Vincenzo digs into Gilbert’s knowledge about the gold and bribes the man to leave the neighborhood for good. He doesn’t want anyone else to find out about the gold bars in the plaza. It takes two hefty sizes of envelopes with cash for Gilbert to give in to Vincenzo’s request and to “delete” all the information about the gold from his memory. He also returns Vincenzo’s old cellphone that had a photo of one of the workers with the gold bars. And so with Gilbert out of the picture, Vincenzo returns to Geumga Plaza to clarify the situation with the tenants. It was all just a made up story and there is no gold in the building like what Gilbert claimed. Oh, and the photo of the worker with the gold bar that Gilbert showed them? It was just a photo that Gilbert downloaded from the internet. I mean, you can get free internet anywhere on the streets nowadays.

Park Saeroyi Soo-nam overhears the gold discussion while walking past Ms. Kwak’s snack bar shop and he delivers the exciting news to Mr. Park. Like everyone else at first, Mr. Park has a hard time believing in Soo-nam. Gold? Hidden in Geumga Plaza? That’s impossible. Mi-ri confronts Vincenzo about the basement on his walk back to Jipuragi. She discourages him from going to the basement to check for anything and shares the story of how the basement is haunted as a tactic to scare him away. Hmm, this makes me feel like Mi-ri knows more about the gold than the other tenants do. Interesting. On his way to his father’s vacation home, Joon-woo relays a few remarks to Han-seo before leaving. He gives his brother permission to proceed with the auction of Babel tower. They were supposed to wait until the groundbreaking ceremony, but Joon-woo’s patience is running out and he feels as if he can rely on Han-seo to get the job done. Han-seo is ecstatic with the idea. He’s one step closer to achieving his goal, right?

Our tenants worry about the gold and Vincenzo’s involvement in it. Finding the gold means it’ll belong to the owner of the building which means it’ll end up in Babel’s possession. That’s something that our tenants must prevent from happening so they all agree to find the gold themselves and keep Vincenzo out of it for now. However, Soo-nam and Mr. Park invite themselves into the conversation. Mr. Park claims to be an expert in the field so he’ll volunteer to help the tenants out in the case that they need it. Speaking of Vincenzo, he has a meeting with Cha-young and Mr. Nam in the Jipuragi office to discuss their next moves. With the six charges that Prosecutor Jung plans on filing against Babel, they go over the first one that he’ll most likely pursue first: Babel Chemical’s illegal anti-union activities. Cha-young’s planted a spy to gather some information so they can check in on the spy later. Right at that moment, Cheol-wook makes his way into the office and also offers himself as a spy to the trio. He doesn’t even have to be paid; being an intern would be enough for him. Lol. Vincenzo approves Cheol-wook’s request to be a spy and sends Cheol-wook on his first mission to the vacation house that Joon-woo is stationed at. While there, Cheol-wook approaches Mr. Pyo and his boss who are also carefully keeping tabs on the vacation house. Cheol-wook greets them excitedly during the mission and the three quickly get acquainted.

Wusang prepares for the fight against Prosecutor Jung and assumes the first charge he’ll pursue will be about Babel Chemical’s labor union. Their labor union is the strongest one yet and the union leader yields quite a heavy amount of power. Lawyer Choi is comfortable with resorting to their “classic method” to get the labor union to go down. She also instructs one of the hoobae lawyers to coordinate a meeting with the leader of the labor union. After the meeting, Mr. Han attempts to persuade Lawyer Choi to change her mind. The world has changed and using a classic method might not be as effective anymore. He suggests they have Han-seo handle the situation, but Lawyer Choi refuses to listen. She warns Mr. Han to be careful with the ladder he chooses to climb on or else he might fall to his death. Oof. Cold.

Cha-young and Vincenzo meet up with the spy who she relies on for special intel and secrets. It’s the same colleague from Wusang that she previously worked with. He spills the details about the strange atmosphere between Mr. Han and Lawyer Choi and the rift that’s slowly being caused between them. Before Cha-young’s spy can share more information, he checks up on the job at the law firm in Boston that Cha-young promised she would provide him. How is that coming along? Why hasn’t he heard anything about it? Vincenzo swoops in with an even better offer: the spy can work as a lawyer for the best sports car company in Korea, Lomborgheni (LOL). The spy is intrigued by the offer so he resumes with sharing the rest of the information he has on Wusang. They’re going to attack Babel Chemical’s labor union by using their classic method: brute force. The meeting concludes with the spy once again impersonating Lee Sun-gyun, his special talent. Haha.

