Vincenzo: Episode 13 Recap

Babel and Wusang can be seen as textbook villains, but Vincenzo too can execute villain-like deeds and actions. He has his own tactics to intimidate enemies and he’s not afraid to risk what it takes to win. The best thing about it all is that perhaps he’s not alone. He can be evil and scary at times, but he also has his teammates learning and doing the same.

Vincenzo: Episode 13 Recap

Vincenzo and Mr. Cho finally manage to break into the storage room with the stacks of gold bars hidden inside. It’s a dream come true for them and they’re fascinated at the astonishing sight sitting in front of them. Just as Vincenzo steps aside to stare at the other items resting along the wall, Mr. Cho points a gun to Vincenzo’s head. Vincenzo is shocked by the sudden action and Mr. Cho expresses some gratitude to his friend for helping him get to where they are at the current moment. How bitter that their friendship has come down to this.

Mr. Cho warns Vincenzo not to move until he grabs one of the gold bars and successfully exits from the storage room. He promises not to harm Vincenzo if the Mafia lawyer does as he is told. So with that, Mr. Cho quickly searches the back of the gold bars on the top of the pile and finds the bar with the letter “D” scribed on the back. It’s the one he’s looking for and he climbs his way back up the ladder and into the temple.

Vincenzo too grabs a gold bar on his way out and he’s not shy to confront Mr. Cho on the gold bar. He knows Mr. Cho was looking for the bar with the Guillotine file hidden inside. The two eventually get into some action and fight with each other for the bar. Vincenzo comes out on top and steals the gold bar away from his former teammate and as expected, the USB drive with the Guillotine file is stored inside. One for Vincenzo, none for Mr. Cho.

Joon-woo makes his appearance at the auctioning of Babel tower that he originally entrusted Han-seo to facilitate. He’s still in his hospital gown and he hasn’t clearly recovered just yet, but he reveals his true identity to all the shareholders sitting in the room. He’s the true leader and Chairman of Babel. With that, Joon-woo resumes the auction and the powerful members in the room attempt to appeal to Joon-woo to purchase certain floors in the building. From Chief Prosecutor Hwang to the director of Daechang Daily to even Director Tae of the International Security Intelligence Service, all are present at the meeting. Oh nooo. Not Director Tae!

Vincenzo interrogates Mr. Cho while they both hang out in the temple. Similar to Mr. An, Mr. Cho also works for the International Security Intelligence Service as a secret agent and it was his mission to obtain the Guillotine file. Oh and Mr. Wang’s death? That was Mr. Cho as well. He was the one who killed Mr. Wang and quickly scanned Mr. Wang’s iris with his recognition device before Mr. Wang’s body was discovered. Vincenzo admits that he knew Mr. Cho was a liar from the start. He’s also curious as to why Mr. Cho rented the temple to our two monks, but Mr. Cho figured that it would avoid any suspicion of the room being empty. He needed to protect the room as much as possible.

Our Geumga tenants along with Cha-young and Mr. Nam all head out to their getaway trip. It doesn’t take long for the tenants to start getting suspicious of Vincenzo. It doesn’t help that they spotted him with Mr. Cho as they were leaving on the bus. Although Mr. Nam and Cha-young attempt to distract the tenants from accusing Vincenzo, the tenants aren’t convinced. They can’t help but suspect him. This ultimately leads our tenants to return to Geumga Plaza in search of the gold (hahaha they couldn’t even be away for just a few hours, how were they ever going to do a one night trip?). Most of them sprint out of the bus and back into the plaza while Vincenzo and Mr. Cho continue to chat. Vincenzo finds it odd that Mr. Cho hasn’t reported about the Guillotine file being hidden inside of Geumga to anyone just yet and assumes he must be trying to make a deal with someone else.

Their conversation is cut short thanks to a phone call from Cha-young who informs Vincenzo about the return of the tenants. With that, the two former business partners rush to get the temple back to its original form. They throw the gold bar, their equipment, and Mr. Cho’s jacket back down into the storage room and they manage to close the lock to the room. They also throw back on the wooden planks and the electric pads just in time. With Cha-young and Mr. Nam’s assistance in stalling Mr. Tak and Mi-ri in the hallway to buy some time, Vincenzo and Mr. Cho are able to act normal when they’re seen inside of the temple.

When the four rush inside the temple, they find the two men on their knees and bowing. Mr. Tak doesn’t think too much about it, but detail-oriented Mi-ri notices the odd location of the wooden planks. They’re not placed correctly on the floor. Vincenzo asks for some privacy so the group quickly exit the temple. However, Vincenzo and Mr. Cho just can’t seem to catch a break. Once alone in the temple, Mr. Cho makes a grand confession. There’s no other way to access the storage room since they’ve lost the recognition device with Mr. Wang’s iris data. The device was located in Mr. Cho’s jacket which Vincenzo threw down into the storage room when they were rushing to clean up. Welp, none for Vincenzo and none for Mr. Cho.

Vincenzo is enraged at the news and he scolds Mr. Cho for storing the one-of-a-kind device in his jacket. There’s no other way to access that room than to demolish the building now. With that, Vincenzo puts on a show in front of the tenants and lets out a few tears in disappointment. How could they suspect him? How could they think he was a traitor? The tenants are apologetic and guilty of their thoughts and actions, but they couldn’t help but be suspicious of Mr. Nam’s idea about the grand money reward for a photo taken on the trip (LOL, poor Mr. Nam!). It just sounded way too good. Vincenzo makes up an excuse to explain the grand prize and leaves the tenants behind to return to the Jipuragi office. Cha-young and Mr. Nam follow him out of Chef Toto’s restaurant.

Sooooo, with the three now alone in the office, Cha-young and Mr. Nam are eager for updates. How did the gold digging fiasco go? There must be good news, right? Vincenzo has a huge smile on his face and he delivers great news. Yes, the gold and the Guillotine file was located in the storage room. Cha-young and Mr. Nam are ecstatic to hear the details and they think they’re set. Everything is going to plan.. but wait, not so soon. It doesn’t take long for Vincenzo to break their hearts right after. While the three jump up and down in happiness, Vincenzo shares that it’s impossible to open the storage room now. Mr. Nam and Cha-young can’t quite register Vincenzo’s devastating comment at first, but then reality begins to sink in quickly. Wait, unable to open the storage room?! Vincenzo breaks down once again, but Mr. Nam falls down unconscious.

It’s truly too much for our Jipuragi team to process. Not only have they lost everything (AKA the gold, the recognition device, and even the gold Buddha statue in the storage room), but secret agent Mr. Cho also betrayed Vincenzo. It can’t possibly get worse from here, right? Cha-young leans on Vincenzo for help; he’s a consigliere, he’s smart — there must be a way to somehow open the lock to the room, right? But nope. There’s no solution to this. It’s impossible. Cha-young and Mr. Nam break down and cry their hearts out to Vincenzo. What are they going to do now?

Team Wusang and Babel discuss on how the auction for the Babel Tower went for the day. They assume they’re covered for now since they have all these huge powerful companies on their side. Mr. Han utilizes the opportunity to speak up about the lost Guillotine file that includes records on Joon-woo and Han-seo’s father as well as shareholders from the auction. Lawyer Choi panics with Mr. Han’s comment, but she attempts to remain calm. She asks for more time from Joon-woo to figure things out. They’ll find the Guillotine document no matter what.

After the meeting, Lawyer Choi confronts Mr. Han about the Guillotine file. They agreed not to mention anything about it until they found a solution for the issue. Mr. Han gives his explanation as to why he brought it up, but Lawyer Choi isn’t buying it. She warns him once again to be careful with the stunt that he’s pulling off in regards to being loyal to both Joon-woo and Han-seo. It could cost him his life, but Mr. Han doesn’t think too much into it. Vincenzo and Cha-young plan their next move with Prosecutor Jung regarding their case on Babel Chemical’s illegal anti-union activities. With the death of the union leader, his body was taken away to prevent a union funeral from being held. With the union leader now dead, it’s become much more difficult for Prosecutor Jung to summon Joon-woo since they needed a witness. Although he’s also confident that it was Lawyer Choi who killed the union leader, he doesn’t have direct evidence that pinpoints her as the culprit. With that, Cha-young and Vincenzo get right to work. They’ll come up with their own way to gather some evidence.