After the meeting, Cha-young and Vincenzo stop at a street vendor for some snacks. The two chat about the interesting conflict rising in Wusang between Lawyer Choi’s loyalty to Joon-woo compared to Mr. Han’s support for Han-seo. It’ll be interesting to see who wins in the end. The two also have an interesting conversation about the fish-shaped pastry bungeoppang that they snack on as they stroll back to Geumga Plaza. They argue about the difference between the different types of fish-shaped pastries and even place another bet on who’s the one with the correct answer. While Cha-young claims that the main difference lies in the dough used to make the pastry, Vincenzo argues that it’s the shape of the mouth that varies. They agree to another round of finger flicking as the final bet which Cha-young is excited about. Rematch time! Haha.

When Cha-young and Vincenzo arrive back at Geumga Plaza, they’re approached by Mr. Park who hands them a flyer promoting his new hot air balloon business. They didn’t necessarily start off on the most positive note so it seems as if he wants to make up for that and turn things around. Promoting a hot air balloon business is difficult, but it might not stay that way for much longer. Mr. Tak, Ms. Kwak, Larry, and Chef Toto invite the ByeBye Balloon team for some food. They also address the elephant in the room: the gold bars hidden somewhere in the building. They ask for Mr. Park’s expertise in helping them find the gold since the former gang member claims that he’s an expert in the field. So with that, Mr. Park shows off his connections and introduces a man named Mr. Geum who happens to be a gold prospector in Korea. Mr. Geum is the best at finding gold in the country and he’s someone who they can definitely utilize for support. Mi-ri resumes with her personal investigation and research on accessing the gold. Unlike the other tenants, she’s steps ahead of everyone else. She at least knows that the gold is in the basement, she just needs to find a way to access the room. OooOooH. That’s right, she’s great at computers and technology.

Joon-woo grows angry upon watching a drama involving characters that resembles his life a little too closely (with the two characters being played by Chansung and Nichkhun of Taecyeon’s idol group, 2PM). He turns off the TV in anger and sips out of a water bottle before taking a bath. A few seconds into entering the bathtub and Joon-woo begins to feel funny. He slips deeper into the water and he soon finds himself under the water with his eyes wide opened. Lawyer Choi does her dirty work and attempts to bribe the leader of Babel Chemical’s labor union to step down and to step away. The grand offer will be greatly beneficial for him and his family, but the union leader isn’t moved. He refuses to step down and even claims that Lawyer Choi is mocking his labor union. After rejecting the offer, the labor union leader exits the restaurant and walks across the street. However, as expected, the Truck of Doom attacks the leader at full speed and runs him over on the street. He dies at an instant and just like that, everything is over.

No matter where Joon-woo runs off to, Vincenzo will always find him. Vincenzo calls Joon-woo after the bathtub incident to threaten him and remind him of his inability to escape or hide. The water bottle that Joon-woo drank right before he got into the bathtub? That was all Vincenzo. With the help of his new spy and his two shadows, they were able to spike the water bottle and deliver it inside Joon-woo’s vacation house. Using Mr. Nam as his test subject, Vincenzo was able to experiment and time how long exactly it would take for the drugs in the water bottle to go into effect. It was never Vincenzo’s intentions to kill Joon-woo, but to simply instill fear in him. With that, Vincenzo ends the phone call and Joon-woo is once again reminded of Vincenzo’s never-ending presence.

Joon-woo confronts Mr. Han and Lawyer Choi about his near-death incidents. He almost died twice in the past three days. How is that even possible? He demands that the security around the vacation house be amped up even more. Mr. Han is scared for his life with how angry Joon-woo is, but Lawyer Choi remains composed knowing fully well she did something that Joon-woo would approve. She delivers the news about the death of Babel Chemical’s labor union leader. With him gone, the labor union will eventually fall apart. Joon-woo is elated with the update and he squeezes Lawyer Choi for a hug. And so our Jipuragi trio watch the news coverage regarding the death of the union leader. They’re all in disbelief at yet again the loss of another innocent life and Cha-young can’t help but ponder as to how Wusang and Babel are able to find so many hitmen to hire. Just then, Ms. Kwak and Mr. Tak enter the Jipuragi office to update Vincenzo on the latest regarding their gold search party. They won’t need him any longer as they have someone else to help them out now.