Vision Team — Babel’s team that handles all union-related matters with Babel’s subsidiaries and directly reports to Joon-woo. The only caveat is that the Vision Team is way too loyal to Babel to even budge. So with that, our Jipuragi team agrees to go after the company union that takes order from the Vision Team. They can start there as their first step. Oh, and their meeting outside on the rooftop of Geumga Plaza? Cha-young suggested it because she thought it’d be nice to step outside for a breath of fresh air, but Vincenzo and Mr. Nam feel otherwise. Haha. I love our trio!

While sitting at a restaurant, Mr. Cho reflects on his last conversation he had with Vincenzo. The two agreed to remain on good terms so that they could figure out a solution to the gold situation as fast as possible. The friendship might not last too long as the person that Mr. Cho was waiting for at the restaurant approaches him (omgggg, who is it?). Han-seo and Mr. Han meet in private to discuss about Joon-woo. Han-seo’s scared for his life especially after his failed attempt to kill his brother. What is he going to do now? Mr. Han suggests that Han-seo lay low for now and return to acting like an idiot. He should lower his brother’s guard and prove to Joon-woo that he doesn’t have an ulterior motive. So with that, Han-seo listens to his consigliere and he has to be rescued by Lawyer Choi at the police station for causing a scene to prove his image.

Our Jipuragi team scroll through articles containing photos of Joon-woo and details about his inauguration ceremony. He’s set to reveal himself as the Babel Chairman at his ceremony the next day so it seems as if their plan is working. This was what they wanted. Lawyer Choi updates Mr. Han about Prosecutor Jung’s plan to summon Joon-woo for Babel Chemical’s illegal anti-union activities. The prosecutor would plan to do it the day after Joon-woo’s ceremony. While preparing for his inauguration, Joon-woo has a talk with his brother. He gifts them a couple watch as a vow to never betray each other. However, of course, Joon-woo is really only referring to Han-seo and he admits that he’s only keeping Han-seo alive so that Han-seo can take the fall for him when things go downhill. With that, the two brothers head out to the ceremony.

They stop for some photos along the way and pose in front of a group of reporters and photographers. Joon-woo makes sure to thank Han-seo for all his help in running the company and they put on a facade for the cameras. The ceremony officially begins and Joon-woo enters the crowded room for his inauguration. While eating out, our Jipuragi team go over their targets from both the Vision Team as well as the company union. The leader of the company union, Mr. Nam, is the epitome of a traitor. He used to be close to the deceased union leader, but betrayed them all to side with Babel. Meanwhile, the leader of the Vision Team, Mr. Park, is described to be as loyal as a Golden Retriever to Babel which makes the perfect formula for disaster. A leader and a subordinate co-dependent on each other? Bingo.

And so company union leader Mr. Nam is first. Cheol-wook uses his beatboxing skills to knock the man out unconscious and he discovers himself tied up to a chair outside a deserted location when he awakens. Our Jipuragi team (+ Mr. An and Cheol-wook who are also now part of the team) are all dressed in black with black caps on. They approach company union leader Mr. Nam when he awakens and they list out all of his bad deeds and actions. They even threaten to throw him into a barrel with hard cement, but he panics at the last second. He’s willing to do whatever they need him to do. So with that, the leader of the Jipuragi team, Cha-young, takes advantage of the man’s weakness and gathers her team once more for a quick huddle. After a few seconds of discussion, Cha-young follows up on the man’s words. He said he would do anything, right? Haha, I love how they all listen to Cha-young. She’s the boss!

So with that, company union leader Mr. Nam calls Mr. Park to strike a deal. Mr. Park is to send him some money or else he’ll expose the activities and emails he was sent from Vision Team to suppress Babel Chemical’s labor union. Mr. Park is taken aback by the sudden phone call and fails to take action. Cha-young and Vincenzo win in the end as they gain access to a document revealing the illegal anti-union activities facilitated by Vision Team. They present the findings to Prosecutor Jung and he now has enough to summon Joon-woo in. Our team of five all head out afterwards to reward themselves with some food. They’re feeling good about the successful and fun adventure they had earlier that night and they feel as if they can be in the mafia now. Lol. Speaking of the mafia, Vincenzo brings up a family tradition that the family he worked for used to practice. It had to do with splashing pig’s blood on the new boss of their rival family as a form of intimidation. While none of the other guys are interested or fascinated by the idea, Cha-young expresses excitement. She’d like to see such a thing; it’d be nasty, but like, why not? Lol.