But wait.. gold? What is this gold that Mr. Tak and Ms. Kwak speak so fondly of? Cha-young and Mr. Nam demand for answers from an uncomfortable and awkward Vincenzo. Cha-young is reminded of the conversation she and Vincenzo had a while back at the bar about the gold. Why didn’t Vincenzo tell her he was telling the truth?! Lol. They pressure Vincenzo to spill all the details regarding the gold so Vincenzo goes on about the location of the gold as well as how much money the gold bars amount to. They’re in pure disbelief and absolute shock at hearing more about the gold bars, but they just can’t have enough. They want to know more and they pester the Mafia lawyer for more details. Since they’re a family, Vincenzo requests for Cha-young and Mr. Nam’s assistance in helping him protect the gold. If they do, they’ll both get a share of the gold themselves. Cha-young and Mr. Nam are determined to play dumb with the tenants in an effort to keep anyone from finding the gold. They will go down with Vincenzo for the gold. Lol. I love our Jipuragi trio! While visiting Joon-woo, Han-seo suggests that they go hunting. It’s been a while since their last hunting trip so they should spend some time together again. Joon-woo agrees to the suggestion and the two brother make some plans.

Mr. Han enters Lawyer Choi’s office at Wusang in a panic. The Guillotine file that the International Security Intelligence Service supposedly had this entire time? Apparently, it was hacked and lost after the document was created and now everyone is in a panic. Someone from the Intelligence Service leaked the news and now the prosecution service is aware of the information. Mr. An reports the same update to Director Tae so Director Tae instructs Mr. An to stay at the agency to take care of the situation. However, there’s more pressing matters back at Geumga that Mr. An has to deal with so he heads immediately to Vincenzo in a panic. Of course, Mr. An fails to notice who exactly is in the office and it’s only after he mentions about the Intelligence Service that he stops talking. Mr. Nam is confused by Mr. An’s comment and just like how he was with the gold, Mr. Nam is the last to find out about Mr. An. Haha. Poor Mr. Nam! Always being left in the dark about things.

And so Mr. An explains the urgent situation about the Guillotine file to our Jipuragi team. The file consisted of corrupt deeds committed by the most powerful members in politics, finance, sports, and culture and was a document created by the former president of the Intelligence Service. The document ended up being hacked and then deleted by hackers in China and it’s never been found ever since. The Intelligence Service played it off this entire time as if the file was never lost or hacked and now they’re desperate to find the file. The only caveat? The boss who hired the hackers died of a heart attack a year ago and he’s the only one who knows where the file lives. The detail strikes an idea in Vincenzo’s brain and the man’s death sounds awfully familiar to him. Of course, the boss behind the Guillotine document hacking was none other than Mr. Wang, the owner of the gold bars sitting in Geugma Plaza. Vincenzo panics internally, but he attempts to maintain his cool. He plays dumb and acts as if he doesn’t know who this Mr. Wang man is. However, it dawns upon Vincenzo later on that night that the Guillotine file must be hidden along with the gold bars. As we will see, the USB drive with the document is hidden in one of the gold bars.

Lawyer Choi and Mr. Han are also determined to find the file first. If the file is exposed and revealed to the public, Babel and Wusang really will be done for. Lawyer Choi maintains her stance in not getting Han-seo involved. They’ll get a feel of the situation first and let him in on their plan when the time is right. Speaking of Han-seo, he and Joon-woo go out for their hunting trip. Things are off to a great start and the two reminisce about the old times. Joon-woo is completely engrossed in hunting and he treads off first to hunt after a wild animal. Han-seo stays behind as he reloads his rifle and he seizes the opportunity to do what Mr. Han suggested he do: kill his brother. It’s the only way Han-seo can take complete control of Babel and achieve his goal. And so as Joon-woo is occupied with hunting down the animal, Han-seo aims his rifle as his target — his brother. He finally pulls the trigger and Joon-woo falls down to the ground as he is shot.

But wait, Joon-woo isn’t dead like Han-seo wanted. Seconds after getting shot, Joon-woo gets back up (omg this is so creepy and terrifying!!) and stumbles towards Han-seo (this is like a zombie movie!!). Even in the seconds where he’s close to death, Joon-woo takes a few seconds to humiliate his brother. If Han-seo wanted to kill him, he should have aimed better. With that, Joon-woo falls to the ground and he doesn’t get up this time. Han-seo’s plan to finish off his brother is interrupted when a passerby catches the scene and Han-seo has no choice but to scream for help. Cha-young is determined to win her bet with Vincenzo and like she predicted, she reigns as the winner. The difference between the two fish-shaped pastries is indeed the dough that is used to make them and not the shape of the mouth like Vincenzo claimed. And so Cha-young warms up to get her revenge on Vincenzo like how he did the first time around. Vincenzo refuses to accept his reality, but a loss is a loss. Cha-young steps closer towards Vincenzo and situates her finger near his forehead. However, just like Vincenzo was during their first finger flicking experience, she too is enamored by his face during her turn. She stares at his beautiful face with his eyes closed and panics when she finds herself staring right into his eyes when he opens them. Cha-young “flicks” her finger (more like she smacks his forehead) and pretends to play it cool after basically shoving him back (omg they are way too cute. I hope the next finger flicking bet will lead to something more, hehe).

The awkward but adorable moment is interrupted by a phone call. Vincenzo learns about the situation with Joon-woo and relays the information to Cha-young. It doesn’t sound like much of an accident and it seems like a war of its own has ensued between the two brothers. Lawyer Choi, Mr. Han, and Han-seo all wait nervously at the hospital for an update on Joon-woo’s condition. They learn that Joon-woo has survived the gunshot wound and is alive. Although Han-seo pretends to be relieved at the news, he hurries to the restroom in a panic. He can try to act as tough as he wants, but it’s obvious that he fears for his life even more with Joon-woo’s survival. When Joon-woo awakens, he finds Lawyer Choi in his room waiting next to his hospital bed. He shares about the nightmare he had where he was buried in a nameless cemetery. Although he’s alive, there’s a chance the dream might come true and turn into reality, right? With that, Joon-woo acknowledges Lawyer Choi as his personal consigliere and asks for help on what he should do next. Staying true to her role, Lawyer Choi advises that Joon-woo should reveal his true identity as Babel’s chairman. It’s his weakness as of now so he must come forth and come clean about who he really is. They also keep Han-seo’s involvement in the shooting a secret. It was an “accident” for now.

Mr. Cho’s patience is running out and he comes up with an excuse to get the clock rolling. He meets with Vincenzo and lies that he needs the gold bars sooner than expected. He has a family he needs to take care of and he’s also in a ton of debt. With that, Vincenzo gives in to Mr. Cho’s urgent request and relies on Cha-young and Mr. Nam to come up with a grand plan. Cha-young is the mastermind and she strategizes that they embark on a 1 night 2 day trip! It’ll be the perfect getaway so that Vincenzo and Mr. Cho can take their time in accessing the secret room with the gold. So with that, our Jipuragi team introduce the idea of the trip to the tenants. Although they’re reluctant at first to leave the plaza, it’s not until Mr. Nam announces the grand prize of money that everyone changes their mind. Finding the gold is one thing, but to be possibly rewarded with some cash for participating in the trip? Count us in!

And so while our Geumga tenants prepare for their getaway trip, Han-seo conducts his Babel Tower auction in front of important shareholders, including Chief Prosecutor Hwang. However, the presentation doesn’t last for too long due to a surprise cameo from none other than Joon-woo. He’s still in his hospital gown when he enters the room and everyone is confused by his visit. They’re unsure of who Joon-woo is. They’ve never seen him before. But it doesn’t take long for Joon-woo to be introduced as the eldest son of the former Babel chairman. He also makes it clear on his role as the leader of Babel from here on out, officially replacing his brother who was his pawn this entire time. Joon-woo makes sure to greet his brother cheerfully in front of the shocked and stunned audience.

With the Geumga tenants removed from the plaza, Mr. Cho and Vincenzo waste no time in getting into the storage room. They remove the electric floor pads on the floor in the temple as well as the wooden planks sitting right on top of the storage room. It doesn’t take them long to open the room using Mr. Wang’s iris data that Mr. Cho accessed not too long ago and they finally open the door. After was what weeks of chit-chat, years of work, and months of dreaming, Vincenzo and Mr. Cho have finally united with the gold bars. They get to see for themselves what the room looks like. This is the moment they’ve been waiting for.

The two men are fascinated, amused, and excited to be in the storage room with the pile of gold bars stacked right in the middle of the room. The sight really is too beautiful and they’re rendered speechless. There are truly no words to describe the exhilarating moment so Mr. Cho uses other ways to express himself. Just as Vincenzo steps away to stare at the other items that Mr. Wang had stored in the secret room, he feels a gun pointed to the back of his head. Indeed, it’s Mr. Cho aiming a gun at Vincenzo’s head. There are no words that are exchanged between the two, but the look in their eyes says everything there is you need to know. Loyalty only runs so far and Mr. Cho simply used Vincenzo for what he needed. Now that they finally have access to the gold, where do they go from here? Who will get the gold? Who will run away a million times richer?