Vincenzo spends that night with his frenemy, Injagi. He feeds the pigeon some food and wishes it a good night. Just please let him get some quality sleep, haha. And so Joon-woo is summoned the next day by Prosecutor Jung. The media paints Joon-woo in a positive light and they compliment him endlessly as they cover the situation. Once in the interrogation room with Prosecutor Jung, Joon-woo and Lawyer Choi remain uninterested and unafraid. Lawyer Choi is confident they’ll be able to get Joon-woo out in time for his 7pm lecture he has.

Prosecutor Jung is reminded of the conversation he had with Cha-young and Vincenzo the night before. They instructed him to inform Joon-woo about a raid at Vision Team’s headquarters. They don’t need evidence that Vision Team committed illegal anti-union activities; they need evidence that it was Joon-woo who gave the orders to these activities. And so with that, the raid takes place. Vision Team’s leader, Mr. Park, is given a tip-off on the raid and his staff all rush to get rid of evidence and documents. One of his staff members is spotted exiting the office with a blue box, but he doesn’t get away for long. Mr. Nam and Mr. An role play as security guards at the office and update the team on the man’s whereabouts. Cheol-wook plays his part by also role playing and entering the elevator alongside the man. He trails after the man to the parking garage where Vincenzo and Cha-young are hiding. The duo make their special appearance and along with Cheol-wook, they all take a peek inside of the box. Teamwork at its finest.

Joon-woo and Prosecutor Jung fill their stomachs inside of the interrogation room with some food as Lawyer Choi sits idly and watches. She then receives a text update about the unsuccessful search warrant on Vision Team and is relieved with the news. With that, Prosecutor Jung lets the Babel Chairman go and releases him just in time for his 7pm lecture. Mr. Nam, Mr. An, and Vincenzo continue their humorous antics on company union leader Mr. Nam. They force him to make yet another phone call to Vision Team’s leader, Mr. Park, for the money or else he’ll share the documents detailing the illegal anti-union activities over to prosecutors.

It’s time for Joon-woo’s lecture. He’s greeted by lots of photographers and fans screaming for his name and his attention. Prior to the show, Vincenzo asks the lighting technician for a request. He has a special event that he wants to throw for a woman (oOooooh okay, Vincenzo. I see you!). And so, Han-seo starts off the lecture by introducing his brother to everyone. Joon-woo is met by a grand applause when he enters the room until he steps onto the stage. Vincenzo also enters the room with a bucket of popcorn and he seats himself next to Cha-young on the balcony level. What kind of show has he prepared for her today?

Joon-woo presents his grand idea and plans for Babel’s entrance into the electric vehicle market. With the two screens on the stage, a video documenting the idea is played and everything seems to be going according to plan. However, a clip of Mr. Park and company union leader Mr. Nam arguing it out about Babel Chemical’s illegal anti-union activities suddenly begins to play on the screen. Mr. Park worries that the documents about the anti-union activities will be disclosed to the public and he’s also worried about himself. He only did what he was told by Babel’s Chairman, AKA Joon-woo.

Han-seo pretends to gain control of the situation by contacting the staff, but it’s obvious that he’s entertained and intrigued by the video footage of the two men arguing it out over the illegal anti-union activities ordered by Joon-woo. To make things up for the regular popcorn that Vincenzo got Cha-young and not the caramel popcorn like she originally wanted, Vincenzo vows that he has something much bigger in store. And indeed he does. Just as Han-seo is attempting to put out the fire, a bigger explosion ensues. Red liquid pours down onto the stage and soaks Joon-woo’s entire body from head to toe. Everyone is shocked by the sight and photographers don’t hesitate in taking photos of the bloody Joon-woo on stage.

Joon-woo’s anger accelerates as he lifts his head to find Cha-young and Vincenzo sitting on the balcony seats of the room. The humiliation is real and so is Cha-young’s fascination with the show. She feels as if she’s a part of the Mafia and Vincenzo hands her a piece of gum to invite her to get a sense of what it really feels like to be a villain. As the two blow bubbles with their gum and give Joon-woo a round of applause for his amazing performance, Joon-woo stares them down. Just like the Mafia used to do in Italy, Vincenzo does the same in Korea. Vincenzo declares war on his enemy’s boss and reminds him who the real boss is. Joon-woo and Babel will go down until the very end and Cha-young got the performance that she wanted.

Extra photos from the episode~

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