My Thoughts:

I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! Ugh! I KNEW Mr. Cho was going to point a gun at Vincenzo’s head the moment Vincenzo walked away to stare at the other items. I just had a feeling that something bad was going to happen and I was right! Look, a part of me isn’t even surprised by Mr. Cho’s betrayal. We knew that he only cared for the gold the entire time and it was evident in the way that he reacted when he saw that Vincenzo was getting caught up in other priorities. Mr. Cho didn’t like that Vincenzo was taking longer than he expected to help him with the gold so he did things like file the complaint against the temple or rushed Vincenzo into things by bringing up his family and debt. I’m not surprised by Mr. Cho’s betrayal and yet, it makes me angry! I also just have to add, the look in Song Joong-ki’s eyes and the smile on his face as his eyes landed on the pile of gold was truly so terrifying. It felt as if the Mafia in him was reawakened and he was reminded once again of the original reason as to why he returned to Korea. I had goosebumps watching that scene of him staring at the gold and it made me wander what a villain Song Joong-ki portrayal would look like. I hope it happens one day. A fangirl can always dream, right?

I have to admit, Han-seo’s battle against Joon-woo probably has to be one of the more intriguing components for me right now. It’s not even necessarily the Joon-woo vs. Han-seo war that got me so caught up, but more so Han-seo’s internal struggle against his brother. It’s fascinating watching him despise his brother and want to kill him off, but also fear for his life and battle his inner demons. Han-seo is such an interesting and captivating character and although we’re lead to believe that Joon-woo is evil (in which he is), I’d like to argue that Han-seo himself also has an evil side. He’s evil in his own way and he too will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Unlike his brother, he just never had the confidence or the imagination to even think of pulling off these stunts because he was insecure and doubtful of himself. Being his brother’s pawn and puppet really messed with his self-esteem and played tricks with his mind. That’s why it’s so fascinating watching Han-seo develop over the last few episodes and fight against the man who he feared this entire time. Han-seo is still scared and petrified of Joon-woo, but he’s also become a lot more bolder and daring with his moves. Mr. Han as his consigliere definitely plays a role in that as well and is what feeds Han-seo to think the way that he does. As long as he has someone to believe in him (which he never had before), then anything is possible.

Conversely, it was terrifying to watch Joon-woo acknowledge Lawyer Choi as his consigliere when he was at the hospital. We saw that Lawyer Choi was already sort of indirectly playing that role to Joon-woo so far, but it was never something that he personally acknowledged himself. Therefore, in his most vulnerable and weak moment, he relied on Lawyer Choi for help which only cemented what we saw and thought the entire time. She is that advisor for him, but she is also so much more. She’s also someone willing to kill people and she’s not afraid to risk it all. Mr. Han mentioned in the last episode that Lawyer Choi doesn’t take risks which is why Han-seo shouldn’t have considered including her in their plans, but I’d beg to differ. Lawyer Choi is probably the riskiest one of them all. She is fearless but meticulous and she harbors the same type of evil and energy that Joon-woo embodies. She kills innocent people, has no mercy towards anyone, and plays her cards carefully for every situation. She is smart, she is evil, and she is confident. Deadly, deadly traits.

I honestly wasn’t the biggest fan of episodes 11 and 12. I felt as if the pacing was poor in that everything felt rushed. There was just going a lot going on not only in terms of identities being revealed but also progress with the gold and then the internal wars happening within Babel as well as Vincenzo and Mr. Cho. I enjoyed the content that we were given, I just wished the drama took more time in spreading them out into maybe 4 episodes instead of just 2. The drama moved so fast the past two episodes that I’m not completely sure what it plans on doing in future episodes. I just hope that the drama doesn’t drag and that it has enough new and entertaining content to keep things going at this rate. For the next 8 episodes, I hope we continue to get progress, new updates, and more development. There’s a lot going on in this drama which makes it easy to be a recipe for disaster, but I trust that “Vincenzo” will be able to hone in on everything without turning it into a complete mess.

With that being said, I don’t really have anything new to say about the drama other than that I love the comedic highlights and the ever so intense competition between Han-seo and Joon-woo. Of course, I can always have more Cha-young and Vincenzo moments and I want to see the two once again go back to dueling it out with Babel and Wusang. I know the day will eventually come and the war will eventually end, but I’m curious as to what it’s going to take to get there. As long as Vincenzo and Cha-young have each other, everything will be alright.

Extra photos from the episode~

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